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1801   Avid Sales Events Avid Sales Events Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Avid Sales Events The Avid Sales Events App is the official mobile application for Avid’s Sales Events, including the 2016 Global Sales Conference.The Avid 2016 Global Sales Conference brings together the Avid Sales team and other key internal groups with our top channel a... Gratuit 12/2015
1802   Al Bukhary Azharian Institutes Al Bukhary Azharian Institutes Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Al Bukhary Azharian Institutes Al Bukhary Azharian Language Institutes Application:- This application allow the communication process between Institutes and parents.Demande Al Bukhari Azharian Langue Instituts: - Cette application permet le processus de communication entre les institut... Gratuit 12/2015
1803   Car Crash Prank Car Crash Prank Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Car Crash Prank The world of Joking is full of Jokes and Pranks but almost Pranks are commonly known. To get new Pranks is a hard job nowadays, Since everybody is familiar with them. A credible Prank in form of Google play store application called Car Crash Prank to atte... Gratuit 12/2015
1804   Dua Ganj-ul-Arsh Dua Ganj-ul-Arsh Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Dua Ganj-ul-Arsh Benefits of Dua Ganj-ul-ArshOne day Muhammd (SAW) was sitting in the Masjid and Hazrat Jibreel (A.S) brought Dua Ganj-ul-Arsh to Rasulullah Sall Allahu alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallim. Hazrat Jibreel Alaihi Salaam said that in addition to a lot of Fadhaail [fa... Gratuit 12/2015
1805   PakistanSuperLeague PakistanSuperLeague Divertissement Divertissement Apps like PakistanSuperLeague 20 Overs Cricket will start in dobai, Pakistan will host this league.First time in history pakistan is going to start Internatiol league.There are five teams included in this tournment.All teams consist on different country players.This tournment will sta... Gratuit 12/2015
1806   শীতের শুরুতে ত্বকের যত্ন শীতের শুরুতে ত্বকের যত্ন Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like শীতের শুরুতে ত্বকের যত্ন কুয়াশা আর ঠাণ্ডা বাতাস ইতোমধ্যেই জানান দিয়েছে শীতের আগমনী বার্তা। ঋতু পরিবর্তনে তাই শুরু হয়েছে ত্বকের নানা সমস্যা। শীতের শুরুতে ত্বক কিছুটা শুষ্ক হয়ে যায়। এ সময় ত্বক রুক্ষ ও অনুজ্জ্বল হয়ে যাওয়ায় দরকার একটু বাড়তি যত্নের।আবহাওয়া পরিবর্তনের সময় ত্বকের যত্ন ন... Gratuit 12/2015
1807   Paanga argent Wallpapers Paanga argent Wallpapers Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Paanga argent Wallpapers Paanga argent Fond d'écran - l'application dans laquelle vous pouvez trouver des images de monnaie mondiale Paanga. Personnalisez votre bureau avec l'aide de photos de l'argent et rendre votre appareil Android plus intéressant et attrayant à vos yeux et a... Gratuit 12/2015
1808   Peso argent Wallpapers Peso argent Wallpapers Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Peso argent Wallpapers Peso papier peint argent - l'application dans laquelle vous pouvez trouver des images de Peso de monnaie mondiale. Personnalisez votre bureau avec l'aide de photos de l'argent et rendre votre appareil Android plus intéressant et attrayant à vos yeux et au... Gratuit 12/2015
1809   LAFONT AR3.0 LAFONT AR3.0 Professionnel Professionnel Apps like LAFONT AR3.0 Découvrez la technicité des vêtements Lafont grâce à la réalité augmentée. ... Gratuit 12/2015
1810   Dernières Sonneries Nouvelle Dernières Sonneries Nouvelle Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Dernières Sonneries Nouvelle Télécharger les derniers Sonneries Populaire Nouveau application pour! ... Gratuit 12/2015
1811   LEA Extended Input LEA Extended Input Divertissement Divertissement Apps like LEA Extended Input Tous vos contrôleurs de jeu dans une interface entièrement personnalisable pour votre jeu PC. ... Gratuit 12/2015
1812   Violette Mirgue - Le jeu Violette Mirgue - Le jeu Arcade Arcade Apps like Violette Mirgue - Le jeu Jeu de mémoire pour les enfants de 3 à 7 ans. ... Gratuit 12/2015
1813   Jeu de cuisine: le père noel Jeu de cuisine: le père noel Grand public Grand public Apps like Jeu de cuisine: le père noel Jeu de cuisine: le père noel est un jeux de cuisine gratuits ... Gratuit 12/2015
1814   Destroyer Destroyer Grand public Grand public Apps like Destroyer Ceci est un simple mais difficile jeu de robinet en jeu la couleur de cerf. ... Gratuit 12/2015
1815   Voice Changer Voice Changer Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Voice Changer Voice Changer Apply funny effects to your voice with this easy to use app!Go deeper and a female voice slow, do your friend speak like a robot or a chipmunk or give you the impression of speaking in a cave. You can already choose from 12 effects and other... Gratuit 12/2015
1816   Video downloader for fb Video downloader for fb Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Video downloader for fb Video downloader for fb for FWith Social Video Downloader you can now upload videos and photos from FB directly to your phone. You can now download videos uploaded by Facebook, you are in Videos Tagged, videos uploaded by your friends liked pages videos... Gratuit 12/2015
1817   Bubble Shooter Classic Bubble Shooter Classic Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Bubble Shooter Classic Cette bulle est classique jeu de shoot ... Gratuit 12/2015
1818   Feux d'artifice Noel Explosion Feux d'artifice Noel Explosion Simulation Simulation Apps like Feux d'artifice Noel Explosion Feux d'artifice et des petards colores, qui sont toujours a portee de main! ... Gratuit 12/2015
1819   Quiosco Digital El Universo Quiosco Digital El Universo Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Quiosco Digital El Universo Maintenant, votre papier numérique est le nouveau kiosque numérique El Universo ... Gratuit 12/2015
1820   The Dispatch of Lexington,  NC The Dispatch of Lexington, NC Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like The Dispatch of Lexington, NC Take news from the-dispatch.com with you on the go. Follow all the top stories and breaking news along with the latest sports, lifestyles and obituaries in Davidson County, N.C., including Lexington and Thomasville. Access the latest weather. Share articl... Gratuit 12/2015
1821   News Chief,  Winter Haven,  FL News Chief, Winter Haven, FL Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like News Chief, Winter Haven, FL Put Polk County's best source of local information at your fingertips for access anytime, anywhere, with the News Chief's app. This app connects you to our coverage of news, sports, entertainment, features and business in Polk County, as well as weather, ... Gratuit 12/2015
1822   Burning Car Burning Car Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Burning Car A white car burning, seems to be forging ahead like a wild horse. Whatever it is, once you have the speed, the heart of the fire will start to burn. That is proof forging ahead. They all want to prove himself with the speed, speed can only prove their str... Gratuit 12/2015
1823   Beautiful red car theme Beautiful red car theme Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Beautiful red car theme Its background is white, giving a feeling of quiet, people feel very comfortable watching the weather looks good, its color is white, the air has many clouds, its color is yellow, its high number, the following is a car, its color is red, it looks very be... Gratuit 12/2015
1824   Dark Flower Theme Dark Flower Theme Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Dark Flower Theme Pictures of flowers blooming and some do not, some have been blooming, and some dyin. Flower color is purple, black shadow set off at a little dark, so the flower may not need the sun.Cobo Themes are designed for Cobo Launcher.What do Cobo Themes have?☆U... Gratuit 12/2015
1825   Royal Blue Sea Royal Blue Sea Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Royal Blue Sea Aquamarine sea, the sky is blue, the distant sky is white, white sea waves stirred up, the whole picture is very natural and fresh, the air that says something very simple words, please take me to any place, like this piece of the sea, the flow of the dis... Gratuit 12/2015
