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35001   Oosh Oosh Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Oosh In September 2011, Suzie and Kiwi purchased a building in Woodville, fondly renaming the town ‘Holly Woodville’. Opening the same brand of shops and replicating the Shannon business model. Suzie has written and self published “The Book”, a light hearted l... Gratuit 11/2015
35002   Adele: Hello Lyrics Adele: Hello Lyrics Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Adele: Hello Lyrics Hello LyricsBy: AdeleBonjour LyricsPar: Adele... Gratuit 11/2015
35003   NLP For Teachers NLP For Teachers Enseignement Enseignement Apps like NLP For Teachers NLP is an innovative tool to explore excellence at what ever you do. The power of excellence and quality at workplace is achieved via the utility of the NLP practices. This app allows a framework to discover the inner power to perfection particularly for ... Gratuit 11/2015
35004   Shindig Shindig Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Shindig Shindig helps you discover events around you. You can follow the users you like and star events to bookmark them for later. Follow venues, bands, clubs, organizations, comedians, promoters, sponsors, and more! This app requires Facebook. All events and ... Gratuit 11/2015
35005   Mika-GPmanager Mika-GPmanager Stratégie Stratégie Apps like Mika-GPmanager Manage dein eigenes Rennteam, Gewinne alle Rennen, verwalte Fahrer und Mitarbeiter und entwickle deinen Boliden nach deinen Wünschen.Hast du das Zeug zum Top-Manager? Features:• Fahre eine Rennsaison nach der anderen• Messe dich in weiteren Events mit and... Gratuit 11/2015
35006   Fast Motu Fast Patlu Fast Motu Fast Patlu Aventure Aventure Apps like Fast Motu Fast Patlu In Fast Motu Fast Patlu, you control toon Motu & Patlu to eat as many power samosa as possible!Fast Motu Fast Patlu is a fun adventure game that will provide enjoyment and excitement through an adventure! So get Fast Motu Fast Patlu for FREE now!!!How to ... Gratuit 11/2015
35007   Uninvited Space Guests Uninvited Space Guests Action Action Apps like Uninvited Space Guests Earth has some uninvited space guests and it's up to you to repel the oncoming invasion in this classic arcade styled shoot 'em up. Harness 3 unique abilities: barrel rolls, time slows, and flame dash to save earth in this intense scrolling shooter experi... Gratuit 11/2015
35008   Granny Angry Run Cool Granny Angry Run Cool Aventure Aventure Apps like Granny Angry Run Cool Granny Angry Run CoolWelcome to Granny Angry Run Cool. Run, jump, dash and slide over and around tons of different and wacky obstacles in this crazy new endless running game! RUN as fast as you can through an ever-changing handcrafted world Help Granny ... Gratuit 11/2015
35009   MarsCraft Adventures MarsCraft Adventures Aventure Aventure Apps like MarsCraft Adventures Commence une nouvelle aventure passionnante dans un espace vide, où vous utilisez tous vos esprits et de compétences pour survivre à ce défi. Caractéristiques du jeu:- Horloge dynamique, le temps passe mais pas vraiment jouer.- La météo variable, mais pas... Gratuit 11/2015
35010   Angry Herobrine Return Angry Herobrine Return Aventure Aventure Apps like Angry Herobrine Return The Herobrine legacy has return. He is so angry like never before.Can you escape from the chasing and haunt of Herobrine?Angry Herobrine Return is a horror game where you must escape from cursed city of herobrine.Not a simple task, you must get all clues ... Gratuit 11/2015
35011   Block Craft (Early Access) Block Craft (Early Access) Aventure Aventure Apps like Block Craft (Early Access) - Dirt & Grass- Trees - 2 types- Hills- Seamless world... Gratuit 11/2015
35012   Halloween Running Boy Halloween Running Boy Aventure Aventure Apps like Halloween Running Boy "Halloween Running Boy" may be a super journey and legendary halloween platformer game!a fun running and jumping game with over 100+ jaw-dropping levels with increasing issue.***Features***1. faucet the screen to form boy jump.2. Collect candy while not b... Gratuit 11/2015
35013   Ninja Run Global Adventure Ninja Run Global Adventure Aventure Aventure Apps like Ninja Run Global Adventure Ninja Run Global AdventureWelcome to Ninja Run Global Adventure. Run, jump, dash and slide over and around tons of different and wacky obstacles in this crazy new endless running game! RUN as fast as you can through an ever-changing handcrafted world Hel... Gratuit 11/2015
35014   Spin Blade Spin Blade Arcade Arcade Apps like Spin Blade The most addictive game be spinning with your battle Spin blade around stadiums and try to knock your ‎opponents down before your top stops will you put the bulk head and it will make you click on replay for hours. Once you have tried this fantastic arcad... Gratuit 11/2015
35015   Balloon Popper Balloon Popper Arcade Arcade Apps like Balloon Popper The classic arcade-like game with a fun-to-play interface is set to the users pace. The faster you go, the faster the balloons will come at you! Pop as many balloons as you can in twenty seconds, and if you hit a bird or the background, you're out!Destro... Gratuit 11/2015
35016   super gum smart ball super gum smart ball Arcade Arcade Apps like super gum smart ball help gumball pleae like super gum smart ball to Run is amazing runing game jumpingJoin gumball and help him in this side scrolling adventure through challenging levels of running and jumping in jungle Easy to play just touch the screen to jump and touch q... Gratuit 11/2015
35017   Steel Falcon Steel Falcon Arcade Arcade Apps like Steel Falcon Steel Falcon is the first aircraft gamativ shooter game, consists of 5 character planes ready to storm the insects troops !!!Steel Falcon is the first aircraft gamativ shooter game, consists of 5 characters planes ready to storm the insects troops !!!... Gratuit 11/2015
35018   Girl the Yoma Hunter Girl the Yoma Hunter Arcade Arcade Apps like Girl the Yoma Hunter Long time ago, there were another race 'Yoma' in this world.Yomas did too bad to human. so old fairy has captured whole of Yomas and imprison.but the lock of prison gonna be weak cause many waste make earth pollute.Yomas put the waste on and haunting on e... Gratuit 11/2015
35019   全民象棋 全民象棋 Jeux de société Jeux de société Apps like 全民象棋 棋盘桌上尽风流,厮杀几曾休?妙手连珠,滴水不漏,谈笑写春秋。棋子红黑两分明,却在混浊中。阴风阵阵,杀气重重,逐鹿谁为雄?简简单单的中国象棋,其中却包含着太极阴阳相剋,无限裂变的道理。游戏简介: 全民象棋游戏是一款富含中国风的纯策略型棋类游戏,游戏界面立体逼真,精美棋盘上的木质纹路若隐若现、相对而立的“楚河”与“汉界”、立体化的棋子和按钮,给喜欢中国象棋的玩家们带来了最真实的游戏体验,下棋双方根据自己对棋局形式的理解和对棋艺规律的掌握,调动车马,组织兵力,协调作战。而且它容易上手,老少皆宜,而且趣味... Gratuit 11/2015
35020   Houdini Slots Houdini Slots Casino Casino Apps like Houdini Slots Houdini, escape artist and magician will attempt to escape from a wooden crate – while playing slots. The tricky part is this – the crate will be under water! Get MEGA WINS and FREE SPINS! Download and play NOW!Game Features ► Mysterious MEGA wins!► 20 Re... Gratuit 11/2015
35021   Slots Casino tropicales Slots Casino tropicales Casino Casino Apps like Slots Casino tropicales La dernière application de jeu de casino est ici! La chance de gagner de gros points et de gagner de gros jackpots en jouant en direct - Slots Casino Tropical! Ce casino Slots est plus amusant que vous attendiez le charbon. Couplez petits poissons, gros p... Gratuit 11/2015
35022   Super Jackpot 777 Frenzy Slots Super Jackpot 777 Frenzy Slots Casino Casino Apps like Super Jackpot 777 Frenzy Slots If you are fond of casino games like slots, roulette, etc, then you are on the right place. Try your luck to win the super jackpots.Enjoy multiple Slot machines in a single game. Super fantastic graphics and awesome music will give you the real feel of so... Gratuit 11/2015
35023   Easy AssistiveTouch(OS9 Style) Easy AssistiveTouch(OS9 Style) Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Easy AssistiveTouch(OS9 Style) EasyTouch iOS 9 style is an app to protect your HOME BUTTON on your phone anf quick access.Easytouch with IOS 9 style is always hover on Screen of mobile android. Easy access all setting with one touch on Homes like iphone 6s assistive touch. Smooth and v... Gratuit 11/2015
35024   Đấu trí với học sinh lớp 5 Đấu trí với học sinh lớp 5 Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Đấu trí với học sinh lớp 5 Game show Đấu trí với học sinh lớp 5. Bạn có chắc mình thông minh hơn học sinh lớp 5?Game show Ai thông minh hơn học sinh lớp 5? Tựa game show thử thách bản than với kiến thức lớp 5. Bạn chắc chắn mình vượt qua được 11 câu hỏi chưa? Bạn vượt qua chứng tỏ ... Gratuit 11/2015
35025   Pixel Mario Adventure Pixel Mario Adventure Grand public Grand public Apps like Pixel Mario Adventure You will play as a hero, rescue the princess of an island which is arrested by a dark sorcerer. During the journey, you will have to overcome many different challenges:* 30+ awesome level* 4 mysterious land* 20 challenging enemies to fight with and Mont... Gratuit 11/2015
