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33201   Fruit Salad Recipes Guide Fruit Salad Recipes Guide Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Fruit Salad Recipes Guide Salads are one of the best complements to complete your daily meal with right volume of healthy and nutritious ingredients.But, what if every piece of your salad is healthy, tasty and nutritious? Yes, fruit salad can make it possible to make your each bit... Gratuit 11/2015
33202   Health & Fitness Tips Health & Fitness Tips Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Health & Fitness Tips Welcome to an exclusive app that is a grand package of selective tips for health and fitness. If you are serious about your health and fitness then this app is a perfect stuff for you.Yes, this app is an exclusive collection of simple and effective tips t... Gratuit 11/2015
33203   Tips To Read Mind Tips To Read Mind Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Tips To Read Mind Want to read mind?Want to check out someone’s thoughts? Are you interested in learning how to understand someone’s brain? Do you want to know the secret tips of reading mind? Would you love to give a try to these simple tricks? All right, so, if you are s... Gratuit 11/2015
33204   Yoga Tips For Beginners Yoga Tips For Beginners Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Yoga Tips For Beginners Are you new on yoga mat?Do you want to start with yoga sequences? Are you worried about poses to start with? Do you want to learn the basic yoga postures to start with? Cool; here is the package of simple yoga sequences to start with. These are few of the... Gratuit 11/2015
33205   Tips To Remove Acne Tips To Remove Acne Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Tips To Remove Acne Acne is one of the most frequently seen skin problems in adults. Along with spoiling the beauty it also causes several serious skin problems.So, you need to take appropriate action in order to cure it. Today’s beauty market is full of tons of cosmetic pro... Gratuit 11/2015
33206   Natural Facial Tips Natural Facial Tips Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Natural Facial Tips Want to do facial?Looking for natural methodologies? Do you search for natural facial tips free? Would you love to try some home remedies that can be best ingredients for your facial? If you answered yes! Then this free app is only for you. Yes, this app ... Gratuit 11/2015
33207   Tips To Learn Guitar Tips To Learn Guitar Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Tips To Learn Guitar Want to play guitar?Interested in learning guitar? Worried about how to start? Are you searching for tips to learn and play guitar easily? Are you looking for tips to learn guitar step by step? Relax; here is the app to help you out. Yes, here inside the ... Gratuit 11/2015
33208   Natural Weight Loss Tips Natural Weight Loss Tips Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Natural Weight Loss Tips Are you over-weighed?Are you suffering from unwanted body fat? Do you want to lose weight? Are you looking for best ideas to lose weight? Do you want to apply natural approaches to lose calories? All right, nothing to worry, here is the app to help you ou... Gratuit 11/2015
33209   Transparent GO Weather Widgets Transparent GO Weather Widgets Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Transparent GO Weather Widgets Brand new theme for GO Weather widgets. Supports 4*1, 4*2, 2*1 sizes.❤ You may get this premium theme via:1. Buy this theme individually2. Upgrade to VIP and get all widget themes and live backgrounds freeThank you so much for your support! GO Weather EX ... Gratuit 11/2015
33210   Hiver Suit Cadres photo Hiver Suit Cadres photo Photographie Photographie Apps like Hiver Suit Cadres photo Avec "Winter Suit Cadres photo", vous pouvez:1.Sélectionnez une photo de la galerie ou de prendre des photos en utilisant l'appareil photo du téléphone.Cadres de qualité HD 2.Colorful et élevé.3.Wide éventail de styles et de modèles différents pour une im... Gratuit 11/2015
33211   Logo Quiz Chile Logo Quiz Chile Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Logo Quiz Chile Logo Quiz Chile es un juego donde tienes que adivinar el nombre de variados logos de empresas, productos, organizaciones y compañías chilenas o extranjeras de fuerte presencia en nuestro país. En Logo Quiz Chile tienes a disposición más de 400 logos para ... Gratuit 11/2015
33212   PickMe PickMe Social Social Apps like PickMe Eine neue Art in Kontakt zu treten mit der Person, die dir gefällt. PickMe ist die erste Applikation, die die Grenzen der Technologie überbrückt und nutzt, um die verbale Kommunikation zwischen seinen Mitgliedern zu fördern.Sobald sich PickMe User in dein... Gratuit 11/2015
33213   Moto Rider Traffic Racer 3D Moto Rider Traffic Racer 3D Jeux de courses Jeux de courses Apps like Moto Rider Traffic Racer 3D Drive and Ride your vehicles in a busy traffic. Try one of the best and exciting endless arcade 3D racing game. Avoid car, bike , truck and other obstacles through highway street, earn cash, upgrade your motorcycle or by a new one. Get the top score and u... Gratuit 11/2015
33214   Drive The Bike 2016 Drive The Bike 2016 Jeux de courses Jeux de courses Apps like Drive The Bike 2016 Drive the Bike 3DBe the fast paced motorbike racer with Drive the Bike 3D today! Drive the Bike 3D offers a realistic bike racing experience that allows you to feel the true feeling of becoming a super fast bike racer! This game offers best 3D graphics an... Gratuit 11/2015
33215   Bernau am Chiemsee Bernau am Chiemsee Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Bernau am Chiemsee Die Bernau am Chiemsee App bietet Ihnen schnelle Informationen über das Tagesgeschehen, aktuelle Nachrichten, redaktionelle Inhalte über Bernau am Chiemsee sowie die Funktion "In der Nähe", die Ihnen nahegelegene Point-of-Interests auf der Karte anzeigen ... Gratuit 11/2015
33216   Penguin Zoom Penguin Zoom Arcade Arcade Apps like Penguin Zoom Penguin Zoom is a fun filled sliding game, where you play as a brave penguin exploring the Antarctic. But watch out for spikes, angry polar bears, orca whales and sharks! Collect amazing hats and decorate your penguin. Featuring music by Zach Gill. Downlo... Gratuit 11/2015
33217   Onet Animal Deluxe Onet Animal Deluxe Arcade Arcade Apps like Onet Animal Deluxe Onet Animal Deluxe is onet classic game that comes with the animal version. Very easy to play. Play quickly to get three stars.This game consists of many levels, and each level has its own difficulties. Whenever you find a picture of the same animal, then... Gratuit 11/2015
33218   Super Dice Super Dice Jeux de société Jeux de société Apps like Super Dice A simple app that has 2 modes:Farkle: Play Farkle with up to 6 players. The app takes care of the scoring and rules. You can choose the target score and the number of players. Just Dice: Choose the number of dice you need and app acts as a simple random r... Gratuit 11/2015
33219   Baby Shower Gifts Baby Shower Gifts Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Baby Shower Gifts It is absolutely free of cost, thus you don’t need to buy it -- just download the app and start using it. It features different advertisements related with Baby Shower Gifts that may benefit you and is very user-friendly -- having simple forward and back ... Gratuit 11/2015
33220   My Catholic Online Radio My Catholic Online Radio Style de vie Style de vie Apps like My Catholic Online Radio My catholic online radio is a media ministry outreach initiative by a set of youth who got a personal encounter with Jesus through Jesus Youth movement, and they are Spiritually guided by a Catholic Priest. We are inspired to reach evangelization and outr... Gratuit 11/2015
33221   Casino $lots Casino $lots Casino Casino Apps like Casino $lots The most anticipated casino game for mobile in 2015Casino $lots is a NEW kind of casino game that challenges the traditions of your typical slots game. It features all the excitement and potential outcomes of dice blended with the familiar format of a mod... Gratuit 11/2015
33222   CosenzaChannel App CosenzaChannel App Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like CosenzaChannel App Rimani aggiornato sui principali sport della città di Cosenza: calcio, nuoto e pallanuoto, calcio a 5, brutium. Condividi le tue notizie preferite, accedi a FaceBook e Twitter, scarica Cosenza Channel APP.Bleiben Sie up to date über die wichtigsten Sport... Gratuit 11/2015
33223   Allo Pizza Plus Allo Pizza Plus Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Allo Pizza Plus L'application Allo Pizza Plus vous offre la possibilité de consulter toutes les infos utiles du restaurant (Tarifs, carte, avis…) mais aussi de recevoir leurs dernières News ou Flyers sous forme de notifications Push.Caractéristiques de l'application : - ... Gratuit 11/2015
33224   Fingerprint Girls Age prank Fingerprint Girls Age prank Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Fingerprint Girls Age prank Girls and Boys these app Fingerprint Girls Age is a free high tech and futuristic of fingerprint scanner that attemptsTo Fingerprint Girls Age determine exactly how much is your age based on your thumb print scanThe way to use the scanner ageFirst thing :... Gratuit 11/2015