1826   Full of Hope Full of Hope Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Full of Hope This is a vibrant forest, the sun shining on each leaf.As long as there is life, there is hope.This gives a positive encouragement, a small black clip-on this beautiful notes.The sun shining on all things, I hope,.I hope you like this sun-positive notes t... Gratuit 12/2015
1827   The Cool Fighter The Cool Fighter Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like The Cool Fighter This piece of wallpaper is the theme of cool fighter. The background of the wallpaper is blue sky, blue sea, in the sky, there are clouds, as if it is going to rain. A fighter aircraft flying in the air, this special cool.If you like this wallpaper, downl... Gratuit 12/2015
1828   Fresh white furniture theme Fresh white furniture theme Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Fresh white furniture theme Its background is white, looks very clean, giving a sense of beauty, it is like the display, followed by a wall, it's a great area, its color is white the above has a light, it looks very beautiful, here is a computer, its color is white, it's very powerf... Gratuit 12/2015
1829   Rabbit & Turtle Watch Face Rabbit & Turtle Watch Face Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Rabbit & Turtle Watch Face The Rabbit and the Turtle race on your watch is a simple design to make you smile. Whenever you turn on your watch, you can check who is winning. The turtle as a minute and the rabbit as a second. Key features:► Made to make you smile. ► An Ambient mode t... Gratuit 12/2015
1830   Cadres de Noël du Nouvel An Cadres de Noël du Nouvel An Photographie Photographie Apps like Cadres de Noël du Nouvel An Happy New Year et Noël cadres photo nouvelle édition ... Gratuit 12/2015
1831   Photo Collage Maker Photo Collage Maker Photographie Photographie Apps like Photo Collage Maker Photo Collage Maker is a free hand collage maker application that enable user to select n numbers of photo to make its collage. User can select any color and texture as background and can also apply filter on each and every photo separately. User can set ... Gratuit 12/2015
1832   Photo Blur Effect Photo Blur Effect Photographie Photographie Apps like Photo Blur Effect Créer un grand effet de flou sur la photo avec les mains libres et de se concentrer circulaire. ... Gratuit 12/2015
1833   New year Greetings 2016 New year Greetings 2016 Photographie Photographie Apps like New year Greetings 2016 "A new year is knocking at our door again and its already time to prepare for New Year celebrations 2016! Can I create a New year Greetings by placing photos?yeh!!So lets you create beautiful New Year greeting cards 2016 by placing photos in New Year fram... Gratuit 12/2015
1834   CityXfer CityXfer Productivité Productivité Apps like CityXfer CityXfer is an on-demand hyperlocal delivery platform, utilizing sophisticated and innovative technology, to completely reinvent the world of logistics by transforming the way items are shipped across for both consumers and businesses. The solution offers... Gratuit 12/2015
1835   Your Cube Convenience Stores Your Cube Convenience Stores Shopping Shopping Apps like Your Cube Convenience Stores If you are a Norman, Oklahoma resident you will find this app handy. The Cube at 1415 W Main St, Norman, OK 73069 offers a drive-thru experience where you can purchase everything you need. Groceries, gourmet coffees, chef inspired and freshly prepared foo... Gratuit 12/2015
1836   Happy New Year 2016 Happy New Year 2016 Social Social Apps like Happy New Year 2016 2016 Happy New Year , this application includes the best messages of New Year 2016, you can send this msg to your loved ones, by SMS or by sharing on Facebook and WhatsApp or any other social application.Besides Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, New Yea... Gratuit 12/2015
1837   The Eagle News The Eagle News Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like The Eagle News The Eagle News is the official app for the student newspaper at Florida Gulf Coast University, located in Fort Myers, Florida. It is a location-based mobile app platform that delivers to students late-breaking campus news and local information about our c... Gratuit 12/2015
1838   Radio News Cape Verde Radio News Cape Verde Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Radio News Cape Verde Radio News Cape VerdeNews radio stations from Cape Verde. Listen online to free live Internet radio stations. You can listen to all the stations in high quality even with low speed Internet connection. Enjoy your favorite radio stations everywhere.... Gratuit 12/2015
1839   Prestige Travelers Prestige Travelers Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Prestige Travelers The premier membership app for Prestige Travelers by Karisma.... Gratuit 12/2015
1840   Bonhomme neige Noel Hologram Bonhomme neige Noel Hologram Simulation Simulation Apps like Bonhomme neige Noel Hologram Avoir du plaisir avec l'hologramme bonhomme mystique! ... Gratuit 12/2015
1841   Life Cycle Theme Life Cycle Theme Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Life Cycle Theme The above figure of the petals have wrinkles, he has almost wilted. This shows that the spring has passed, at a later date, the wind will blow it withered flowers on the ground, into the soil of nutrients, as nourishment for the next blooming petals.Cobo ... Gratuit 12/2015
1842   Chess Tournaments India Chess Tournaments India Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Chess Tournaments India Chess Tournaments India is an informative app for chess players across India. Chess Tournaments App will bring up to date information on chess events chess news for the benefits of chess players. There will be separate update for FIDE International events... Gratuit 12/2015
1843   Frisbezorgd.nl Frisbezorgd.nl Shopping Shopping Apps like Frisbezorgd.nl Download nu de app van Frisbezorgd.nl! Heb je al een account, log dan in en bestel direct. Eenvoudig en snel vanaf mobiel.Heb je nog geen account? Registreer je dan nu via de app en na goedkeuring door ons, kan je voortaan direct bestellen vanuit je luie ... Gratuit 12/2015
1844   Christmas Decoration Christmas Decoration Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Christmas Decoration Christmas decorating ideas photos for you and your party. You can save and share all Christmas decorating photos. This application shows you the galleries of beautiful, funny and impressive Xmas decoration ideas and designs. This app. contains the various... Gratuit 12/2015
1845   Vase of Flowers Vase of Flowers Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Vase of Flowers There are a bunch of vase of flowers, some petals had fallen to the ground, its leaves still green. Vase has some water, it is in order to maintain the life of flowers. After long years spent to fall, or next spring will bloom, but then spent in a vase fa... Gratuit 12/2015
1846   Helicopter Run Helicopter Run Arcade Arcade Apps like Helicopter Run Un jeu d'hélicoptère occasionnel drôle et excitant! ... Gratuit 12/2015
1847   Love Photos Stickers Love Photos Stickers Photographie Photographie Apps like Love Photos Stickers “Love Photos Stickers” provides the most passionate love stickers with different moods. Hearts touching stickers are available for everyone. Impress loved ones by creating lovely photos with “Love Photos Stickers”. Explore endless photo editing options an... Gratuit 12/2015
1848   Christmas Gifts Shooter Christmas Gifts Shooter Grand public Grand public Apps like Christmas Gifts Shooter Le meilleur jeu d'ambiance de Noël est maintenant dans votre téléphone. 3+ ans! Bonne année ... Gratuit 12/2015
1849   Noël saisons et de Santa Crush Noël saisons et de Santa Crush Grand public Grand public Apps like Noël saisons et de Santa Crush Jeu de bulles drôle avec des boules de Noël pour les enfants et les adultes ... Gratuit 12/2015
