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9001   Sexy and Cool Sexy and Cool Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Sexy and Cool Green plants covered with earth, the trees became distant mottled background.White house next to a ladder set up, a woman was trampled white ladder to climb up.Slim woman, she wore a black long-sleeved jacket upper body, lower body wearing black shorts, e... Gratuit 12/2015
9002   Dirty Shoes Theme Dirty Shoes Theme Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Dirty Shoes Theme A boy wearing a pair of dirty shoes standing under the street light. It looks a little lonely, overwhelmed. It may have just gone through some things, maybe he just had a fight. But no matter what, they are all experienced it, is part of it. If you like t... Gratuit 12/2015
9003   Broken Screen Prank Broken Screen Prank Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Broken Screen Prank Broken Screen PrankTouch the screen anywhere to get the effect of Broken Screen on your phone screen, really you will feel as your phon screen broken.Install the app on your friend mobile and open it , it is really good joke. How it works: Touch the scree... Gratuit 12/2015
9004   Electric Shock Prank Electric Shock Prank Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Electric Shock Prank Electric shock PrankTouch the screen anywhere to get the effect of electric shock on your body and brain, really you will feel as electric shock.Install the app on your friend mobile and open it , it is really good joke. How it works: Touch the screen any... Gratuit 12/2015
9005   Word Ring Guess Puzzle Word Ring Guess Puzzle Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Word Ring Guess Puzzle Test your logic and attention in Word Ring Guess - Puzzle Search Game! Guess all the words using two pictures and several letters only! Use your associations, go through plenty of amazing levels and solve all the puzzles! How to play?You will be given 2 p... Gratuit 12/2015
9006   Buddha Song and Ringtone Buddha Song and Ringtone Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Buddha Song and Ringtone Buddha Song Sounds app contain about Buddha Song sound collections for free ... Gratuit 12/2015
9007   Toyota  Radio Toyota Radio Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Toyota Radio Listen to Toyota Radio for:- musical variety- news briefs (in French)- Toyota news (in French)- Interviews (in French)- Contests... Gratuit 12/2015
9008   Automatic Transcriptor (BETA) Automatic Transcriptor (BETA) Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Automatic Transcriptor (BETA) Simple tool to automatically transcribe audio files through Google Speech API.Attention: for using this application needs to use high-quality audio and keys of Google Speech API. The keys can obtain by following the steps in http://www.chromium.org/develo... Gratuit 12/2015
9009   True Tune True Tune Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like True Tune Tune your guitar, banjo, ukulele, or bass with ease and accuracy. True Tune features sixteen different tuning patterns that make alternate tuning a breeze. Standard tunings are dropped down and open tunings are preprogrammed so you don't have figure out ... Gratuit 12/2015
9010   78Actu 78Actu Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like 78Actu Toute l'actualité des Yvelines et de ces agglomérations, l'information locale, des reportages, bons plans sorties à proximité, le sport, la culture, la politique, le patrimoine locale, les acteurs et les sujets qui font débats à proximité.- Un fil d'infor... Gratuit 12/2015
9011   50Actu 50Actu Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like 50Actu Toute l'actualité de la Manche et de ces agglomérations, l'information locale, des reportages, bons plans sorties à proximité, le sport, la culture, la politique, le patrimoine locale, les acteurs et les sujets qui font débats à proximité.- Un fil d'infor... Gratuit 12/2015
9012   S Launcher for Galaxy TouchWiz S Launcher for Galaxy TouchWiz Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like S Launcher for Galaxy TouchWiz Get Galaxy S6 experience on any 4.1+ devices in one second!Galaxy S Launcher is a highly customizable, performance driven, TouchWiz style home screen replacement.features:- Customizable icon size and icon label- Support thousands of icon themes on the Pla... Gratuit 12/2015
9013   Air Hostess Photo Suit Editor Air Hostess Photo Suit Editor Photographie Photographie Apps like Air Hostess Photo Suit Editor Air Hostess Photo Suit Editor Air Hostess Photo Suit Editor application provide a latest, fashionable and styles Air Hostess suit photo collection. You can select Air Hostess Photo suit photo from them as well as your device gallery. Air Hostess Photo S... Gratuit 12/2015
9014   Lunettes selfie éditeur Lunettes selfie éditeur Photographie Photographie Apps like Lunettes selfie éditeur Porter des lunettes dans la manière la plus cool et apprennent quels sont ceux qui sont le mieux pour vous avec notre nouvelle machine montage photo! Obtenez cette Lunettes selfie éditeur et ajouter étonnantes cadres de la vignette à vos images facilement... Gratuit 12/2015
9015   MyMaestro MyMaestro Photographie Photographie Apps like MyMaestro Turn your photos into a beautiful piece of art in the style of the "Grand Masters" - Picasso, Munch, van Gogh, and more!We apply deep neural networks and machine learning to detect patterns in your photo and the source artwork and apply them to your image... Gratuit 12/2015
9016   Numérique Éditeur de Photo Numérique Éditeur de Photo Photographie Photographie Apps like Numérique Éditeur de Photo Assurez étonnamment belles images en ajoutant des effets de filtre photo de l'application "Numérique Éditeur de Photo" et de regarder comme une superstar. Recevez dans votre nouveau studio photo et amusant de commencer la meilleure aventure de photos dans... Gratuit 12/2015
9017   LeTech LeTech Productivité Productivité Apps like LeTech Consulter les disponibilités et réserver des salles au Technopole. ... Gratuit 12/2015
9018   Happy New Year 2016 Happy New Year 2016 Social Social Apps like Happy New Year 2016 Hello everyone from all around the world. I Hope you all will be having great plans for this New Year 2016. Yeah, and i wish you a very happy new year 2016 to you and your family. This blog contains tons and tons of happy new year 2016 images, happy new y... Gratuit 12/2015
9019   KaraKartal Forma Wallpaper KaraKartal Forma Wallpaper Sports Sports Apps like KaraKartal Forma Wallpaper Fonds d'écran de forme importante de l'histoire de l'aigle ... Gratuit 12/2015
9020   Double Tap Cleaner Double Tap Cleaner Outils Outils Apps like Double Tap Cleaner Double Tap Cleaner Amazing tool to boost your Memory.Double Tap Cleaner is easy to use : 1- Use On/OFF button to enable this feature.2- Move out from app.3- Double Tap on Home Screen any where on screen.4- See the Magic it will boost your RAM.Double Tap C... Gratuit 12/2015
9021   My Eneo My Eneo Outils Outils Apps like My Eneo Collectez vos données de terrain grâce à vos propres formulaires métiers. ... Gratuit 12/2015
9022   Skin Analog Clock-7 Skin Analog Clock-7 Outils Outils Apps like Skin Analog Clock-7 Skinable analog clock as live wallpaper or widget.Settings: * Size of clock; * Background color; * Three kinds of clock dial.... Gratuit 12/2015
9023   simulate Car Key Remote simulate Car Key Remote Outils Outils Apps like simulate Car Key Remote car key* Great prank tool car key application is no longer your phone \ on your tablet.* Immediate download of fun to spend time.* This application gives the impression of a car owner.* Thanks to key applications can make jokes to your friends and have fu... Gratuit 12/2015
9024   iDO Note iDO Note Outils Outils Apps like iDO Note 1.iDO Note is a simple memo application which designed by iDOTOOLS, you can use the note to record inspiration, trivia, diary, or even a shopping list.The note supports recording text, images and task.anyway , iDO note can record anything you want.2.iDO n... Gratuit 12/2015