33225   EVC Temp EVC Temp Productivité Productivité Apps like EVC Temp Versión Temp de EVCCon esta aplicación podrás llevar tu negocio a la puerta de tus clientes, ya que te permite tener un control en línea sobre tu inventario,levantar pedidos, realizar cobranza, así como visualizar en una consola, la geoposición de tu equi... Gratuit 11/2015
33226   Guide Mutant Ninja Turtles Guide Mutant Ninja Turtles Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Guide Mutant Ninja Turtles This is a guide for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to know how to play and win, TMNT or Ninja Turtles are a fictional team of four teenage anthropomorphic turtles, named after four Renaissance artists, who were trained by their anthropomorphic rat sensei in... Gratuit 11/2015
33227   BC ACEM SEGUROS BC ACEM SEGUROS Communication Communication Apps like BC ACEM SEGUROS A Corretora traz em seu DNA quase três décadas de experiência na pessoa de seu sócio fundador, Alexandre Mega do Rego Barros, Crea nº 260865571-8, Juiz Arbitral na Câmara de Arbitragem, Mediação e Conciliação e Corretor de Seguro - SUSEP nº 10.2026941.2.N... Gratuit 11/2015
33228   MathBreaker MathBreaker Arcade Arcade Apps like MathBreaker MathBreaker is a game that fuses brick breaking, and math solving. Climb your way into higher education while testing your reflex, little bit of luck, and solving the equation. Will you be able to get to the number 99 ?Game features :★ Like arcade games,... Gratuit 11/2015
33229   Double or Die! Double or Die! Arcade Arcade Apps like Double or Die! Can your brain handle two sides at the same time? Test your reactions as the obstacles speed up over time - squeeze through the gaps that get smaller and smaller!Three powerups are available: - Boosters give a 10 second super start- Shields give you invin... Gratuit 11/2015
33230   Fill Buckets Fill Buckets Grand public Grand public Apps like Fill Buckets Tap to release a drop from the the faucet into the bucket, but avoid the circles or you'll have to start from the beginningEvery ten consecutive drops fills the bucket and brings you a new level with another bucket to fill How many buckets can you fill? H... Gratuit 11/2015
33231   Turkey Tapper Turkey Tapper Arcade Arcade Apps like Turkey Tapper Thanksgiving season is here, and a hungry horde of turkeys is trying to steal your pie. Protect your dessert in the most addictive game of the season, brought to you by Keshet Productions. Share your score with your friends and enjoy the turkey take-down!... Gratuit 11/2015
33232   Road in a field Road in a field Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Road in a field Road in a field - beautiful parallax Wallpapers.The Wallpaper is adapted to the size of the screen. Added the possibility to choose the Wallpaper.How to use:Home -> Menu ->Settings -> Display -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpaper. Next Wallpaper change as follo... Gratuit 11/2015
33233   Group SMS Group SMS Communication Communication Apps like Group SMS Send Personalized SMS to a group of people.Group SMS enables you send Personalized text messages that contain the name of the individual and the messages. As such the person receiving the message feels a sense of attachment to the message as they feel th... Gratuit 11/2015
33234   Frappez Avec Bébé Pégase Frappez Avec Bébé Pégase Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Frappez Avec Bébé Pégase Bienvenue à nouvelle appli enrichissante et éducative - Frappez avec Bébé Pégase ! Cette application exceptionnellement utile enseignera vos enfants comment écrire et frapper correctement ! Il n y a pas de cours ennuyeux de plus, juste jouez et apprenez q... Gratuit 11/2015
33235   Empreinte digitale Lock Prank Empreinte digitale Lock Prank Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Empreinte digitale Lock Prank Nous avons développé la meilleure application d'écran de verrouillage d'empreintes digitales pour vous.Votre famille, vos amis ou même une application que vous pouvez plaisanter autour de vous ...Caractéristiques :~ Full HD vue graphique~ Spécialement con... Gratuit 11/2015
33236   SnapMeow - Cat Selfie Cam - SnapMeow - Cat Selfie Cam - Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like SnapMeow - Cat Selfie Cam - SnapMeow is Cat or Kitten selfie App that automatically takes photos when it can detect a cat face.This app doesn't need tap by cat! It use OpenCV, most famous computer vision and machine learning software library, so this app requires your phone to downl... Gratuit 11/2015
33237   Luxe Téléphone Sonneries Luxe Téléphone Sonneries Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Luxe Téléphone Sonneries ???? LUXURY PHONE RINGTONES – the ULTIMATE collection of free sounds and alerts for your phone and tablet!????Check out all the features of this free musical app with ringtones → → → HIGH QUALITY SOUNDSPOPULAR TUNESFUNNY SMS RINGTONESBEST MUSICFIFTEEN SO... Gratuit 11/2015
33238   LANDMARK Santa Paws LANDMARK Santa Paws Style de vie Style de vie Apps like LANDMARK Santa Paws Créer votre propre pattes de Santa Landmark avec cette application de Réalité Augmentée libre. ... Gratuit 11/2015
33239   DJ Party Mixer DJ Party Mixer Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like DJ Party Mixer DJ Studio Music Mixer is a music app for creative people and music lovers like you! In this music Amazing there are music tracks with different loops, and you can combine the sounds, turn it on or turn it off. Manipulate the music as you wish by adding so... Gratuit 11/2015
33240   Grid Camera Frames Grid Camera Frames Photographie Photographie Apps like Grid Camera Frames Grille caméra cadre modifier des photos avec des cadres de la grille, maquillage facile grille d'image ... Gratuit 11/2015
33241   SMS-M3 Léger SMS-M3 Léger Productivité Productivité Apps like SMS-M3 Léger L'application SMS-M3 permet le contrôler votre Millenium 3 ! ... Gratuit 11/2015
33242   Danny's Egghead Diner Danny's Egghead Diner Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Danny's Egghead Diner When you're hungry, the last thing you want to do is wait on hold, repeat your credit card number and get disconnected. With Danny's Egghead Diner's app, ordering to-go has never been easier. All you do is order your favorites, share any special instructi... Gratuit 11/2015
33243   Punta Cana Grill Punta Cana Grill Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Punta Cana Grill When you're hungry, the last thing you want to do is wait on hold, repeat your credit card number and get disconnected. With Punta Cana Grill's app, ordering to-go has never been easier. All you do is order your favorites, share any special instructions a... Gratuit 11/2015
33244   A2Z Utah FM Radio A2Z Utah FM Radio Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like A2Z Utah FM Radio The best collection of online radios and FM radios from Utah (USA). More than 50 radio stations from Utah (USA). This app is loaded with favourites list, 6 color themes, alarm, sleep timer to auto shutdown FM after a time, sharing with friends, in-built v... Gratuit 11/2015
33245   German Indonesian dictionary German Indonesian dictionary Livres et références Livres et références Apps like German Indonesian dictionary This is German - Indonesian dictionary. The dictionary works offline, search is very fast, and the application has online social features. Dictionary database will be downloaded when you run the application the first time. To get the access to online feat... Gratuit 11/2015
33246   Discrete Mathematics Discrete Mathematics Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Discrete Mathematics It is designed swipe based for engineering student of all streams to learn discrete mathematics. It almost cover all important topics which are covered chapter wise.Chapter 1 Set Theory, Relation, Function, Theorem Proving Techniques 1. Set Theory 2. c... Gratuit 11/2015
33247   Mitra Virtual Class Mitra Virtual Class Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Mitra Virtual Class Mitra™ VItual Class lets you collaborate in real time during online delivery of classes and training sessions. With our powerful platform’s features and range of useful tools, you can:• Increase student engagement with audio-video communication, text chat... Gratuit 11/2015
33248   Metropolitan Mortgage Metropolitan Mortgage Finance Finance Apps like Metropolitan Mortgage Metropolitan Mortgage Specialists understand the complexities of lending in today’s environment and want to simplify that process for you. Our mortgage app gives you the tools you need to walk you through every step of the home buying and mortgage lending... Gratuit 11/2015
33249   Fat Sumô Fat Sumô Action Action Apps like Fat Sumô Ajude o Sumô a ganhar peso, mas cuidado com os inimigos e o peixe BaiacúAidez le Sumo à prendre du poids, mais méfiez-vous des ennemis et le poisson-globe... Gratuit 11/2015
33250   Luck is not guaranteed Luck is not guaranteed Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Luck is not guaranteed Spiritual and esoteric knowledge has appeared in many different cultures, and has found its expression in different words, symbols, artwork, dances, poetry, and much more.The elephant is considered to be a symbol of good luck in many cultures, even modern... 1.46€ 11/2015