1850   Flash do Corinthians Flash do Corinthians Sports Sports Apps like Flash do Corinthians Seu aparelho agora virou uma lanterna do seu time. Além da lanterna este aplicativo canta o hino da torcida junto com você.Quando o Timão entrar em campo acesse o aplicativo e torça pelo seu time de coração.Your device now turned a flashlight on your team... Gratuit 12/2015
1851   Dua e Noor Dua e Noor Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Dua e Noor A person who recites or keeps Dua Noor with him will live a good life in this world and he will die with Imaan [ true faith] On the Day of Judgement his face will shine like the full moon of the fourteenth night. When the other people see this person on t... Gratuit 12/2015
1852   Terrasses Design Ideas Terrasses Design Ideas Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Terrasses Design Ideas Téléchargement gratuit cents images de terrasses Design Ideas ... Gratuit 12/2015
1853   TRINGA MARENA FM TRINGA MARENA FM Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like TRINGA MARENA FM BIENVENUE SUR TRIGA MARENA FM ... Gratuit 12/2015
1854   Radio Mont Blanc Radio Mont Blanc Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Radio Mont Blanc Radio Mont Blanc , au sommet ! ... Gratuit 12/2015
1855   Tiger Sharks 3D Live Wallpaper Tiger Sharks 3D Live Wallpaper Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Tiger Sharks 3D Live Wallpaper ▶ Requins tigres réalistes qui nagent dans la mer profonde! Trop bien! ... Gratuit 12/2015
1856   Christmas Light Tree LWP Christmas Light Tree LWP Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Christmas Light Tree LWP Ceci est l'arbre de Noël de lumière papier peint en direct pour l'écran de votre téléphone Android. ... Gratuit 12/2015
1857   New Year 2016 LWP New Year 2016 LWP Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like New Year 2016 LWP Check out this beautiful new festive background app and celebrate holidays daily with the coolest New Year 2016 Live Wallpaper! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! Enjoy holiday season with the cutest high resolution pictures of Santa Claus, d... Gratuit 12/2015
1858   Heart Photo Frame Editor Heart Photo Frame Editor Photographie Photographie Apps like Heart Photo Frame Editor Get ready to wrap up your pics with the best Heart Photo Frame Editor that will intensify your love. For all the romantic souls around the world, this stunning love photo booth hides heart picture frames that symbolize your love and affection. With this c... Gratuit 12/2015
1859   Photo Editor - Effects Photo Editor - Effects Photographie Photographie Apps like Photo Editor - Effects Professional Photo Editor avec beaucoup d'outils Photo Editor effets et filtres! ... Gratuit 12/2015
1860   Spott@ Spott@ Social Social Apps like Spott@ Spott @, la première application qui vous connecte avec les gens que vous rencontrez. ... Gratuit 12/2015
1861   Wifi File Sharing Wifi File Sharing Outils Outils Apps like Wifi File Sharing le partage de fichiers de wifi laissez votre mobiles de transfert de ses données entre l'ordinateur sans fil plus ... Gratuit 12/2015
1862   Wifi Hacker Password Prank Wifi Hacker Password Prank Outils Outils Apps like Wifi Hacker Password Prank wifi pirate passe blague et wifi d'activation ... Gratuit 12/2015
1863   Stampy long videos free Stampy long videos free Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Stampy long videos free Enjoy the latest videos of Stampy long free, one of the best known youtuber. You can share on Facebook and comment all about these so funny videos. If you really are a fan of Stampylonghead can not miss his videos totally free. You can have fun and learn... Gratuit 12/2015
1864   madnessXmas madnessXmas Culture générale Culture générale Apps like madnessXmas Die App vermittelt dem Benutzer auf spielerische und einfache Art das Konzept von Augmented Reality.Mit der madnessXmas-App können Sie unter Beweis stellen, wie gut Sie das Team von madness kennen. Weisen Sie fünf zufällig bestimmte Mitarbeiter ihren jewe... Gratuit 12/2015
1865   FranceTabs FranceTabs Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like FranceTabs Emportez dans votre poche toutes la musique Françaises que vous aimez! Sauvegardez les chansons de vos artistes préférés et consultez-les hors-ligne !=====================*** CARACTÉRISTIQUES ***===================== ✓ Compatible Tablettes,✓ Tabs par nom ... Gratuit 12/2015
1866   KARADENİZ RADYO SLOW KARADENİZ RADYO SLOW Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like KARADENİZ RADYO SLOW SLOW kARADENİZ FMLENT Black Sea FM... Gratuit 12/2015
1867   S Utils S Utils Outils Outils Apps like S Utils ******IMPORTANT ******This Application requires ROOT and SAMSUNG devicePLEASE TRY FREE VERSION BEFORE BUYINGhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/note-4/themes-apps/app-s-utils-t3268484AND REMOVE Free version from XDA before installing PRO. Are you tired of try... 1.20€ 12/2015
1868   Pyramid Solitaire 2 Pyramid Solitaire 2 Cartes Cartes Apps like Pyramid Solitaire 2 Theres absolutely no truth to the idea that you can have too much of a good thing. Pyramid Solitaire 2 is the game youve come to know and love, now with 200 new levels! This multi-deck solitaire game offers great challenges and rewards for the intermediat... Gratuit 12/2015
1869   52FUN DOI THUONG 52FUN DOI THUONG Cartes Cartes Apps like 52FUN DOI THUONG Jeu dernier post en 2016 avec des fonctionnalités de cuir ... Gratuit 12/2015
1870   Blackjack Maniac Blackjack Maniac Cartes Cartes Apps like Blackjack Maniac Blackjack, also known as twenty-one, is the most widely played casino banking game in the world. It's the most fun simple and easy to learn. Blackjack Maniac is the best Social Casino game on Google Play. This is the most fun, smart and authentic card gam... Gratuit 12/2015
1871   Améliorez votre communication Améliorez votre communication Communication Communication Apps like Améliorez votre communication Tout le monde a besoin de communiquer pour se sentir vivre, aimer, rire ... ... Gratuit 12/2015
1872   Bomber Special Bomber Special Arcade Arcade Apps like Bomber Special Bomber Special - When playing Bomber Special, you will be role of a bomber so that you will use the bombs to destroy all abstracts, monters. you have to move through the levels and place various bombs to blow up your opponents. Be careful and don't get bl... Gratuit 12/2015
1873   The Walls The Walls Arcade Arcade Apps like The Walls Faites rebondir la balle entre les murs et passez au bon moment sur le chemin suivant, jusqu'à atteindre la sortie de chaque niveau !Collectez par la même occasion les gemmes sur le chemin pour débloquer de nouvelles balles. Quel niveau avez-vous atteint ... Gratuit 12/2015
1874   Hidden Bubbles: Christmas Wish Hidden Bubbles: Christmas Wish Grand public Grand public Apps like Hidden Bubbles: Christmas Wish Enjoy a fun and addictive bubble shooter game with beautiful Christmas artwork!Endless play and campaign mode! Unlock 20 beautiful images!Profitez d'un amusant et addictif bulle jeu de tir avec une belle illustration de Noël!Jouer à l'infini et le mode de... Gratuit 12/2015
1875   Liebes-Widget Liebes-Widget Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Liebes-Widget Zwei besondere Personen, ein besonderes Datum. Zeig es mit dem voll anpassbaren Liebes-Widget.Ja, Du hast richtig gelesen, es handelt sich nicht einfach nur um eine App, die Dir anzeigt, wie lange Du schon mit der Person Deines Herzens zusammen bist, son... Gratuit 12/2015
1876   Fauchon Monaco Fauchon Monaco Shopping Shopping Apps like Fauchon Monaco La mythique épicerie Fauchon de Monaco, au bout des doigts avec l'application Fauchon Monaco.Les amateurs de gastronomie ont désormais leur application avec Fauchon Monaco. Que vous habitiez à Monaco ou en région PACA, cette nouvelle application, plus fac... Gratuit 12/2015
1877   FastBattery Charger FastBattery Charger Productivité Productivité Apps like FastBattery Charger Augmenter le temps de la vitesse de chargement de votre batterie ... Gratuit 12/2015