35026   Yakut ABC free version Yakut ABC free version Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Yakut ABC free version Обучающее приложение Якутского Букваря.Содержанием 40 букв и 4 дифтонга с звуковыми иллюстрационными сопровождениями. Без возрастных ограниченийLearning applications Yakut Primer.The content of the 40 letters and 4 diphthong sound with illustrative a... Gratuit 11/2015
35027   QLA Tracking QLA Tracking Productivité Productivité Apps like QLA Tracking Since its inception on January 10,2005, Quick Link Aviation Services has sustained its position as a vibrant and reliable player in the aviation sector globally. This has been demonstrated through the provision of distinctive and innovative services. Orig... Gratuit 11/2015
35028   UA Tracking UA Tracking Productivité Productivité Apps like UA Tracking With a fleet of A300-600 freighters Unique Air offers reliable and exquisite services to suit your requirement.Unique Air is a cargo airline specialising in airfreight solutions across a dense network of Middle Eastern and CIS destinations. Founded in 201... Gratuit 11/2015
35029   RUS Aviation Tracking RUS Aviation Tracking Productivité Productivité Apps like RUS Aviation Tracking RUS Aviation is an all cargo airline based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. It operates scheduled and charter cargo flights to Afghanistan, Iraq, UAE. Its main base is Sharjah International Airport. RUS Aviation is one of the biggest IL76 & AN12 operator... Gratuit 11/2015
35030   GCM Tracking GCM Tracking Productivité Productivité Apps like GCM Tracking As the pioneer of a new generation of freight service providers, Global Cargo Management (GCM) is leading the way to better service in the airfreight industry. We see ourselves not as traditional service providers, but as your competent expert and partner... Gratuit 11/2015
35031   Bible Memory Bible Memory Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Bible Memory Exercise your memory and have fun with this Bible themed memory game.How to Play • Match pairs of cards by tapping on them. (Turn over pairs of matching cards by tapping on them) Features • Different levels of difficulty• Different categories of Bible ... Gratuit 11/2015
35032   Candy Clash Legend Candy Clash Legend Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Candy Clash Legend Candy Clash Legend features:● Clash of the candy to advance along the candy track for special surprises! ● Tasty cute candy graphics that will suprise your taste. ● Rechargeable boosters, extra moves and special power-ups to help with those challenging le... Gratuit 11/2015
35033   Highway Speed Chase Free Highway Speed Chase Free Jeux de courses Jeux de courses Apps like Highway Speed Chase Free Help the cop weed off all the highway speeders.30331aa641 ... Gratuit 11/2015
35034   Dubaï Jeep Drift:Desert Légend Dubaï Jeep Drift:Desert Légend Simulation Simulation Apps like Dubaï Jeep Drift:Desert Légend Bienvenue à Dubai Desert. Voici beaucoup de plaisir là-bas dans le désert, Beaucoup de jeeps et tout le désert de conduire pour. Découvrez la passionnante fou dans le désert du Sahara plus beau désert du monde. Tentez votre chance et a félicité la légende... Gratuit 11/2015
35035   HFHS PS Approvals HFHS PS Approvals Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like HFHS PS Approvals Henry Ford Health System PS Approvals gives employees the ability to Approve, Deny and Send Back the Expense Reports or ePro Requisition requests.Line details and Accounting ChartFields details are also available on the transactions.Henry Ford Health syst... Gratuit 11/2015
35036   IXL Health and Fitness IXL Health and Fitness Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like IXL Health and Fitness The IXL Health and Fitness provides class schedules, social media platform, creation of goals and participation in club challenges. Our app will also allow you to link many of the popular fitness tracking devices and fitness apps on the market.Le IXL Sant... Gratuit 11/2015
35037   YMCA of Central Kentucky YMCA of Central Kentucky Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like YMCA of Central Kentucky The app contains exercise schedules, aquatics schedules, programs & events information, and sports field status.EXERCISE SCHEDULES* Have a class in mind? Search class times based on your class name. * Find a list of classes, instructors, descriptions, and... Gratuit 11/2015
35038   remise en forme haut remise en forme haut Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like remise en forme haut Maintenant, les gens âgés et les hauts peuvent également ne exercer et à surmonter leurs douleurs . Il vous guide sur la façon de récupérer de différentes douleurs parties du corps . Il contient également des routines d'exercices quotidiens, qui si vous s... Gratuit 11/2015
35039   Asesor Bellapp Asesor Bellapp Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Asesor Bellapp Aplicación para nuestros aliados asesores que prestan servicio en centros de belleza. podrán recibir las reservas de sus clientes. Podrán ver sus agendas, aceptar o cancelar citas, ver la información detallada del día, hora y servicio que solicitan sus cl... Gratuit 11/2015
35040   Xmod Exercise Timer Xmod Exercise Timer Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Xmod Exercise Timer Exercise Timer is the ultimate fitness companion for any of your gym or home workouts. This is your perfect interval timer. Customize your workout to include:+ Workout+ Interval period+ Rest period You can add as many exercises/sessions as you wish to you... Gratuit 11/2015
35041   Pear Calm Pear Calm Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Pear Calm Pear Calm is an app that combines elements of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy techniques that can help you release your current stress and improve your resilience for future stressful situations. The human brain ... Gratuit 11/2015
35042   Crack The Lock Crack The Lock Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Crack The Lock Préparez vos doigts pour casser plusieurs serrures dans un jeu Crack The Lock - Clever Breaker !Le but de chaque niveau est de casser la serrure.- regardez le point rouge qui bouge dans le moment quand il croise la flèche, cliquez sur la zone d'écran de v... Gratuit 11/2015
35043   Smart Bunny Catcher - Foxy 3D Smart Bunny Catcher - Foxy 3D Arcade Arcade Apps like Smart Bunny Catcher - Foxy 3D Smart Bunny Catcher - Foxy 3D c'est jeu de plateforme à propos d'animaux mignons - des lapins et des renards !- Saute d'un plateforme à l'autre- Attrape des lapins avec le filet- Essaie de ne pas tomber- Reçois autant de point que possible Dans Smart Bunn... Gratuit 11/2015
35044   Raid Des Vikings - Up-Helly-Аa Raid Des Vikings - Up-Helly-Аa Aventure Aventure Apps like Raid Des Vikings - Up-Helly-Аa Commandez la bande de vikings pillards et pirate les îles de du quartier. Raid Des Vikings - Jeu Up-Helly-Аa - devenez un chef de guerre impitoyable et habile!1. dirigez votre bateau de viking!2. pillez les îles!3. barbotez les tous!4. Soyez vite ou soyez... Gratuit 11/2015
35045   idm download manager pro idm download manager pro Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like idm download manager pro YOU CAN'T DOWNLOAD VIDEOS FROM YOUTUBE, VIMEO DUE TO THEIR TERMS OF SERVICE.IDM Download Manager PRO can quickly download any types of files to your phone . It automatically detects links from the Web browser, so you do not need to copy and paste them in ... Gratuit 11/2015
35046   Video Collage Maker Video Collage Maker Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like Video Collage Maker Video Collage Maker You add multiple video in single frame also you add all this video in frame style. You add one, two, three or more video. Also you play all this video at a time. Video Collage Maker applications through you convert your photo or imag... Gratuit 11/2015
35047   WSHC Shepherd University Radio WSHC Shepherd University Radio Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like WSHC Shepherd University Radio Listen live to WSHC 89.7 FM. Your voice of Shepherd University. Download your favorite shows podcasts. Find great deals from our sponsors. Upload your pics converse with other users, share your thought about WSHC... Gratuit 11/2015
35048   Lyrics For Bajirao Mastani Lyrics For Bajirao Mastani Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Lyrics For Bajirao Mastani "Bajirao Mastani" is the latest Bollywood Blockbuster, starring "Ranveer Singh" and "Deepika Padukone" in lead roles. The possible release date of the movie is December 12, 2015. This is an application for Lyrics for the songs of "Bajirao Mastani""Bajirao... Gratuit 11/2015
35049   British Recipe British Recipe Style de vie Style de vie Apps like British Recipe All rescipes in the application;* Crunchy chicken pieces with a herby yoghurt dip* Humble chicken stew & dumplings* Pork belly roast* Christmas pudding spoons* Sausage rolls* Sausages with pan cooked chutney and leek mash* The best roast turkey - Christma... Gratuit 11/2015