33251   Regulus Icon Pack (Donate) Regulus Icon Pack (Donate) Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Regulus Icon Pack (Donate) • There are more than 400 icons of the most used by all owners of Android smartphones.• The icon style is unique and unmistakable, each designed with maximum accuracy.• Frequent updates• Free and unlimited icon requests!(AVAILABLE ONLY IN DONATE VERSION)•... 0.73€ 11/2015
33252   ✈ C-130 Hercules Aircraft FREE ✈ C-130 Hercules Aircraft FREE Livres et références Livres et références Apps like ✈ C-130 Hercules Aircraft FREE Learn all about C-130 Hercules________________________ Photo galleries ( 27 pictures without internet connection).Information about C-130 Hercules Aircraft information includes;• Name• Role• Manufacturer• First Flight• Introduction• Usage Status• Primary ... Gratuit 11/2015
33253   BodyLanguage Visual Dictionary BodyLanguage Visual Dictionary Livres et références Livres et références Apps like BodyLanguage Visual Dictionary Quick reference guide to people behaviour and actions. What does it mean when they stand that way? Should I be worried if that person is acting like that? Look it up! Searchable dictionary. Free Body Language training.... Gratuit 11/2015
33254   Best Wedding Mehindi Design Best Wedding Mehindi Design Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Best Wedding Mehindi Design Dear All, Now not worry for going to beauty parlor for makeup of mehindi and spending a lot of money of the makeup of mehindi. Now Makeup of mehindi is in your pocket and you can your self do the mehindi makeup for yourself. A lot of mehindi design are in... Gratuit 11/2015
33255   Big Windmill Big Windmill Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Big Windmill Pictures of the background is blue, the sky is gray, there is a trace of clouds below, white clouds reflect the setting sun became pink, looks very cute, the middle of a tower, a windmill, windmill is white. This is a mobile phone wallpaper, there are a l... Gratuit 11/2015
33256   Green Magical Flower Green Magical Flower Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Green Magical Flower Blue flowers, circle in the region of and slowly strengthen.Diffuse out of flowers, interconnected.Green petals, with than a peacock's feather, enormously beautiful.Beautiful flowers, successful in the black night aerate.Fluttering harshly well-ventilated... Gratuit 11/2015
33257   Systechbd Flexi Systechbd Flexi Productivité Productivité Apps like Systechbd Flexi With Systechbd Flexi application now you can Flexiload/Recharge any Bangladeshi mobile, Send bKash, DBBL Mobile Banking, Branded SMS and many more. Our endless payment options and seamlessly secure transactions, you are bound to have an incredible mobile ... Gratuit 11/2015
33258   A2Z Vermont FM Radio A2Z Vermont FM Radio Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like A2Z Vermont FM Radio The best collection of online radios and FM radios from Vermont (USA). More than 50 radio stations from Vermont (USA). This app is loaded with favourites list, 6 color themes, alarm, sleep timer to auto shutdown FM after a time, sharing with friends, in-b... Gratuit 11/2015
33259   Sarkari Naukri Govt Job Alert Sarkari Naukri Govt Job Alert Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Sarkari Naukri Govt Job Alert FreshersLive - Online No.1 Freshers job website in India. Search here for Freshers govt jobs, Top IT Companies walkins and recruitment notifications for various job openings in India. Fresherslive is the best app to know about freshers jobs, Sarkari naukr... Gratuit 11/2015
33260   MijnAventus MijnAventus Enseignement Enseignement Apps like MijnAventus Jouw persoonlijke rooster en nieuws van Aventus raadplegen was nog nooit zó gemakkelijk! In twee clicks heb je toegang tot alle benodigde informatie. De MijnAventus app is dé officiële app van Aventus. Bekijk je rooster, nieuws van Aventus en ga direct na... Gratuit 11/2015
33261   সুয়েজ খাল সুয়েজ খাল Enseignement Enseignement Apps like সুয়েজ খাল This app has been developed based on history of Suez Canal . This app contains all details about Suez CanalCette application a été développée sur la base de l'histoire du Canal de Suez. Cette application contient tous les détails sur Canal de Suez... Gratuit 11/2015
33262   Speedometer.Black wallpaper Speedometer.Black wallpaper Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Speedometer.Black wallpaper Key features:- HD photos;- Live water effect that simulates water drops falling on the water surface, waves on water and water ripples (water drops effect / water waves effect);- Rainy day effect;- This app fully supports horizontal orientation and looks ... Gratuit 11/2015
33263   Samurai Legend Warrior Samurai Legend Warrior Aventure Aventure Apps like Samurai Legend Warrior Our samurai needs your help to escape and collect coins to reach its friends in the fight, help the Legend samurai to run through Surfaces without be caught by blocks, Just click the screen to make our samurai jump all block and run to its friends in figh... Gratuit 11/2015
33264   Lock Screen For RM Fans Lock Screen For RM Fans Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Lock Screen For RM Fans ★★ Voted best lock screen for 2015! ★★Are you a true Real Madrid fan? Show your love to the best team in the world, and stay up to date with all the hottest news about Real Madrid football team displayed directly on your Android lock screen! Features- ■ L... Gratuit 11/2015
33265   Radio Panama En Vivo Radio Panama En Vivo Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Radio Panama En Vivo En esta increible aplicacion encontraras las mejores estaciones, emisoras o radios de Panama para escucharlas todas gratis en un mismo lugar sin importar en que lugar de Panama o del mundo te encuentres y lo mejor de todo con buen sonido en tu dispositivo... Gratuit 11/2015
33266   Minion Adventure Bird Run Minion Adventure Bird Run Grand public Grand public Apps like Minion Adventure Bird Run Minion bird runner, enjoys dodging tubes are randomly at high speed and try to avoid being pushed to the bottom of the screen, you can run and fly to defend yourself, but do not forget to collect all the possible coins to buy and unlock powers and juices ... Gratuit 11/2015
33267   F2TV - Xem Tivi,  Bong Da F2TV - Xem Tivi, Bong Da Divertissement Divertissement Apps like F2TV - Xem Tivi, Bong Da F2TV - Ứng dụng hoàn toàn miễn phí giúp bạn có thể dễ dàng theo dõi lịch phát sóng truyền hình, hàng trăm các kênh tivi, radio và trực tiếp các trận bóng đá đỉnh cao ở tất cả các giải đấu cấp đội tuyển, câu lạc bộ hàng đầu thế giới với chất lượng nhanh nh... Gratuit 11/2015
33268   Freddy's Factory Freddy's Factory Action Action Apps like Freddy's Factory ¡Recuderda que no debes dormir o él vendrá por ti, el café es muy importante!No olvides usar tu garra para cortar por la mitad los alimentos y así poder devorarlos. ¡Consigue puntos y gana un premio!Recuderda vous ne devriez pas dormir ou il viendra pour ... Gratuit 11/2015
33269   Arca de Noé: O Dilúvio Arca de Noé: O Dilúvio Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Arca de Noé: O Dilúvio Ajude Noé a guiar os animais para dentro da arca antes que a chuva chegue. Seu filho vai adorar interagir com a história bíblica. Esse é o primeiro aplicativo de uma sério sobre Historias Bíblicas.Aide Noah pour guider les animaux dans l'arche avant que l... Gratuit 11/2015
33270   Enfants Puzzle Fun Park Enfants Puzzle Fun Park Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Enfants Puzzle Fun Park Enfants Puzzle Fun Park est le parfait applications Fun Park libres de faire vos enfants aiment et aller à bébé parc d'amusement. Il est conçu pour aider les enfants à apprendre des choses différentes de jeux de parking amusantes en utilisant des images m... Gratuit 11/2015
33271   Apprendre Les Alphabets Apprendre Les Alphabets Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Apprendre Les Alphabets Voulez vous faire apprendre à votre enfant à lire et a écrire l’alphabet ? Voulez vous une façon simple à lui faire connaitre l’alphabet facilement ?Apprendre Les Alphabets propose a votre enfant de reconnaitre et mémoriser la forme et le son des lettres,... Gratuit 11/2015
33272   LESY ČR - Lesní zvěř LESY ČR - Lesní zvěř Éducatif Éducatif Apps like LESY ČR - Lesní zvěř Hra o lesní zvěři od společnosti LESY ČR a.s., kde se naučíte poznávat lesní zvěř podle jejich hlasu.Game of the forest wildlife from Lesy CR and where you learn to get to know the forest animals by their voice.... Gratuit 11/2015
33273   Menial fruits Menial fruits Jeux de courses Jeux de courses Apps like Menial fruits Mélange de jeu d'action et d'arcade pour Android, Menial fruits Free demande de découper des fruits comme un samourai, à l'aide d'un katana ou autres. Choissez votre arme parmi un sabre, une arbalette ou un katana et coupez en deux les fruits qui apparais... Gratuit 11/2015
33274   SWARS TROOPERS FREE SWARS TROOPERS FREE Simulation Simulation Apps like SWARS TROOPERS FREE *Esta es una aplicación de simulación del sable de luz.*Su dispositivo necesita tener luz flash, vibración y sonido activado para funcionar correctamente. *Está habilitado para aplicaciones 4.0 y superiores de Android. *Instrucciones de uso: -Toma tu disp... Gratuit 11/2015