9025   Renfe Atendo Renfe Atendo Transports Transports Apps like Renfe Atendo Renfe Atendo es la aplicación oficial de Renfe Operadora para la solicitud y gestión del servicio Atendo.Puedes solicitar la asistencia, cancelarla, o verificar que se ha solicitado correctamente. La aplicación es accesible y puede ser utilizada por perso... Gratuit 12/2015
9026   Durangaldea Durangaldea Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Durangaldea Pour découvrir et à vivre Durangaldea ... Gratuit 12/2015
9027   Newrest – Catering unlimited Newrest – Catering unlimited Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Newrest – Catering unlimited Sur une base vie, dans un immeuble de bureau ou un restaurant d'entreprise, bénéficiez de toutes les informations dont vous avez besoin grâce à l'application NEWREST.- Découvrez les menus de la semaine et soyez informé de toute mise à jour- Consultez le c... Gratuit 12/2015
9028   Express Luggage Express Luggage Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Express Luggage Ne pas oublier quelque chose sur vous êtes prochain voyage! ... Gratuit 12/2015
9029   jeu de maquillage jeu de maquillage Arcade Arcade Apps like jeu de maquillage qui est un jeu amusant pour une fille, vous avez à faire une jolie fille, vous obtenez des couleurs différentes. choisir votre propre maquillage des yeux, et ses coiffures et maquillage du visage, et puis peut choisir vos bons vêtements, et cette belle fi... Gratuit 12/2015
9030   Happy Lovers Theme Happy Lovers Theme Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Happy Lovers Theme The sun slowly rising in the child support apart from, the sun illuminated the river, the inattentive clouds turned into a golden yellow.A pair of happy couple looking at the sunrise, girl rely in report to the guy, they are holding hands as soon as each ... Gratuit 12/2015
9031   Worn Blue Canvas Shoes Worn Blue Canvas Shoes Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Worn Blue Canvas Shoes Worn pair of blue canvas shoes emissions at the roadside, it looks as if the owner does not need him. But the shoes look very nice, very artistic feel. Removing a pair of shoes outside of its practical, it will give us a feeling. Some people love the coll... Gratuit 12/2015
9032   Tattoo Women Tattoo Women Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Tattoo Women Lined with tattoo on the arm of a woman, tattooed on the arm with her temperament is so not, I feel her in her arms should be cool texture, she may also want to show her a woman's side of it;Arm pattern on a woman in commemoration of something? Perhaps a ... Gratuit 12/2015
9033   The Wings of Men The Wings of Men Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like The Wings of Men The theme of the wallpaper mainly describes the wings of men. This piece of wallpaper to black as the background, in the black background of conspicuous position, a Mr. wings, shirtless, a pair of wings on the back, a tattoo on his right arm and face, eye... Gratuit 12/2015
9034   #CollectiveMusicGroup #CollectiveMusicGroup Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like #CollectiveMusicGroup This is a application for the sole purpose of having a one stop shop for all of CollectiveMusicGroup content and products... Gratuit 12/2015
9035   HuntAR 2 HuntAR 2 Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like HuntAR 2 Launch the app and point your camera at a supported logo to view a unique experience. It could be a video, a game, or even a contest with a chance to win some cool prizes.A list of supported logos is in the menu of the app, accessible from the top left ic... Gratuit 12/2015
9036   Free Call Text Wifi Free Call Text Wifi Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like Free Call Text Wifi With this application you can make FREE video calls easily to connect with friends and family.This is the highest quality chat app, start a video chat on 3G, 4G, LTE and Wifi and experience the best quality picture and audio.Free Call Text Wifi Features: ... Gratuit 12/2015
9037   Radio Haiti Radio Haiti Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like Radio Haiti Écoutez la radio la plus populaire en Haïti et vous permettent de profiter de votre radio préférée ... Gratuit 12/2015
9038   CENTER Photography CENTER Photography Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like CENTER Photography CENTER Photography - креативная команда профессионалов, работа которой направлена исключительно на качественный продукт и оперативность.Направление в сфере видео:- Свадебное видео- Музыкальные клипы- Рекламные ролики- Видеопортреты- Короткометражные фильм... Gratuit 12/2015
9039   KirtanTube KirtanTube Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like KirtanTube This Application is designed for the sewa of the sangat as we share rare videos of old puratan ragis , akhand kirtani jathas videos , beautiful collection of shabads sung by ragis of the present world.The application has been designed in such a way that i... Gratuit 12/2015
9040   coolook.top coolook.top Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like coolook.top This is a free and amazing app for news and magazines!It can help you know the moments around you and the world.It's magic, figure out your interest in one second, and your preference in a minute.It can help you get to know your friends by what they are r... Gratuit 12/2015
9041   Dorsata Dorsata Médecine Médecine Apps like Dorsata You can follow the process of care step-by-step or look up a specific piece of information you need. No more fumbling with tattered paper books or flipping to the index to find a specific term. Dorsata simplifies consuming care pathways and guidelines.... Gratuit 12/2015
9042   DoIGrind DoIGrind Médecine Médecine Apps like DoIGrind Find out if you grind your teeth during your sleep!This app will record grinding sounds made during your sleep, you can listen to them the next morning.An algorithm filters and detects the teeth grinding sounds. Teeth grinding is often caused by factors s... Gratuit 12/2015
9043   top 2016 sonneries top 2016 sonneries Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like top 2016 sonneries Top 2016 des sonneries est la plus recherchée après l'application, il contient une liste fraîche de tout nouveau clip audio que votre bien-aimé besoins de smartphones, chaque jour est un spécial quand vous avez quelqu'un qui aime tout simplement le meille... Gratuit 12/2015
9044   Meilleures sonneries d'amour Meilleures sonneries d'amour Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Meilleures sonneries d'amour Meilleures sonneries d'amour est dédié à tous les gens romantiques là-bas, il contient la meilleure sélection de plus cool le son, pensez-vous que vous êtes en amour avec quelqu'un que vous voulez montrer à vos sentiments et de l'affection? il est super f... Gratuit 12/2015
9045   Voice of Victory Voice of Victory Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Voice of Victory Voice of Victory is an online radio network dedicated todelivering well selected Sermons and Christian songs that help you in yourworship and praise of God. Our sermons are from mighty servants of God whodivide the word of truth impartially ensuring you l... Gratuit 12/2015
9046   Haiti Radio Free Live Haiti Radio Free Live Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Haiti Radio Free Live You will find this application the best stations, radio stations or listen to Haiti to free all in one place regardless of where in Haiti or the world you are, and best of all with good sound on your mobile device or tabletWe have placed at your disposal ... Gratuit 12/2015
9047   Villa Shamengo Villa Shamengo Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Villa Shamengo Application officielle de la Villa Shamengo pour la COP21 et de la Soirée Shamengo du 3 décembre, au Palais Iena.Cette application mobile vous propose un parcours pédagogique et numérique, à la découverte de nos pionniers et de leurs incroyables innovatio... Gratuit 12/2015