35050   Vegan Recipes Vegan Recipes Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Vegan Recipes All rescipes in the application;* Vegan beetroot Carpaccio* Michela Chiappa’s zucchini salad* Curry base sauce* Smoky mixed-potato wedges* Incredible homemade strawberry jam* Vegan bread & butter pudding* Basic bread recipe* Briam* Lemon rice* Garden glut... Gratuit 11/2015
35051   Vegetables Recipes Vegetables Recipes Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Vegetables Recipes All rescipes in the application;* Italian roast vegetable and farro salad* Superb squash soup with the best Parmesan croutons* Vegan gravy* Gorditas & salsa* Green veggies with flavoured butter* Helen’s avocado & peas with mashed potato* Humble home-cooke... Gratuit 11/2015
35052   Naat and Qawali Naat and Qawali Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like Naat and Qawali Naat and Qawali app is a gift for all those people who loved to listen naats and qawali's on their mobile phone. This is a simple and easy to use app. In main page you just need to select which person's naat or qawali you want to listen. Next all naat and... Gratuit 11/2015
35053   SFD Mobile App SFD Mobile App Médecine Médecine Apps like SFD Mobile App SFD Mobile provides easy access to protocols for personnel with smartphones.SFD Mobile fournit un accès facile à des protocoles pour le personnel avec les smartphones.... Gratuit 11/2015
35054   JFK Memorial JFK Memorial Médecine Médecine Apps like JFK Memorial The John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital mobile app is a one-stop source for the latest health and wellness resources from Indio, California.• Emergency Room check-in online• Find a physician• Patient portal• Social media access• ... Gratuit 11/2015
35055   wepa - Bye Anxiety wepa - Bye Anxiety Médecine Médecine Apps like wepa - Bye Anxiety This app is a simple tool to help you stay calm :)Calm breathing is a technique that helpsyou slow down your breathing when feeling stressed or anxious. We Hate Ads in apps! (like you). wepa is ads-free and free.So, If you like our app, let us know! We'd ... Gratuit 11/2015
35056   Piano Piano Outils Outils Apps like Piano Piano Piano is our mordent music instruments with different sound play. You like very much Piano and also you have passion for this Piano also you go any festival and your child show piano and tell you I want this piano. You give your mobile drum and he... Gratuit 11/2015
35057   Draw Glow Paint Draw Glow Paint Outils Outils Apps like Draw Glow Paint Draw Glow Paint Draw Glow Paint application is particular made for the children to draw any image with glowing effect. Children use this application easily and draw picture on canvas. You memorable your child activity through this application. Draw Glo... Gratuit 11/2015
35058   Stereosonic 2015 Stereosonic 2015 Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Stereosonic 2015 Totem Onelove, Beatport, Nova, inthemix and Channel V proudly present Stereosonic 2015.The line up consists of hugely successful electronic artists that have dominated music, radio and streaming charts. The artists featured in this year’s festival include... Gratuit 11/2015
35059   Cassiane - Oficial Cassiane - Oficial Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Cassiane - Oficial A MK Music traz mais uma inovação incrível para você. Com o app oficial dos artistas, você fica por dentro de todas as novidades dos seus cantores prediletos.Mantenha-se atualizado com as notícias mais recentes da Cassiane, agenda das programações, tweets... Gratuit 11/2015
35060   Rádio Iranduba Rádio Iranduba Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Rádio Iranduba A Rádio Iranduba chega para preencher uma imensa lacuna deixada no município desde quando a extinta Rádio Sucesso AM/610 khz foi desativada em fevereiro de 1996. Existem duas emissoras de Rádio concedidas para Iranduba: a ''CBN'' e a ''Boa Vontade''; amba... Gratuit 11/2015
35061   karaoké karaoké Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like karaoké ???????? Chante avec cette étonnante Karaoké! ???????? Profitez avec des amis en chantant et en pratiquant vos techniques vocales vocales. Si vous voulez vous sentir une rockstar, chanter avec les paroles de karaoké, enregistrer votre voix et de partager!... Gratuit 11/2015
35062   c-route Viewer c-route Viewer Bibliothèques et démos Bibliothèques et démos Apps like c-route Viewer c-route Viewer ist die App zur Visualisierung der aktuellen Routen eines Fahrzeuges online auf Android Handy oder Tablet. c-trace bietet das Identifikationssystem c-ident für Abfallsammelfahrzeuge und das Verfolgungssystem c-route an, das in Nutzfahrzeuge... Gratuit 11/2015
35063   MP3 Cutter Ringtone Maker MP3 Cutter Ringtone Maker Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like MP3 Cutter Ringtone Maker MP3 Cutter Ringtone Maker is a smart editor app creates ringtone, alarms, and notifications from MP3, WAV,AAC/MP4, 3GPP/AMR Audio formatsFeatures:- It supports audio file formats MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR and most other music formats.- Built in audio/music Recor... Gratuit 11/2015
35064   ABN Radio ABN Radio Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like ABN Radio ABN RADIO - Internet Radio Station that plays the best of Electro Dance Music and not only!... Gratuit 11/2015
35065   Musica Banda El Recodo Musica Banda El Recodo Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Musica Banda El Recodo Applications songs and lyrics. easy to use and carried with you wherever you go. These applications are here to meet your needs find all lyrics songs... Gratuit 11/2015
35066   Snapchef Snapchef Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Snapchef The Snapchef App for our clients is an automated application that will allow you to place orders for Snapchef employees, pay bills, check your order status, and much more.Client Benefits:* Place Orders Directly, Anytime of the day* Check Status of Orders*... Gratuit 11/2015
35067   Gagner de l'argent Gagner de l'argent Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Gagner de l'argent "Gagnez de l''argent» ou «faire de l''argent en ligne" - est l'application qui va vous aider à gagner de l'argent grâce à garder applications dans la machine pour obtenir de l'argent tous les jours et faire les tâches pour obtenir un revenu supplémentaire... Gratuit 11/2015
35068   Animal Print Keyboard Animal Print Keyboard Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Animal Print Keyboard Customize your keyboard with style! ... Gratuit 11/2015
35069   237Search_ 237Search_ Communication Communication Apps like 237Search_ 237 Search is an offline mobile Application conceived to help users access, through their mobile phones, all products and services of companies, government institutions, NGOs operating in Cameroon. The application groups all the companies, both national a... Gratuit 11/2015
35070   History of India ईतिहास History of India ईतिहास Enseignement Enseignement Apps like History of India ईतिहास The history of India is the app to describe the 'Bharatiya Ithihas' in Hindi. It has descriptive content of various past ages happened in India. The core of this guide is made to prepare in competitive exams like civil services and banking recruitment.L'h... Gratuit 11/2015
35071   Indian Districts Capitals Indian Districts Capitals Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Indian Districts Capitals This app contains Capitals and Cities in India. You can get all capitals details updated information. This helps to know the present Capitals along with Union territories details..This educates children to know the Indian Capitals info along with cities •... Gratuit 11/2015
35072   World GK  विश्व सामान्य ज्ञान World GK विश्व सामान्य ज्ञान Enseignement Enseignement Apps like World GK विश्व सामान्य ज्ञान The simple world general knowledge book in Hindi language contains the information of history, geography and latest facts.Le monde simple livre de connaissances générales en langue hindi contient les informations de l'histoire, la géographie et les dernie... Gratuit 11/2015
35073   Sihirdar Vadisi Sihirdar Vadisi Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Sihirdar Vadisi SihirdarVadisi.com Türkiye'nin League of Legends içerik sağlayıcısı olarak eş zamanlı olarak video serilerine devam ediyor. Bu videolara uygulamamızı kullanarak kolayca ulaşabilir ve videoları izleyebilirsiniz. Komik videolar, ünlü oyuncuların efsane hare... Gratuit 11/2015
35074   Gunship Battle:Air Helicopters Gunship Battle:Air Helicopters Action Action Apps like Gunship Battle:Air Helicopters Army Gunship Helicopter Crane is one of the threlling 3D game in which there are different types Helicopters, they are attack to many peoples in the world.it consist single mission have efficient 3D control and good sound and music. Thank you so much ..Ar... Gratuit 11/2015
