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22601   Christmas house decoration Christmas house decoration Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Christmas house decoration Look at our decoration and ornaments for ideas on how to decorate your home for Christmas. Lights, candles, decorating the Christmas tree, Christmas ornaments and much more. Merry Christmas... Gratuit 11/2015
22602   Upcoming Christmas Wallpaper Upcoming Christmas Wallpaper Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Upcoming Christmas Wallpaper Upcoming Christmas Wallpaper android app opens the surprising picture of and Object on the screen of yours the android device. Upcoming Christmas Wallpaper android app represents amazing features. The Upcoming Christmas Wallpaper android app perfectly wor... Gratuit 11/2015
22603   Christmas New Live Walllpaper Christmas New Live Walllpaper Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Christmas New Live Walllpaper Christmas New Live Walllpaper android app opens the surprising picture of and Object on the screen of yours the android device. Christmas New Live Walllpaper android app represents amazing features. The Christmas New Live Walllpaper android app perfectly ... Gratuit 11/2015
22604   Difference Between Difference Between Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Difference Between This app aim to help you know the difference between words, things or terms vs. another.Have you ever wondered about the difference between two similar terms? Confused about what means what? Well fear not! We aim to help you know the difference between on... Gratuit 11/2015
22605   Radiokidsfm Radiokidsfm Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Radiokidsfm The one and only interactive tele-broadcast 3D studio where kids go live all by themselves. More then 20 branded programs about music, style, food, travel and video games. Kids talk about thing they are really in to .Kids have their own preferences and yo... Gratuit 11/2015
22606   Nombre Waltz - Un,  Deux,  Trois Nombre Waltz - Un, Deux, Trois Musique Musique Apps like Nombre Waltz - Un, Deux, Trois "Nombre Waltz" est un jeu de rythme, tapez le numéro de 3/4 battement rythmique. ... Gratuit 11/2015
22607   Hopping Penguin Hopping Penguin Arcade Arcade Apps like Hopping Penguin Jeu simple mais très difficile d'une manière qui éduque jeu ... Gratuit 11/2015
22608   Gâteau Jeux de Filles Gâteau Jeux de Filles Arcade Arcade Apps like Gâteau Jeux de Filles Comme nous sommes habitués à vous une nouvelle application pour les Jeux gâteau ... Gratuit 11/2015
22609   Splash Basketball Splash Basketball Sports Sports Apps like Splash Basketball Play Finger Basketball by flicking the ball with your finger. In this basketball game you need to throw the basketball quickly to score as many points as possibleYou can flick the ball with your fingers, by putting your finger on the basketball and flicki... Gratuit 11/2015
22610   1800 Home Remedies घरेलु उपचार 1800 Home Remedies घरेलु उपचार Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like 1800 Home Remedies घरेलु उपचार Home Remedies app is a unique collection of best known remedies to cure natural causes without any side effects. HOME REMEDIES are for common ailments collected from all the past experiences and other resources shared by others.This application provides m... Gratuit 11/2015
22611   Feses Kita Feses Kita Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Feses Kita Feses (tinja) adalah produk buangan saluran pencernaan, dan merupakan indikator yang baik untuk mengetahui kesehatan saluran pencernaan. Proses pembuangan kotoran (defekasi) dapat terjadi setiap satu atau dua hari, atau bahkan beberapa kali dalam sehari b... Gratuit 11/2015
22612   Male diseases पुस्र्ष रोग Male diseases पुस्र्ष रोग Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Male diseases पुस्र्ष रोग Male diseases app is especially designed for men because its gives you information about all kind of male diseases and its treatment by various method like home remedies,homeopathy etc.Download this informative application and read on for how all this is ... Gratuit 11/2015
22613   BABYDOLL(ベビードール)公式アプリ BABYDOLL(ベビードール)公式アプリ Style de vie Style de vie Apps like BABYDOLL(ベビードール)公式アプリ BABYDOLL(ベビードール)の公式アプリが新たに登場!公式アプリならではの「フォロー」機能で、お気に入りショップのブログをチェックしやすくなりました!また、ブランドニュースやクーポン機能、カタログ代わりに使えるコーディネートページも充実。より身近に手軽にBABYDOLLをお楽しみいただけます!!【主な機能】■BLOG全国のショップから新作入荷やセール情報をはじめ、ベビドキッズのスナップ写真やスタッフのおすすめコーディートなどブログならではのコンテンツをチェック! ■COORDINATEおすすめコーディ... Gratuit 11/2015
22614   Camera Skype Pro Camera Skype Pro Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like Camera Skype Pro New Skype Camera is Magic Camera & Photo Editor to change photo or image to be more beautiful & attractive easily & quickly .Like B612 Camera, Camera 360, Beautyplus Camera, Retrica, Picsart, New Skype Camera was Designed with various latest features such... Gratuit 11/2015
22615   Live insect wallpaper Live insect wallpaper Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like Live insect wallpaper Un semplice live wallpaper per tutti gli amanti dell'entomologia. Completamente privo di pubblicità e completamente gratuito.Per utilizzare il wallpaper vai nel menu home del tuo cellulare e scegli la tua opzione per scambiare lo sfondo (varia a seconda d... Gratuit 11/2015
22616   위드CCM - CCM 찬양 방송 위드CCM - CCM 찬양 방송 Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like 위드CCM - CCM 찬양 방송 [주요기능]# 신청곡 가능! - 다음카페와 연동된 신청곡게시판을 통하여 하실 수 있습니다.# 방송된 선곡리스트를 한눈에 확인 하실 수 있습니다.# 방송듣기 예약종료 기능 포함!# 위드CCM 다음카페 바로가기!# 친구에게 어플 추천하기!# 인라이브 / 세이캐스트(해외청취용) 서버 선택가능![main function]# Applications songs available! - You can request songs through the board work ... Gratuit 11/2015
22617   Urdu News Urdu News Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Urdu News Features:-Updated LiveAuthentic ResourceZoom in Zoom OutAll Major Urdu News of Pakistan and World Covered ... Gratuit 11/2015
22618   Tube Widget Tube Widget Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Tube Widget This is a widget for KWGT. If you have not installed KWGT not for you!Thanked For His work is J. Amourette​​ modified to use my presentation new widgetr with component YouTube.Ability to choose the people to follow on YouTube and scroll Through Their vide... 0.73€ 11/2015
22620   ColdAsIce LL Theme\Template ColdAsIce LL Theme\Template Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like ColdAsIce LL Theme\Template ColdAsIce! is a theme/template for Lightning Launcher. This Theme\Template only work with LL, Kustom Widget and Tasker.For use ONLY with Lightning Launcher v12.6 or higher.The Screenresolution for this Theme/Template is overall 1080x1920 (no Softkeys/ no... 0.73€ 11/2015
22621   Smoke Free in 4 Days Smoke Free in 4 Days Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Smoke Free in 4 Days Here at Allen Carr’s Easyway we have been running the "Be Smoke Free in 4 Days" program as a global online event once or twice a year and the feedback has been so overwhelming that, by popular demand, we're now delighted to launch the program as an app fo... 5.14€ 11/2015
22622   Autism Emotions & Feeling Card Autism Emotions & Feeling Card Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Autism Emotions & Feeling Card Newest Addition to our popular app series for speech Speech and language therapy. This specially designed app for kids with special needs and autism features photographs of people expressing different emotions. This is must have tool for SLP- Speech and l... Gratuit 11/2015
22623   HRN HRN Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like HRN Con esta aplicación podrás escuchar la emisora HRN, "La Voz de Honduras", primera emisora de Honduras.Avec cette application, vous pouvez écouter la station de radio HRN "Voix du Honduras," première station Honduras.... Gratuit 11/2015
22624   YUQUIN FM YUQUIN FM Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like YUQUIN FM Radio Yuquin FM con la mejor musica, Tramisión las 24 horas.Web: http://www.radioyuquinfm.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/tu.ositodormilon.7?fref=tsTwitter:https://twitter.com/DjalbertoBYuquin FM Radio with the best music, Tramisión 24 hours.Web: ht... Gratuit 11/2015
22625   Indie Nash Media Indie Nash Media Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Indie Nash Media Indie Nash Media & Entertainment is an independent media group based out of Nashville, TN. We are parent to Indie Nash Records, iRock Nashville and Nashville Revolution Radio. Download the app, and listen on the go!Indie Nash Media & Entertainment est un ... Gratuit 11/2015
22626   1340 KVOT The Voice of Taos 1340 KVOT The Voice of Taos Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like 1340 KVOT The Voice of Taos KVOT is a Progressive talk radio featuring up to the minute award winning news, provocative conversation, political debate, interviews and political satire. KVOT has garnered more news awards than all regional stations combined and covers Local and Nation... Gratuit 11/2015