9048   halawiyat halawiyat Style de vie Style de vie Apps like halawiyat Sweets appétit est l'un des plus beaux moments de bonheur dans la vie humaine. Halawiyat ... Gratuit 12/2015
9049   L'Amuse Bouche L'Amuse Bouche Style de vie Style de vie Apps like L'Amuse Bouche L'application "L'amuse bouche" vous offre la possibilité de consulter toutes les infos utiles du restaurant (Tarifs, carte, avis…) mais aussi de recevoir leurs dernières News ou Flyers sous forme de notifications Push.Caractéristiques de l'application : -... Gratuit 12/2015
9050   Fille Décoration Chambre Fille Décoration Chambre Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Fille Décoration Chambre Décoration Chambre Designs fille donne vous référencez avec la galerie d'images de meilleure conception de chambre de jeune fille de.Une chambre d'adolescente bien décorée présente sa personnalité. Le style d'un adolescent est plus moderne que le style d'... Gratuit 12/2015
9051   Point Smoke Villabé Point Smoke Villabé Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Point Smoke Villabé Téléchargez notre application Point Smoke Villabé Découvrez: - La carte de fidélité - Les Promos - Le Shop - Les conseils Point Smoke - Les derniers produits en exclusivité Centre Commercial Carrefour Villabé A6 Route de Villoison Face aux caisses Carrefo... Gratuit 12/2015
9052   Le Dix'Vin Le Dix'Vin Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Le Dix'Vin Téléchargez l'application officielle du restaurant Le Dix'Vin ! ... Gratuit 12/2015
9053   Junaid Jamshed Naats Junaid Jamshed Naats Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like Junaid Jamshed Naats Now watch and listen naats of Junaid Jamshed on your mobile using this app.Junaid Jamshed is a famous Naat khawan & Scholar of Pakistan. He has a very soulful voice that touches and won people hearts. Also he has known as a scholar of Islam and helped peo... Gratuit 12/2015
9054   Radio Versastyle Radio Versastyle Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Radio Versastyle Radio sur le Développement du personnel et l'éveil de la conscience ... Gratuit 12/2015
9055   Shindig Shindig Communication Communication Apps like Shindig The Shindig app allows you to attend large-scale video chat events from anywhere, anytime. Watch a live talk, presentation, town hall and more. Interact with the host via text and participate in informal polls. Shindig offers the dynamics of in-person eve... Gratuit 12/2015
9056   Neosho School District Neosho School District Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Neosho School District The official Neosho School District app gives you a personalized window into what is happening at the district and schools. Get the news and information that you care about and get involved!Anyone can:-View District and school news-Use the district tip li... Gratuit 12/2015
9057   Alphabet & Number for Nursery Alphabet & Number for Nursery Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Alphabet & Number for Nursery -App have English alphabets with picture and presentation.-Implementation of A to Z and numbers 1-20 with pictures. Alphabet Activity:-Know each latter. Click on it to make sounds.-Shown lower case letter at bottom .-Click next button to cont. Numbers Ac... Gratuit 12/2015
9058   Shadi Se Bed Tak Shadi Se Bed Tak Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Shadi Se Bed Tak Free download app or read online another beautiful application and enjoy a very interesting Islamic debate between bride and groom in your own Urdu language. "Shadi se Bed tak" is the title name of this Urdu book which means the first 10 nights of marriag... Gratuit 12/2015
9059   Bondi - Parent & Child Time Bondi - Parent & Child Time Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Bondi - Parent & Child Time Feeling guilty for being too busy or tired? Bondi makes it easier for you to spend quality time with your child, every day.Bondi is a daily 10 minutes episode that includes premium educational videos for parents and kids 3-6 for fun learning & bonding exp... Gratuit 12/2015
9060   English Number 123 for Kids English Number 123 for Kids Enseignement Enseignement Apps like English Number 123 for Kids This app is very helpful for primary level children. It helps him or her very much to absorbed very quickly. Nicely synchronize all number. This app contain:# Drawing any kinds of image and text or others # Writing facilities to practice # Reading all n... Gratuit 12/2015
9061   Bactéries Scanner Sim Prank Bactéries Scanner Sim Prank Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Bactéries Scanner Sim Prank Bactéries Scanner Simulator est une application scanner et de virus détecteur; vous pouvez numériser une partie de tout le monde et de détecter la quantité de bactéries. Mettez l'appareil photo et le scanner va scanner tous les parasites: les germes, les ... Gratuit 12/2015
9062   American Bank Mobile Banking American Bank Mobile Banking Finance Finance Apps like American Bank Mobile Banking American Bank Mobile Banking by American Bank & Trust – WI is a convenient & secure way to do your banking on the go. This free* app offers options like check account balances, view account transactions, transfer funds, bill pay and find ATM locations. Do... Gratuit 12/2015
9063   Yeti On The Way Yeti On The Way Action Action Apps like Yeti On The Way Civilization brings destruction. At the same time of lifting our technology standard, our planet is getting sick. Human activities cause the global warming and this drastic change of climate affect the ECO system : food chain is disconnecting; creatures ... Gratuit 12/2015
9064   Belajar Hewan Belajar Hewan Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Belajar Hewan Aplikasi Belajar Hewan -Aplikasi Belajar Hewan merupakan aplikasi pendidikan untuk anak-anak guna belajar mengenal nama hewan dan belajar mengenal suara hewan. Aplikasi Belajar Hewan dibuat semenarik mungkin agar anak-anak senang Belajar mengenal nama dan... Gratuit 12/2015
9065   Les tout-petits comptageFruits Les tout-petits comptageFruits Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Les tout-petits comptageFruits Les tout-petits de comptage FruitsUne façon amusante de présenter votre enfant à les fruits étonnants du monde tout en leur enseignant les maths.Modes de jeu d'exercice d'addition et de soustraction de test dans une combinaison excitante de l'apprentissag... Gratuit 12/2015
9066   Happy Worms Colours Happy Worms Colours Arcade Arcade Apps like Happy Worms Colours Arcade style game for everyone. No violence, no ads, two difficult modes. Simple graphic design with changing seasons and weather. 6 lives to save certain number of worms in each level. Funny masks and accessories as a reward. Changing gameplay. Swiping,... Gratuit 12/2015
9067   réelle radio de la police réelle radio de la police Divertissement Divertissement Apps like réelle radio de la police la police voix de radio de la policeSi vous voulez de saines pratiques pour super blague vous attend.votre téléphone \ tablette qui va ajouter du plaisir à votre demande avec vousVous pouvez facilement entendre le bruit de appuyant sur les touches sont fa... Gratuit 12/2015
9068   Video Portal Video Portal Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Video Portal Video Portal uygulaması sosyal medya ve internette en çok izlenen videoları daha kolay ulaşmanız için yapılmış bir uygulamadır.Uygulamamız sayesinde eğlence başta olmak üzere birçok kategoride hoşunuza gidecek videoya saniyeler içinde ulaşabilirsiniz. Sür... Gratuit 12/2015
9069   Hitung Cepat! Hitung Cepat! Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Hitung Cepat! Apakah 2 + 3 = 5? Jika Anda mengaku jago menghitung. Anda wajib mencoba game ini!Hitung Cepat! adalah permainan untuk melatih konsentrasi Anda dengan menentukan apakah jawaban di dalam pertanyaan benar atau salah. Anda hanya diberikan waktu 2 detik untuk ... Gratuit 12/2015