35075   Duh Color Stuff - (LITE) Duh Color Stuff - (LITE) Aventure Aventure Apps like Duh Color Stuff - (LITE) BE a HERO! Take part in this mystery-action adventure and SAVE the neighborhood. Join the watch kids and solve a series of strange incidents - fight crime, unveil hidden objects, discover new worlds and protect your home.This LITE version is only the begi... Gratuit 11/2015
35076   The little Mermaid The little Mermaid Aventure Aventure Apps like The little Mermaid The little Mermaid ... Gratuit 11/2015
35077   Horses Mods for Minecraft Horses Mods for Minecraft Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Horses Mods for Minecraft Horses Mods for MinecraftThe best collection of Minecraft Horses example with HD Quality.Customise your device everyday with a Minecraft Horse wallpaperAWESOME FEATURES:+ HD quality images+ Puzzle+ New wallpapers+ Update new wallpapers daily.+ Set Picture... Gratuit 11/2015
35078   Monster Ideas - MInecraft Monster Ideas - MInecraft Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Monster Ideas - MInecraft The best collection of Monster Ideas - MInecraft example with HD Quality.Customise your device everyday with a Monster Ideas - MInecraft wallpaperAWESOME FEATURES:+ HD quality images+ Puzzle+ New wallpapers+ Update new wallpapers daily.+ Set Picture as wa... Gratuit 11/2015
35079   Portal Ideas - MInecraft Portal Ideas - MInecraft Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Portal Ideas - MInecraft Portal Ideas - MInecraftThe best collection of Portal Ideas - MInecraft example with HD Quality.Customise your device everyday with a Portal Ideas - MInecraft wallpaperAWESOME FEATURES:+ HD quality images+ Puzzle+ New wallpapers+ Update new wallpapers dai... Gratuit 11/2015
35080   Ivo Mozart - Paw Letras Ivo Mozart - Paw Letras Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Ivo Mozart - Paw Letras Install this free app, it's easy to use and take it wherever you go.Disclaimer :This is an unofficial app. This app and its content are not officially endorsed or produced by associated entities of the artist(s), such as management or record label. All tr... Gratuit 11/2015
35081   Tatouage au henné Tatouage au henné Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Tatouage au henné Dernières Mehndi Designs avec des collections uniques. Mehndi Designs. Frais Exclusive New Indian Mehndi Designs nuptiale. Designs Mehndi arabe ou les mains à colorier et les jambes avec la pâte de henné est une pratique populaire dans les pays indiens, p... Gratuit 11/2015
35082   VacCalendrier FREE VERSION VacCalendrier FREE VERSION Outils Outils Apps like VacCalendrier FREE VERSION Ceci est la version GRATUITE de VacCalendier. Avec cette application vous pouvez générer des listes de vaccinations.Avec le VacCalendrer vous pouvez: - Sauvegarder des vaccinations- Prévoir des vaccinations et des revaccinations- Envoyé des e-mails génér... Gratuit 11/2015
35083   Horse Pattern Lock Screen Horse Pattern Lock Screen Outils Outils Apps like Horse Pattern Lock Screen ♥♥Horse Pattern Lock Screen ✔✔Inspired by everyone's♥♥♕♕ Horse an exciting Horse screen lock in google play,launched it in play store to facilitate all of you for FREE! With beautiful flag and red v and layout flag Horse Pattern Screen Lock is made best ... Gratuit 11/2015
35084   USHER Best Song Lyrics USHER Best Song Lyrics Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like USHER Best Song Lyrics This application provides the lyrics of your favorite songs . we give you the satisfaction because this application is very easy to use. Enjoy...Diese Anwendung bietet die Texte Ihrer Lieblingslieder. wir geben Ihnen die Zufriedenheit, weil diese Anwendun... Gratuit 11/2015
35085   Bojing Link Bojing Link Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Bojing Link Bojing Link has an unique interface which is inspired by Chinese New Year.So you will sea a great stuff that usually known in China.How To Play :1. Find 3 or more same stuff to get the score.2. You have to achieve to reach 3. If you can find the same stuf... Gratuit 11/2015
35086   SHELL Splash Mania SHELL Splash Mania Puzzle Puzzle Apps like SHELL Splash Mania Dans un monde de défis et de plaisir avec la magie de la mer et tisse des sons, SHELL Splash Mania de casse-tête devient vraiment vous faire réfléchir et apprécier.1. Règles et comment jouer:• Touchez et brancher ou correspondre à trois ou plus de coquill... Gratuit 11/2015
35087   Death Car Moto Race: 3D Racing Death Car Moto Race: 3D Racing Jeux de courses Jeux de courses Apps like Death Car Moto Race: 3D Racing Become Racer Drive Through Desert Track and Win Furious Race in 3D Fast Car ... Gratuit 11/2015
35088   Truck Mania Simulator Truck Mania Simulator Simulation Simulation Apps like Truck Mania Simulator Mini Truck Mania Simulator is cool new 3D parking game that gives you the chance to drive something else then a regular size car, truck, bus or even a tank! The big challenge in this 3D parking game is to finish the level before all the time is gone. So d... Gratuit 11/2015
35089   Miroir effet photo Miroir effet photo Photographie Photographie Apps like Miroir effet photo Bienvenue à refléter l'effet photomiroir photo agréable le meilleur effet de miroir vous-même, comme un exemple: il ya certains dans le monde est juste ou vos jumeaux! maintenant, il suffit d'utiliser un miroir photo agréable, vous trouverez un!miroir pho... Gratuit 11/2015
35090   GlutenFree Remboursement GlutenFree Remboursement Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like GlutenFree Remboursement GlutenFree-Remboursement recommandée par l’AFDIAG vous facilite la vie sans Gluten.GFR calcule, optimise, archive et crée vos bons de prise en charge CERFA à partir du scan de vos vignettes d’aliments sans Gluten. Vos remboursements CPAM mensuels sont fac... Gratuit 11/2015
35091   Fond d'écran formidable DBZ Fond d'écran formidable DBZ Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Fond d'écran formidable DBZ Quelques fois vous avez juste besoin de bonnes et de fonds d'écran préférés en un seul endroit voici donc le mieux pour vous wallpapers.Dragons prime fonds d'écran et aussi des compétences est généralement une accumulation des meilleures réel dbz complets... Gratuit 11/2015
35092   Beautiful Fairy Wallpaper Beautiful Fairy Wallpaper Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Beautiful Fairy Wallpaper Description :** you're looking for a cute Beautiful Fairy for home and lock your screen! Somewhere in a land far far away lived a group of players who love fairies in an enchanted forest, waiting for someone to come along with them ... Angels wallpaper. T... Gratuit 11/2015
35093   GéoSanteMali GéoSanteMali Médecine Médecine Apps like GéoSanteMali GéoSanteMali est un système qui permet de localiser les structures de santé et sécurité telles que les hôpitaux, les cliniques, les pharmacies, les unités de secours, les commissariats de Polices du Mali (en particulier dans la capitale à Bamako). Cette a... Gratuit 11/2015
35094   Pic Collage - Photo Grid Maker Pic Collage - Photo Grid Maker Photographie Photographie Apps like Pic Collage - Photo Grid Maker >>>Photo Grid - Collage Maker application is the best Pic Collage maker that help you to create in the best collages for your special moments. Photo Collage Maker is the best collage maker to helps you combine multiple photos with various frames, layout a... Gratuit 11/2015
35095   myHostos myHostos Enseignement Enseignement Apps like myHostos myHostos is the official app for Hostos Community College of the City University of New York. Keep Hostos in your pocket with a suite of useful apps and features that are important to you. Download the free app today and stay connected on the go! Note: ... Gratuit 11/2015
35096   Learn English SS - VOA CNN BBC Learn English SS - VOA CNN BBC Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Learn English SS - VOA CNN BBC Listening is the best way of studying English.Learn English SS isVOA, CNN, BBC News providedmp3 file of the latest news.It was built to study English. Voice and text is displayed withListening and reading at the same timeAnd studyNews of the play,Click th... Gratuit 11/2015
35097   Hello Kids Learn Alphabet Hello Kids Learn Alphabet Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Hello Kids Learn Alphabet Learn ABC is not a very easy task for kids of early age, Hello Kids Learn Alphabet is an android App for the ABC learning process that’s really sounds so good for kids as well as their parents and helps them towards their kids’ education. ★ABC letter app... Gratuit 11/2015
35098   Silent Call Blocker Silent Call Blocker Communication Communication Apps like Silent Call Blocker Silent Call Blocker blocks unwanted callers easily! If you need to block a call silently this app is for you.Simple and quick, Silent Call Blocker wont use any extra battery power. You can block any caller from your contacts list in one easy step.You shou... Gratuit 11/2015