22627   KTRZ 105.5 Taos' Rock Station KTRZ 105.5 Taos' Rock Station Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like KTRZ 105.5 Taos' Rock Station KTRZ-FM features the greatest rock songs of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s with a dash of tracks from the early 90s. With Great On-Air personalities catering to the targeted 25-54 demographic and firmly established with the the core 35-49 male audience. Offering ... Gratuit 11/2015
22628   BeatsLive BeatsLive Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like BeatsLive A variety of classic and contemporary mainstream music geared towards adults; Mainly concentrate slightly more on mainstream pop music, RB and hip hop, while often excluding the more youth-oriented teen music. This includes a mix of contemporary R&B and t... Gratuit 11/2015
22629   Comment jouer de la guitare Comment jouer de la guitare Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Comment jouer de la guitare Cours de guitare de baseAccords de guitare et ongletsCours de guitare pour débutantsGuitar SongsComment jouer de la guitareTirer des leçons de guitare gratuitapprendre à jouer de la guitareVraie guitare gratuitYousician Apprendre à jouer de la guitare... Gratuit 11/2015
22630   Drum Lessons For Beginners Drum Lessons For Beginners Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Drum Lessons For Beginners Batterietambour leçons pour débutantsDrum StudioLeçons gratuites de batterieLecture tambour partitions.Immobilier tambour Tutoriels... Gratuit 11/2015
22631   Unofficial Daring Fireball Unofficial Daring Fireball Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Unofficial Daring Fireball This is an unofficial reading app for Daring Fireball by John Gruber.... Gratuit 11/2015
22632   Home Made Haunt Official Home Made Haunt Official Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Home Made Haunt Official Home Made Haunt official android application get all the news and videos in the palm of your hand.Home Made Haunt Application Android officielle obtenir toutes les nouvelles et les vidéos dans la paume de votre main.... Gratuit 11/2015
22633   Surprised Guy Theme Surprised Guy Theme Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Surprised Guy Theme This theme includes a man surprised something.Strong colors and exaggerated facial expressions constitute a cool theme.Hope you love this cool Surprised Guy Theme.Cobo Themes are designed for Cobo Launcher.What do Cobo Themes have?☆Unique Widgets - Best ... Gratuit 11/2015
22634   Crystal Ice Gel Crystal Ice Gel Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Crystal Ice Gel This had bare branches condensed layer of crystal ice looks transparent. ... Gratuit 11/2015
22635   Thanksgiving photo frames 2015 Thanksgiving photo frames 2015 Photographie Photographie Apps like Thanksgiving photo frames 2015 Looking for Thanksgiving frames? Turn to Thanksgiving photo framesIt is an easy-to-use thanksgiving pictures editor. With this thanksgiving photo editor, you can easily add impressive frames to your digital photos,and enrich your mobile wallpapers. In a w... Gratuit 11/2015
22636   BarkCam BarkCam Photographie Photographie Apps like BarkCam BarkCam is the first app designed to make your pup a star! What can you do with the BarkCam app? - Choose a sound that will get your pup's attention and snap a great photo. - Add filters, fun stickers, quotes, or meme text to the image. - Share it with fr... Gratuit 11/2015
22637   Tiger montage photo Tiger montage photo Photographie Photographie Apps like Tiger montage photo Tiger est le plus grand et le plus puissant chat sauvage dans le monde entier. Ce TOP prédateurs ont épaisse fourrure brun-orange avec des ventres blancs et des queues blanches et noires. Essayez cette nouvelle application de retouche photo et de Smeet ti... Gratuit 11/2015
22638   Christmas Icon Stickers Christmas Icon Stickers Photographie Photographie Apps like Christmas Icon Stickers Christmas is one of the days that most of us waiting for. It’s really a special time for the year. This is also the only time we going to decorate our Christmas tree. Besides decorating tree, how about decorating your photo using famous Christmas sticker ... Gratuit 11/2015
22639   RAD Calendar RAD Calendar Productivité Productivité Apps like RAD Calendar Check what events you have in a vertical view or simply click on the day you are concerned about viewing.... Gratuit 11/2015
22640   High Country Toyota High Country Toyota Productivité Productivité Apps like High Country Toyota Make your vehicle ownership experience easy with the free High Country Toyota mobile app. This feature-rich app allows you to get the most out of your vehicle by helping you to maintain and organize essential car details like service history, as well as s... Gratuit 11/2015
22641   MedDate MedDate Productivité Productivité Apps like MedDate Introducing MedDate! Your FREE wellness scheduling solution for you and your family.An application that links all your doctors, appointments and your family’s appointments in one place. With reminders and appointments linked to your Calendar, this is a m... Gratuit 11/2015
22642   ZingCheck ZingCheck Productivité Productivité Apps like ZingCheck ZingCheck is an evaluation tool designed to help evaluate anything you can think of. It gives the ability to create unlimited customizable templates that can be setup as Yes/No, Rating or entering a Meter entry. The ability to schedule a meeting request ... Gratuit 11/2015
22643   My Torch My Torch Productivité Productivité Apps like My Torch A simple torch application. Free, with no ads.This app controls your device's camera LED to make it act as a torch (flashlight). That's it. Easy and Effective Torch light App for your Android device.Key feature : You can set screen brightness according to... Gratuit 11/2015
22644   Unlock My Car Unlock My Car Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Unlock My Car Unlock My Car – A name quite familiar. It is an addictive challenging puzzle game. With its new graphics Unlock My Car has returned now with an advanced set of puzzles that would blow your mind with their progressively challenging levels.To drive the car... Gratuit 11/2015
22645   Taser Gun Simulator Taser Gun Simulator Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Taser Gun Simulator Taser Simulator gives a real feel of being attacked by an electric stun gun. It would take others by a shock and you can become the best pranker among-st your friends. You don't need any big scary weapons to have fun with your friends. This stun gun will ... Gratuit 11/2015
22646   Thanksgiving Picture Frames Thanksgiving Picture Frames Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Thanksgiving Picture Frames Frame this year’s fondest memories in Thanksgiving Picture frames that capture the feel of Thanksgiving. From Pilgrims and Indians, to pumpkin patches and leaf piles, these frames are perfect for this time of year. This way, when you look back on Thanksgi... Gratuit 11/2015
22647   KEWL KEWL Divertissement Divertissement Apps like KEWL Kewl –live stream videoKewl, broadcast live stream anytime and create focus of life anywhere. Kewl is the best platform for broadcast and enjoy live stream videos. Let the world recognize the real you. Revolutionary interactive mechanism now lets the broa... Gratuit 11/2015
22648   Pastor Troy Pastor Troy Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Pastor Troy Pastor Troy made his recording debut in 1999 with We Ready - I Declare War, an underground album released by Madd Society Records. "No Mo Play in G.A.," a Master P dis, drew attention to the album and earned Pastor Troy some initial notoriety. A pair of s... Gratuit 11/2015
22649   Frases para cartas de amor Frases para cartas de amor Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Frases para cartas de amor La mejor opcion para escribir cartas amor! En esta gran aplicacion, Frases para cartas de amor encontrarás una selección de las mejores frases de amor para descargar y compartirlas con tus amores y seres queridos a traves de tus redes sociales favoritas.P... Gratuit 11/2015
22650   Mong Chi Than Mobile 3D Mong Chi Than Mobile 3D Jeux de rôles Jeux de rôles Apps like Mong Chi Than Mobile 3D Mông Chi Thần Mobile 3D– Tuyệt phẩm Phong Thần Chiến Thuật vs Thẻ Bài – game mobile mô phỏng lại tiểu thuyết thần quái nổi tiếng Phong Thần Diễn Nghĩa xuất sắc nhất năm 2015. Thiên hạ không chỉ một người, Vua sai thì bề tôi cũng sẵn sang khởi nghĩa, tru t... Gratuit 11/2015