1878   Badgeuse Mobile Auto Badgeuse Mobile Auto Productivité Productivité Apps like Badgeuse Mobile Auto Badgeage sur chantierCette application de badgeage (pointage) sur chantier et conçue pour répondre aux besoins spécifiques des entreprises du bâtiment opérant sur chantiers.Nul besoin ni de badge ni même de badgeuses, Les informations nécessaires sont env... Gratuit 12/2015
1879   ZeempoManager ZeempoManager Productivité Productivité Apps like ZeempoManager Entrez dans le monde de Zeempo et connectez votre smartphone ou votre tablette à l'ensemble de vos Zeempos :- visualisez en temps réel si vos sites sont ouverts ou fermés.- visualisez en temps réel si vos salariés sont présents sur site et depuis combien ... Gratuit 12/2015
1880   Il s'appelle revient - FREE Il s'appelle revient - FREE Productivité Productivité Apps like Il s'appelle revient - FREE N'oubliez plus où sont passées vos affaires.Vous en avez marre de vous demander si vous avez perdu un objet, si vous l'avez prêté (ou qu'on vous l'a emprunté) et que vous ne l'avez jamais récupéré ? Avec notre application, terminées les questions et les ... Gratuit 12/2015
1881   Reduto Reduto Shopping Shopping Apps like Reduto Application to load mobile oriented priceportalsApplication à charger priceportals orientés mobiles... Gratuit 12/2015
1882   Hit Factor IPSC - USPSA Hit Factor IPSC - USPSA Sports Sports Apps like Hit Factor IPSC - USPSA hit factor allows you to easily calculate your score after each stage for both USPSA and IPSC.Hit Factor will show you your HF in both Major and Minor power factors so you can easily see how you would have done in other divisions. you can save the results... Gratuit 12/2015
1883   Grossesse Jenny - soin de bébé Grossesse Jenny - soin de bébé Grand public Grand public Apps like Grossesse Jenny - soin de bébé Jenny attend du nouveau-né mignon petit bébé. Soyez un médecin professionnel. ... Gratuit 12/2015
1884   Fêrbûn Kurmancî Part 2 Fêrbûn Kurmancî Part 2 Culture générale Culture générale Apps like Fêrbûn Kurmancî Part 2 Sıvalar alanını boş ve seçenekler arasından da tahmin un nesneye bakmak. Bilgi yarışması meyveler, sebzeler, hayvanlar, bayraklar / ülkelerin, sayılar ve renkler 367 Kürt kelime vardır.Aşağıdaki sözler bu app ikinci bölümü vardır: axtapotbalinabeqberazber... Gratuit 12/2015
1885   Essai Salaire Essai Salaire Culture générale Culture générale Apps like Essai Salaire Bienvenue sur le Salaire de test d'application uniqueIl n'a pas d'importance si oui ou non vous travaillez potentiel, vous avez caché.Les gens qui travaillent peuvent réellement savoir ce que le salaire qu'ils méritent et ceux qui ne travaillent pas pourr... Gratuit 12/2015
1886   Parler la langue italienne Parler la langue italienne Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Parler la langue italienne Parler la langue italienne ... Gratuit 12/2015
1887   Word Search 2 Word Search 2 Jeux littéraires Jeux littéraires Apps like Word Search 2 WORT SUCHE PUZLE SPIELS IN DEUTSCHLAND:Willkommen in der beste automatisch generierten Wortsuche-Anwendung für Android: Die Wortsuche von NotyxGames ist ideal für stundenlange Unterhaltung und schulen unsere Gedanken. Es eignet sich für Erwachsene und Kin... Gratuit 12/2015
1888   CircularImageView CircularImageView Bibliothèques et démos Bibliothèques et démos Apps like CircularImageView Application de démonstration utilisant la librairie CircularImageView qui permet de réaliser de réaliser une ImageView circulaire le plus facilement possible.Vous pouvez retrouver le code source et les explications d'utilisations sur GitHub: https://githu... Gratuit 12/2015
1889   FootQuiz - Football Quiz Logo FootQuiz - Football Quiz Logo Sports Sports Apps like FootQuiz - Football Quiz Logo FootQuiz est le Quiz Football le plus fun avec plus de 300 joueurs et équipes ! ... Gratuit 12/2015
1890   Krouchi Enfants Krouchi Enfants Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Krouchi Enfants Nous sommes heureux de vous offrir cette demande exceptionnelle pour vous offrir les derniers modèles Kath Balojml et nouveaux Krouchi coudre façons pour les jeunes enfants de bébé et des garçons dans l'application, vous trouverez les dernières images app... Gratuit 12/2015
1891   Idées Art Nail DIY Idées Art Nail DIY Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Idées Art Nail DIY Nails pour les femmes fait partie de la beauté de nos jours. Pas un peu de femmes aller au salon juste pour fixer leurs ongles, la coloration de son dessin de sorte qu'il est plus beau. depuis la coloration de ses ongles et à illustrer une tendance il ya ... Gratuit 12/2015
1892   Guide to Modern Combat 5 Black Guide to Modern Combat 5 Black Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Guide to Modern Combat 5 Black Guide to Modern Combat 5 Black included game guide, walkthrough, tips & tricks for Modern Combat 5 : Blackout fans. If you are a real fan. Let's try this perfect game guide. It will bring you more fun to play, help you get pass through many hard chapters,... Gratuit 12/2015
1893   Hidden Mahjong: Home for Xmas Hidden Mahjong: Home for Xmas Jeux de société Jeux de société Apps like Hidden Mahjong: Home for Xmas Relaxez-vous avec un jeu de Mahjong et explorez un monde mystérieux ... Gratuit 12/2015
1894   Barricade Barricade Jeux de société Jeux de société Apps like Barricade Good old game... Gratuit 12/2015
1895   Innov-Agro Beta Innov-Agro Beta Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Innov-Agro Beta L’application « Smart Éleveur » a été créé pour les éleveurs adhérents des Organismes de production d'élevage et utilisateurs du logiciel Oribase Web. Cette application permet d'enregistrer les mouvements d'animaux, les traitements sanitaires, la créatio... Gratuit 12/2015
1896   Brevet Unitaire Brevet Unitaire Finance Finance Apps like Brevet Unitaire Cette application, conçue par CASALONGA, permet de connaître à l’avance les taxes officielles nécessaires pour le maintien en vigueur d’un brevet délivré, selon que le brevet unitaire a été choisi ou non.Il suffit d’indiquer l’année de dépôt de la demande... Gratuit 12/2015
1897   XM XM Finance Finance Apps like XM XM provides an impressive range of products and services needed for seamless forex trading. Founded in 2009, XM has reached global reputation by virtue of its unbeatable execution of orders, tightest spreads, zero rejection of orders, no re-quotes and bes... Gratuit 12/2015
1898   Desygner Desygner Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Desygner Créez vos propres dessins superbes en utilisant des modèles prêts à l'emploi. Partager & téléchargement. ... Gratuit 12/2015
1899   Swipe Me Out Too Swipe Me Out Too Action Action Apps like Swipe Me Out Too Swipe Me Out TooDrag Me OutSwipe Me Out... Gratuit 12/2015
1900   Radio Pakistan AM FM streaming Radio Pakistan AM FM streaming Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Radio Pakistan AM FM streaming Radio Pakistan est une application android gratuite et rapide qui vous permet d'écouter la majorité des radios Pakistanaises FM, AM et web radios en streaming.Tout ce dont vous avez besoin est une simple connexion internet(Wifi ou 3G, 4G).n'hésitez pas d'... Gratuit 12/2015
1901   Ahmed Alhadad Quran MP3 Ahmed Alhadad Quran MP3 Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Ahmed Alhadad Quran MP3 Its an audio recitation and its free to download and listen to the Ahmed Alhadad Quran MP3, whole quran Surah included. Its an online recitation which means you need an internet connection before you get listen to this recitation. For those that like to... Gratuit 12/2015
1902   All Ghana News & Newspapers All Ghana News & Newspapers Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like All Ghana News & Newspapers The current, trending and latest news in Ghana. Breaking news, information, local and international updates from the best online TV news channels, sources, tabloids and top newspapers in Ghana. Get daily info on happenings in Ghana, Africa and the World t... Gratuit 12/2015
1904   MeNTA MeNTA Médecine Médecine Apps like MeNTA A MeNTA (Mobil EgészségNapló és Tájékoztató Alkalmazás) lehetőséget teremt a felhasználó egészségi állapotával kapcsolatos adatainak rendszerezésére és nyomon követésére egészsége megőrzéséhez és hozzájárul az egészségügyi szolgáltatás- és ellátórendszerb... Gratuit 12/2015