35099   Carte de Pouilles off-line Carte de Pouilles off-line Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Carte de Pouilles off-line Carte de Pouilles (Italie) off-line c’est une application à examiner la carte de Pouilles sur votre portable on-line et off-line.2 types de cartes d’application sont disponibles: la première carte off-line. Elle peut être téléchargée dans le champ Wi-fi e... Gratuit 11/2015
35100   Merry Christmas 2016 Merry Christmas 2016 Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Merry Christmas 2016 Christmas, one of the major Christian holidays, which is celebrated on the night of the 6th to the 7th of January (according to the Gregorian calendar). Do you want to congratulate with Merry Christmas my wife, husband, mother, father, son, daughter, sis... Gratuit 11/2015
35101   Enregistrement d'appel Enregistrement d'appel Outils Outils Apps like Enregistrement d'appel Êtes-vous sur le point de flipper si vous avez oublié une information ? Vous êtes stressé quand vous ne retenez pas un numéro important de l’un de vos copains/copines ?Ne vous soucier plus maintenant, Call Recorder est venu vous porter aide.Avec call rec... Gratuit 11/2015
35102   Autocollants pour Filles Autocollants pour Filles Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Autocollants pour Filles ✈ Les admirateurs de montages photos, autocollants Viber et des émoticônes mignon pour AndroidTM, saluent notre nouvelle application de l'image qui vous permet de coller des autocollants et des timbres mignons sur vos images gratuitement! Ne manquez pas l... Gratuit 11/2015
35103   Blue Sky Photo Frames Blue Sky Photo Frames Photographie Photographie Apps like Blue Sky Photo Frames See you in blue sky and clouds.This app allows you to set your own or your beloved photo on blue sky and white clouds photo frames.This will give a beautiful look to your photo.This app is free and very easy to use.Run the app, choose a frame, then select... Gratuit 11/2015
35104   Movie Mods For Minecraft Movie Mods For Minecraft Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Movie Mods For Minecraft Movie Mods For Minecraft is added to add one of the most adorable versions of the friendly mods versions to Minecraft PE. It adds a total of 4 mods to the gameMovie Mods For Minecraft Wolverine is one of the characters in the popular movie series and comi... Gratuit 11/2015
35105   Golem Mods For Minecraft Golem Mods For Minecraft Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Golem Mods For Minecraft Golem Mods For Minecraft is added to add one of the most adorable versions of the friendly mods versions to Minecraft PE. It adds a total of 3 mods to the gameGolem Mods For Minecraft They are strong and heavily built mobs which primary goal is to defend ... Gratuit 11/2015
35106   Hostile Mods For Minecraft Hostile Mods For Minecraft Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Hostile Mods For Minecraft Hostile Mods For Minecraft is added to add one of the most adorable versions of the friendly mods versions to Minecraft PE. It adds a total of 3 mods to the gameHostile Mods For Minecraft When the moon rise and a shadow of darkness come there will be a gr... Gratuit 11/2015
35107   Fox Coloring Book Fox Coloring Book Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Fox Coloring Book Fox is an interesting animalIt is insidious, is awakeSo I ask youIs it a fox can be funny and cute?Just answer fox verelimbiz have drawn funny and cute for youWhen painting will very friendlyyou'll be surprisedFox will learn and have fun at the painting a... Gratuit 11/2015
35108   Pear Focus Pear Focus Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Pear Focus Attention is the ability to withdraw from excessive stimuli and focus your mind on a single task or thought process. For most of us, our brains can do this naturally as we read, talk to another or just focus on solving a problem. But as simple as this s... Gratuit 11/2015
35109   Wallpaper-Kitties in Paris- Wallpaper-Kitties in Paris- Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Wallpaper-Kitties in Paris- L'appli de relookage de fonds d'écran et d'icônes à la mode ♪[+]HOME ( « plus home ») vous propose des thèmes gratuits et kawaii♥1. Relookez facilement votre smartphone avec des fonds d'écran et des icônes ♪2.Rendez tous vos widgets d'horloge ou de reche... Gratuit 11/2015
35110   Wallpaper-Dog in the Dark- Wallpaper-Dog in the Dark- Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Wallpaper-Dog in the Dark- L'appli de relookage de fonds d'écran et d'icônes à la mode ♪[+]HOME ( « plus home ») vous propose des thèmes gratuits et kawaii♥1. Relookez facilement votre smartphone avec des fonds d'écran et des icônes ♪2.Rendez tous vos widgets d'horloge ou de reche... Gratuit 11/2015
35111   Ultra Shield Ultra Shield Outils Outils Apps like Ultra Shield Real-time protect your phone securityFeatures:24 Hours Real-Time Mobile Security Guard! Complete Protection In 1-Click! All FREE!!※Install Ultra Shield for 24 Hours Real-Time Mobile Security※Scan Entire System with 1-Click, Clearing All Threats※Light, S... Gratuit 11/2015
35112   Handwerkerportal T&C Winkler Handwerkerportal T&C Winkler Outils Outils Apps like Handwerkerportal T&C Winkler Mobiler Zugriff auf die Daten der Winkler-Eigenheim-Bau GmbH & Co. KG für alle beteiligten Handwerker.Accès mobile aux données sur le Winkler-home-Bau GmbH & Co. KG pour tous les artisans participants.... Gratuit 11/2015
35113   Diyet Programı ile Kilo Verme Diyet Programı ile Kilo Verme Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Diyet Programı ile Kilo Verme Diyet Programı uygulaması YemesiKolay.Com tarafından hazırlanmıştır. Diyet Programı uygulamasındaki içerik ve bilgiler internet ortamından derlenmiştir.Diyet Programı içeriğinde bulunan bilgi ve uygulamalar ise * 1 haftada 7 kilo verme programı* 7 günde 7... Gratuit 11/2015
35114   Casacostanera Casacostanera Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Casacostanera In this app you can find: About Us, Contact Us, Map, Video, Facebook, Photos, Map, Store, Call UsDans cette application, vous pouvez trouver:A propos de nous, Contactez-nous, Plan, Vidéo, Facebook, photos, carte, magasin, appelez-nous... Gratuit 11/2015
35115   Try your luck Free Try your luck Free Casino Casino Apps like Try your luck Free RulesThere are two simple gambling games called Roulette and Poker. Your goal is to make $500 out of initial $100. You can switch between games to implement your own strategy. But actually it is all about pure luck. Everything is absolutely random. If you... Gratuit 11/2015
35116   Marienhospital Oelde - BabyApp Marienhospital Oelde - BabyApp Médecine Médecine Apps like Marienhospital Oelde - BabyApp Die BabyApp des Marienhospitals Oelde begleitet werdende Mütter, Väter und ihr ungeborenes Kind durch die gesamte Schwangerschaft und darüber hinaus.Die App verfügt über verschiedene Funktionen, die individuell von Ihnen mit Informationen gefüllt werden k... Gratuit 11/2015
35117   DeckChanger- Skateboarding app DeckChanger- Skateboarding app Style de vie Style de vie Apps like DeckChanger- Skateboarding app DeckChanger – Skateboarding app that has become the ultimate skate tool. Everything you’d expect in a sk8 app.From a Skate Park Finder to awesome skateboard ramp plans this skateboard app has game! Dedicated to bringing you the best advice and gear from t... Gratuit 11/2015
35118   James Bail Bonds James Bail Bonds Professionnel Professionnel Apps like James Bail Bonds This is the official app for James Bail Bonds. A friend or family member calls you from jail. They've just been arrested. NOW WHAT? Name provides bail bond services designed to get your loved one released and your live back to normal NOW.With our app user... Gratuit 11/2015
35119   Maths appliqués à informatique Maths appliqués à informatique Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Maths appliqués à informatique mathématiques appliqués à informatique s’inscrit dans la première année du programme d’études et constitue unpréalable pour l’enseignement des modules "Techniques de programmation structurée " et "Installation d'unposte informatique".L’objectif de ce modu... Gratuit 11/2015
35121   Jungle panda Jungle panda Aventure Aventure Apps like Jungle panda PANDZU The Collector, is out in the search of the biggest diamonds in the Treasure of Yolda. But the extinct Yolda clan kept it under heavy protection of automated weapons. Many collectors came for this treasure but never survived the hardship of this bru... Gratuit 11/2015
35122   Dot On the Run Dot On the Run Arcade Arcade Apps like Dot On the Run Dot On the Run – Dot RushThe Dot On the Run is a simple, interesting & fun Circle Dot Run game that will make your play for hours.How to Play Dot On the Run / Circle Dot Run: - Circle Dot Run game play is so simple. Tap the screen to control your white ba... Gratuit 11/2015