22651   First State Bank of Paint Rock First State Bank of Paint Rock Finance Finance Apps like First State Bank of Paint Rock Start banking wherever you are with Fist State Bank of Paint Rock Mobile! Available to all First State Bank of Paint Rock online banking customers, First State Bank of Paint Rock Mobile allows you to check balances, make transfers, and find locations. Nee... Gratuit 11/2015
22652   Seventh Pay Pension Calculator Seventh Pay Pension Calculator Finance Finance Apps like Seventh Pay Pension Calculator Just enter your Basic pension of 6th CPC, grade pay and commutation to get your pension according to seventh pay commission.What is cool about it?It is easy to use.Less number of inputs are required.Give accurate pension according to seventh CPC report.Il... Gratuit 11/2015
22653   My Pocket Cash My Pocket Cash Finance Finance Apps like My Pocket Cash Managing your money is boring and time consuming, right?! NOT ANYMORE!Introducing My Pocket Cash - an all-in-one solution to managing your money. This application is fully featured with the following: *** Add transactions quicker than any other app out t... Gratuit 11/2015
22654   Demandez Cat 2 Translator Demandez Cat 2 Translator Simulation Simulation Apps like Demandez Cat 2 Translator Dans ce jeu, vous pouvez communiquer avec le chat, il est sûr de vous donner quelques conseils amicaux, comme vous le faites dans une situation difficile! Ceci est la deuxième partie du jeu Posez Cat Conversation Simulator. Les nouvelles réponses, de cons... Gratuit 11/2015
22655   Bitcoin Wonder Machine - Free! Bitcoin Wonder Machine - Free! Simulation Simulation Apps like Bitcoin Wonder Machine - Free! Press the Wonder Machine button, see the capsules open and win FREE Bitcoin rewards! Big wins included!Bitcoin Wonder Machine is a casual game where you can try your luck and tap on the machine to win combinations of bits, a denomination of the bitcoin cu... Gratuit 11/2015
22656   Baches-Obregon Baches-Obregon Action Action Apps like Baches-Obregon -Elije un boulevard.-Elije un auto.-Esquiva tantos baches como puedas.-Intenta lograr la mayor puntuacion que puedas para estar entre los mejores.-Elije Boulevard.-Elije Une voiture.-Esquiva Beaucoup de bosses que possible.Essayez d'obtenir plus de ponctu... Gratuit 11/2015
22657   Climby Tower Climby Tower Arcade Arcade Apps like Climby Tower CLIMBY TOWERAn endless climber arcade game with unlockable costumes! What's at the top of the building? How high could it possibly be?? Navigate the building as you dodge and deflect falling objects, time crossing dangerous electrical wires, and avoid win... Gratuit 11/2015
22658   Donny's Blue Adventure Donny's Blue Adventure Action Action Apps like Donny's Blue Adventure Donny is a blue face that requires mushrooms to survive! Play as Donny and help him out in this game!Donny est un visage bleu qui nécessite des champignons pour survivre! Jouer en tant que Donny et l'aider dans ce jeu!... Gratuit 11/2015
22659   GunzOT GunzOT Action Action Apps like GunzOT This app establishes real-time communiction using mobile phone or tablet with players that are currently connected Open-Tibia game server called Gunzodus! This app also allows you to communicate with other players using this app too.App uses WebSockets to... Gratuit 11/2015
22660   Temple Pakdam Action Pakdai Temple Pakdam Action Pakdai Action Action Apps like Temple Pakdam Action Pakdai Temple Pakdam Action Pakdai is an action running game featuring Doggy Don the little light-red dog, fighting against naughty mice namely Motu, Chhotu and Lambu! Temple Pakdam Action Pakdai is a running game that has up to 100 interesting levels! Complete ... Gratuit 11/2015
22661   Jet Fighter Neon Jet Fighter Neon Action Action Apps like Jet Fighter Neon Control your jet by tilting your device. Tap the screen to fire your guns or missiles.There are no levels, and no powerups. This is an endless shooter that just keeps getting harder. How many points can you rack up?Contrôlez votre jet en inclinant votr... Gratuit 11/2015
22662   Baches Nogales Baches Nogales Action Action Apps like Baches Nogales -Elije un auto.-Elije un boulevard.-Esquiva tantos baches como puedas.-Intenta obtener la mejor puntuacion que puedas.-Elije Une voiture.-Elije Boulevard.-Esquiva Beaucoup de bosses que possible.Essayez d'obtenir le meilleur de ponctuation que vous pouvez.... Gratuit 11/2015
22663   Geometry Jumpy Tile Geometry Jumpy Tile Aventure Aventure Apps like Geometry Jumpy Tile Another addiction Game from Geometry Studio is “Jumpy Geometry”Jumpy Geometry is a game genre one tap on android. The gameplay is simple but highly inhibitory to players and it's a pretty tough and challenging game. Enter at your own risk, you might get ... Gratuit 11/2015
22664   Octonauts rush Octonauts rush Aventure Aventure Apps like Octonauts rush We are not affiliated in any way to Octonauts Toons trademark owner. This application complies with US Copyright law guidelines of "fair use". If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademark violation that doesn't follow within the "fair use" guideli... Gratuit 11/2015
22665   Cube World Survival Simulator Cube World Survival Simulator Aventure Aventure Apps like Cube World Survival Simulator Create your own world with Cube Craft Survival Simulator in 3D!Be a blocky man spending time in the Cube World, empty and lifeless. Make this place your home! Explore vast blocky terrain and enjoy picturesque views of Cube Mountains, forests and rivers. C... Gratuit 11/2015
22666   CaveDive CaveDive Aventure Aventure Apps like CaveDive See how long you and your friends can last with an endless cave that seems to change every time you go back down there!... Gratuit 11/2015
22667   WormUp! WormUp! Aventure Aventure Apps like WormUp! WormUp! is a side-scrolling mobile game featuring colorful 2D graphics. A side-scrolling game or side-scroller is a video game in which the gameplay action is viewed from a side-view camera angle, and the onscreen characters generally move from the left s... Gratuit 11/2015
22668   Jump Over Cows Jump Over Cows Aventure Aventure Apps like Jump Over Cows Jump Over Cows (Luksong Baka)======================================How to play:1. Tap to jump2. Jump over the cows3. Avoid the traps4. Don't fall in the water5. Enjoy!======================================Story:One day, Seayan the robot heard about an old... Gratuit 11/2015
22669   Don't Pop! Don't Pop! Aventure Aventure Apps like Don't Pop! An endless game of seeing how far you can keep your balloon without it popping!Un jeu sans fin de voir dans quelle mesure vous pouvez garder votre ballon sans elle éclater!... Gratuit 11/2015
22670   Fly Balloon High Fly Balloon High Aventure Aventure Apps like Fly Balloon High Fly Balloon High is an Hot Air Balloon Joyride wriggling through cute Furious Birds. You will enjoy the ride with Nature's Atmosphere alongside. The Birds might look cute beware they can burst your Balloon with their sharp beaks. Show your Balloonist skil... Gratuit 11/2015
22671   Super Oscar Adventure Super Oscar Adventure Aventure Aventure Apps like Super Oscar Adventure Super oscar adventure and his moustache are going on a new adventure for your android and they need your help! Everything has been carefully designed for you to have a lot of fun! Help Oscar defeat different enemies throughout lots of challenging levels. ... Gratuit 11/2015
22672   FriendsJump FriendsJump Aventure Aventure Apps like FriendsJump I gladly jump with friends.Jungles and caves, thrilling sprint through the treetops.Bon breathtaking adventure with a variety of ear Yomi friends ~Simple operation. Simple fun!I'm bout by jumping on the subway.Collect your animal friends ~Game Features★ Y... Gratuit 11/2015
22673   fee princess a la foret fee princess a la foret Aventure Aventure Apps like fee princess a la foret fée princes a la foret et un jeu d’aventure pour les filles quelle aime ce genre de jeux du princes. Alors vous est un joli prince nome Robe Flora qui appartient du club du winx. Vous avez participer dans une formidable aventure dans la foret des fée cond... Gratuit 11/2015
22674   LavaBoy LavaBoy Aventure Aventure Apps like LavaBoy Escape From Lava !!--Suporte Google Play Games To Score Ranking-- ** Contains Some To Be Fixed **** The Help Improve Game **Send your Feedback By Email Below !! ... Gratuit 11/2015
22675   Enigmes et chasses aux trésor Enigmes et chasses aux trésor Aventure Aventure Apps like Enigmes et chasses aux trésor Hunters est une plate-forme de chasses aux trésors mêlant énigmes et géolocalisation. Soyez le premier à résoudre les énigmes pour gagner des cadeaux réels.Hunters proposent plusieurs chasses aux trésors de tous niveaux pour toute la famille. Partez à la ... Gratuit 11/2015
22676   3D Task 24 Infinite Runner 3D Task 24 Infinite Runner Aventure Aventure Apps like 3D Task 24 Infinite Runner JumpSlide leftSlide RightGo ChooseBut Take Maxi out of the Place of Ghost3D Task 24 Runner Is a Infinite . Unending GameThe addictive mega-hit Task-24 is now out for Android! All your friends are playing it - can you beat their high scores?!This is a full... Gratuit 11/2015