33275   Smart Neck Smart Neck Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Smart Neck Smart Neck is the most useful application, that can help you to stay healthy!That complex is based on the book “Smart Neck” (http://smartneck.allgoodmd.com/) written by Igor Borschenko, MD, and is added with video lessons in order to help you to do the ex... Gratuit 11/2015
33276   Sonneries islamique Sonneries islamique Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Sonneries islamique "Aimez l'Islam?Restez en contact avec votre religion, mettre quelques-unes des meilleures chansons comme sonneries religieuses et sentir la présence de Dieu chaque fois que votre téléphone sonnevous pouvez télécharger les dernières sonneries islamiques et... Gratuit 11/2015
33277   Azan de partout dans le monde Azan de partout dans le monde Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Azan de partout dans le monde "Azan de tous les pays islamiques du monde au format MP3paix sur toiAujourd'hui vous proposons une sélection d'Azan de tout le pays de monde musulman 1 - Azan Ahmed Fakhro, Dafna, le Qatar2 - Azan Ahmed Trabelsi, le Koweït3 - Riad Azan algérienne, l'Algér... Gratuit 11/2015
33278   Free Guide For Subway Surfers Free Guide For Subway Surfers Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Free Guide For Subway Surfers Free Guide For Subway Surfers included game guide, walkthrough, tips & tricks for game fans. If you are a real fan. Let's try this perfect game guide. It will bring you more fun to play, help you get pass through many hard chapters, guide you many tricks ... Gratuit 11/2015
33279   Wifi Password Hacker Prank Wifi Password Hacker Prank Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Wifi Password Hacker Prank Wifi Password Hacker is a prank app which is intended for entertainment purpose. This app will analyze the Wifi networks around you. Will give you the list of all password protected networks, clicking any of them would break into there Wifi, considering i... Gratuit 11/2015
33280   Battery Saver Power Pro Battery Saver Power Pro Outils Outils Apps like Battery Saver Power Pro Battery Saver Power Pro is the best battery saving app which is capable of extending your battery life and power, gives a longer life to your Android phone. provides you with detailed battery information and helps it charge healthily with our unique 3 Sta... Gratuit 11/2015
33281   RAM Cleaner - Clean & Boost RAM Cleaner - Clean & Boost Outils Outils Apps like RAM Cleaner - Clean & Boost RAM Cleaner Clean & Boost is a free app Increase performance of Android Mobile & RAM, Speed up your device and get free RAM space, free up storage and uninstall malicious apps to optimize your device. RAM Cleaner Clean & Booster clean your app processes ... Gratuit 11/2015
33282   Broken Screen - cracked screen Broken Screen - cracked screen Outils Outils Apps like Broken Screen - cracked screen the best way to fool your friends with this amazing prank app! Cracked Screen app with fun, funny jokes do.You can trick your friends. your lock screen with this broken screen prank app.Let them think your phone is broken.Or encourage them to think that ... Gratuit 11/2015
33283   Dholki Sangeet Mp3 Collection Dholki Sangeet Mp3 Collection Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Dholki Sangeet Mp3 Collection ♦♦♦Dholkak Geet Famous Urdu Hindi Pashto Banglai Wedding Sangeet at Events Known as Dholkis. Collection♦The dholki (Hindi/Urdu pipe or tube) is often a bit narrower in diameter and uses tabla-style syahi masala on its treble skin. This instrument is also ... Gratuit 11/2015
33284   Business Advice Forum Business Advice Forum Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Business Advice Forum Business Advice Forum is an international business and webmaster community. We provide you with advice, knowledge and support to set up, manage and grow your small business - whether that be a traditional business, home based business or online website bu... Gratuit 11/2015
33285   Little bunny - flying game Little bunny - flying game Aventure Aventure Apps like Little bunny - flying game This is an other adventure of the cutest bunny ever in china flight game ! play Littile Bunny and try to make the rabbit flying by drawing his paths , and .long ago... there have a cute little bunny . in order to get all delicious fruits in his way, decid... Gratuit 11/2015
33286   Picture Grid Picture Grid Photographie Photographie Apps like Picture Grid Picture Grid is the latest photo collage maker, very professional, total FREE 100%. Picture Grid is the best collage maker and photo editor that helps you combine multiple photos with various frame layout and grid frames then share them at a time!Picture ... Gratuit 11/2015
33287   London City Easy London City Easy Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like London City Easy Get real time data for hotels,restaurants and bars.This app ensures every user to be provided with the latest information,including reviews for the diferent places in London.*Features*: - Three main types of places.Hotels,Restaurants and Bars.Find where t... Gratuit 11/2015
33288   Multiplication For Kids Multiplication For Kids Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Multiplication For Kids This Application Learn kids the Multiplication tables from 2 to 10and you can Test for each table separate or can make test for all tables يهدف التطبيق الى تعليم الاطفال جداول الضرب من ٢ الى ١٠ ويمكنك اختبار الطفل في كل جدول منفصل أو اختباره في جميع الجدو... Gratuit 11/2015
33289   Sphygmomanomètre Sphygmomanomètre Grand public Grand public Apps like Sphygmomanomètre Vous pouvez tromper vos amis en disant que la mesure de la pression artérielle... Gratuit 11/2015
33290   Zapya Air Hockey Zapya Air Hockey Grand public Grand public Apps like Zapya Air Hockey Join your friends in the latest action-packed game available on Zapya! Download the Zapya Ice Hockey add-on to challenge your friends to a match. Not only can you play ice hockey without leaving your chair, there is also no Wi-Fi or mobile data needed to ... Gratuit 11/2015
33291   Celebrity Salon Makeover Celebrity Salon Makeover Grand public Grand public Apps like Celebrity Salon Makeover Can you help these Celebrity? They need to be well dressed for go to the party! soothing spa treatment to make sure her hair and skin is clean and clear. Next, help her do her make up. Lastly pick out the perfect dress with jewelry to match!** Celebrity S... Gratuit 11/2015
33292   Delicious Spagetti Delicious Spagetti Grand public Grand public Apps like Delicious Spagetti Everybody knows about macaroni, pasta and noodles but spaghetti are even more fun!If you are passionate about food, you will love this cooking game.Become a master of the Italian cuisine by making the most delicious spaghetti ever. Go to supermarket and b... Gratuit 11/2015
33293   Princess Girl jeu de nettoyage Princess Girl jeu de nettoyage Grand public Grand public Apps like Princess Girl jeu de nettoyage Il est allé en vacances pour un week-end de la famille. Je suis seul à la maison plus. Très bien, très amusant d'être un parti. Je ai appelé tous mes amis. Parties sont belles. Nous nous sommes bien amusés. Je l'ai vu que la maison a fait l'objet désordre... Gratuit 11/2015
33294   Gust Riders Gust Riders Grand public Grand public Apps like Gust Riders These happy little creatures have found themselves in a pickle, and they need your help! Help guide the Gust Riders back to their home, but be sure not to hit anything, or they'll be knocked out of the sky! Each level becomes more challenging than the l... Gratuit 11/2015
33295   Castle Slayer Castle Slayer Grand public Grand public Apps like Castle Slayer Castle Slasher is an endless runner featuring classic 8 bit graphics and sound. You’ll play the role of the knight trying to make it through the castle overrun with monsters! Slay as many monsters as you can to score the most points, but be careful, as ... Gratuit 11/2015
33296   Escape Escape Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Escape Fun game that tests your memory. You must escape the maze of all, remembering every step you take and avoiding traps. You have a flashlight you can use only 3 times.Will you be able to finish all levels?- Easy to use, drag your finger in any direction to ... Gratuit 11/2015
33297   Radio Esmeralda Sucre Radio Esmeralda Sucre Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Radio Esmeralda Sucre Sistema de comunicaciones Esmeralda 103.6 FM y Canal 57 UHF - Tv Cable 34Kommunikationssystem Esmeralda 103,6 FM und UHF-Kanal 57 bis 34 Kabel-TV... Gratuit 11/2015
33298   Photon Photon Médecine Médecine Apps like Photon For you and your healthcare practice, Photon is three things:1. It's a technology company that connects hospitals to on-call specialists in real time.2. It's a communications company delivering a proprietary messaging platform that improves patient care a... Gratuit 11/2015
33299   Top Hindi News Top Hindi News Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Top Hindi News Top Hindi News is hindi news specially for Indians.Top Hindi Nouvelles est spécialement nouvelles hindi pour les Indiens.... Gratuit 11/2015