35123   Zombie TikTok Lite Zombie TikTok Lite Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Zombie TikTok Lite Zombie Tik Tok is a kid-family puzzle-casual game with arcade system like mahjong for 5 years old children. This board game zombie cartoon design was made an easy way to play; consisting in select the matching image before the time go out. The Zombie Apo... Gratuit 11/2015
35124   Fart`N Fly Fart`N Fly Grand public Grand public Apps like Fart`N Fly Using your back draft climb your way through the obstacles Blast your way to victory!! Thank's:https://www.facebook.com/AceGamesHyderabad ... Gratuit 11/2015
35125   Love Wallpapers Love Wallpapers Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Love Wallpapers Love Wallpapers - beautiful parallax Wallpapers.The Wallpaper is adapted to the size of the screen. Added the possibility to choose the Wallpaper.How to use:Home -> Menu ->Settings -> Display -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpaper. Next Wallpaper change as follo... Gratuit 11/2015
35126   EFR12 EFR12 Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like EFR12 Eurovision Radio Stars EFR12 RadioEurovision Radio Stars EFR12 Radio... Gratuit 11/2015
35127   A Narly Christmas A Narly Christmas Grand public Grand public Apps like A Narly Christmas in this simple Christmas game Santa sledge has runaway,Santa rides his Harley to get all the lost gifts back, can you help Santa get back all the gifts and get the highest score?... Gratuit 11/2015
35128   Pharmacie Du Pays d'Aubigne Pharmacie Du Pays d'Aubigne Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Pharmacie Du Pays d'Aubigne Consultez toutes les infos utiles de la pharmacie Du Pays d'Aubigne ... Gratuit 11/2015
35129   Minas Tênis Clube Minas Tênis Clube Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Minas Tênis Clube Aplicativo!App!... Gratuit 11/2015
35130   FR HIGH TECH APP FR HIGH TECH APP Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like FR HIGH TECH APP FR HIGH TECH free for all ways for more infomation go : www.frhightech.com this game is crate by nagulan 51 and tfttechHIGH TECH GB free for all ways for more infomation go: this game is www.frhightech.com crate by nagulan 51 and tfttech... Gratuit 11/2015
35131   Bass Guitar Hard Bass Guitar Hard Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Bass Guitar Hard Guitare basse dur simulateur pour votre appareil mobile. ... Gratuit 11/2015
35132   Telugu Old Songs Telugu Old Songs Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Telugu Old Songs Écoutez les antan »de très populaires Telugu Old Songs ... Gratuit 11/2015
35133   Sea of Girl Sea of Girl Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Sea of Girl In the dark of the seabed where the birds have shifting names and a variety of aquatic natural world called afford.Along behind wearing a within make a get of and stubborn girl fell into the sea, to bring a peaceful movement, gives obtain reverie.However,... Gratuit 11/2015
35134   Tribe GO Launcher Theme Tribe GO Launcher Theme Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Tribe GO Launcher Theme Nouveau thème GRATUIT Marque spécialement conçu pour GO Launcher Z! ... Gratuit 11/2015
35135   Photo Magazine : Collage Maker Photo Magazine : Collage Maker Photographie Photographie Apps like Photo Magazine : Collage Maker Magazine vient avec des coups de photo modernes avec de nombreux styles de grille, textures vitreux. ... Gratuit 11/2015
35136   Atelier intro Atelier intro Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Atelier intro Atelier intro est un jeu appartient au jeux éducatifs qui a pour but d'améliorer le niveau de la langue française d'une facon amusante et pourque l'apprenant ne s'ennuie pas en étudiant quelues mots lexiques. Il se compose de 4 niveaux, chaque niveau pr... Gratuit 11/2015
35137   Sounds transport for kids Sounds transport for kids Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Sounds transport for kids Informative educational game for children ages 1 - 3 years. Sounds and pictures of transport.... Gratuit 11/2015
35138   RK contra Mr. Trash RK contra Mr. Trash Éducatif Éducatif Apps like RK contra Mr. Trash Mr. Trash está pondo em prática mais um de seus planos!Ele está invadindo as casas e jogando o lixo pela janela para poluir o planeta.Para impedi-lo, você deve ajudar os Recicla Kids nesse jogo superdivertido. Ajude a turma e venha salvar o mundo brincand... Gratuit 11/2015
35139   GvT_Speedwords Tamil GvT_Speedwords Tamil Éducatif Éducatif Apps like GvT_Speedwords Tamil As per GvT Speedwords only the hints in GvT_Speedwords Tamil are presented in Tamil. The perfect way to cross learn both English and Tamil!... Gratuit 11/2015
35140   Jukebox Shoutcast Jukebox Shoutcast Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Jukebox Shoutcast Jukebox allows you to stream more than 50,000 radio stations.*Search Stations/Genre*Top Radio Stations *Support for audio frequency visualizer... Gratuit 11/2015
35141   Offline Ringtones Offline Ringtones Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Offline Ringtones Offline Ringtones is an app with the best collection of ringtones which compliments your style and personality. In Offline Ringtones we made sure that we pick the best ringtones and that the user gets rid of huge bills caused by data charges other rington... Gratuit 11/2015
35142   Japanese Word of the Day(Lite) Japanese Word of the Day(Lite) Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Japanese Word of the Day(Lite) Living in Tokyo and studying Japanese, I learn a lot of new word that I wouldn't be able to learn without the full immersion experience. I eventually got the bright idea to write some of them down. At first, I just jotted words on a notepad, but now I'm... Gratuit 11/2015
35143   CASPER Literacy CASPER Literacy Enseignement Enseignement Apps like CASPER Literacy The ORT SA CAPE’s CASPER Literacy App is an innovative fun, game-like activity where learners can work independently in groups or alone. The aim of CASPER Literacy is to promote the development of reading with understanding and intentional writing. It has... Gratuit 11/2015
35144   Chasse Zombies Chasse Zombies Action Action Apps like Chasse Zombies Si vous êtes prêt à découvrir le pompage de l'adrénaline et de vivre une aventure insolite et entrer et prendre les plus effrayants monstres des écrans! Les zombies sont la représentation du corps dans une manière ou d'une autre peuvent renaître à la vie,... Gratuit 11/2015
35145   Animal Castle Run Animal Castle Run Aventure Aventure Apps like Animal Castle Run Play as the main character green piggie, pick your favorite animal and escape the bad evil farmer that put them in the maze castle, so help them to escape the evil castle!★ Addictive game play with multiple animal to choose from ★ Lots of fun and challeng... Gratuit 11/2015
35146   Bloqout Bloqout Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Bloqout Bloqout is a puzzle game where you match Rows, Columns, Diagonals, and Squares of the same color blocks to get points. Try to get the highest score you can with multipliers, multi-plays, and much more!... Gratuit 11/2015
35147   Learn English in Urdu Best App Learn English in Urdu Best App Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Learn English in Urdu Best App English became more popular day by day in all over the world and being a pakistani we have to improve our english language skill more according to other countries standard. Don't worry now you can learn english in your mother tongue means urdu easily.Many... Gratuit 11/2015
35148   Walking Alone in the Campus Walking Alone in the Campus Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Walking Alone in the Campus Quiet campus, high trees, branches straight and high, green leaves hanging from a tree, looks highly spacious.The sun, a delectable girl stood quietly.She was wearing a black jacket, beige hair, tied into a ponytail, it is particularly in force.Warm sunsh... Gratuit 11/2015
35149   Dreamy Scenery of Snow Dreamy Scenery of Snow Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Dreamy Scenery of Snow Snow, free going on, see! A fragment of white snow, wind confession, glittering as soon as feathers, following catkins.Snow, in reality beautiful ah! Shining shiny, graceful, following consequently many little star landed about the order of the subject of... Gratuit 11/2015
35150   Fantasy Green World Fantasy Green World Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Fantasy Green World Beautiful butterfly atmosphere, appeared a higher scene.This is a immense amount of tawny items, exudes a green roomy, chosen beautiful, just behind is a huge meteorite, I be stuck on in view of that innocent ventilate, taking into account the green world... Gratuit 11/2015
35151   Back in Sunset Theme Back in Sunset Theme Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Back in Sunset Theme Sunset, leaving a girl one person alone, gazing at something and waiting for the end of the infinite time, or waiting for the return of the one in night. This theme is not sad, also not happiness, just leave the endless melancholy and puzzled.Cobo Themes... Gratuit 11/2015