22677   Saving Xmas Saving Xmas Aventure Aventure Apps like Saving Xmas On Christmas Eve, Mr. Santa Claus is coming to the town and give the amazing gifts for kids. But the Yeti hate this event. They have a plan to attack Mr. Santa.Please help Mr. Santa Claus protect Xmas gifts from the YetiHow to play :- Swipe up and down to... Gratuit 11/2015
22678   Web Rádio Misturebas Web Rádio Misturebas Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Web Rádio Misturebas A sua rádio 24 horas no ar!Votre radio 24 heures dans l'air!... Gratuit 11/2015
22679   Rádio On Tv Brasil Rádio On Tv Brasil Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Rádio On Tv Brasil "A ÚNICA QUE TOCA AS MELHORES MÚSICAS DE TODOS OS TEMPOS PARA VOCÊ!""Touching SEUL TOUT la meilleure chanson jamais pour vous!"... Gratuit 11/2015
22680   Radiophama Radiophama Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Radiophama O melhor da música Pop é aqui.Le meilleur de la musique pop est ici.... Gratuit 11/2015
22681   Radio Nova FM Radio Nova FM Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Radio Nova FM Bem vindo a Rádio da CidadeWillkommen in der Radio City... Gratuit 11/2015
22682   Web Rádio Líder Web Rádio Líder Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Web Rádio Líder Mais que uma rádio...Uma referência!More than a radio ...A reference!... Gratuit 11/2015
22683   رسائل حب رسائل حب Divertissement Divertissement Apps like رسائل حب برنامج رسائل حب للأزواج والمخطوبين هوه برنامج سهل جدا عند استخدامه فلا يحتاج الى النترنت فبكل سهوله تختار الرساله المراد ارسالها وضع رقم موبايلك ويوجد به خاصيه امكانيه التعديل على الرساله ايضا ان كنت تريد هذا فهو برنامج خفيف على الجهاز ولا يعلق ولا يحتاج ... Gratuit 11/2015
22684   Battery Saver Battery Saver Outils Outils Apps like Battery Saver battery saver pro is a free app. the battery charge level of your devicebattery percentage on your Android device.After restart your device, the notification bar and widget start automaticallyYou can also warning of when the separation chargingHow to use ... Gratuit 11/2015
22685   police siren and lights police siren and lights Divertissement Divertissement Apps like police siren and lights police siren and lights Special application allows you to flash the screen of your phone with a color and simultaneously .High quality police siren sound in connection with fluently flashing blue and red light gives very realistic effect comparable to re... Gratuit 11/2015
22686   Safe-N-Sound Safe-N-Sound Communication Communication Apps like Safe-N-Sound Keeps everyone safeMaintient la sécurité de tous... Gratuit 11/2015
22687   Beam Beam Communication Communication Apps like Beam Drive a Beam+ or BeamPro using the Beam Pilot Application (https://suitabletech.com/). More information can be found over at https://suitabletech.com/documentation/pilot-guide/.The current version is considered to be of beta quality. It has been tested to... Gratuit 11/2015
22688   Charms Blue - Student App Charms Blue - Student App Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Charms Blue - Student App The mobile companion to the Charms Office Assistant for Parents/Student/Members! Includes the recording studio to record alone, to play along and record with accompaniments, and to complete assignments as well as the calendar, financial statement, practic... Gratuit 11/2015
22689   GameSalad Viewer GameSalad Viewer Enseignement Enseignement Apps like GameSalad Viewer Preview your GameSalad projects live on your device using the GameSalad Viewer! If you're looking for an easy way to view your GameSalad app on your Android device before submitting to the App Store then the Viewer is just what you need. GameSalad Viewer... Gratuit 11/2015
22690   Divas Institute of Cosmetology Divas Institute of Cosmetology Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Divas Institute of Cosmetology Diva's Cosmetology Institute of Cosmetology app is for the students and customers of Diva's. It allows students to be able to check worksheets, view off days for holidays, and let the school know if they will be late or absent for the day. The app allows ... Gratuit 11/2015
22691   Faith Point Bibliology Faith Point Bibliology Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Faith Point Bibliology Faith Point - Bibliology is an Android Application that helps people to better understand understand the Bible itself - what it consists of, and how it came about.It addresses numerous subjects about Bibliology such as: The Canon of Scripture, Inspiration... Gratuit 11/2015
22692   Pesantren Daarul Qur'an Pesantren Daarul Qur'an Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Pesantren Daarul Qur'an Informasi tentang kegiatanKumpulan artikel-artikel Ust. Yusuf Mansur dan asatidz Daarul Qur'anGaleri Kegiatan dan Prestasi Santri Penghafal Al-Qur'anBerita-berita kegiatan Santri Peghafal Al-Qur'anInformasi Pendaftaran Santri Indent Daarul Qur'anInformasi... Gratuit 11/2015
22693   Lowell Area Schools Lowell Area Schools Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Lowell Area Schools The official Lowell Area Schools app gives you a personalized window into what is happening at the district and schools. Get the news and information that you care about and get involved. Anyone can: -View District and school news ... Gratuit 11/2015
22694   Hope Church of NC Hope Church of NC Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Hope Church of NC The Hope Church App gives you mobile access to current and previous messages from Pastor Tadd Grandstaff and other speakers. You also have access to current event info and links to the official Hope Church web and social media sites.Hope Church exist to d... Gratuit 11/2015
22695   Arikara Vocab Builder Arikara Vocab Builder Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Arikara Vocab Builder Build your Arikara vocabulary with the Arikara Language Project’s FREE vocabulary game for your Android phone or tablet. Quiz yourself every day to learn different categories – wild animals, food, drinks, and more! The free version of the app includes:➢ 2... Gratuit 11/2015
22696   NisitKU NisitKU Enseignement Enseignement Apps like NisitKU NisitKUKasetsart University- Nisit Profile- Grade Report- Registration Report- Registration Information- Bank Payment- Class Schedule- KU News- KU Event- About KU- Quick LinkNisitKUUniversité de Kasetsart- Profil NISIT- Rapport grade- Rapport d'enregistre... Gratuit 11/2015
22697   My School Pass My School Pass Enseignement Enseignement Apps like My School Pass My School Pass - is a 21st century solution to a common school practice. My School Pass monitors student movement in and around the school building using technological advances to better secure school buildings and by providing valuable data to improve in... Gratuit 11/2015
22698   Kids Rhyme Kids Rhyme Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Kids Rhyme This app is an app for teaching the child to nursery rhymes. Features of the app.- 20 Nursery rhymes. We shall add more in future.- All rhymes names in Grid and there is a zoom animation to attract the child .- The details of rhymes are in the next screen... Gratuit 11/2015
22699   Dessinez la star du basket Dessinez la star du basket Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Dessinez la star du basket Pour tous les fans de basket-ball. Maintenant, vous serez en mesure de dessiner une étoile du basket-ball mondial.Chaque leçon se compose de 15 à 25 des instructions étape par étape.Pour plus de commodité, utiliser un crayon et une feuille de papier!... Gratuit 11/2015
22700   सरकारी नौकरी in Hindi सरकारी नौकरी in Hindi Enseignement Enseignement Apps like सरकारी नौकरी in Hindi Now receive सरकारी नौकरी updated details in Hindi.... Gratuit 11/2015
22701   GTST: Meerdijk GTST: Meerdijk Puzzle Puzzle Apps like GTST: Meerdijk Vanaf nu kun je zelf rondkijken in Meerdijk en nog meer ontdekken over de gebeurtenissen in de serie!A partir de maintenant vous pouvez regarder autour de digue et découvrir encore plus sur les événements de la série!... Gratuit 11/2015
22702   SkyBlock PE ideas - Minecraft SkyBlock PE ideas - Minecraft Puzzle Puzzle Apps like SkyBlock PE ideas - Minecraft SkyBlock PE ideas - MinecraftThe best collection of SkyBlock PE ideas - Minecraft (pocket edition) example with HD Quality.Customise your device everyday with a SkyBlock PE ideas - Minecraft wallpaperAWESOME FEATURES:+ HD quality images+ Puzzle+ New wallp... Gratuit 11/2015
22703   PixWords Help PixWords Help Puzzle Puzzle Apps like PixWords Help PixWords Help is the best PixWord cheating tool.It helps you to find the right word in a few steps.Steps:1. Download this app2. Take a screenshoot about you picture zoomed3. Open the app and select your screenshoot4. You will get really fast the correct a... Gratuit 11/2015