9070   Wille's magical christmas Wille's magical christmas Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Wille's magical christmas This is the story of Willes magical Christmas, his continued adventures in the world.Experience an adventure about a boy's first encounter with Christmas.Solve the mysteries in christmas rhymes, who will get a present this year? Help Wille deliver the rig... Gratuit 12/2015
9071   Jurasic Bubble Shooter Jurasic Bubble Shooter Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Jurasic Bubble Shooter Jurasic Bubble Shooter เป็นเกมส์ยิงไข่ไดโนเสาร์ ที่ภาพสีสันสดใสสวยงาม ในเกมส์จะให้คุณยิงไข่ไดโนเสาร์ สนุกมากๆ มีด่านพิเศษให้ชิงเเต้มอีกด้วย เกมส์นี้เหมาะสำหรับเด็ก และสำหรับคุณผู้หญิงที่ชอบภาพ น่ารักและสวยงาม ++++ สำหรับพัฒนาการด้านสติปัญญาและไหวพริบ และ ... Gratuit 12/2015
9072   Dog racing games Dog racing games Jeux de courses Jeux de courses Apps like Dog racing games Welcome to downhill dog racing games! Do you like cool dog vs cat activity games full of cute pets, animal sounds and funky cartoon graphics? Thats great, greyhound Dog racing games free is fun kids driving app for the whole family. Take an endless dog es... Gratuit 12/2015
9073   3D REAL LIMOUSINE RACING 3D REAL LIMOUSINE RACING Jeux de courses Jeux de courses Apps like 3D REAL LIMOUSINE RACING 3D REAL LIMOUSINE RACING### Race n Create New Record with limousines !### Easy to play### Easy to Control### Save your High score Happy Christmas to all..REAL 3D LIMOUSINE RACING### Race n Créer un nouveau record avec limousines!### Facile à jouer### Fac... Gratuit 12/2015
9074   Basketball Basketball Grand public Grand public Apps like Basketball Spielen Sie einfach Basketball-Spiel ... Gratuit 12/2015
9075   New Year Party Confetti New Year Party Confetti Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like New Year Party Confetti New Year Party Confetti Wallpaper will get you in the mood for the year 2016! Download New Year Party Confetti Wallpaper now for free and get ready for the party of the year and fun! New Year's celebration is coming early this year with all your best frie... Gratuit 12/2015
9076   raum hoch 2 raum hoch 2 Professionnel Professionnel Apps like raum hoch 2 Wir gestalten geschmackvolle, ansprechende Wohnbereiche, die den wünschen unserer Kunden hinsichtlich Stil, Funktionalität und Budget entsprechen. Egal, ob sie Ihren eigenen Räumen mehr Schwung verleihen oder Ihre Immobilie verkaufen möchten, raum² ist Ex... Gratuit 12/2015
9077   Diva Élégant Diva Élégant Grand public Grand public Apps like Diva Élégant Devenir la fille la plus en vogue dans notre nouveau jeu dressup « Diva chic : vêtements originaux » et surprenez vos amis avec vos talents de styliste ! Choisissez des vêtements uniques pour poupées : robes de la beauté, la mode chemisiers et jupes, haut... Gratuit 12/2015
9078   Sınav Ösym sonuçları Sınav Ösym sonuçları Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Sınav Ösym sonuçları Bu uygulama ile sınav sonuçlarınızı görebilir, aday işlemleri sisteminden işlemlerinizi yapabilir, sınav takviminden sınav tarihlerini görebilirsiniz. Ösym ile ilgili gayri resmi bir uygulamadir. Uygulama ile Ales sinav sonuclarini, YDS sınav sonuçlarını,... Gratuit 12/2015
9079   Ecoamigos a Jugar Ecoamigos a Jugar Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Ecoamigos a Jugar ¡Entérate del plan de los Ecoamigos para cuidar el agua y hacer de la tierra un lugar mejor para todos!Colección de 10 minijuegos educativos desarrollados con un nivel de complejidad creciente, pensados y diseñados cuidadosamente para que los niños apre... Gratuit 12/2015
9080   Wikia: My Singing Monsters Wikia: My Singing Monsters Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Wikia: My Singing Monsters The superfan's guide to My Singing Monsters - created by fans, for fans. Wikia apps are always up-to-date with highly accurate, real-time information from Wikia’s vast fan community. My Singing Monsters app features hundreds of pages of content created by... Gratuit 12/2015
9081   Dragon Radar UCF Dragon Radar UCF Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Dragon Radar UCF Dragon Radar is an indirect augmented reality game that uses your phone's GPS to turn you into a Dragonball Knight around the University of Central Florida main campus! Download the app, sign in, and search the main campus for the seven dragonballs on you... Gratuit 12/2015
9082   air conditioner remote control air conditioner remote control Divertissement Divertissement Apps like air conditioner remote control AC Universal Remote Free ,Best Smart Remote for your Air Conditioners.One of the best remote for the Air conditioners ever ,you can download this app and operate your AC using your smart phone,you can forgot about the old conventional remote for everCheck... Gratuit 12/2015
9083   Travel Countdown Travel Countdown Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Travel Countdown Travel Countdown counts down the days, hours and minutes until your next vacation. Your holiday is well deserved and with this simple and beautiful app you can look forward to your next trip. Customize your countdown by setting your favorite background pi... Gratuit 12/2015
9084   Launch pad Launch pad Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Launch pad DJ Music launch pad.- Make you music with using pad. With different sounds like bass, electro etc.- Simple UI with best sounds.- Play backround from your device music or songs from devices.- Recored your music and save it.- List Recorded music.DJ Music ra... Gratuit 12/2015
9085   Belle Cadres Photo Belle Cadres Photo Photographie Photographie Apps like Belle Cadres Photo Recevez dans votre nouveau studio photo virtuel et de libérer l'artiste qui sommeille! Télécharger "Belle Cadres Photo" et décorer vos photos la façon dont vous avez toujours voulu. Ajouter fantastiques filtres et effets photo et en seulement une seconde ... Gratuit 12/2015
9086   Christmas Tree Photo Frames Christmas Tree Photo Frames Photographie Photographie Apps like Christmas Tree Photo Frames Merry Christmas Tree Photo Frames. You have an option to set live wallpapers and set photo frames for your mobile gallery, Add Stickers & Text with different types of font styles for photo frames.* Quick share photo frames & Christmas greetings.* Set... Gratuit 12/2015
9087   Christmas Photo Frames Editor Christmas Photo Frames Editor Photographie Photographie Apps like Christmas Photo Frames Editor Christmas Photo Frames Editor is here to make your Christmas memorable and share wonderful personalized Photo Greeting Cards to your friends, family members and your loved ones.If you want to greet your friends, family and loved ones specially to this Chr... Gratuit 12/2015
9088   Image 2 Live Wallpaper Image 2 Live Wallpaper Photographie Photographie Apps like Image 2 Live Wallpaper "Image 2 Live Wallpaper" set an image of any size to wallpaper easily, without cropping and borders.You can get picture from gallery or internet ( have a lot of beautiful picture available), resize it and set as a wallpaper. You can set picture for vertic... Gratuit 12/2015
9089   Xmas Photo Editor Xmas Photo Editor Photographie Photographie Apps like Xmas Photo Editor You Can decorate your pictures with high quality Christmas Photo,Christmas Gift, Best Christmas Tree, Santa Clause, Christmas Text and many other objectswhich makes you feel very joyful on this Christmas Festival.features:500+ Best HD Christmas WallpaperS... Gratuit 12/2015
9090   SERRURIER PARIS SERRURIER PARIS Communication Communication Apps like SERRURIER PARIS Des informations de détail sur l'entreprise de création, maintenance de serrure ... Gratuit 12/2015