33300   KM Media Reading KM Media Reading Enseignement Enseignement Apps like KM Media Reading KM Media ReadingKM Media ReadingKM Media ReadingKM Media ReadingKM Media ReadingKM Media Reading... Gratuit 11/2015
33301   Island battle Island battle Arcade Arcade Apps like Island battle Ceci est une bataille pour l'île, de courage et de sagesse, vous devez vous concentrer pour gagner toute l'île.              Une tempête, tandis que plusieurs voilier délabrée coincé dans une île étrange, inconnu, mystère, de danger, vous devez envoyer vo... Gratuit 11/2015
33302   Notícias de Ribeirão Preto Notícias de Ribeirão Preto Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Notícias de Ribeirão Preto Aplicativo com notícias específicas para quem é de Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo.Sincronização com os principais sites de notícias: CBN Ribeirão Preto, Globo.com, Radar News e Tribuna Ribeirão. Assuntos em destaque:► Prefeito Dárcy Vera Recursos essenciais:► ... Gratuit 11/2015
33303   Speak To Fly Speak To Fly Action Action Apps like Speak To Fly this is a funny game.You must use sound to your birds can fly.The game will bring comfort to you.Now... Start game.... Gratuit 11/2015
33304   4 mots 1 intrus 4 mots 1 intrus Grand public Grand public Apps like 4 mots 1 intrus 4 mots 1 intrus, le jeu le plus simple!!! ... Gratuit 11/2015
33305   Stick Evolution Stick Evolution Arcade Arcade Apps like Stick Evolution Stick Evolution est un jeu addictif qui te montre une sélection naturelle dans le groupe de stickmen fermé dans une pièce. Aide ton stickman à évoluer vers la créature robuste, à battre d'autres stickmen pour muter et transformer.Guidez ton stickman, prou... Gratuit 11/2015
33306   Mini Car Circuit Mini Car Circuit Sports Sports Apps like Mini Car Circuit Awesome Racing Game To Play Cool Road and Maps To Discover You Need To Win Racings To Keep Forwarding and Upgrading Cars and Win Items.How To Play: Guide The Car By Moving The Phone In The Direction You Want To Go On The Game its Very easy and Simple To ... Gratuit 11/2015
33307   Basketball Amateur Shooter Basketball Amateur Shooter Sports Sports Apps like Basketball Amateur Shooter Cool Basketball Game Shooting Match Your Mission To Score Lot Of Goal Before The Time is Up and You need To Make Top Score.How To Play : Guide The Basket Player Shooter At The direction and Shoot It By Hold Press On The Screen.Refroidir tournage du jeu de... Gratuit 11/2015
33308   Sea High Jumper Sea High Jumper Aventure Aventure Apps like Sea High Jumper Sea High Jumper Game Is An Adventure Jumper Between Bars On Sea Trying To Escape From It As Soon As Possible Before He Touch The Grenades and Sharks on the sea.How To Play: Jump On The Game By Press On The Screen One Time and Hold Press Two Ti!mes To Make... Gratuit 11/2015
33309   勇者與萌獸 勇者與萌獸 Cartes Cartes Apps like 勇者與萌獸 ★★重溫感動回憶★★懷念小時候躲在房間裏偷偷玩遊戲的童年時光嗎?還記得那時候收集到珍貴道具的興奮心情嗎?現在,你可以再次回味,在勇者與萌獸的世界裡,尋找遺失的夢想與回憶。★★日系動漫風格★★日系動漫風格的遊戲畫面,配上經典的劇情,重新感受幻想世界の冒險再現每個萌獸的進化路程,它是你幻想世界的最佳夥伴 ★★成長進化之路★★成熟體,完全體,究極體,超究極體!你的萌獸,能進化到哪個級別?蒐集最全の萌獸,任意組合搭配,打造最強馴獸師!你不是一個人戰鬥!★★獨創精彩玩法★★經典的萌獸圖鑒系統,全新體驗的馴獸師爭霸,... Gratuit 11/2015
33310   Noël Différence de Trouvaille Noël Différence de Trouvaille Grand public Grand public Apps like Noël Différence de Trouvaille Jeu de Noël, 4 photos, mais une d'entre elles est différenteIl ya 4 noël photos identiques, mais l'un d'eux est différent. Jeu de réflexion amusant où vous devez deviner l'animal ou de deviner l'objet de noël ou de deviner le caractère noël etc. Ce qui es... Gratuit 11/2015
33311   Radios Afghanistan Free Radios Afghanistan Free Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Radios Afghanistan Free Afghanistan radios brings collection of your favorite radios and FM stations from Afghanistan , streaming LIVE on your android phone.Now enjoy listening to the online radio broadcasts and music from Afghanistan on your phone and with just a single touch, ... Gratuit 11/2015
33312   Polka Radio Polka Radio Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Polka Radio One of the Best collection of Polka Radio is here and its FREE !!. Polka Radio app brings collection of your favorite Polka Music and FM stations from streaming live on your android devices. Easily find and listen Polka Radio online music broadcast. Wher... Gratuit 11/2015
33313   wein.pur wein.pur Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like wein.pur Von Weinliebhabern für Weinliebhaber: Österreichs führendes, unabhängiges Weinmagazin wein.pur erscheint 6x jährlich und liefert Ihnen topaktuelle Winzer- und Gebietspräsentationen, Bewertungen und Verkostungsergebnisse. Der Schwerpunkt der Berichterstatt... Gratuit 11/2015
33314   REISEN epaper REISEN epaper Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like REISEN epaper Als österreichisches Magazin für Ausflug und Urlaub in Österreich, Europa und Übersee bietet REISEN einen Überblick über die spannendsten Freizeitideen. Das Besondere ist dabei der starke Österreich-Schwerpunkt.REISEN erscheint 4-mal im Jahr (März, Juni, ... Gratuit 11/2015
33315   versicherungsbetriebe versicherungsbetriebe Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like versicherungsbetriebe versicherungsbetriebe' – Fachzeitschrift für IT Entscheider in der AssekuranzDas Fachmagazin 'versicherungsbetriebe' greift die Probleme der Assekuranz auf und bietet kompetentaufbereitete Informationen zu den Themenschwerpunkten Informationstechnik, Mana... Gratuit 11/2015
33316   LebensmittelHandwerk LebensmittelHandwerk Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like LebensmittelHandwerk Das LebensmittelHandwerk ist DAS Fachmagazin für Bäcker, Konditoren, Fleischer, Müller, Nahrungs- und Genussmittelerzeuger, sowie für die Lebensmittelindustrie und „Gutes vom Bauernhof“ - Direktvermarkter. News und Produktvorstellungen, Reportagen, Interv... Gratuit 11/2015
33317   Key Account Key Account Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Key Account Key Acount ist Österreichs unabhängiges Branchenmagazin für den Lebensmittelhandel und die Markenartikel-Industrie. Wer Fakten über seinen Markt, Analysen, Sortiments-, und Vertriebsstrategien, neue Konzepte und Trends österreichischer und internationaler... Gratuit 11/2015
33318   GENUSS.pur GENUSS.pur Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like GENUSS.pur GENUSS ist unsere Mission: Das GENUSS.pur Magazin erscheint 6x jährlich und bringt die Neuigkeiten aus den Bereichen GENUSS (Essen, Trinken, Reisen), Käse, Bier und Fleisch zu Ihnen auf den Tisch. Saisonale, sowie authentische Produkte und Produzenten ste... Gratuit 11/2015
33319   geldinstitute geldinstitute Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like geldinstitute geldinstitute' – die Fachzeitschrift für IT-Entscheider in der Finanzwirtschaft berichtet über Bank-IT, Banktechnik und Organisation, Systeme und Mittel für die moderne Planung, Einrichtung und Organisation von Geldinstituten durch Vergleiche, Kostenunte... Gratuit 11/2015
33320   GÄRTNER+FLORIST epaper GÄRTNER+FLORIST epaper Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like GÄRTNER+FLORIST epaper GÄRTNER+FLORIST• Das größte unabhängige Fachmagazin für gärtnerische Produktion sowie Dienstleistung• Design- und Ideenplattform für Floristik• Sie erreichen regelmäßig ohne Streuverluste die Grüne Branche in Österreich• Viermal jährlich mit Bundeslandsch... Gratuit 11/2015
33321   Der Waldbauer Der Waldbauer Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Der Waldbauer "Der Waldbauer" erscheint vier Mal in Jahr und ist ein Fachmagazin für den Kleinwaldbesitzer. Dieser findet Marktinformationen und die aktuellen Techniktrends im Heft. "Der Waldbauer" kann einzelheftweise (2,99 €) oder im Abonnement (vier Ausgaben für 8,9... Gratuit 11/2015
33322   Xmas wallpapers HD Xmas wallpapers HD Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Xmas wallpapers HD Jingle bells! This means that it's time to holiday!Free Christmas wallpapers awaits you! The spirit of Christmas has always brought joy and happiness. So let the spirit of Christmas and now warms us and our hearts!Decorate your Christmas tree with toys an... Gratuit 11/2015
33323   Passion-Solo Theme Passion-Solo Theme Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Passion-Solo Theme The Passion theme with gorgeous UI is now available!★★★Brand new Passion style,5-STARS quality ★★★100+ Beautiful redesigned HD (144*144) icons ★★★HD Passion wallpapers! ★★★Totally FREE,with continuous update ★★★Design for you! If you really want some othe... Gratuit 11/2015
33324   Cars Live Wallpaper Cars Live Wallpaper Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Cars Live Wallpaper Autos Live Hintergrund bietet Ihnen Besten der Besten, wenn es um teure und hochwertige alte Autos geht. Genießen Sie einen atemberaubenden hochauflösende Bilder exklusiver Automobile und dekorieren Sie Ihre Smartphone-Bildschirm in den besten Weg! Die in... Gratuit 11/2015
33325   Red Maple Leaves in the Snow Red Maple Leaves in the Snow Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Red Maple Leaves in the Snow The wallpaper mainly describes a red maple leaf in the snow. In the winter season, a red maple leaf quietly in the snow, so eye-catching. The white snow red, not only make people think of the flames like autumn maple leaf, was so warm and bright.Cobo Them... Gratuit 11/2015