22704   Escape From Blockade walls Escape From Blockade walls Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Escape From Blockade walls This place is full of walls and you are trapped here. Find the final key for escaping with the clues and hints in this place. Good luck.Cet endroit est plein de murs et vous êtes coincé ici. Trouver la clé finale pour échapper aux indices et des conseils ... Gratuit 11/2015
22705   Jeu des erreurs: DESSERTS Jeu des erreurs: DESSERTS Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Jeu des erreurs: DESSERTS Profitez de superbes photos des plus délicieux desserts pendant que vous essayez de trouver des différences entre eux! Améliorez votre concentration et votre sens de l'observation jeu Trouvez les différences: Desserts!- Plus de 50 niveaux drôles et plus à... Gratuit 11/2015
22706   Escape games zone 64 Escape games zone 64 Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Escape games zone 64 The theme of the game is to release the wolf from the cage.once a time wolf has been locked in the cage by the hunter.it needs your help to escape from that place.so,you have to find the hidden objects and solve simple puzzles.All the best.Have more fun.L... Gratuit 11/2015
22707   Escape Game Ancient Pyramid Escape Game Ancient Pyramid Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Escape Game Ancient Pyramid You came to know that there are some precious metals lying undiscovered in one of the ancient pyramids in Egypt. Hence, you have set out to find the treasure and escape with it. Finding the treasure is not as easy as you might think because many have fail... Gratuit 11/2015
22708   BLVD 102.1 BLVD 102.1 Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like BLVD 102.1 BLVD 102.1 est une station de radio musicale de la ville de Québec. Toujours plus de hits!... Gratuit 11/2015
22709   Skyscraper Manhattan Skyscraper Manhattan Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Skyscraper Manhattan New York is the world's ultimate skyscraper city. Already at the end of the 19th century, the limited space on Manhattan caused developers to build ever taller towers. During the course of the 20th century, no less than 8 different skyscrapers in New York... Gratuit 11/2015
22710   Fond d'écran HD mignon petit Fond d'écran HD mignon petit Photographie Photographie Apps like Fond d'écran HD mignon petit Bienvenue sur le gâteau beaux fonds d'écran de photos HD gratuit pour vous. Il ya beaucoup de papiers peints d'anniversaire galerie de cupcakes et les milieux de petit gâteau mignon pour vous. Vous pouvez définir comme fond d'écran pour votre appareil ou ... Gratuit 11/2015
22711   Badminton Doubles Correction 1 Badminton Doubles Correction 1 Sports Sports Apps like Badminton Doubles Correction 1 Welcome to Badminton Doubles Correction, in this app you will get all tips to improve your badminton doubles game. Learn and improve your badminton game from badminton coach Lee Jae Bok and reach high levels.In this app you learn on how to improve your ba... Gratuit 11/2015
22712   Manzara Duvar Kağıdı Resimleri Manzara Duvar Kağıdı Resimleri Outils Outils Apps like Manzara Duvar Kağıdı Resimleri 100'lerce arka plan manzara resimleriResimleri tek tek görüntüleyinİstediğiniz resmi duvar kağıdı olarak ayarlayın100s de fond peintures de paysagesVue unique des photosRéglez l'image que vous souhaitez papier peint... Gratuit 11/2015
22713   + de México + de México Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like + de México Guide gastronomique et touristique de Mexico CDMX ... Gratuit 11/2015
22714   DIY Holiday Treats DIY Holiday Treats Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like DIY Holiday Treats Here are some easy diy holiday treats that are inspired from Pinterest! They're perfect desserts for a Christmas party or just hanging out with your friends!Voici quelques friandises de vacances facile DIY qui sont inspirés de Pinterest! Ils sont desserts... Gratuit 11/2015
22715   R.A.D.A.R. R.A.D.A.R. Médecine Médecine Apps like R.A.D.A.R. The purpose of this application is to educate healthcare providers, enabling them to better identify domestic abuse victims and readily provide resources to them. This application will also act as a learning tool for the healthcare providers to aid in the... Gratuit 11/2015
22716   Hellex II for WatchMaker Hellex II for WatchMaker Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Hellex II for WatchMaker NOTE: NEEDS WATCHMAKER PREMIUM TO USEIf you don't have it, get it here -> http://goo.gl/FMxUfYHellex II is a elegant digital watch face. With embossed letters, embossed numbers, carbon fiber face a date, and day display. Features:- Date and day.- A dim fa... 1.12€ 11/2015
22717   NewsCube India NewsCube India Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like NewsCube India News Cube is the best news reader app in India. This app lets you read all the major english news papers and news portals. It provides news about national, international, sports, business, entertainment & more for India (Indians around the world).Features... Gratuit 11/2015
22718   Oriya NewsCube Oriya NewsCube Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Oriya NewsCube Oriya News Cube is the best news reader app in Orissa. This app lets you read all the major Oriya news papers and news portals. It provides news about local, national, politics, international, sports, business, entertainment & more for India & Orissa (Odi... Gratuit 11/2015
22719   Gujarati NewsCube Gujarati NewsCube Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Gujarati NewsCube Gujarati News Cube is the best news reader app in Gujarat. This app lets you read all the major Gujarati news papers and news portals. It provides news about local, national, politics, international, sports, business, entertainment & more for India & Guja... Gratuit 11/2015
22720   Punjabi NewsCube Punjabi NewsCube Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Punjabi NewsCube Punjabi News Cube is the best news reader app in Punjab. This app lets you read all the major Punjabi news papers and news portals. It provides news about local, national, politics, international, sports, business, entertainment & more for India & Punjabi... Gratuit 11/2015
22721   Bangla NewsCube Bangla NewsCube Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Bangla NewsCube Bangla News Cube is the best news reader app in Bangladesh. This app lets you read all the major Bangla news papers and news portals. It provides news about local, national, politics, international, sports, business, entertainment & more for India & Bangl... Gratuit 11/2015
22722   Marathi NewsCube Marathi NewsCube Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Marathi NewsCube Marathi News Cube is the best news reader app in Maharashtra. This app lets you read all the major Marathi news papers and news portals. It provides news about local, national, politics, international, sports, business, entertainment & more for India & Ma... Gratuit 11/2015
22723   Kannada NewsCube Kannada NewsCube Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Kannada NewsCube Kannada News Cube is the best news reader app in Karnataka. This app lets you read all the major Kannada news papers and news portals. It provides news about local, national, politics, international, sports, business, entertainment & more for India & Kann... Gratuit 11/2015
22724   Telugu NewsCube Telugu NewsCube Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Telugu NewsCube Telugu News Cube is the best news reader app in Andhra Pradesh. This app lets you read all the major Telugu news papers and news portals. It provides news about local, national, international, sports, politics, business, entertainment & more for Telangana... Gratuit 11/2015
22725   Tamil NewsCube Tamil NewsCube Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Tamil NewsCube Tamil NewsCube is the best news reader app in Tamilnadu. This app lets you read all the major Tamil news papers and news portals. It provides news about local, national, international, sports, business, entertainment & more for India & Thamizhan (Tamilan)... Gratuit 11/2015
22726   Hindi NewsCube Hindi NewsCube Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Hindi NewsCube Hindi NewsCube is the best news reader app in India. This app lets you read all the major hindi news papers and news portals. It provides news about local, national, international, sports, business, entertainment & more for India & World.Features :-- Brea... Gratuit 11/2015
22727   New Year Photo Frame New Year Photo Frame Style de vie Style de vie Apps like New Year Photo Frame -New Year Photo frames - get you pictures set for an adventure! People all over the universe celebrate the New Year quite differently and even on various dates. There is no more requirement to use complex photo editors and rack your brain over it. A must-... Gratuit 11/2015