9091   Europa Formation Europa Formation Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Europa Formation EUROPA FORMATION est un centre de formation professionnelle créé depuis 1989 et enregistré auprès de la préfecture de Région de l’Île de France sous le numéro d’existence 11 75 16 050 76.Notre établissement est spécialisé dans l'apprentissage de langues. ... Gratuit 12/2015
9092   Yaz Bakalım Yaz Bakalım Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Yaz Bakalım Yaz Bakalım uygulaması, okul öncesi ve ilköğretim öğrencileri için- El yazısıyla (e,l,a,t) 1. grup seslerden hece ve kelime oluşturma,elat- (i,n,o,r,m) 2. grup seslerden hece ve kelime oluşturma (1.grup(elat) sesleri de beraber kullanır),inorm- Minik moto... Gratuit 12/2015
9093   How To Drawing Scorpion How To Drawing Scorpion Enseignement Enseignement Apps like How To Drawing Scorpion How To Drawing ScorpionHow To Drawing Scorpion is free app. This app for kids. Lessons and step by step draw scorpion animals. How To Drawing Scorpion Animals very easy to use and complete free,you can find useful information about in it download for fre... Gratuit 12/2015
9094   OpenTutorials OpenTutorials Enseignement Enseignement Apps like OpenTutorials OpenTutorials est une plateforme de partage de connaissance gratuite ... Gratuit 12/2015
9095   Christmas,  Santa Claus Christmas, Santa Claus Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Christmas, Santa Claus Jingle kids is a fairy tale about Christmas subject and a list of reference of Christmas knowledge such as "Hang the socks by the fireplace"; "Christmas Tree"; "The legend of red dress and Santa Claus' sleigh". At the end of the tale, a list of quiz to ch... Gratuit 12/2015
9096   Friendly-Berlin Friendly-Berlin Social Social Apps like Friendly-Berlin fr;)endly Berlin vermittelt Hilfe im Berliner Alltag – ob bei der Fahrradpanne, der Frage nach dem Weg oder jeder anderen Situation, in der man die Hilfe von freundlichen Menschen benötigt.Unsere App ermöglicht es euch Hilfegesuche an User in eurer Nähe z... Gratuit 12/2015
9097   Video Chat Free Video Chat Free Social Social Apps like Video Chat Free With this application you can make FREE video calls easily to connect with friends and family.This is the highest quality chat app, start a video chat on 3G, 4G, LTE and Wifi and experience the best quality picture and audio.Video Chat Free---------------... Gratuit 12/2015
9098   meet4fun meet4fun Social Social Apps like meet4fun Diese KOSTENLOSE Applikation gibt Ihnen die Möglichkeit, Sucheinträge zu Ihren Hobbies und Unternehmungen zu erstellen, um von Leuten mit gleichen Interessen in Ihrer Nähe gefunden zu werden.Sie haben die Möglichkeit, neue Kontakte zu knüpfen, mit ihnen z... Gratuit 12/2015
9099   Fond d'écran Saab 93 Fond d'écran Saab 93 Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Fond d'écran Saab 93 Cette application contient des Fonds d'écran et thèmes belles et étonnantes à thèmes d'automobiles. Image Saab 93 en beau, élégant voitures de haute qualité, incroyablement puissants que vous pouvez définir comme fond d'écran sur votre téléphone, tablette... Gratuit 12/2015
9100   NCERT Maths Solutions Class 12 NCERT Maths Solutions Class 12 Livres et références Livres et références Apps like NCERT Maths Solutions Class 12 Chapterwise solutions to NCERT Maths Textbook for Class 12 ( CBSE Board)Total number of pages : 1212 . Solutions to Chapters : 1. Relations and Functions2. Inverse Trigonometric Functions3. Matrices4. Determinants5. Continuity and Differentiability6. App... Gratuit 12/2015
9101   Vishw love stories Vishw love stories Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Vishw love stories histoires célèbres du monde sont ici, à un endroit où vous pouvez lire et partager le même. ... Gratuit 12/2015
9102   Daily word meaning 28din Daily word meaning 28din Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Daily word meaning 28din This application enhance your learning skills of english with few simple steps you can learn english in 28 days there are day wise division of chapter so that you can easily learn and speak the language properly. So download the application and learn it.C... Gratuit 12/2015
9103   Excellent kundli guide Excellent kundli guide Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Excellent kundli guide This application is the collection of kundli it will really helps you to kmow and learn about kundli all the systems related to jyotish gyan ,this kind of application really helps you to have the different learning and skills in different sector.Cette ap... Gratuit 12/2015
9104   Make Me Learn Make Me Learn Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Make Me Learn When learning becomes fun, you naturally score more!II PUC is considered to be a ‘turning point’ in a student’s life as it is one of the most crucial exams that charts the course for his/her career. MakeMeLearn is a learning app that handholds II PU stude... Gratuit 12/2015
9105   Animal MOD For MCPE` Animal MOD For MCPE` Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Animal MOD For MCPE` Animal MOD For MCPE includes a huge amount of new creatures to the diversion particularly in the for all intents and purposes infertile seas. They extend from bugs to whales and fluctuate in aloof or antagonistic when drawn closer. The minecraft animal mo... Gratuit 12/2015
9106   Arabic Watch Face Arabic Watch Face Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Arabic Watch Face Features:- Different colors.- All numbers will be shown in Arabic.- Ambient mode supported.Colors:- Beige.- Brown.- Gold.- Navy.- Silver.- Sport (yellow and black). ... 0.73€ 12/2015
9107   CirKLLe for Kustom and LL CirKLLe for Kustom and LL Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like CirKLLe for Kustom and LL CirKLLe is a Preset for Kustom LWPThis Preset only work with Kustom Live Wallpaper.Navigation is Vertical and Horizontal by Swipe and\or by Tap. The Screenresolution for this Preset is overall 1080x1920 (no statusbar). Soft- or Hardwarekeys doesn't matte... 1.19€ 12/2015
9108   GO SMS THEME - RideOrDie GO SMS THEME - RideOrDie Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like GO SMS THEME - RideOrDie THIS THEME WILL NOT OPEN DIRECTLY FROM THE ICON OR FROM THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE - YOU MUST APPLY IT THROUGH GO SMS PRO - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD GO SMS PRO (it's FREE!)THEME NAME: Ride Or DieCOLORS: black, white, purple, blueDECOR: sugar skull, skulls, moto... 2.18€ 12/2015
9109   Color My Cause Color My Cause Social Social Apps like Color My Cause Color My Cause is a quick and easy way to add a flag to your Facebook profile pic in a few easy steps. Choose your photo from your phone or Facebook, choose a flag, adjust the transparency and your done! Share your new filtered flag photo to Facebook or s... 0.73€ 12/2015
9110   pinBlock -  Hide Promoted Pins pinBlock - Hide Promoted Pins Social Social Apps like pinBlock - Hide Promoted Pins Tired of Pinterest Promoted and Picked-for-You pins clogging your home feed? Frustrated with hiding these pins, only to see them reappear the next day? Our full-window Pinterest web browser will hide these unwanted pins. Our application will also dynamica... 5.54€ 12/2015
9111   w49wdf: Paid app w49wdf: Paid app Social Social Apps like w49wdf: Paid app test paid applicationTest application payante... 1.14€ 12/2015
9112   Alternative Media Pro Alternative Media Pro Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Alternative Media Pro This is the Ad Free VersionQuick & Easy access to: *Coast to Coast "In the News" Feed and Homesite*InfoWars (Prison Planet) News Feed and Homesite*Midnight in the Desert News Feed*Somewhere In Time with Art Bell (24/7 Streaming Audio)*Dark Matter Radio Ne... 0.73€ 12/2015
9113   Bible Verses: Ads Free Bible Verses: Ads Free Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Bible Verses: Ads Free Start reading Bible with our app! Bible verses includes the best bible quotes in more than 35 languages. Read verses, share them among the friends ( via Facebook, Twitter etc. ), enjoy the power of Bible knowledge. The application is free and does not req... 2.26€ 12/2015