33326   Cool Battle Fighter Cool Battle Fighter Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Cool Battle Fighter I'm a military fan, hoping to make more military fans considering me.I afterward nonappearance to whole happening as a strategist, create more confrontation up weapons and make our country stronger, longer let auxiliary countries violated.I dream never as... Gratuit 11/2015
33327   Flappy Space Flappy Space Arcade Arcade Apps like Flappy Space le but et de passer entre les fusées sans les touchaient en appuyant sur l'écran, scoré un max!! a vous de joué !! (jeux créer a partir de construct 2 de Scirra )... Gratuit 11/2015
33328   GWC Vape Shop GWC Vape Shop Divertissement Divertissement Apps like GWC Vape Shop Download the App for GWC Vape Shop and breathe in the savings. A special download offer, loyalty bonuses, push notifications of special sales and a list of the most flavorful and innovative vape products on the market today. Scroll through and check out t... Gratuit 11/2015
33329   NASB North American Svgs Bk NASB North American Svgs Bk Finance Finance Apps like NASB North American Svgs Bk With this app, NASB customers can*:- Check account balances- View a statement of recent account transactions- Deposit checks directly through the app- Transfer money between accounts- Manage bills by scheduling, editing or cancelling payments- Find a loca... Gratuit 11/2015
33330   Choice Bank - Oshkosh,  WI Choice Bank - Oshkosh, WI Finance Finance Apps like Choice Bank - Oshkosh, WI Choice Bank’s Mobile Banking App provides 24-hour secure access to your accounts from anywhere! Use this App to:View Account Balances and Transactions – See balances for all of your Choice Bank deposit and loan accounts. Recent transaction history can ea... Gratuit 11/2015
33331   Security Bank USA Security Bank USA Finance Finance Apps like Security Bank USA Start Banking wherever you are with Security Bank USA! Available to all Security Bank USA online banking customers. Security Bank USA Mobile allows you to check balances, make transfers, pay bills, deposit checks and find locations.Available features incl... Gratuit 11/2015
33332   Harbor Federal CU Mobile Harbor Federal CU Mobile Finance Finance Apps like Harbor Federal CU Mobile Harbor Federal CU has gone Mobile.Can’t come to the branch? Take the branch with you. Our iPhone web-app gives users the ability to:- Check Balances- View Recent Transactions- Transfer Funds- Pay Bills to Existing Payees- Search for ATM LocationsThe syste... Gratuit 11/2015
33333   Croghan Colonial Bank Tablet Croghan Colonial Bank Tablet Finance Finance Apps like Croghan Colonial Bank Tablet Banking made easy with Croghan Colonial Bank Tablet. ... Gratuit 11/2015
33334   Mercatorcoin Wallet Mercatorcoin Wallet Finance Finance Apps like Mercatorcoin Wallet Mercatorcoin Wallet app with the following features:- Light weight- Multi coin support (XMC, BTC, LTC, Doge and many others)- QR Code scanner for easy transactions- Coinomi based Electrum Client- Secure device only key storage- Built in shapeshift coin co... Gratuit 11/2015
33335   UCB Banking for Tablet UCB Banking for Tablet Finance Finance Apps like UCB Banking for Tablet United Community Bank Mobile Banking gives you access to your accounts whenever and wherever you want from your mobile device. UCB Banking for Tablet is available to anyone currently enrolled for our Online Banking service.- View your current account bal... Gratuit 11/2015
33336   Security Bank USA for Tablet Security Bank USA for Tablet Finance Finance Apps like Security Bank USA for Tablet Start Banking wherever you are with Security Bank USA! Available to all Security Bank USA online banking customers. Security Bank USA Mobile allows you to check balances, make transfers, pay bills, deposit checks and find locations.Available features incl... Gratuit 11/2015
33337   Bill Adcock's Mortgage App Bill Adcock's Mortgage App Finance Finance Apps like Bill Adcock's Mortgage App Bill Adcock's mortgage mobile app provides tools for your mortgage.Features+ Mortgage Calculator+ Loan Finder+ Price Quote+ Mortgage Rate+ Share with your peer+ Form Resources+ Social site connectionWith this app, you could connect to Bill Adcock instantl... Gratuit 11/2015
33338   The First State Bank Tablet The First State Bank Tablet Finance Finance Apps like The First State Bank Tablet Banking is now at your fingertips with First Mobile Banking from The First State Bank. Download the app and you can view balances, items and make transfers on your The First State Bank checking and savings accounts. Use this app to find branch locations a... Gratuit 11/2015
33339   CNB Monett/Aurora Mobile CNB Monett/Aurora Mobile Finance Finance Apps like CNB Monett/Aurora Mobile CNB Monett/Aurora Mobile Banking by Community National Bank, allows you to bank on the go. It’s free to download and offers quick access for managing your bank accounts. Check your balances, pay bills, transfer money, and locate ATMs and banking centers w... Gratuit 11/2015
33340   HiLoToday HiLoToday Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like HiLoToday By making public your good and bad experiences with our community, you can join a group of people sharing the same interests and passions as yourself. You will be able to share each day two of your most significant experiences that illustrate specific act... Gratuit 11/2015
33341   Bogart Driver Bogart Driver Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Bogart Driver Bogart gives you the technology and tools to compete in the rideshare space. If you are a commercially licensed and insured driver, you can sign up with Bogart—no matter what type of car you operate. We can accommodate any type of driver in any size compa... Gratuit 11/2015
33342   Ely Cathedral Ely Cathedral Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Ely Cathedral This is the official mobile app guide to Ely Cathedral. ... Gratuit 11/2015
33343   q8_net_weather q8_net_weather Météo Météo Apps like q8_net_weather In this app you can find: About Us, تنبيهات, instagram, Twitter, sat24, رادار الامارات, أبوسعد, الانذار المبكر, رادار البرق, رادار الغبار, الحمل الحراري, رادار الكويت, foreca, المودل الاوروبي, المودل الامريكي, المودل الألماني, الرياح في جميع الطبقات, الرط... Gratuit 11/2015
33344   Bogart Bogart Outils Outils Apps like Bogart Bogart is the fastest most efficient way to get where you want to go with no surge pricing, ever! All drivers in the Bogart app are commercially licensed and insured and seasoned veterans in the transportation business, so they’ll get you where you need t... Gratuit 11/2015
33345   All Bangla Newspapers All Bangla Newspapers Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like All Bangla Newspapers This application contains all Bangladeshi Newspapers.You can read all Bangla newspapers, Bangladeshi English Newspapers,Bangladeshi Local newspapers, Kolkata Newspapers, Bangla & English sports news,Bangladeshi Online News Portal etc.Read Bangladeshi bang... Gratuit 11/2015
33346   Aquarius at Laughlin Aquarius at Laughlin Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Aquarius at Laughlin Plan Your Aquarius Getaway With This App. Use your phone or tablet to research and review information about our Laughlin, Nevada hotel. Check our amenities and services. Confirm your golf and spa plans, daytime river activities and dinner reservations. If... Gratuit 11/2015
33347   Om Arunachala Om Arunachala Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Om Arunachala OmArunachala is an universal application designed as an easy reminder for the important days of the Lord Shiva's sacred pilgrimage Thiruvannamalai. This application is created with the Lord's devotees and those who are interested in Hinduism or ancient In... Gratuit 11/2015
33348   Ubimmo Ubimmo Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Ubimmo Ubimmo le premier site de géolocation ! ... Gratuit 11/2015
33349   Bimi Boo Shapes and Colors Bimi Boo Shapes and Colors Jeux de société Jeux de société Apps like Bimi Boo Shapes and Colors Bimi Boo with you again! This time you will go to visit friends of Bimi Boo, who live in a treehouse. You will meet a sly cat, funny rabbit and cute squirrel. There is an exciting game in the house of your baby in which he can help to bring order, to plac... Gratuit 11/2015
33350   Tic Tac Toe Water World - Xvs0 Tic Tac Toe Water World - Xvs0 Jeux de société Jeux de société Apps like Tic Tac Toe Water World - Xvs0 Ported from the paper to the screen, this underwater version of Tic Tac Toe is here to help you relax.We are happy if our vision of Tic Tac Toe gets you to detach from the daily burdens even for a few minutes.By the way, did you know that Tic Tac Toe is a... 0.73€ 11/2015
33351   VERO—True Chess for 2 Players VERO—True Chess for 2 Players Jeux de société Jeux de société Apps like VERO—True Chess for 2 Players If you're looking for a new chess challenge and want to have fun with friends and family, then VERO Chess is the game for you. VERO Chess is played exactly like the classic game on your phone or tablet with the same rules and pieces, and yet different. Wh... 2.16€ 11/2015