1905   Le quiz sur la mythologie Le quiz sur la mythologie Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Le quiz sur la mythologie Le quiz sur la mythologie ... Gratuit 12/2015
1906   Marry Me My Bride Marry Me My Bride Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Marry Me My Bride Pretty girl is going to be the wedding bride. She wants to show her characteristic charm. Dress her up from her hair to feet. With your help, she must realize her dream to be a sweet wedding bride. Dress up the bride for her wedding with this cool dress u... Gratuit 12/2015
1907   Wedding Pregnant Dressup Wedding Pregnant Dressup Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Wedding Pregnant Dressup Who said that pregnant beauties should wear ordinary and oversize dresses? Our charming princesses don’t think so. Barbara, Elisa and Anna are three fashion pregnant girls who want to look gorgeous wherever they are, even being pregnant! Let’s choose the ... Gratuit 12/2015
1908   Cacatoès : Jeu de coloriage 3D Cacatoès : Jeu de coloriage 3D Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Cacatoès : Jeu de coloriage 3D Images tridimensionnelles pour les enfants et les adultes. ... Gratuit 12/2015
1909   Pregnant Mommy ChristmasDesign Pregnant Mommy ChristmasDesign Jeux de rôles Jeux de rôles Apps like Pregnant Mommy ChristmasDesign Aider maman concevoir ses tenues de Noël, lui faire devenir la plus belle maman ... Gratuit 12/2015
1910   Toadled Toadled Arcade Arcade Apps like Toadled A seemingly normal afternoon turns into an apoplectic day when one tiny toad gains the ability to grow more and more with each thing he eats... He is on a quest to consume the entire universe in this fast paced addictive simple game. Only time will tel... Gratuit 12/2015
1911   X-Mas Fireworks Hologram 3D X-Mas Fireworks Hologram 3D Simulation Simulation Apps like X-Mas Fireworks Hologram 3D Celebrate the New Year with fireworks and loud beautiful. Cool fireworks will brighten up your holiday and make it fun. The effect of the virtual hologram make fireworks even more beautiful and impressive. Arrange small holiday right in your phone. Loud e... Gratuit 12/2015
1912   Zoo Animals Transport Truck 3d Zoo Animals Transport Truck 3d Simulation Simulation Apps like Zoo Animals Transport Truck 3d Expérience de construire votre propre ferme zoo ou à la ferme des animaux dans la neige pour les visiteurs ... Gratuit 12/2015
1913   cargaison camion: transporteur cargaison camion: transporteur Jeux de courses Jeux de courses Apps like cargaison camion: transporteur livrer des cargaisons de secours au poste de l'armée avec beaucoup de soin sur les montagnes!cargaison camion de livraison de montagne: télécharger à jouer un nouveau jeu de transport de fret étant un chauffeur de camion de l'armée. rencontrer l'un du sim... Gratuit 12/2015
1914   Yeti Extreme Motocross Yeti Extreme Motocross Jeux de courses Jeux de courses Apps like Yeti Extreme Motocross Yeti est en chasse pour une nouvelle maison! Roulez avec sa motocross sur les sommets enneigés. ... Gratuit 12/2015
1915   Extreme Stuntman Extreme Stuntman Jeux de courses Jeux de courses Apps like Extreme Stuntman Profitez de Stuntman - Choisissez votre terrain de prédilection pour maximiser votre expérience Stunt Bike! ... Gratuit 12/2015
1916   Crazy Car Super Track Crazy Car Super Track Jeux de courses Jeux de courses Apps like Crazy Car Super Track In this exciting game you will get extremely high speed, incredible tracks and a lot of adrenaline. Five highspeed cars, a variety of routes and dangerous police will not let you relax even for a second. Choose car you'd like and show all your skills!Craz... Gratuit 12/2015
1917   123 - Learn Numbers with Kaju 123 - Learn Numbers with Kaju Éducatif Éducatif Apps like 123 - Learn Numbers with Kaju This fun numbers game teaches kids:✔ Counting✔ Identifying numbers✔ Addition✔ Subtraction✔ Odd/Even numbers✔ Before After Numbers✔ Basic Multiplication / Skip Counting Download now and give your children an amazing time learning with Kaju! Game Story : Ou... Gratuit 12/2015
1918   Mobizz Mobizz Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Mobizz Download. Communicate. Get what you want.We are in the business of simplifying the relationship between customers and businesses.Mobizz lets users find various local businesses in their neighborhoods, connect with them and get their various needs addresse... Gratuit 12/2015
1919   Castle Peak Dental Castle Peak Dental Médecine Médecine Apps like Castle Peak Dental We provide this app for patients to easily contact the office, request an appointment, or request emergency treatment (and include a photo of the problem area if appropriate). It has info about the dentist, a picture gallery, and other important info abou... Gratuit 12/2015
1920   Jet Radio Jet Radio Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Jet Radio Jet Radio is a free radio app for your favorite AM/FM radio stations, discover new stations from around of the world.- FEATURES - - Free, unlimited listening.- Manage your favorites stations.- Search for any station in a HUGE database.- Any style: Pop, D... Gratuit 12/2015
1921   Habaneros Mexican Restaurant Habaneros Mexican Restaurant Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Habaneros Mexican Restaurant In this app you can find: FREE Food, Loyalty Cards, Our Specials, About Us, Facebook, Photos, Menu, Form... Gratuit 12/2015
1922   Cab Booking(Taxi) App India Cab Booking(Taxi) App India Transports Transports Apps like Cab Booking(Taxi) App India Cab Booking App India Is Free App For All Users.-This App You Can Find Multiple Cab or Taxi In Limited Time & Any Time You Want Cabs You Could Find Cabs In Lessthan 10 mns-Here You Know the current offers on Cabs.-you Know the cheapest cabs in india.-get ... Gratuit 12/2015
1923   Sirca Sirca Transports Transports Apps like Sirca Whether you drive, walk, or bike, Sirca’s turn-by-turn navigation will take you between where you are, what you need, and where you want go - all with just a few taps of your finger!Sirca’s simple search design and clean, clutter-free map makes navigation... Gratuit 12/2015
1924   YGR YGR Outils Outils Apps like YGR The YGR app aims to provide a portal to all things Grand Rapids. It will help serve as a guide to this wonderful city. Take a look through any of the six categories featured to find a plethora of information presented simply in the form of this small app.... Gratuit 12/2015
1925   WAGM News WAGM News Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like WAGM News The Presque Isle, ME news experience you’ve been waiting for is finally here! Catch the latest news, sports and weather wherever you go with the WAGM App. This app is ad supported. ... Gratuit 12/2015
1926   By The Digits By The Digits Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like By The Digits Tired of hearing the term "bias media"?Tired of reading articles that are simply too long?Introducing: By The Digits!By The Digits empowers you, the user. Don't let the media influence a bias.Get the facts.Make an opinion yourself.By The Digits offers all... Gratuit 12/2015
1927   MDZ Online MDZ Online Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like MDZ Online Lector del diario MDZ OnlineReader Daily MDZ Online... Gratuit 12/2015
1928   Santa ClausTheme-ZERO Launcher Santa ClausTheme-ZERO Launcher Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Santa ClausTheme-ZERO Launcher Presentation:- How simple and colorful a theme could be? This is it!An awesome way to turn a boring plain mobile interface to a beatiful one. It is free and beyond your imagination!- Specially designed for ZERO launcher, provides delicate app icons,wallpa... Gratuit 12/2015
1929   Fusion War Fusion War Action Action Apps like Fusion War Fighting the war between the evil organization Pi Corp and Titan to save the human race, unraveling their nefarious plot to take over the world by cooperating with allies and resisting their army of mercenaries.Experience a first person shooter with inten... Gratuit 12/2015