9114   Wilton Manors Tech Support Wilton Manors Tech Support Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Wilton Manors Tech Support Download for one year of tech support ... 113.77€ 12/2015
9115   Lullabies Sung by Freda Lullabies Sung by Freda Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Lullabies Sung by Freda The lovely, lilting song style of Freda Fry is ideal to help little sleepy heads find their way into slumber land. Her voice is a voice of love, and reflects her love for children. In this app, she includes the gentle songs of Stephen Foster, traditional ... 2.18€ 12/2015
9116   Joel Osteen Bible Gateway Joel Osteen Bible Gateway Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Joel Osteen Bible Gateway On more than 180 million devices around the world, people are reading, listening to, watching, and sharing the Bible.Be a part of this growing community world wide by using the Joel Osteen BibleSur plus de 180 millions d'appareils dans le monde entier, le... 1.13€ 12/2015
9117   Digital Pan Digital Pan Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like Digital Pan The Digital Pan Mobile App is the only steelpan app that is officially and exclusively endorsed by the world governing body for the steelpan - Pan Trinbago. Tha app allows users to practice and develop their skills for not just one specific pan, but the e... 3.67€ 12/2015
9118   Gerber Life for Agents Gerber Life for Agents Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Gerber Life for Agents The Gerber Life Insurance Agent Zone app contains product quotes and information exclusively for licensed life insurance agents. The Agent Zone mobile app gives agents a quick and simple way to:• Provide quick quotes on the go• View Gerber... Gratuit 12/2015
9119   Hiver Neige Camion Au volant Hiver Neige Camion Au volant Simulation Simulation Apps like Hiver Neige Camion Au volant Fortes chutes de neige avait bloqué les routes et les rues de la route pour la mobilité de la circulation. Les gens prévoient le regroupement familial et le dîner pour le réveillon de Noël, mais coincés à la maison en raison de chutes de neige. Incarnez u... Gratuit 12/2015
9120   Gun Safety Test Gun Safety Test Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Gun Safety Test At AlphaSquared Technologies Inc. we strongly believe that everyone must know how to use firearms safely. So, we have created this challenge test application to help all new firearms license applicants and even seasoned firearms users to feel confident at... 1.09€ 12/2015
9121   iDO - Décor Options iDO - Décor Options Divertissement Divertissement Apps like iDO - Décor Options Change the color of Chair Covers, Sashes, and Linens to see how it will look. ... 5.30€ 12/2015
9122   THE SANTA DOG CHRISTMAS APP THE SANTA DOG CHRISTMAS APP Divertissement Divertissement Apps like THE SANTA DOG CHRISTMAS APP HE TALKS AND SINGS!!Santa Dog is a real dog that you can talk to and he'll talk back! Tell him what you want for Christmas and he'll let you know what your chances are. Ask him to sing popular Christmas carols and watch as he tries his best, but always en... 1.13€ 12/2015
9123   Warlords Demi GodZ Warlords Demi GodZ Action Action Apps like Warlords Demi GodZ Warlord Demi GodZ is now available. Fight as a powerful Demi God and prove your strength. Get the ultimate Dragon Ball Z and Mortal Kombat experience in one of the first open world massive-multiplayer online combat game. Amazing scenery, graphics, and uni... 3.29€ 12/2015
9124   There Soon! There Soon! Communication Communication Apps like There Soon! There Soon! allows you to automatically send a text when you're close to your destination.Quickly set up a new location and when enabled, There Soon! will detect how far you are away. Once you are within your chosen radius There Soon! will send a text aut... 0.92€ 12/2015
9125   Bible Bowl Prep Bible Bowl Prep Culture générale Culture générale Apps like Bible Bowl Prep Bible Bowl Prep is a quiz app designed to help students prepare for Bible Quizzes. There are currently 5 quizzes available:* Luke 1 - 12* Luke 1 - 12 Topic Headings* Matthew for Lads to Leaders* Joshua* Joshua Topic HeadingsAs time passes, more quizzes wi... 0.99€ 12/2015
9126   Santa Claus Games: Run Santa Claus Games: Run Grand public Grand public Apps like Santa Claus Games: Run Santa Claus is a mythical figure with legendary, historical and folkloric origins who, in many Western cultures, is said to bring gifts to the homes of the good children on 24 December, the night before Christmas Day.It is a collection of santa claus best... 1.82€ 12/2015
9127   Johnny Tractor's Snow Day Johnny Tractor's Snow Day Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Johnny Tractor's Snow Day There’s a big holiday celebration planned in the town square tonight and Deerfield Valley has been blanketed in snow! It’s up to Johnny Tractor and his construction buddies to clear the snow and decorate for the big event!In this endearing interactive sto... 3.40€ 12/2015
9128   My Hanukkah - an App for Kids My Hanukkah - an App for Kids Éducatif Éducatif Apps like My Hanukkah - an App for Kids My Hanukkah est un livre intéractif pour enfants écrit et illustré par AppSameach."Aide les Maccabées à battre Antiochus et son armée!"Lisez l'histoire de Hanukkah à vos enfants ou bien laissez-les suivre le texte pendant que le narrateur leur raconte l'h... 1.92€ 12/2015
9129   Princess Pet Castle FULL Princess Pet Castle FULL Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Princess Pet Castle FULL With three beautiful princesses and super cute pets who need love and care, Princess Pet Castle brings the best princess games for sweet little girls! Far, far away in a fairy tale castle live 3 stunning beauty princesses Alice, Kate and Sophia. They invi... 4.40€ 12/2015
9130   har•mo•ny 3 har•mo•ny 3 Musique Musique Apps like har•mo•ny 3 har•mo•ny 3 is a puzzle game of beautiful color and captivating music, unified in perfect harmony."As close to puzzling perfection as you can get" - AppAdvice "Every part of this game oozes relaxation..." - TouchArcade A Work of Art... New chapters featu... 2.20€ 12/2015
9131   Le dragon de l'hiver Le dragon de l'hiver Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Le dragon de l'hiver Un dragon mystérieux s’est perdu au milieu de l’hiver ! Peux-tu l’aider ?Suis les traces du dragon dans un magnifique paysage hivernal et résous des énigmes dans la forêt.Élimine les obstacles et ouvre de nouveaux chemins en plaçant les gemmes magiques da... 1.99€ 12/2015
9132   Emil & Pauline in der Tiefsee Emil & Pauline in der Tiefsee Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Emil & Pauline in der Tiefsee Deutsch und Mathe 2. Klasse - Rechnen und Lesen für die GrundschuleGehe mit Emil und Pauline auf Tauchgang! Zusammen erkundet ihr die bunte Unterwasserwelt! Hilf den Clownfischen, ihre Höhle zu finden, besuche den grimmigen Kraken, finde heraus, was sich ... 2.99€ 12/2015
9133   kawaii日本語 - Japanisch lernen kawaii日本語 - Japanisch lernen Éducatif Éducatif Apps like kawaii日本語 - Japanisch lernen Du möchtest Japanisch lernen, aber viele der Lernmaterialien sind monoton und langweilig?Dann ist "kawaii日本語" (kawaii nihongo) genau das Richtige für Dich! Wir vereinen die Vorteile von Karteikarten mit süßen Motiven, die dir wie eine Eselsbrücke helfen, ... 2.33€ 12/2015
9134   Bouts de Chou-Surprise de Noël Bouts de Chou-Surprise de Noël Grand public Grand public Apps like Bouts de Chou-Surprise de Noël Ho, Ho, ho, qu’est-ce qu’il y a dans la boîte ? C’est un cadeau — une surprise de la part des Bouts de Chou ! Célèbre Noël en chantant, dansant, et jouant tes chansons de Noël préférées avec les Bouts de Chou ! Mets ces pull-overs de Noël, ces chaussettes... 0.50€ 12/2015