33352   CIRCULA for KLWP CIRCULA for KLWP Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like CIRCULA for KLWP APPS NEEDED- Kustom Live Wallpaper Pro App - Nova LauncherCIRCULA theme set up- Nova Launcher = 3 pages, ***Optional- no dock, Status bar hidden Home screen (2nd page)- Apps, settings, camera- Social apps layer - What's app, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, In... 1.12€ 11/2015
33353   CMX - Klean Tek for KLWP CMX - Klean Tek for KLWP Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like CMX - Klean Tek for KLWP Clean/Minimal Hi-Tech Style ... 1.12€ 11/2015
33354   Magic Face C3-City Magic Face C3-City Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Magic Face C3-City This digital interactive watch face is one of the winners in the Watch Face Design Competition, which is held by Magic Watchface and Tencent. http://www.ui.cn/detail/55866.htmlFeatures:-Every number, letter and architecture is designed separately-6 preset... 1.12€ 11/2015
33355   NiteyNyte PRO Sleep, ASMR,  Rest NiteyNyte PRO Sleep, ASMR, Rest Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like NiteyNyte PRO Sleep, ASMR, Rest Nitey Nyte PRO is a great tool to help you with deep relaxation, stress relief, and fun for ASMR fans. With well over 250 soothing sounds, you're bound to find your special place to gently ease you to sleep, take you away to a foreign land, hear mom cooki... 1.12€ 11/2015
33356   Mr.Time : WhitePeony Mr.Time : WhitePeony Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Mr.Time : WhitePeony This watch is called 'White peony '.Mr.Time once had a first love of his life. He found himself stealing a bouquet of the bride, when he watched her smiling happily with other guy at her wedding.This watch is made of that white peony flower of the bouquet... 1.25€ 11/2015
33357   Gait Speed PT Gait Speed PT Médecine Médecine Apps like Gait Speed PT Gait Speed is a valid measure of walking confidence. Used by Physical Therapists, Physicians, and other Rehab Professionals to provide insight in a persons' gait ability. - Use external volume button to engage a dedicated timer while walking on a pre-meas... 1.12€ 11/2015
33358   CARE: NC Real Estate Exam PRO CARE: NC Real Estate Exam PRO Enseignement Enseignement Apps like CARE: NC Real Estate Exam PRO CARE: North Carolina Real Estate Exam PrepThe only app you need to help you fully prepare for your North Carolina real estate license exam! +With 600 State Exam Based Questions, English-to-Spanish Translations, Detailed Performance Grading/Explanations, V... 22.42€ 11/2015
33359   LiveStock Weights and Expenses LiveStock Weights and Expenses Enseignement Enseignement Apps like LiveStock Weights and Expenses Finally! An app for your smart phone or tablet that will help you monitor and manage the weight of your livestock, so when Fair Day comes, you are ready! This app will support Steers, Swine, Sheep and Goats and takes the guessing out of having your anima... 3.37€ 11/2015
33360   The Shade Forest The Shade Forest Action Action Apps like The Shade Forest TRY THE DEMO VERSION BEFORE YOU BUY!https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=shadeforestdemo.com.diefoxOh no! The Hipocritics gang have invaded the Shade Forest! It's up to Drag-Queen Superstar Amanda Sparks to put a halt in those evil-doers plan! Ju... 0.99€ 11/2015
33361   嫁つくディフェンス 嫁つくディフェンス Simulation Simulation Apps like 嫁つくディフェンス Defense games of that "get bride" appeared! We will defeat the enemy and set up a beautiful girl in the unit easy operation! ... 0.73€ 11/2015
33362   Thumbtack for Professionals Thumbtack for Professionals Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Thumbtack for Professionals The Thumbtack for Professionals app helps busy pros stay on top of incoming customer requests. Get push notifications instantly alerting you of new requests and messages. Then, easily view key details and send quotes for the jobs that are a great fit for ... Gratuit 11/2015
33363   NOGGIN Watch Kids TV Shows NOGGIN Watch Kids TV Shows Enseignement Enseignement Apps like NOGGIN Watch Kids TV Shows NOGGIN is a video service for preschoolers. Start your 7-day FREE trial today! Subscribe and your kids can watch an expanding library of hundreds of episodes of quality preschool TV shows, including Gullah Gullah Island, Little Bear, Franklin and Friends,... Gratuit 11/2015
33364   Antyz Antyz Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Antyz « ANTYZ, l’odyssée du temps » est un jeu d’aventure et de réflexion. Aidez les fourmis à survivre une ère glaciaire et remontez l’Histoire en vous frayant un chemin vers le centre de la terre.Vous contrôlez une fourmi éclaireuse qui doit creuser un chemin... Gratuit 11/2015
33365   Magic Mermaid Salon Magic Mermaid Salon Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Magic Mermaid Salon Tonight the young mermaid girls all around the kingdom are invited to attend the mermaid king's birthday prom! Biggest event of the year in this under water magic world!You, my little mermaid princess, are invited too! You must start to do hair and make-u... Gratuit 11/2015
33366   Kinder Wildtier Zoo -Lernspiel Kinder Wildtier Zoo -Lernspiel Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Kinder Wildtier Zoo -Lernspiel ### Worum geht es bei der APP?Du kennst sicher die Tierstimmen von Affen und Löwen, aber kennst du auch die Stimmen von Wildtieren, wie Eichhörnchen, Igel, Elch und Grizzlybär? Wenn nicht, dann wird sich das mit unserer APP spielend ändern. Kinder Wildtie... 2.94€ 11/2015
33367   Ubongo - Puzzle Challenge Ubongo - Puzzle Challenge Jeux de société Jeux de société Apps like Ubongo - Puzzle Challenge Fast-paced, addictive, and easy to learn – this puzzle game will challenge your brain!Sprint to solve a puzzle of interlocking shapes. The faster you solve the puzzle, the more jewels you will get. Improve your visual thinking in 3 different single-playe... 2.99€ 11/2015
33368   Music Cutter -Easy Use,  No ADS Music Cutter -Easy Use, No ADS Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Music Cutter -Easy Use, No ADS Support MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR Audio formats.Make your own MP3 music rington fast and easy with this app. You can even record a live audio and this MP3 editor can edit and trim the best parts from it. Supports MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR and most other music formats.... 0.73€ 11/2015
33369   Get Rich! Hypnose Get Rich! Hypnose Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Get Rich! Hypnose **For the moment this program is only available in German language! An English version will follow soon!**+++Bitte achten Sie darauf, die App nur mit einer WLAN-Verbindung zu installieren, es geht nicht über die Flatrate innerhalb des Gerätes selber+++ GE... 1.80€ 11/2015
33370   Woodford App 2015 Woodford App 2015 Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Woodford App 2015 Enhance your Woodford experience for less than the price of a cup of chai or a Byron Bay doughnut.* Never miss a favourite show again with the new notifications feature, * Plan your "My Programme" festival experience with the 3 different highlighters, and... 2.39€ 11/2015
33371   Réparez mon camion FREE Réparez mon camion FREE Grand public Grand public Apps like Réparez mon camion FREE Abattez, fixer, moduler, construire, réparer et améliorer entièrement un merveilleux camion de ramassage en installant les meilleures pièces de rechange et accessoires de performance dans ce tout-terrain d'aventure (4x4) et simulateur mécanique 3D! Ensuit... Gratuit 11/2015
33372   TouchPal Origami Yellow Theme TouchPal Origami Yellow Theme Professionnel Professionnel Apps like TouchPal Origami Yellow Theme TouchPal Origami Yellow Keyboard Theme will bring your keyboard & text input a real new look & feel. Check this FREE personalized design for your TouchPal Keyboard right now!★ Notice ★-To activate the TouchPal Origami Yellow Keyboard theme, you need Touch... Gratuit 11/2015
33373   Umzug-Spedition Bechstädt Umzug-Spedition Bechstädt Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Umzug-Spedition Bechstädt Holen Sie sich unsere offizielle Umzug-Spedition Bechstädt App! Informieren Sie sich mobil über unser Unternehmen und stehen Sie immer in direktem Kontakt zu uns. Sie sind mobil - und wir sind es ab sofort für Sie auch!Recevez notre déménagement-forwardin... Gratuit 11/2015
33374   Italian Albanian dictionary Italian Albanian dictionary Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Italian Albanian dictionary This is Italian - Albanian dictionary (Fjalor Italisht - Shqip). The dictionary works offline, search is very fast, and the application has online social features. Dictionary database will be downloaded when you run the application the first time. To get ... Gratuit 11/2015
33375   JW Biblioteca Online JW Biblioteca Online Livres et références Livres et références Apps like JW Biblioteca Online Accede fácilmente a la Biblioteca En Linea de jw.org.Accéder facilement à la bibliothèque jw.org ligne.... Gratuit 11/2015
33376   FS starter FS starter Livres et références Livres et références Apps like FS starter FS Starter offre une variété d'informations nécessaires pour le vol. ... Gratuit 11/2015