35152   স্ট্যালিন স্ট্যালিন Enseignement Enseignement Apps like স্ট্যালিন This app has been developed based on life history of Josef Stalin . This app contains all information of him with some exclusive video .Cette application a été développée sur la base de l'histoire de la vie de Josef Staline. Cette application contient tou... Gratuit 11/2015
35153   Free Dead Effect 2 Guide Free Dead Effect 2 Guide Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Free Dead Effect 2 Guide This is a guide to know how to play Dead Effect 2 game? How to get loads of unlimited free cash or coins? How to unlock all level? we made it to learn how easy tips and tricks not Dead Effect 2 cheats and do it yourself no blackhats tricks! Dead Effect 2 ... Gratuit 11/2015
35154   Hemşire Anestezi ATT Rehberi Hemşire Anestezi ATT Rehberi Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Hemşire Anestezi ATT Rehberi "Hemşire Anestezi ATT Rehberi" Hergün güncellenen içerik...indirin,deneyin ve görün... :)"Nurse Anesthesia Guide ATT"Le contenu mis à jour quotidiennement ...Télécharger, essayer et voir ... :)... Gratuit 11/2015
35155   Red Anáhuac Red Anáhuac Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Red Anáhuac Completa suite de Servicios Académicos y Financieros para la Red de Universidades Anáhuac en México.Las características principales incluyen información del Sistema Estudiantil Banner. Información Académica:+Búsqueda de Cursos+Cursos Planeados+Cita de Ins... Gratuit 11/2015
35156   LOTTE WORLD Magicpass LOTTE WORLD Magicpass Divertissement Divertissement Apps like LOTTE WORLD Magicpass Lotteworld Adventure Magicpass is a mobile app offering a reservation service for major attractions and allowing visitors to get on rides on time.Magicpass app provides visitors with real-time service to check wait time for each attraction, ride limits an... Gratuit 11/2015
35157   Jetpack Jerry Fun & Addictive Jetpack Jerry Fun & Addictive Action Action Apps like Jetpack Jerry Fun & Addictive Jetpack Jerry is a fun and addictive jetpack adventure action game. Will you be the Jetpack Champion? Use your jetpack to collect coins and dodge enemy fire in order to save up for awesome new characters, backgrounds and power ups."Jetpack Jerry is one o... Gratuit 11/2015
35158   Amazing Pet Jerry Amazing Pet Jerry Aventure Aventure Apps like Amazing Pet Jerry Amazing pet jerry is super adventure ,runner and skatersuper adventure is a fast paced running and jumping game.Pet jerry is a platform game in the world and the style of trolley gamesControl the cute Mouse and collect as much gems you can.Simple game rul... Gratuit 11/2015
35159   2 Cars In Charge - Formula one 2 Cars In Charge - Formula one Aventure Aventure Apps like 2 Cars In Charge - Formula one Control the red car and the blue car at the same time. Collect all the circles and avoid the squares on the road.- Control both the red car and the blue car at the same time- Collect all the circles- Avoid the squares- Do not miss any of the circles else ... Gratuit 11/2015
35160   Peuples Peuples Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Peuples L'annexe contient une description des peuples. Comme mis en œuvre dans l'application recherche facile.... Gratuit 11/2015
35161   Dessin pour les enfants gratui Dessin pour les enfants gratui Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Dessin pour les enfants gratui Le meilleur programme de peinture pour les enfants!Cette peinture d'application pour les enfants est conçu pour les enfants, afin qu'ils puissent facilement dessiner sans supervision d'un adulte.Il est une application de peinture simple et gratuit conçu p... Gratuit 11/2015
35162   Schlange Malbuch Schlange Malbuch Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Schlange Malbuch hallo willkommen, Unterhaltungeine große Schlange MalbuchSpice up your Charakter, wie Sie auf dem Bild gefälltwir glauben, dass Sie unsere Anwendungs Sie fertige Zeichnung werden auf diese Anwendung gerneSie können unsere anderen Malbuch durchsuchenEigens... Gratuit 11/2015
35163   Durood Lakhi Durood Lakhi Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Durood Lakhi Hazrat Sultan Mahmood al Ghaznawi Rahmatullah alaih, used to recite as a wazeefah [ma'moolaat] with pure intentions and a lot of love this Darood one lakh times. Because of reading this long Darood one hundred thousand times, the whole day would go by and... Gratuit 11/2015
35164   Jeux de Cerveau amusant Jeux de Cerveau amusant Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Jeux de Cerveau amusant "Brain Games d'exercice aider à garder votre esprit actif avec divers jeux et activités qui agissent comme des boosters du cerveau.Choisissez des jeux amusants qui défient votre cerveau et vous donner la jouissance ainsi.Si vous essayez de faire quelque c... Gratuit 11/2015
35165   Fantality Beta Fantality Beta Stratégie Stratégie Apps like Fantality Beta Enter Fantality, a new mobile experience that combines the strategy of Fantasy Sports with the drama of Reality TV. Just download the free app, and you can join a league with your friends and take part in the action. Join a custom league today and invite ... Gratuit 11/2015
35166   Sonneries Islamiques Sonneries Islamiques Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Sonneries Islamiques Refresh your Android™ phone with great Islamic music and download now Islamic Ringtones app. All Muslims will love best Islamic songs and all the people who are interested in Islamic religion will enjoy in best ringtones. In one place you will have all: p... Gratuit 11/2015
35167   Musique Classique Sonneries Musique Classique Sonneries Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Musique Classique Sonneries Refresh your Android™ phone with great classical ringtones and download Best Classical Music Ringtones app. For all fans of classical music we prepared amazing classical ringtones. In one place you will have all: perfect ringtones, great SMS ringtones and... Gratuit 11/2015
35168   Free Colopl Rune Story Guide Free Colopl Rune Story Guide Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Free Colopl Rune Story Guide This is a guide to know how to play Colopl Rune Story game? How to get loads of unlimited free cash or coins? How to unlock all level? we made it to learn how easy tips and tricks not Colopl Rune Story cheats and do it yourself no blackhats tricks! Legend... Gratuit 11/2015
35169   Top bedroom designs - 2016 Top bedroom designs - 2016 Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Top bedroom designs - 2016 This is the app for all Bedrooms come in all styles, shapes, and sizes, so how do you design your own? We've got your bedroom decorating inspiration here. With more than bedrooms (and styles), there's an idea for everyone. Need inspiration for other areas... Gratuit 11/2015
35170   Singapore City Easy Singapore City Easy Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Singapore City Easy Get real time data for hotels,restaurants and bars.This app ensures every user to be provided with the latest information,including reviews for the diferent places in Singapore.*Features*: - Three main types of places.Hotels,Restaurants and Bars.Find wher... Gratuit 11/2015
35171   Bangkok City Easy Bangkok City Easy Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Bangkok City Easy Get real time data for hotels,restaurants and bars.This app ensures every user to be provided with the latest information,including reviews for the diferent places in Bangkok.*Features*: - Three main types of places.Hotels,Restaurants and Bars.Find where ... Gratuit 11/2015
35172   Jardin Design Ideas Jardin Design Ideas Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Jardin Design Ideas Un jardin est un espace prévu, habituellement à l'extérieur, mis de côté pour l'affichage, la culture, et la jouissance des plantes et d'autres formes de la nature. Le jardin peut incorporer des matériaux naturels et artificiels. Création de jardins d'idé... Gratuit 11/2015
35173   Idées de décoration de table Idées de décoration de table Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Idées de décoration de table Tableau des idées de décoration sont juste en face de vous! il ya 80 d'entre eux. Regardez votre table - il ya des idées de décoration de table dans les assiettes, serviettes de table, des stages et des lunettes que vous utilisez déjà. Donner de l'inspira... Gratuit 11/2015
35174   Nouvel escalier Designs Nouvel escalier Designs Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Nouvel escalier Designs un escalier est juste une autre région de leur maison qui peut être décoré pour rendre la maison semble élégant. Escaliers sont souvent négligés quand il vient à la décoration, mais en fonction de l'aménagement de la maison, l'escalier peut être plus impo... Gratuit 11/2015