9135   Factory Mania X-mas - Edition Factory Mania X-mas - Edition Grand public Grand public Apps like Factory Mania X-mas - Edition Rette Weihnachten! Beginne Deine erfolgreiche Karriere in der Kuscheltierfabrik!Durch pfiffiges Arbeiten wirst Du schnell vom Praktikant zum erfolgreichen Fabrikdirektor. Schaffe die von den Kindern gewünschten Spielsachen so schnell wie möglich, um auf d... 0.60€ 12/2015
9136   Shopkins: Top Trumps Shopkins: Top Trumps Jeux de société Jeux de société Apps like Shopkins: Top Trumps From the award winning and record-breaking Shopkins toys! Enter Shopville, meet Apple Blossom, Kooky Cookie, Lippy Lips and over 60 adorable and cute Shopkins characters. Follow the story, win your Top Trumps matches, unlock bonus cards, have fun with the... 3.35€ 12/2015
9137   Maiden Audio App Unlocker Maiden Audio App Unlocker Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Maiden Audio App Unlocker Maiden Audio App Unlock Application vous permet de bénéficier de l'audio haute résolution en autorisant les connexions numériques vers des appareils externes compatibles USB audio (tels qu'un DAC) grâce à des câbles OTG (On The Go). * Avant l'achat, vérif... 8.95€ 12/2015
9138   Manufactura Manufactura Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Manufactura Die manufactura ist spezialisiert auf die Konzeption und Herstellung von passgenauen Produkten für Versorgungssysteme in der Rehabilitationstechnik. Wir erstellen individuelle Angebote, Kalkulationen und Risikoanalysen für den Fachhandel. Fachkundige, erf... Gratuit 12/2015
9139   Service Point Diepholz GbR Service Point Diepholz GbR Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Service Point Diepholz GbR Durch die enge Zusammenarbeit mit günstigen Energieversorgern und Telekommunikationsunternehmen können wir allen Kunden stets faire und günstige Preise vermitteln.Dies gilt für Privathaushalte und Gewerbekunden.Mit unserer App können Sie ab sofort von unt... Gratuit 12/2015
9140   Taxi Vereinigung Dachau e.V. Taxi Vereinigung Dachau e.V. Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Taxi Vereinigung Dachau e.V. Die Taxi-Vereinigung Dachau e.V. ist ein Zusammenschluss von 30 Unternehmen mit insgesamt 35 Taxen in Dachau. Über die App erhalten die Kunden aktuelle Informationen zur Taxi-Vereinigung und können sich über unsere Leistungen und Fahrzeuge informieren.... Gratuit 12/2015
9141   Task4U Task4U Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Task4U Das brauche ich für meinen Mann!Sagt spontan fast jede Ehefrau, wenn Sie von Task4U hört! Das ultimative Tool für alle Erledigungen und insbesondere den Einkaufszettel. Keine Aufgabe wird mehr vergessen, alles wird geordnet in der richtigen Reihenfolge er... Gratuit 12/2015
9142   EventOffice bernd lohmueller EventOffice bernd lohmueller Professionnel Professionnel Apps like EventOffice bernd lohmueller EventOffice is the App for Event and Project Management Bernd Lohmueller. Bernd is a Freelancer in EventBusiness and working for different companies and events all around the world.Users off the app can easily follow and contact the EventOffice for their ... Gratuit 12/2015
9143   AINS-CONGRESS-APP AINS-CONGRESS-APP Professionnel Professionnel Apps like AINS-CONGRESS-APP Die neue „AINS Congress-App“, die nachstehende Kongresse - die unter der wissenschaftlichen Trägerschaft der DGAI Deutsche Gesellschaft für Anästhesiologie und Intensivmedizin e.V. und des BDA Berufsverband Deutscher Anästhesisten e.V. stehen - abbildet,... Gratuit 12/2015
9144   Auto Dotterweich GmbH Auto Dotterweich GmbH Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Auto Dotterweich GmbH Die App von Auto Dotterweich GmbH in Steinsdorf!Herzlich Willkommen bei Auto Dotterweich GmbH - Ihr Partner rund um Ihr Auto. In familiärer Atmosphäre und zu fairen Preisen kümmern wir uns um Sie und Ihr Fahrzeug.Mit dieser App bekommen Sie brandheiße New... Gratuit 12/2015
9145   trecker.com trecker.com Professionnel Professionnel Apps like trecker.com Landwirtschaft leicht gemacht:Durch die trecker.com-App können Mitarbeiter eines landwirtschaftlichen Betriebs einfacher zusammenarbeiten. Eine Karte mit den aktuellen Positionen aller Mitarbeiter erleichtert das gegenseitige Auffinden. Zudem lassen sich ... Gratuit 12/2015
9146   FENSTERBAU FRONTALE FENSTERBAU FRONTALE Professionnel Professionnel Apps like FENSTERBAU FRONTALE FENSTERBAU FRONTALE, world's leading trade fair for windows, doors and facades, takes place in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg.Download the app now and discover many convenient features! All the exhibitors and productsConveniently search for exhibitors by... Gratuit 12/2015
9147   Battery Life Repair Battery Life Repair Outils Outils Apps like Battery Life Repair Repair Battery Life is a new tool that will make your battery last much more. Batteries, as time passes by lose their ability to charge fully and the only solution is recharge them frequently. Repair Battery Life uses proprietary technology to revamp your... Gratuit 12/2015
9148   Pink Bear Hola Theme Pink Bear Hola Theme Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Pink Bear Hola Theme The cutest obsession of your teenage years is back and in pink this time.The preview image showcases the overall style, the actual effect is based on installation. ★Notice:This is not a stand alone app - Must have Hola Launcher to use! ★How to Apply the T... Gratuit 12/2015
9149   Cyber-Mobbing Erste-Hilfe App Cyber-Mobbing Erste-Hilfe App Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Cyber-Mobbing Erste-Hilfe App Jemand hat dich übers Handy oder Internet verletzt und jetzt brauchst du Hilfe? Dann lade dir die App. In kurzen Videoclips geben dir die Guides, Tom und Emilia, konkrete Verhaltenstipps, sprechen dir Mut zu und begleiten dich bei deinen ersten Schritten,... Gratuit 12/2015
9150   Wapsi By Umera Ahmed Wapsi By Umera Ahmed Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Wapsi By Umera Ahmed Read Wapsi a Good novel By Umera Ahmed. ❤❤ Please Rate Us Work ❤Lesen Wapsi einen guten Roman von Umera Ahmed. ❤❤ Bitte bewerten Sie uns Arbeiten ❤ ... Gratuit 12/2015
9151   Christmas Audio Book Free Christmas Audio Book Free Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Christmas Audio Book Free This application provide five famous book about Christmas in the world. It included:- ACHRISTMAS CAROL- THE CHIMES- THE CRICKET ON THE HEARTH- THE BATTLE OF LIFE- THE HAUNTED MAN ANH THE GHOST'S BARGAIN Wish you have a happy Xmas! ... Gratuit 12/2015
9152   ES Material Theme for Pro ES Material Theme for Pro Productivité Productivité Apps like ES Material Theme for Pro If you like the function of ES File Explorer Pro but the default theme of ES File Explorer V4.0, this theme is for you.Material Design Theme provides Android 5.0 user interface style, and don't worry it is available for all users whose Android version is ... Gratuit 12/2015
9153   Sabre laser montage photo Sabre laser montage photo Photographie Photographie Apps like Sabre laser montage photo Appliquer la justice dans l'univers entier et être le plus courageux et le plus sage chevalier en costumes étonnants autocollants! Télécharger Sabre laser montage photo habiller appareil photo et choisissez votre destin! Sélectionnez votre visage préférée... Gratuit 12/2015
9154   Guerre crier Guerre crier Action Action Apps like Guerre crier War Cry OutThe best third person shooter game on mobile and Tablets It’s a real premier third person shooter experience available on your mobile phone and android tablets. A complete military covert operation game and the object is to kill your enemies i... Gratuit 12/2015
9155   Christmas Pop - Bubble Shooter Christmas Pop - Bubble Shooter Grand public Grand public Apps like Christmas Pop - Bubble Shooter Christmas is coming with bubbles and surprises!Shoot bubbles with 2015's big holidays hit foxy the fox, match 3 colors to pop bubbles, pop all the bubbles on the board to win!!!Foxy the fox is throwing the bubbles one after the other and having so much fu... Gratuit 12/2015