22728   Birthday greeting cards maker Birthday greeting cards maker Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Birthday greeting cards maker -Now You can create beautiful greeting cards by placing photos in birthday frames and by writing your own text. Send Birthday Wishes to your friends and family with there photos on the greeting cards.This Free app has various Premium features like:1. Choo... Gratuit 11/2015
22729   Face Detection screen lock Face Detection screen lock Outils Outils Apps like Face Detection screen lock Face detection screen lock is for safety and high security of your phone... Your phone will open only if it recognizes your face. Features:* Face detection screen lock provides your phone high security.* Face detection screen lock is two in one screen lo... Gratuit 11/2015
22730   İlahi Dinle,  Menkıbe Dinle İlahi Dinle, Menkıbe Dinle Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like İlahi Dinle, Menkıbe Dinle En Güzel İlahilerOnline DinlemeTelefona İndirebilmeSeçilmiş İlahilerKategorize EdilmişEntrumantel İlahilerSufi İlahiSofi İlahiMenkıbeler100.000 adetten fazla ilahi dinleyinBest HymnsRunning OnlineTo be able to download PhoneSelected HymnsCategorizedEntrum... Gratuit 11/2015
22731   Craft book -Minecraft Guide Craft book -Minecraft Guide Outils Outils Apps like Craft book -Minecraft Guide Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures.This application is about Minecraft item crafting and guide. Explore randomly generated worlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creativ... Gratuit 11/2015
22732   Cadres photo de Noël Cadres photo de Noël Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Cadres photo de Noël Avec des arbres de Noël Cadres photo de Noël, bonhomme de neige, ornements, le père noël, Gingerbread Man, renne rouge de nez, des cadeaux et plus encore!Il suffit de sélectionner votre photographie et image que vous aimez, pour créer en quelques secondes... Gratuit 11/2015
22733   Arbre de Noël de bricolage Arbre de Noël de bricolage Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Arbre de Noël de bricolage Décorations de Noël de bricolage Vous pouvez utiliser ces idées et de créer seul ou avec votre famille parfaites décorations de la maison pour Noël.Ce soft est pour ceux d'entre vous qui veulent voir étape par étape bricolage décorations de Noël idées et ... Gratuit 11/2015
22734   Idées de décoration de Noël Idées de décoration de Noël Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Idées de décoration de Noël Décorations de Noël de bricolage est une application de la galerie plein d'idées pour main unique faite décorations de Noël. Vous pouvez utiliser ces idées et de créer seul ou avec votre famille parfaite décoration de la maison pour Noël Cette application... Gratuit 11/2015
22735   Yoga Breathing Exercise Guide Yoga Breathing Exercise Guide Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Yoga Breathing Exercise Guide Breathing exercises not only improves your concentration and focus but also gives strength to fight with several heart issues and other inner body problems.Well, do you want to boost your emotional strength with yoga? Are you searching for yoga breathing ... Gratuit 11/2015
22736   idées pour une petite chambre idées pour une petite chambre Style de vie Style de vie Apps like idées pour une petite chambre Les petites chambres donnent souvent congestionné et bondé, car ils manquent de l'espace au sol ainsi que l'espace de stockage. Chambres sont destinés à être accueillant, confortable et relaxant, cependant, l'encombrement causé par des meubles sur-dimensi... Gratuit 11/2015
22737   la conception pour le salon la conception pour le salon Style de vie Style de vie Apps like la conception pour le salon Le salon est l'une des pièces les plus importantes dans toute la maison. Ceci est la salle où quelques-uns des meilleurs moments de nos vies, comme bavarder avec la famille ou les invités, regarder la télévision ou tout simplement la marche au ralenti sur... Gratuit 11/2015
22738   Radios de Costa Rica Emisoras Radios de Costa Rica Emisoras Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Radios de Costa Rica Emisoras Con un simple click puedes escuchar todas las mejores radio emisoras de Costa Rica en vivo.Radios de Costa Rica FM en vivo. Lista de emisoras con enlaces a la reproducción en vivo en costa rica. Encuentra cualquier radio tica. Algunas estaciones son:Radio... Gratuit 11/2015
22739   Grenade Carte Offline Grenade Carte Offline Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Grenade Carte Offline Grenade carte déconnecté est développé par PGCGLOBE . Facilement trouver et découvrir de nouveaux endroits, les villes, les pays et les États. Notre déconnecté très complet Grenade carte est stockée localement sur votre appareil et fonctionne sans roamin... 2.24€ 11/2015
22740   Radio Slovakia Radio Slovakia Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Radio Slovakia -With The Radio slovakia online application you can easily listen to the majority of the resorts in slovakia who distribute their programs online and shared with your friends online .-Easily And quickly with one click you can enjoy with Wi-Fi, 3G or 3G +... Gratuit 11/2015
22741   Cadence Kickoff 2016 Cadence Kickoff 2016 Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Cadence Kickoff 2016 The official app for Cadence Kickoff 2016. The CKO 2016 app will allow Kickoff participants access to all Kickoff details including personalized event schedules, mobile app contest, speaker bios, polls and surveys, venue maps and more -- all from their mo... Gratuit 11/2015
22742   Sampler Course For Live Sampler Course For Live Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Sampler Course For Live Ableton Live’s Sampler is extremely powerful. In this hands-on tutorial Dance music performer and sound design expert Olav Basoski shows you how he uses Sampler to create the original sounds that elevate and enhance his productions...App Features:• 95 mi... 10.15€ 11/2015
22743   Roumain Traducteur anglais Roumain Traducteur anglais Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Roumain Traducteur anglais Cette application peut aisément traduire des mots et des phrases sera traduit du roumain vers l'anglais, et traduit de l'Anglais vers le Roumain.Caractéristiques du produit:- Traduction de mots et de phrases.- La prononciation audio Voix.- Trouver la phra... Gratuit 11/2015
22744   Traducteur chinois russe Traducteur chinois russe Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Traducteur chinois russe Cette application peut aisément traduire des mots et des phrases sera traduit du chinois au russe, et traduit du russe au chinois.Caractéristiques du produit:- Traduction de mots et de phrases.- La prononciation audio Voix.- Trouver la phrase de presse-pa... Gratuit 11/2015
22745   Priority Honda Hampton Priority Honda Hampton Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Priority Honda Hampton Shop for your next vehicle in the palm of your hand. Our app allows you to view our complete model line through beautiful images and videos.This app provides instant access to inventory, the latest incentives, rebates, and a full multimedia brochure. Th... Gratuit 11/2015
22746   Flers - 3D Coeur de ville Flers - 3D Coeur de ville Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Flers - 3D Coeur de ville Flânez, aujourd'hui, dans le centre-ville de demain: c'est possible !A partir de votre fauteuil de salon, vous allez visualiser le centre-ville de Flers en 2020. Promenez-vous, flânez rue du 6-Juin, places Leclerc, Saint-Germain, Docteur-Vayssières, rue S... Gratuit 11/2015
22747   Tucked G - Icon Pack Tucked G - Icon Pack Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Tucked G - Icon Pack Tucked G - Icon Pack a simple design best used on lighter wallsTucked G - Icon Pack Features: * 2600+ custom icons* 30+ HD cloud-based wallpapers * XXXHDPI Icon 192x192 px* See all icons by using "Icons" option in app* Icon Request* Image picker you can ... 1.12€ 11/2015
22748   Natural Beauty Tips Natural Beauty Tips Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Natural Beauty Tips Who doesn’t love to be beautiful naturally?Of course everyone does!! Yes, beauty products do make you look gorgeous but have tons of side effects at the same time. Relax; why to go for cosmetic loading for beauty when you can stay natural beautiful just b... Gratuit 11/2015
22749   Hot Pilates Hot Pilates Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Hot Pilates Download the Hot Pilates App today to plan and schedule your classes! From this mobile App you can view class schedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as view the studio’s location and contact information. You can also click throug... Gratuit 11/2015