33377   El Conflicto de los Siglos El Conflicto de los Siglos Livres et références Livres et références Apps like El Conflicto de los Siglos Esta gran obra literaria es una pieza clave para entender el gran conflicto que vive este planeta tierra desde que fue creado por Dios. Su autora, Elena G. de White es una mujer que ha escrito muchos libros para estos últimos tiempos relacionados a la vid... Gratuit 11/2015
33378   Horizon Chase - World Tour Horizon Chase - World Tour Jeux de courses Jeux de courses Apps like Horizon Chase - World Tour ❤ "Jeux mobile du Top10 de l'année !" - Stuff Awards 2015Horizon Chase est un jeu de course automobile inspiré dans des grands succès des années 80 et 90: Out Run, Lotus Turbo Challenge, Top Gear (SNES), Rush, et d'autres. Dans chaque courbe et chaque tou... Gratuit 11/2015
33379   Hillary Hillary Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Hillary Je suis Hillary des Ch'tis de la télé réalité les Ch'tis sur W9 ... Gratuit 11/2015
33380   UCB Banking UCB Banking Finance Finance Apps like UCB Banking United Community Bank Mobile Banking gives you access to your accounts whenever and wherever you want from your mobile device. UCB Banking is available to anyone currently enrolled for our Online Banking service.- View your current account balances- View... Gratuit 11/2015
33381   Jonesburg State Bank Mobile Jonesburg State Bank Mobile Finance Finance Apps like Jonesburg State Bank Mobile Jonesburg State Bank Mobile Banking is a mobile banking solution that enables bank customers to use their mobile device to initiate routine transactions and conduct research anytime, from anywhere. Customers can view account balances and transaction hist... Gratuit 11/2015
33382   Talmer Bank Business Mobile Talmer Bank Business Mobile Finance Finance Apps like Talmer Bank Business Mobile Simple. Sensible. Straightforward. The Talmer Bank Business Mobile Banking App lets you safely access your business online banking accounts. Manage Your Accounts: • Check business account balances • View recent transactions, including check image... Gratuit 11/2015
33383   Pittsburgh Central FCU Pittsburgh Central FCU Finance Finance Apps like Pittsburgh Central FCU Life is always moving, so take Pittsburgh Central with you! With our Pittsburgh Central mobile app, you can check balances, view transaction history, transfer funds, pay loans, and keep moving.Features:- Check Balances- View Transaction History- Transfer ... Gratuit 11/2015
33384   FNB USA Mobile FNB USA Mobile Finance Finance Apps like FNB USA Mobile You can securely take your bank with you and access information where ever you are located. The many features are listed below:- Account Balances- Recent Transactions- Bill Payment (must be a current user of bill pay product)- Deposit Checks from offsite... Gratuit 11/2015
33385   Fleur Douce Splash Garden Fleur Douce Splash Garden Arcade Arcade Apps like Fleur Douce Splash Garden Fleur Douce Splash Garden ManiaPréparez-vous pour le temps doux Blossom Splash Garden Mania !! Démarrer une résolution de Puzzle Quest fun-tastic, Il es tonnes de surprises pour vous faire découvrir. Allez dans cette étonnamment savoureuse monde Fleur Dou... Gratuit 11/2015
33386   Pilote grande cité Bus Tourist Pilote grande cité Bus Tourist Simulation Simulation Apps like Pilote grande cité Bus Tourist Conduire des autobus NextGen et obtenir la vraie expérience de conduite de bus dans un environnement de ville gigantesque. Jouer pilote Grand City Bus touristique, pour prendre des passagers de différents arrêts sur la route et de les conduire dans les ru... Gratuit 11/2015
33387   Mon Magasin de Tricot Mon Magasin de Tricot Grand public Grand public Apps like Mon Magasin de Tricot > Gère ta propre boutique de tricot avec les filles les plus tendance de la ville ! C’est la meilleure boutique du coin !> Tricote et couds les plus beaux vêtements, poupées et plus encore ! Exhibe ton talent !> Habille tes clients, et ensuite participe a... Gratuit 11/2015
33388   Fashion Empire - Boutique Sim Fashion Empire - Boutique Sim Jeux de rôles Jeux de rôles Apps like Fashion Empire - Boutique Sim Express yourself and become a style maven in the #1 boutique simulation game! You can play Fashion Empire even while offline and best of all, it’s free to play. The game is simple to learn with plenty of fabulous, creative gameplay: - HOT FASHIONS to se... Gratuit 11/2015
33389   Super Picsou Géant Super Picsou Géant Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Super Picsou Géant Magazine 100 % BD, jeux et gags, SUPER PICSOU GEANT offre à ses lecteurs des heures de détente et de rire. Donald, Picsou et leurs neveux se retrouvent dans des aventures toujours rocambolesques qui font la joie des jeunes lecteurs et des plus grands. Les... Gratuit 11/2015
33390   Buffre Course For Reason Buffre Course For Reason Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Buffre Course For Reason G.W. Childs is back “beating up the beats” with Buffre, the Propellerhead's in-house Rack Extension. See how this live performance plugin stutters, glitches and destroys any audio in its path in this brutally deep, 22-tutorial course...App Features:• 58 m... 10.13€ 11/2015
33391   Anglais Médical - MosaLingua Anglais Médical - MosaLingua Médecine Médecine Apps like Anglais Médical - MosaLingua ★ Promo de lancement: -60% (pendant seulement quelques jours) ★ Vous allez apprendre l’anglais médical rapidement, de manière simple et efficace!Cette méthode, complète et structurée, aidera aussi bien les professionnels de la santé que les patients à fai... 9.99€ 11/2015
33392   Final Cut: Homage CE (Full) Final Cut: Homage CE (Full) Grand public Grand public Apps like Final Cut: Homage CE (Full) Einmal zahlen und für immer spielen! Keine In-App-Käufe!Ein Serienmörder, der sich selbst den Namen „Der Direktor“ gegeben hat, versucht das Lebenswerk Deines Vaters mit seinem eigenen Meisterwerk zu zerstören und hat Dich für die Hauptrolle auserwählt. R... 5.63€ 11/2015
33393   Last Rush Last Rush Arcade Arcade Apps like Last Rush On the gas planet U3-298 is the object of many studies and treasure of chemical elements occurred inexplicable reaction with atmospheric perturbation planet began to increase in size by absorbing all the space stations in orbit.You are one of the employee... 1.00€ 11/2015
33394   Ausgaben - Die „Ausgaben“ App Ausgaben - Die „Ausgaben“ App Finance Finance Apps like Ausgaben - Die „Ausgaben“ App Finanzen schnell, einfach und intuitiv erfassen?Mit „Ausgaben“ ist dies kein Problem mehr!Mit unserer Ausgaben App haben Sie alle Finanzen auf einem Blick.Sie haben tägliche oder wiederkehrende Ausgaben?Gar kein Problem. Erstellen Sie Einzelbuchungen wie ... 1.99€ 11/2015
33395   Stop Tinnitus! Hypnose Stop Tinnitus! Hypnose Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Stop Tinnitus! Hypnose **For the moment this program is only available in German language! An English version will follow soon!**+++Bitte achten Sie darauf, die App nur mit einer WLAN-Verbindung zu installieren, es geht nicht über die Flatrate innerhalb des Gerätes selber+++ ST... 2.71€ 11/2015
33396   Cute Flowers Gear Fit Clock Cute Flowers Gear Fit Clock Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Cute Flowers Gear Fit Clock Add a charming feminine touch to your Gear fit with new Cute Flowers Gear Fit Clock. Select 12- or 24-hours time and freely switch between 6 cute themes.This Clock application is compatible with Samsung Gear Fit that is connected to Gear Fit Manager.Chec... 0.78€ 11/2015
33397   Sea World Shark 3d Lwp Sea World Shark 3d Lwp Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Sea World Shark 3d Lwp The best animated live wallpaper underwater of sharks, with great performance and graphics, with different camera animations and configuration options like:Use device time to change time of dayShow date, time, battery and a personalized textChange scene a... 1.08€ 11/2015
33398   TouckWiz - CM 13 / 12.1 / 12 TouckWiz - CM 13 / 12.1 / 12 Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like TouckWiz - CM 13 / 12.1 / 12 Theme inspired to a popular Android interface, with a range of colors very attractive.FEATURES• 2 great wallpapers, one for home and the other for lockscreen;• Applicable on CyanogenMod and on all ROMs with Theme Engine;• Official bootanimation;• Ringtone... 0.84€ 11/2015
33399   Ncept-Android N icon pack Ncept-Android N icon pack Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Ncept-Android N icon pack Idea Here is not just to make an icon pack but icons that you will spend a lot of time with .We think Android would look much cooler if all icons are uniformly shaped.★Features First ever Intelligent ICON MASKING ALGORITHM . ★ Currently We have Over 3K ic... 2.04€ 11/2015
33400   Parkour - Layers Theme Parkour - Layers Theme Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Parkour - Layers Theme This theme is based on a beutiful sport called Parkour. I'm a big fan of this sport and so i want to create something that resembled the movements of those who practise it. I made settings icons and navbar icons with vector man in different positions. Can... 1.08€ 11/2015

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