1930   Dont Touch the Blocks Dont Touch the Blocks Arcade Arcade Apps like Dont Touch the Blocks Dont Touch the Blocks is a free arcade game with stunning graphics & simple one tap Gameplay..Game Features -** Level Mode with 100 Levels*** More Challenging Endless Mode for never ending fun after the end of Level mode.. How to Play -** Just tap t... Gratuit 12/2015
1931   VR-VideoIdent VR-VideoIdent Finance Finance Apps like VR-VideoIdent Mit VR-VideoIdent weisen Sie Ihre Identität bequem von zu Hause nach. Für die Identifizierung benötigen Sie lediglich diese App und Ihr Ausweisdokument. Sie werden Schritt-für-Schritt durch die Identifizierung geleitet. Bei Bedarf werden Sie mit einem uns... Gratuit 12/2015
1932   RemLang RemLang Enseignement Enseignement Apps like RemLang Features:* Add and save own vocabulary.* Add and save own expressions or sentences.* Save own translate words in database as you translate it.* Get notification with random word & meaning.* Click on 'Examples' will show you all sentences and expression ,... Gratuit 12/2015
1933   Prix de jeux numériques Prix de jeux numériques Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Prix de jeux numériques Compare Xbox Live Digital Games On Demand and DLCs prices across all regions from any region!Comparer Xbox Live Jeux numérique à la demande et les prix de DLC dans toutes les régions de toute la région!... Gratuit 12/2015
1934   Raids of Glory Raids of Glory Stratégie Stratégie Apps like Raids of Glory CONTROL your squad of fearless pirates and buccaneers from one epic victory to the next! FIGHT your way through an epic action packed adventure, capturing plunder and destroying all forces before you! ALLY with friends around the world to become the most ... Gratuit 12/2015
1935   CityShoppe CityShoppe Shopping Shopping Apps like CityShoppe We, CityShoppe.in, a techno-entrepreneur group with experience of two decades in distribution, are here to serve you with the best online grocery shopping experience.We are established in the prime location of the Surat city with owned delivery system - ... Gratuit 12/2015
1936   School Trader School Trader Shopping Shopping Apps like School Trader Buy and sell. New and used school textbooks, and other stuff.... Gratuit 12/2015
1937   Chipp'd Chipp'd Social Social Apps like Chipp'd Have a secret to share, but nowhere safe to put it? Looking to add an extra personal touch to a special gift? Or are you just interested in finding new ways to link digital media to physical objects? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then l... Gratuit 12/2015
1938   véritable ville parking véritable ville parking Simulation Simulation Apps like véritable ville parking Trafic réel la conduite en ville et le parking est un amusement et un parking passionnant et conduite jeu de simulation, Devenez un pilote furieux avec une voiture rapide et rapide, garer votre voiture dans un véritable trafic urbain, utiliser nitro si vo... Gratuit 12/2015
1939   Truck Simulator 2016 Parking Truck Simulator 2016 Parking Simulation Simulation Apps like Truck Simulator 2016 Parking New truck parking simulator is finally here! This time you can drive your truck in day and night. You will enjoy different levels and smart navigation system. Follow the arrows and drive your truck to final destination. Beautiful envireoment and truck is ... Gratuit 12/2015
1940   Fireworks Hologramme 3D Fireworks Hologramme 3D Simulation Simulation Apps like Fireworks Hologramme 3D Belle feu d'artifice lumineux qui peut fonctionner n'importe où! ... Gratuit 12/2015
1941   Marshall Area YMCA Marshall Area YMCA Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Marshall Area YMCA The Marshall Area YMCA provides class schedules, social media platform, creation of goals and participation in club challenges. Our app will also allow you to link many of the popular fitness tracking devices and fitness apps on the market.Le Marshall Are... Gratuit 12/2015
1942   Lamia's Game Room Beta Lamia's Game Room Beta Cartes Cartes Apps like Lamia's Game Room Beta Lamia's game room is a Gothic style horror, mystery crad game.You were brought into a room by a mystery woman named "Lamia" and force to play games with people from different backgrounds.Players will understand the concept of the whole story during the ga... Gratuit 12/2015
1943   Cribbage Cribbage Cartes Cartes Apps like Cribbage The ★★BEST★★ Cribbage game is now on Android for ★★FREE★★!!!★★★★★ - “Easy to play, easy on the eyes & well paced. This a must have for all Cribbage fans” - WorldOfAndroid★★★★ - "This Cribbage has kept me hooked now. Addicted!" - DroidReviews Cribbage, or ... Gratuit 12/2015
1944   Blue Wave Chat Blue Wave Chat Communication Communication Apps like Blue Wave Chat Blue Wave Chat is an app designed to allow two users to communicate via Bluetooth. This app does not use up your texting or data plan. Simply connect to your partner and begin chatting. ===================================INSTRUCTIONS====================... Gratuit 12/2015
1945   Dấu Rồng Dấu Rồng Jeux de rôles Jeux de rôles Apps like Dấu Rồng Dấu Rồng được xây dựng trên nền game 3D công nghệ mới nhất hiện nay. Một điểm cộng nữa là game được mô phỏng từ bộ truyện tranh nổi tiếng Dấu Ấn Rồng Thiêng đi cùng năm tháng với rất nhiều thiếu niên Việt Bộ truyện tranh về cuộc chiến giữa Rồng, Con Người... Gratuit 12/2015
1946   Photo Background Changer Photo Background Changer Photographie Photographie Apps like Photo Background Changer Photo Background Changer is an user friendly app that use to change the background of any photo by cropping a portion of photo and paste it on another desired background. In this App user will get various tools like edit, filter and draw on photo.User can... Gratuit 12/2015
1947   In House - Find Hidden Object In House - Find Hidden Object Grand public Grand public Apps like In House - Find Hidden Object People in search of challenging free hidden object games that features spectacular graphics and delivers hour after hour of fun, no longer have to wait. PlayHOG presents In House, a Free find object game where we have carefully hidden 40 objects per level... Gratuit 12/2015
1948   Flashcards for kids Flashcards for kids Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Flashcards for kids L'apprentissage précoce avec des cartes flash pour les bébés ... Gratuit 12/2015
1949   Happy New Year Coloring Book Happy New Year Coloring Book Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Happy New Year Coloring Book Welcome the New Year Coloring Book with your kids with this collection of original and exclusive New Year coloring Pages. If your kids are waiting up on New Year's Eve for midnight to strike, they will need plenty to keep them busy and pass the time. Down... Gratuit 12/2015
1950   Flow Connect Free Flow Connect Free Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Flow Connect Free Flow Connect Free is a simple fun game and addictive, Free to play through hundreds of levels, or race against the clock in Time Trial mode.how to play swipe to get connected object link minimum three same objectMain Feature:★ More level★ Free Play and Ti... Gratuit 12/2015
1951   Book Distribution - ISKCON Book Distribution - ISKCON Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Book Distribution - ISKCON Srila Prabhupada inherited the mission to distribute books on Krishna consciousness from his spiritual master, and passed it on to his disciples.Srila Prabhupada’s main mission was the printing and distribution of his transcendental books. This was the or... Gratuit 12/2015
1952   Celebrities Quiz Celebrities Quiz Culture générale Culture générale Apps like Celebrities Quiz Let's Play Celebrities Quiz Now... Gratuit 12/2015
1953   Wild Animals And Pets Quiz Wild Animals And Pets Quiz Culture générale Culture générale Apps like Wild Animals And Pets Quiz Wild Animals And Pets Quiz is very simple game that is perfecly made for kids toddlers or grownups anyone can play this game it is super easy to use, but not so easy to beat. In Wild Animals And Pets Quiz you're gonna meet a lot of different type of anima... Gratuit 12/2015