22750   Around Me Places GPS Around Me Places GPS Outils Outils Apps like Around Me Places GPS Around Me Places GPS brings you one step more closer to technology and its Benefit.finding nearby was never easy before. Now any one can find any nearby place with just one click.Around Me Places GPS helps you find new and fun places near your location, f... Gratuit 11/2015
22751   Music Player Music Player Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Music Player Music Player is the best simple music player. Just install and use for listening all musics. *music player*songs player*mp3 player*All playerFeatures:• Plays any audio file format including Mp3 files• Plays mp3, mp4/m4a (incl. alac), ogg, wma*, flac, wav,... Gratuit 11/2015
22752   Sheddingdean Community Primary Sheddingdean Community Primary Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Sheddingdean Community Primary Quickly and easily keep up to date with what's happening at Sheddingdean Community Primary.Features: Latest News from the school. Upcoming events and integrated Calendar with option to save diary dates to phone. Photo galleries with slide, pinch and zoom.... Gratuit 11/2015
22753   Mathster - Adaptive Mathster - Adaptive Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Mathster - Adaptive Adaptive Math Workout... Gratuit 11/2015
22754   Bugz Bugz Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Bugz A unique sound-based twist on the traditional memory game. Match the pairs of Bugz that sound alike!Both beginners and experts can play thanks to two difficulty levels. Bugz and sounds are paired randomly each round, allowing for infinite replayability. E... Gratuit 11/2015
22755   Thanksgiving: Draw with Lily Thanksgiving: Draw with Lily Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Thanksgiving: Draw with Lily It’s time to use your creativity in this forest themed kids’ coloring book game.Enjoy countless hours of coloring and doodling fun with Lily, as she guides you through a fun forest filled with lots of different animals to color. Pick from a diverse palett... Gratuit 11/2015
22756   Chinese SPY: Beijing OPS FREE Chinese SPY: Beijing OPS FREE Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Chinese SPY: Beijing OPS FREE Chinese Spy is a language learning app that introduces a one of a kind approach to learning Chinese Mandarin. Familiarizing new words and phrases has never been this appealing. Download this app now and be amazed at how much you can learn when you’re havi... Gratuit 11/2015
22757   Cheetah GOKeyboard Theme Emoji Cheetah GOKeyboard Theme Emoji Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Cheetah GOKeyboard Theme Emoji An awesome way to turn a plain keyboard into a beautiful and unique one. It is totally free and only for GO Keyboard(with 10000+ colorful themes and 800+ emoji, emoticons and smiley faces)! No need to set up the keyboard background wallpaper.Download and ... Gratuit 11/2015
22758   Purple Wallpapers Purple Wallpapers Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Purple Wallpapers -A lot of purple wallpapers in HD are available in this app! Open it and you will fall in love with those interesting and beautiful purple wallpapers.- This app is a great collection of purple wallpapers including beautiful images of flowers,sky and so on... Gratuit 11/2015
22759   Icon Shadow Icon Shadow Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Icon Shadow Ever wanted to add drop shadows to your icons? - Now you can!★ Icon Shadow will generate icons with shadow settings of your choice. ★ Icons can be used on any launcher, including the Android default launcher. ★ PRO Version allows you to save icons from ... Gratuit 11/2015
22760   Pixelate Yourself Pixelate Yourself Photographie Photographie Apps like Pixelate Yourself Small App where you can Pixelate yourself with some nice retro effects.You are able to save or publish your picture to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.I made this app because I am not very pretty but with this app no one will ever notice. I am sorry for th... Gratuit 11/2015
22761   fille costumes montage photo fille costumes montage photo Photographie Photographie Apps like fille costumes montage photo Costumes Girl Photo Montage app vous apporte collection spécialement conçu des costumes étonnants pour les filles. Ouvrez votre nouvelle garde-robe virtuelle, il est prêt pour vous d'essayer costumes et robes fascinantes et vous trouverez certainement le ... Gratuit 11/2015
22762   Noël 2015 Cadre Photo Noël 2015 Cadre Photo Photographie Photographie Apps like Noël 2015 Cadre Photo Décorez vos images avec de beaux cadres photo de Noël, nous avons conçu pour vous cette saison! Vous pouvez télécharger Noël 2015 Cadre Photo application Appareil photo gratuitement et avoir la plus belle image! Oubliez avoir des images plates et ennuyeus... Gratuit 11/2015
22763   EnBW EnergyBASE EnBW EnergyBASE Productivité Productivité Apps like EnBW EnergyBASE Über die EnergyBASE-App erhalten Sie mobilen Zugriff auf die EnBW EnergyBASE, dem Herzstück Ihrer Energieanlage. Das Besondere an dieser Lösung ist eine intelligente und selbstlernende Steuerung für Ihren Haushalt. Die EnergyBASE weiß, ob der selbst erzeu... Gratuit 11/2015
22764   Inst Fast Gram_Guitar Inst Fast Gram_Guitar Productivité Productivité Apps like Inst Fast Gram_Guitar This is a good software for the guitar enthusiasts, which can help learners remember the guitar in the shortest time and the spin and the scale, etc..Ceci est un bon logiciel pour les amateurs de guitare, ce qui peut aider les apprenants à se souviennent ... Gratuit 11/2015
22765   DSC expertise comptable DSC expertise comptable Productivité Productivité Apps like DSC expertise comptable Welcome at DSC, your 2.0 chartered accountant !Because the world is changing, we offer you a handy application for managing your online account 7days/7 and 24h/24. This ease of use allows you anytime access to your documents, consult the news of the firm,... Gratuit 11/2015
22766   ভূমির মাপ ভূমির মাপ Enseignement Enseignement Apps like ভূমির মাপ রয়েছে যে আবেদন ভূমির পরিমাপ ও বিজ্ঞতার জমি ব্যবহারCette demande est la mesure de l'utilisation des terres et à bon escient... Gratuit 11/2015
22767   Slidey Blocks [Sliding Puzzle] Slidey Blocks [Sliding Puzzle] Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Slidey Blocks [Sliding Puzzle] Slide the blocks by rows and columns to match the play board to the solution board, like a 2D Rubik's Cube. Blocks wrap around the edges, skip over holes, and collide with immovable stones. There's a solution to every puzzle.Each of the 100 levels is uniq... Gratuit 11/2015
22768   PipeOut Puzzle:Plumber PipeOut Puzzle:Plumber Puzzle Puzzle Apps like PipeOut Puzzle:Plumber You are a plumber in your city,somewhere the pipes with the trouble ,needs you to solve.It's easy to do! Connect pipes form the wheele start to the end of pipe.Rotate the pipes and pumps to get all pumps to turn green.Solve it as fast as possible rotating... Gratuit 11/2015
22769   99 Monkeys 99 Monkeys Social Social Apps like 99 Monkeys Random Acts of Kindness to each other made fun and easy with this amazing little app. Instantly connect to other random users worldwide, spread the love, share in the joy and initiate kindness today! Choose from uplifting messages and cute animations and ... Gratuit 11/2015
22770   HappyTail HappyTail Social Social Apps like HappyTail HappyTail allows you to connect with other dog loving people and to find new dog friends. It is an easy tool to find dog sitters or dogs to sit in your neigborhood. Share your favorite dog pictures and enjoy a happy tail day – every day!• ProfileCreate a ... Gratuit 11/2015
22771   OrangeTwig OrangeTwig Social Social Apps like OrangeTwig Post marketing images for your Etsy shop on Instagram using the OrangeTwig mobile app.- Auto-create & schedule your marketing posts on your computer using OrangeTwig.- When your post is ready to go live, we'll send a notification on your phone.- Simply co... Gratuit 11/2015
22772   News - BC Schretzheim Fussball News - BC Schretzheim Fussball Sports Sports Apps like News - BC Schretzheim Fussball Immer wissen was beim BC Schretzheim los ist.Alle neuen Beiträge auf unserer Vereinshomepage www.bcs-fussball.de werden zeitnah per RSS feed zur Verfügung gestellt. 'Mit Leidenschaft am Ball.', jetzt online.Toujours savoir ce qui se passe sur le BC Schret... Gratuit 11/2015
22773   Expert Soccer Tips Expert Soccer Tips Sports Sports Apps like Expert Soccer Tips This is where you get the surest predictions for your soccer betting. We provide precise high quality football predictions and football betting tips based on:Team dynamics and Index, team Ranking, Recent Performance, Team News, Mathematical models, Neural... Gratuit 11/2015