35175   Spoken Word Fellowship Church Spoken Word Fellowship Church Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Spoken Word Fellowship Church This is the official app for Spoken Word Fellowship Church. With this app you can view videos, get push notifications, take notes, signup for information, contact us and much more. Spoken Word Fellowship Church is based in the south suburbs of Chicago.Cec... Gratuit 11/2015
35176   Van Gogh Gallery Van Gogh Gallery Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Van Gogh Gallery Van Gogh GalleryFeatures:60 colored paintings of Vincent Willem Van GoghDescription of every painting (title, often year)Easy to use.Language: English Keywords: van, gogh, gallery, english ... Gratuit 11/2015
35177   Welcome Namur Welcome Namur Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Welcome Namur Thanks to augmented reality, scan the pages of the brochure Visit Namur and find related videos.Namur, capital of Wallonia, 45 minutes away from Liège and Brussels. Discover 7 historic sites not to be missed, such as the Citadel of Namur and places to ach... Gratuit 11/2015
35178   Nova Guanabara Nova Guanabara Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Nova Guanabara Rádio Nova Guanabara em seu celular!Radio New Guanabara auf Ihrem Handy!... Gratuit 11/2015
35179   Cakes Tea Time Treats Recipe Cakes Tea Time Treats Recipe Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Cakes Tea Time Treats Recipe All rescipes in the application;* Children's party cake* Rainbow jam tarts* Dairy-free chocolate truffles* Spiced sugar & Christmas popcorn* Chocolate celebration cake* Mega chocolate fudge cake* Vegan ginger cupcakes* Apple pepper pot cake* Lemon crêpe c... Gratuit 11/2015
35180   Life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH Life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH Islam teaches that God has sent prophets to humanity, in different times and places, to communicate His message. All prophets gave guidance and instruction to their people about how to properly worship God and live their lives.Life of Prophet Muhammad is ... Gratuit 11/2015
35181   POSS Switch POSS Switch Professionnel Professionnel Apps like POSS Switch Commutateurs de surveillance ... Gratuit 11/2015
35182   Engineering Mathematics - I Engineering Mathematics - I Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Engineering Mathematics - I il est conçu pour l'ingénierie et des sciences appliquées élève à apprendre les mathématiques 1 ... Gratuit 11/2015
35183   MeToB MeToB Enseignement Enseignement Apps like MeToB Etudier et vivre au Bocconi: Un guide pour les étudiants de premier cycle potentiels. ... Gratuit 11/2015
35184   Loop Car Loop Car Arcade Arcade Apps like Loop Car Loop Car is a one of a kind Racing Game where the objective of the game is to avoid collision with the other oncoming cars!Who will be the fastest?! Loop Car gets challenging as you progress with more opponent cars in the Loop. So how many Loops do you th... Gratuit 11/2015
35185   SOREX Manager SOREX Manager Outils Outils Apps like SOREX Manager Mit dem SOREX Manager können Sie einfach und bequem Ihre SOREX Produkte verwalten und konfigurieren. Sie können das jeweilige SOREX Produkt auswählen und nach Ihre Wünschen konfigurieren.Mit dem SOREX Manager können folgende Produkte verwaltet werden: - ... Gratuit 11/2015
35186   Runner OF sky Balls Runner OF sky Balls Arcade Arcade Apps like Runner OF sky Balls A Cool Game Is Now Available On The Store To Discover Run Fast As You Can Jump Between Balls and Trying To Do Not Falling Down From The Sky.How To Play : Easy To Control The Player Jumper On The Sky By Hold Press The Screen To and Guise the Player To The ... Gratuit 11/2015
35187   Fruit Cutter 2016 Fruit Cutter 2016 Arcade Arcade Apps like Fruit Cutter 2016 Fruit Cutter is a sweeping 3d game with awesome gameplay. Cut the fruit but don’t cut the bomb - that's all you need to know to play. The game has six difficulty levels, "Easy" mode is suitable for children, the most difficult mode "Very Hard" for real ni... Gratuit 11/2015
35188   Caméra: Suis je beau ou laid ? Caméra: Suis je beau ou laid ? Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Caméra: Suis je beau ou laid ? Détecteur de beauté, prenez une photo de vous ou de quelqu'un d'autre et nous vous dirons si cette personne est plutôt Belle ou plutôt Laide !Pour faire cela nous nous basons sur le très sérieux Project Oxford fourni par Microsoft.Vous pourrez partager la... Gratuit 11/2015
35189   Audio Compressor Audio Compressor Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Audio Compressor Audio Compressor App is Compress audio file different Kbit such as 64 Kbit,128 Kbit,256 Kbit.Audio Compressor App ist Compress Audiodatei verschiedene Kbit wie 64 Kbit, 128 Kbit, 256 Kbit.... Gratuit 11/2015
35190   Sonneries Populaires Sonneries Populaires Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Sonneries Populaires Soyez dans le centre de l'attention avec nouvelles sonneries !! Oubliez sons standard et ennuyeux utilisés par beaucoup, choisir sons gratuits l'application! Si votre sonnerie portable et SMS sons bug vous, pas perdre de temps et de télécharger sonnerie g... Gratuit 11/2015
35191   Comedy Podcasts Comedy Podcasts Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Comedy Podcasts Podcasts are a great way to get information when you’re driving in your car, making dinner at home, or waiting at the DMV to renew your license. Podcasts don’t force you to find more time in your day; they give you the opportunity to capitalize on all the... Gratuit 11/2015
35192   Ballad Radio Ballad Radio Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Ballad Radio One of the Best collection of Ballad Radio is here and its FREE !!. Ballad Radio app brings collection of your favorite Ballad Music and FM stations from streaming live on your android devices. Easily find and listen Ballad Radio online music broadcast. ... Gratuit 11/2015
35193   FIlipino Radio FIlipino Radio Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like FIlipino Radio One of the Best collection of FIlipino Radio is here and its FREE !!. FIlipino Radio app brings collection of your favorite FIlipino Music and FM stations from streaming live on your android devices. Easily find and listen FIlipino Radio online music bro... Gratuit 11/2015
35194   Azerbaijan Radio Azerbaijan Radio Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Azerbaijan Radio One of the Best collection of Azerbaijan Radio is here and its FREE !!. Azerbaijan Radio app brings collection of your favorite Azerbaijan Music and FM stations from streaming live on your android devices. Easily find and listen Azerbaijan Radio online m... Gratuit 11/2015
35195   Gradation Color Icon Pack Gradation Color Icon Pack Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Gradation Color Icon Pack Launcher Planet, the winner of Reddot Design Award 2014!▶ How to use Icon Pack1. Go Launcher Planet 'Theme settings'. (Long-press your mobile screen > ‘Theme settings’)2. Select ‘Theme DIY’ (upper right side) > Touch 'Icon'3. On right side, there are ... Gratuit 11/2015
35196   Magnifique Thème Clavier Magnifique Thème Clavier Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Magnifique Thème Clavier ★ Tous les fans de applications téléphone de personnalisation, si vous êtes à la recherche pour les nouvelles façons de personnaliser votre téléphone dans une manière à la mode, vous êtes venus au bon endroit. Décorez votre téléphone mobile avec la ma... Gratuit 11/2015
35197   Ice Castle in Beautiful Lake Ice Castle in Beautiful Lake Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Ice Castle in Beautiful Lake The quantity plum spring snow, amid the lines, you can see the joy of snow and poet glad taking into account envy! When we are alert to be adjoining so glad? Even if the snow and turned it into a slip of water in the palm, as well as can depart addendum t... Gratuit 11/2015
35198   Blue and Charming Fish Blue and Charming Fish Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Blue and Charming Fish The deep ocean is pretty, the sun through the surface of the sea, management away the flashing waves through shimmering sea, you can see the fish in the sea cheerful wandering.Fish of the sea have a sting beautiful colors and patterns, these colors and pa... Gratuit 11/2015
35199   Octopus Battle Octopus Battle Arcade Arcade Apps like Octopus Battle Octopus Battle - онлайн битва осьминогов. Игра состоит из 2 раундов. Игроку даётся от 2 до 8 осьминогов бойцов, с помощью которых он должен выбить соперника с игрового поля. Бойцы отличаются размером и количеством получаемых за них баллов (от 1 до 3). Поб... Gratuit 11/2015
35200   Bay Cities Bay Cities Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Bay Cities Ahoy! And welcome to the Bay Cities app where you can learn everything you need to know about retail packaging and displays. Already a customer? Perfect – you can easily contact us to chat about your recent projects and learn what else we can do for you.W... Gratuit 11/2015

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