1954   Which Video Arcade Game? Which Video Arcade Game? Culture générale Culture générale Apps like Which Video Arcade Game? Finally some payback for all those coins spent at the local video arcade when you were growing up!Use your `knowledge` of classic arcade games to navigate through a virtual history of coin-op arcade game development from the early days in the 1970s throug... Gratuit 12/2015
1955   Cats and Words Cats and Words Jeux littéraires Jeux littéraires Apps like Cats and Words See if you know what the cat is doing and match it to the correct word.By clicking the image, you will enter the main menu. CONNECT:https://twitter.com/dizzyheights_ ... Gratuit 12/2015
1956   Lost Horizon Lost Horizon Aventure Aventure Apps like Lost Horizon [Le classique du jeu d’aventure “point ’n click” créé par Animation Arts et Deep Silver FISHLABS arrive Sur l’Google Play dans une magnifique version mobile intégralement optimisée pour smartfone et tablet ! ]# # # UNE AVENTURE PASSIONANTE SUR LE TOIT ... 4.99€ 12/2015
1957   Ett cent Ett cent Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Ett cent Complete Offers and earn soft points, and 25 exciting prizes by referring friends. Also win daily by using Scratch & Win. Refer friends and earn much more.Offre une gamme complète et de gagner des points mous, et 25 prix excitants en parrainant des amis.G... Gratuit 12/2015
1958   HealthShare HealthShare Professionnel Professionnel Apps like HealthShare Discover the most important content of the day, and share it with your colleagues, peers and friends.Why you’ll love the HealthShare App: - Stay up-to-date on top company and industry news in just 2 minutes per day- Share relevant content to your social c... Gratuit 12/2015
1959   Advanced Battery Calibrator Advanced Battery Calibrator Outils Outils Apps like Advanced Battery Calibrator There are well known problems with Android OS and the reported maximum battery capacity. This maximum capacity is used by android OS to know when the battery is fully charged.Advanced Battery calibrator will fix this problems and make Android OS see your... Gratuit 12/2015
1960   Spectacular white car theme Spectacular white car theme Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Spectacular white car theme Its background is black, looks very cool, giving a sense of mystery, people liked to drive, looks very attractive, followed by a timetable, its shape is Attractive, there are many figures above, their color is not the same, in front of a car, it looks ver... Gratuit 12/2015
1961   媚姬-真人版 媚姬-真人版 Cartes Cartes Apps like 媚姬-真人版 最魅惑的真人游戏《媚姬-真人版》,首创真人美女助阵,特邀知名模特cosplay历朝美女,妲己,祝融,小乔,甄姬,真人与你共度缠绵夜,要玩就玩真人!上真人,享超强属性加成,上阵武将如沐春风,先得美人,再拼天下,给主公一个欲火焚身的超感体验!本年度最让人撩拨人心的策略RPG手机游戏--《媚姬-真人版》内娇外嫩的妖姬等您一手掌控!回到烽火四起的乱世三国,天香国色任您摆布,英雄豪杰上阵征讨八方。更多丰富多彩活动详情,敬请关注《媚姬-真人版》游戏官方粉丝页:https://www.facebook.com/efu... Gratuit 12/2015
1962   Vegas Slots Club 777 Vegas Slots Club 777 Casino Casino Apps like Vegas Slots Club 777 Vegas Slots Club is a casino games which can be downloaded for free.Specially designed for you, contains various catchy symbols and icons.Feel the thrill of playing the real slots. Get the gambling experience just like in Vegas casino house. Spin the reel... Gratuit 12/2015
1963   Crabby High-Low Crabby High-Low Casino Casino Apps like Crabby High-Low Crabby High-Low card game.You need to guess which card is coming next : high or low. Aces are low. You have three lives for wrong guess and you need to try to guess full deck. 41790e2c0b ... Gratuit 12/2015
1964   SecuSUITE® for Enterprise SecuSUITE® for Enterprise Productivité Productivité Apps like SecuSUITE® for Enterprise SecuSUITE® for Enterprise offers a purpose-built secure communications solution to protect today’s highly vulnerable enterprise communications from imminent foreign and domestic eavesdropping. It offers comprehensive end-to-end secure voice and IM communi... Gratuit 12/2015
1965   Hop-In Hop-Out Hop-In Hop-Out Aventure Aventure Apps like Hop-In Hop-Out A new version of Hop-In Hop-Out comes! What a pleasure and just enjoy the new adventure of SuperBirds!.You need to Jump into the hoops, avoid the spikes and collect stars, because these spikes will take you down on the slightest touch. Just play this game... Gratuit 12/2015
1966   SAVE JUSTIN BIEBER SAVE JUSTIN BIEBER Aventure Aventure Apps like SAVE JUSTIN BIEBER ▶ the game SAVE JUSTIN BIEBER : is one of adventure and action games its free , simple and super fun, the purpose of this game is to save the famous Justin Bieber (who is the main character in the scene) of these enemies like skeletons and ghosts and othe... Gratuit 12/2015
1967   Educlasse Premier Cycle Educlasse Premier Cycle Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Educlasse Premier Cycle Activités pour les élèves du premier cycle harmos, en particulier non-lecteurs. ... Gratuit 12/2015
1968   Viva Video Slots - Free Slots! Viva Video Slots - Free Slots! Casino Casino Apps like Viva Video Slots - Free Slots! Viva Video Slots is the best classic video slots game that you'll play on the Google Play store!! You'll play all your favorite themed Vegas slots machines just like you were on the casino floor!Updated with brand new slot machines frequently! All the mac... Gratuit 12/2015
1969   Vegas World Free Slots Vegas World Free Slots Casino Casino Apps like Vegas World Free Slots Free Casino Slots ... Gratuit 12/2015
1970   Lucky Christmas Slots 2015-16 Lucky Christmas Slots 2015-16 Casino Casino Apps like Lucky Christmas Slots 2015-16 Celebrate your upcoming Christmas with multi-themed slot machines with lots of jackpots and bonuses.Try your luck and Start spinning super slot machines. Enjoy specially developed slots with entertaining music and awesome sound effects and of course supe... Gratuit 12/2015
1971   Classic slots - Good old time Classic slots - Good old time Casino Casino Apps like Classic slots - Good old time PLAY CLASSIC SLOTS FOR FREE!============================Do you miss the good old times when slots were classic,had only 3 reels and one payline? when everything was simple? Well you don't need to miss it anymore, those good old days are back!Enjoy Vegas l... Gratuit 12/2015
1972   Victoria Skimboards Victoria Skimboards Sports Sports Apps like Victoria Skimboards The Victoria Skimboards App brings you the Aliso Beach Cam in only one touch on your phone! Check the live conditions of the most famous Skimboarding spot in the World. It also features a calendar of the upcoming Saturday Sessions. Every Saturday, we brin... Gratuit 12/2015
1973   Tournoi Vercel Tournoi Vercel Sports Sports Apps like Tournoi Vercel Bienvenue sur l’application officielle du tournoi de Futsal organisé par le Football Club Valdahon Vercel les deux premières semaines de Janvier.Cette application permet de suivre en direct les résultats et les classements de chaque soirée pour le tournoi... Gratuit 12/2015
1974   Téléphone GPS Localisation Téléphone GPS Localisation Social Social Apps like Téléphone GPS Localisation Qu'est-ce que cette application peut faire pour vous?SOS Emergency Alert Sécurité si l'exigence la plus importante et primordiale pour tous aujourd'hui. Vous êtes inquiet au sujet de vos enfants, conjoint, parents et amis. Si cette application est install... Gratuit 12/2015
1975   Hubhopper Hubhopper Social Social Apps like Hubhopper Hubhopper is a user adaptive social network with dynamic interest communities of like minded users.Power to the people - A machine should not control your social network in what you see and when you see but should empower its users to in real time make t... Gratuit 12/2015
1976   VYDA VYDA Social Social Apps like VYDA Mit VYDA kannst du Videos streamen und lässt deine Freunde & Follower live an deinen Erlebnissen teilhaben!Eine einzigartige Möglichkeit, die schönsten Momente deines Lebens zu teilen. Ein perfekter Sonnenuntergang, eine großartige Party, dein neues Outfi... Gratuit 12/2015
1977   Musique Relaxante Musique Relaxante Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Musique Relaxante Télécharger la meilleure collection de la musique la plus relaxante jamais! ... Gratuit 12/2015