22774   Master Betting Tips Master Betting Tips Sports Sports Apps like Master Betting Tips This is where you get the surest predictions for your soccer betting. We provide precise high quality football predictions and football betting tips based on: Team dynamics and Index, team Ranking, Recent Performance, Team News, Mathematical models, Neur... Gratuit 11/2015
22775   Bowling Snow Style Bowling Snow Style Grand public Grand public Apps like Bowling Snow Style In the sports bowling game,your goal is to get the highest score in each level!Launch your little ball from mountains tops and control the growing ball! Collecting all the stars on your road,these stars will help you get more score!Avoid all obstacles wit... Gratuit 11/2015
22776   nettoyage android nettoyage android Outils Outils Apps like nettoyage android nettoyage android est une application légère qui peut nettoyer la tâche de la demande et rendre mobile plus rapide. Ce qui rend maître Booster vaut mieux que les autres Boosters ? Master Booster provient de l'un des studios top appli Android developer con... Gratuit 11/2015
22777   PICKAPP PICKAPP Outils Outils Apps like PICKAPP PICKAPP - Dein Paket ist da!Der schnelle und sichere Weg deine Pakete zu erhalten. Mit PICKPAPP kannst Du ganz bequem aus vielen PICKAPP-Stationen in deiner Nähe selber entscheiden, wo Du dein Paket abholen möchtest, und musst nicht mehr zur Postfiliale ... Gratuit 11/2015
22778   Led Light Led Light Outils Outils Apps like Led Light Led LightLED-Licht... Gratuit 11/2015
22779   gestionnaire d applications gestionnaire d applications Outils Outils Apps like gestionnaire d applications gestionnaire d applications est puissant Cache & RAM optimizer app conçue pour les appareils Android, qui vont stimuler votre téléphone travail 200 % plus rapide. Mais l'accumulation de ces données à la fin rend l'appareil travailler beaucoup plus lent. C... Gratuit 11/2015
22780   economiseur de batterie economiseur de batterie Outils Outils Apps like economiseur de batterie economiseur de batterie est l'accessoire de puissance Android plus efficace et professionnelle avec le widget de contrôle gestionnaire que vous donne le contrôle sur la tarification. Par cette fonction, opération qu'un seul bouton peut supprimer cache et ... Gratuit 11/2015
22781   detecteur de virus detecteur de virus Outils Outils Apps like detecteur de virus detecteur de virus supprimer l'histoire, la vie privée est importante et beaucoup de vos applications silencieusement enregistrent vos données personnelles, telles que vos données de navigateur web, l'historique des recherches Google et plus encore. Affic... Gratuit 11/2015
22782   FeedMe FP1 FeedMe FP1 Outils Outils Apps like FeedMe FP1 Guide:1. Download app2. Open FeedMe -> Settings -> Interface -> Font3. Wait for loading font packages4. Select font packages which you want to show in select list5. Go to article page6. Open View menu and select a font7. Article page will reload and show ... Gratuit 11/2015
22783   Timmer Pumps Timmer Pumps Outils Outils Apps like Timmer Pumps Mit dieser App können Parameter über die NFC-Schnittstelle eingestellt werden.Bei der Leimpumpe kann die eingestelte Temperatur verändert werden.Durch einen Wartungszähler kann die präventive Wartung eingehalten werden.Dadurch wir ein langes Pumpenleben e... Gratuit 11/2015
22784   Mobile Antivirus 2015 Mobile Antivirus 2015 Outils Outils Apps like Mobile Antivirus 2015 There’s no need to panic, yet… Android is based on the Linux operating system, which is very secure, however, viruses, Trojans and spyware do exist. The threat is growing and eventually anti-virus software will be necessary but at the moment the biggest p... Gratuit 11/2015
22785   Best Torch Free Best Torch Free Outils Outils Apps like Best Torch Free Simply way to change your phone into torch... Gratuit 11/2015
22786   QuickShare QuickShare Outils Outils Apps like QuickShare Mit QuickShare kannst du erstmal den Text erfassen, den du im Kopf hast. Danach kannst du dir überlegen, an welche App du diesen Text übergibst. Das Prinzip ist ganz einfach. Fast jede App unter Android bietet die Möglichkeit den gewählten Inhalt an eine ... Gratuit 11/2015
22787   베를린 공대 필수 어플 베를린 공대 필수 어플 Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like 베를린 공대 필수 어플 1.베를린 공대 한인학생회(KoSTUB)소개2.베를린 공대 캠퍼스 지도3.베를린 공대 지원및 일정4.베를린 공대 내 비자연장5.베를린 공대 캠퍼스 센터6.베를린 공대 카페테리아7.베를린 공대 도서관8.베를린 응급실및 종합병원, 한인병원1. Technische Universität Berlin Korean Student Association (KoSTUB) Über2. Berlin Institute of Technology Campusplan3. Unte... Gratuit 11/2015
22788   Don't Die Don't Die Arcade Arcade Apps like Don't Die This is the first game I've made. I plan to add a working leader board and a few more features. Any reviews and comments are welcome. Thanks for downloading!Ceci est le premier jeu, je l'ai fait. Je prévois d'ajouter un conseil de chef de travail et un pe... Gratuit 11/2015
22789   On The Leash On The Leash Arcade Arcade Apps like On The Leash Help Granny and Rocky try and catch the cat. But be careful, there are many obstacles on the way. Avoid obstacles by sliding your finger on the screen. “On the leash” is graphically distinctive endless running adventure.Rocky the dog did not notice Fanny ... Gratuit 11/2015
22790   Christmas Grounds Christmas Grounds Arcade Arcade Apps like Christmas Grounds In their rush to get ready for the holidays, Santa and his helpers have lost all the gifts. Help Santa collect all the presents and unlock other members of his team in the process.Tap or hold your finger on screen to get the characters jumping over variou... Gratuit 11/2015
22791   Guide For Plants Vs Zombie Guide For Plants Vs Zombie Arcade Arcade Apps like Guide For Plants Vs Zombie Free Guide For Plants versus Zombies included diversion guide, walkthrough, tips and traps for amusement fans. On the off chance that you are a genuine fan. How about we attempt this flawless amusement guide. It will convey you more enjoyable to play, off... Gratuit 11/2015
22792   Knock Down Slingshot Knock Down Slingshot Arcade Arcade Apps like Knock Down Slingshot the game is to knock down slingshot the circles using a slingshot and balls.This is a level game. It has many unique and interesting levels where you have to knock down slingshot all the circles using your logical and aiming skills to complete a level.Th... Gratuit 11/2015
22793   RBY RBY Arcade Arcade Apps like RBY Red, Blue and Yellow: These are your tools in RBY, a fun, competitive and free arcade game from Rusted Hammer Games. With endless hours of fun, challenging and addictive gameplay coupled with simplistic yet impressive visuals, RBY is a charming, fun game ... Gratuit 11/2015
22794   Catch The Point Catch The Point Arcade Arcade Apps like Catch The Point Catch The Point is Fantastic Arcade Game, unlimited levels.Good Fun for everyone ... Gratuit 11/2015
22795   Crazy Ball Bounce Crazy Ball Bounce Arcade Arcade Apps like Crazy Ball Bounce Rebondir la balle et éviter de heurter les blocs . Accumulez des pièces pour débloquer de nouvelles balles . Rivaliser avec des amis sur le tableau des leaders . Et amusez-vous!... Gratuit 11/2015
22796   Space Butterfly Pop Space Butterfly Pop Arcade Arcade Apps like Space Butterfly Pop • Plan your every pop. Strategically burst matching bubbles to help advance to the next level.Work your way through increasingly challenging levels. but don't let them hit the bottom or its game over. FEATURES:★ levels with uniquely challenging obstacles... Gratuit 11/2015
22797   Endless Cells: Agar Endless Cells: Agar Arcade Arcade Apps like Endless Cells: Agar Welcome to the cytoplastic jungle! You're a single healthy cell in a sea of mutated virus cells.Evade the bigger virus cells or they'll absorb you.Absorb the smaller virus cells and grow bigger in size each time you do. Be careful, it's a cell eat cell wo... Gratuit 11/2015
22798   Pzyko Zombies Pzyko Zombies Arcade Arcade Apps like Pzyko Zombies Let's connect those funny monster zombie heads and watch them explode. Do it by vertically, horizontally or diagonally, doesn't matter, just connect as many as you can so get more score and beat other players. Splash & crush horrific characters! Many week... Gratuit 11/2015
22799   Space Station Force Pink Space Station Force Pink Arcade Arcade Apps like Space Station Force Pink Space Station Force Pink4848e3a585Space Station de travail rose4848e3a585 ... Gratuit 11/2015
22800   Counting Sheeps Counting Sheeps Arcade Arcade Apps like Counting Sheeps application, game help for those insomnia, sleeplessness. With 2 function "Go to sleep" and "gaming".-You Just select the number of sheep and looking at the screens to make your soul startled counting sheep jumping over a fence, you will fall asleep. When... Gratuit 11/2015

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