1978   Duwun Duwun Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Duwun As the top online media source in Myanmar, Duwun is committed to covering every all local and international news.Features:- 100% free- always up-to-date with live news, entertainment, lifestyle, sports and more- be informed about breaking news with our pu... Gratuit 12/2015
1979   Cube Zombie War Cube Zombie War Action Action Apps like Cube Zombie War Une ville sombre avec plein de zombies! Il est un jeu de tir à vaincre zombies venant de toutes les directions comme une 3ème personne.Vous serez en mesure de profiter passionnant jeu d'action par le biais de diverses armes et de mise à niveau.Ne vous inq... Gratuit 12/2015
1980   Panony News Panony News Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Panony News Share hot news together. Read hot news daily.Partager Nouvelles chaud ensemble. Lisez les nouvelles chaud quotidien.... Gratuit 12/2015
1981   Lancer Volumetric Valve Lancer Volumetric Valve Productivité Productivité Apps like Lancer Volumetric Valve Control your Lancer Volumetric Valves from your Android device using a Bluetooth dongleContrôlez votre Lancer volumétrique Vannes à partir de votre appareil Android en utilisant un dongle Bluetooth... Gratuit 12/2015
1982   Recommend Recommend Social Social Apps like Recommend **Apple's Editor Choice / Finaliste LeWeb / Finaliste 4YFN**Recommend vous permet de trouver les meilleures recommandations des personnes de confiance, de sauvegarder toutes vos meilleures expériences et de les partager avec votre réseau. - Trouver : Retr... Gratuit 12/2015
1983   Père Noël aventure Père Noël aventure Arcade Arcade Apps like Père Noël aventure Il était une fois le Père Noël coincé entre les grands bonhommes de neige Ice Bergs et retour vers le pôle Nord !!Dans ce jeu, vous trouverez toutes sortes de personnages comme des araignées, Tessons de glace, bonhommes de neige et beaucoup plus un seul r... Gratuit 12/2015
1984   Mythologie Grecque Mythologie Grecque Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Mythologie Grecque All Greek Mythology info available offline! No need for internet or mobile connection! (In English)More Gods - More Myths - More FUN!!Get super-fast information on all subjects of Greek Mythology from GreekMythology.com. Includes details on Greek Gods lik... Gratuit 12/2015
1985   Poutine Facts France Poutine Facts France Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Poutine Facts France Voici une application qui regroupe les meilleures citation comiques sur Vladimir Poutine. Chuck Norris n'est plus le plus fort, c'est Vlad qui a dit ! Profitez de ce recueil et partagez avec vos amis vos facts preferes ! Nous vous souhaitons un bon amusem... Gratuit 12/2015
1986   OTG Test For RF Explorer OTG Test For RF Explorer Outils Outils Apps like OTG Test For RF Explorer We have identified 3 requirements for an Android device to support USB Host Mode and be able to communicate with an RF Explorer handheld spectrum analyzer:[1] The Android device must be running version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) of the OS, or higher.[2] The output ... Gratuit 12/2015
1987   Siebenmühlental Hexen e.V. Siebenmühlental Hexen e.V. Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Siebenmühlental Hexen e.V. Mit der App erhalten Sie Zugang zu aktuellen Nachrichten so wie allgemeinen Informationen über den Verein.Über die Galerie erreicht ihr alle Bilder der letzten Kampagnen und Veranstaltungen.Aktuelle Termine werden über den integrierten Google Kalender ang... Gratuit 12/2015
1988   My US & Canada Next Bus My US & Canada Next Bus Transports Transports Apps like My US & Canada Next Bus NOTE: This app is not affiliated or endorsed by any transit web site.This app is based upon NextBus XML Data API to provide the real time bus locations and bus stop time prediction.What is New12-10-2015:- Use red dot for the Bus stops so that it is easier... Gratuit 12/2015
1989   Poly Rides Poly Rides Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Poly Rides Poly Rides makes it easy to coordinate rides with other Cal Poly students by providing a simple interface to offer rides, search for rides, coordinate rides, view mutual friends with drivers, and message other users.Drivers can offer rides, specifying the... Gratuit 12/2015
1990   Impro Sound System Impro Sound System Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Impro Sound System Mettez tous vos fichiers audio (mp3, wav, ogg, m4a or mp4) dans différents dossiers et l'application créera un onglet par dossier et affichera tous les sons sous forme de boutons.Fonctionnalités :- controle de volume par son (activer avec le bouton en hau... Gratuit 12/2015
1991   Soochef - Fait maison. Livré. Soochef - Fait maison. Livré. Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Soochef - Fait maison. Livré. « On mange quoi ce midi au bureau ? », « Je ne veux pas préparer à manger ce soir… »Soochef est là pour ça ! Nos cuisiniers passionnés et méticuleusement sélectionnés vous préparent, pour vous, de bons plats faits à la maison. Choisissez parmi les entré... Gratuit 12/2015
1992   Super Stunt Bikes Super Stunt Bikes Jeux de courses Jeux de courses Apps like Super Stunt Bikes Are you passionate about performing bike stunts? Try out Super Stunt Bikes!It:s the Best physics-based bike game on Google Play, Go ahead and perform dangerous stunts to challenge your skills within the comfort of your own phone!The Physics are realistic ... Gratuit 12/2015
1993   MobiLis - Lisboa UrbanMobility MobiLis - Lisboa UrbanMobility Transports Transports Apps like MobiLis - Lisboa UrbanMobility Votre compagnon de Mobilité sur Lisbonne dans le cadre du projet Urban Mobility... Gratuit 12/2015
1994   Ma pensée positive Ma pensée positive Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Ma pensée positive Nous vous proposons une application qui chaque jour vous apportera une pensée positive. Cette application contient un recueil de pensées des plus grands philosophes du monde, qui ont été spécialement sélectionnes pour vous afin d'égailler votre quotidien.... Gratuit 12/2015
1995   My Media Files PRO My Media Files PRO Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like My Media Files PRO Watch video, listen music, view image, manage files.--- Music ---- Built-in music player.- Add to bookmark any album, artist and genre.- For music available section : song, artis, album, genre, ringtons, alarms, audio recording.- Set song as rington for c... 1.04€ 12/2015
1996   Mon Panda qui Parle Mon Panda qui Parle Grand public Grand public Apps like Mon Panda qui Parle Vous cherchez un adorable animal virtuel ? Avec panda qui parle, ne cherchez plus. Ce bébé panda appelé MO rend les animaux qui parlent et les jeux de animaux encore plus fun. Téléchargez Mon Panda qui Parle dès maintenant, et jouez à des jeux de panda!Pe... Gratuit 12/2015
1997   LV Grand Palais LV Grand Palais Style de vie Style de vie Apps like LV Grand Palais L'Application LV Grand Palais de l'exposition Louis Vuitton « Volez, Voguez Voyagez », présentée du 4 décembre 2015 au 21 février 2016, au Grand Palais est l’application officielle de l’exposition.Elle vous propose un parcours guidé à travers l’expositio... Gratuit 12/2015
1998   FUGU BOWLING FUGU BOWLING Sports Sports Apps like FUGU BOWLING Fantastic Bowling Game!Throw FUGU (Balloon Fish) and hit the pins! *** Collection ***By your score, you can get rewards, and appreciate them.Let't collect all! *** Ranking ***High Score RankingPin Sum RankingCollection Num RankingLet's go to the top of ra... Gratuit 12/2015
1999   Karnataka PDO Exam in Kannada Karnataka PDO Exam in Kannada Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Karnataka PDO Exam in Kannada On Demand of Our MadGuy Educational apps Users We are introducing The “KARNATAKA PDO” app. This app is specially designed for students of Karnataka who are Preparing for PDO and RDO Exams. This application has everything related to Panchayat Development a... Gratuit 12/2015
2000   MrSlotty Free Slots MrSlotty Free Slots Casino Casino Apps like MrSlotty Free Slots MrSlotty Free Slots includes more than 30 different slot games. All games can be played for free... Gratuit 12/2015

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