9156   Spheres Pink Emoji Keyboard Spheres Pink Emoji Keyboard Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Spheres Pink Emoji Keyboard Il s'agit d'un thème avec touches sphériques rose cercle au-dessus d'une application de fond brillant fuchsia foncé violet pour le clavier Emoji - mignon (ou version Premium ou KK). Chaque clé est une boule de cristal admirablement façonnée avec des effet... Gratuit 12/2015
9157   Sherlock The Abominable Bride Sherlock The Abominable Bride Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Sherlock The Abominable Bride Sherlock: The Abominable BrideDownload the official Sherlock app for exclusive wallpapers, cinema listings and more. Get ready for Sherlock: The Abominable Bride with the official Sherlock app. One for all fans, the app lets you add exclusive moving wallp... Gratuit 12/2015
9158   Ugly Monster Simulator 3D Ugly Monster Simulator 3D Aventure Aventure Apps like Ugly Monster Simulator 3D Do you like acting like a beast in games? If yes Ugly Monster Simulator 3D is right for you!Hunt people, collect stars, explore well designed huge worlds. Features:- High quality graphics.- Amazing models and environments.- Great sound effects and musics.... Gratuit 12/2015
9159   THE GAME OF LIFE Big Screen THE GAME OF LIFE Big Screen Jeux de société Jeux de société Apps like THE GAME OF LIFE Big Screen PLEASE NOTE: The game was designed with features that are best used with CHROMECAST!Ever wonder where your choices will take you? Or think about where you’d be if you made different choices? Do you wish there was a “practice round”? Then it’s time for som... Gratuit 12/2015
9160   Focus Credit Union Focus Credit Union Finance Finance Apps like Focus Credit Union Our new mobile app provides members convenient access to Focus Credit Union's mobile website, mobile banking, branch & contact information, help and our loan application.Notre nouvelle application mobile offre à ses membres un accès pratique au site Web m... Gratuit 12/2015
9161   Deer Valley CU Mobile Banking Deer Valley CU Mobile Banking Finance Finance Apps like Deer Valley CU Mobile Banking Get secure online banking anywhere, anytime with the Deer Valley Credit Union mobile banking application. Our mobile application gives you the flexibility and convenience of managing your banking services anytime, anywhere from your Android devices. Secur... Gratuit 12/2015
9162   Santa Claus with Elk Santa Claus with Elk Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Santa Claus with Elk In the middle night of Christmas Eve,everything has fallen into deep sleeping.Only Santa Claus begins his work now.His four cute elks pull his carriage and help him bring his presents to every child's home.Cobo Themes are designed for Cobo Launcher.What ... Gratuit 12/2015
9163   GO Keyboard Hami Sticker GO Keyboard Hami Sticker Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like GO Keyboard Hami Sticker Do you want fancy and cute stickers? Hami cat is the best app for you! Hami Sticker is totally free and customed for GO Keyboard(with 10000+ colorful themes and 800+ emoji, emoticons and smiley faces)! ★New Emoji Features-It contain a variety of beautifu... Gratuit 12/2015
9164   Christmas Gifts Emoji Keyboard Christmas Gifts Emoji Keyboard Outils Outils Apps like Christmas Gifts Emoji Keyboard This free Christmas keyboard theme will be a perfect decoration for your phone during long winter evenings and Christmas !????❄️????❄️⛄️❄️????★ Notice ★The theme supports Kika Keyboard only. Click here to download Kika Keyboard for FREE! ★ About Kika Key... Gratuit 12/2015
9165   Samsung vitesse Thème Samsung vitesse Thème Outils Outils Apps like Samsung vitesse Thème Samsung vitesse Thème est un thème gratuit spécialement conçu pour les utilisateurs de CM Launcher, dont des dizaines d'icônes unifiées et des fonds d'écran artistiques, ce qui peuvent personnaliser votre appareil facilement. Samsung Gear Circle, Samsung ... Gratuit 12/2015
9166   Canvas Painting Hola Theme Canvas Painting Hola Theme Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Canvas Painting Hola Theme An illusion of oil painted icons on a textured canvas.The preview image showcases the overall style, the actual effect is based on installation. ★Notice:This is not a stand alone app - Must have Hola Launcher to use! ★How to Apply the Theme:1. Search "Hol... Gratuit 12/2015
9167   The Final Break The Final Break Aventure Aventure Apps like The Final Break The Final Break is an adventure game in which you try to escape from a prison. Good luck!... Gratuit 12/2015
9168   GO Keyboard Giraffe Sticker GO Keyboard Giraffe Sticker Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like GO Keyboard Giraffe Sticker Do you want fancy and cute stickers? Giraffe is the best app for you! Giraffe Sticker is totally free and customed for GO Keyboard(with 10000+ colorful themes and 800+ emoji, emoticons and smiley faces)! ★New Emoji Features-It contain a variety of beauti... Gratuit 12/2015
9169   3D Icons 3D Icons Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like 3D Icons This is Theme 3d vintage. Special thanks to the creators of moonshine icons for helping to make this theme This is an icon pack for many Populars Launcher . As Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, ADW, Holo, Go launcher EX, Action Launcher, and others. Also comp... 1.31€ 12/2015
9170   GO Keyboard Shrek Sticker GO Keyboard Shrek Sticker Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like GO Keyboard Shrek Sticker Do you want fancy and cute stickers? Shrek is the best app for you! Shrek Sticker is customed for GO Keyboard(with 10000+ colorful themes and 800+ emoji, emoticons and smiley faces)! ★New Emoji Features-It contain a variety of beautiful&funny stickers! -... 2.32€ 12/2015
9171   Delicious - Holiday Season Delicious - Holiday Season Grand public Grand public Apps like Delicious - Holiday Season Préparez-vous un chocolat chaud et installez-vous devant la cheminée tout en profitant du jeu idéal pour une soirée d'hiver ! Mettant toute son énergie dans la préparation de Noël en famille, elle rencontre deux hommes intéressants souhaitant attirer son ... 9.99€ 12/2015
9172   Calcul mental CP-CE1 Calcul mental CP-CE1 Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Calcul mental CP-CE1 Ce application, conforme aux programmes scolaires, permet de s'entrainer au calcul mental en s'amusant. Il s'adresse aux élèves de CP et de CE1 mais peut être utilisé par des plus grands : en effet, l'âge et le niveau scolaire ne sont pas indiqués au s... 5.99€ 12/2015
9173   Dating Online - Elmaz.com Dating Online - Elmaz.com Social Social Apps like Dating Online - Elmaz.com Find love in the biggest Bulgarian dating site. Elmaz.com is N1 Bulgariansite for serious dating with thousands of users – men and women above18 years, looking for matches. Register and date free online, find yoursoul mate or new friends online. Elmaz ... Gratuit 12/2015
9174   Poker Manager Poker Manager Finance Finance Apps like Poker Manager With Poker Manager you can save all your Poker Sessions. With many filter options you can find leaks in your Game and see a lot of statistics. You can also connect with your Friends and watch there Sessions live! This are the main features:• Connect with ... 6.53€ 12/2015
9175   AVALE-SOUCIS Dada Land AVALE-SOUCIS Dada Land Arcade Arcade Apps like AVALE-SOUCIS Dada Land Aidez vos Avale-Soucis préférés dans leur voyage à travers divers mondes dangereux et lors d'aventures passionnantes ! Découvrez 80 niveaux plein de dangers et de défis ! Chaque Avale-Soucis a sa propre manière de parcourir les mondes : Saggo traverse l'e... 2.99€ 12/2015
9176   Gangster Granny Gangster Granny Aventure Aventure Apps like Gangster Granny Number 1 Adventure Game in more than 45 countries is now available on Google Play! Follow Gangster Granny on her journey to rob the biggest bank in city and defeat anyone who tries to stop her!"Someone once told me, that some time ago in some place far aw... 1.13€ 12/2015
9177   Gangster Granny 2: Madness Gangster Granny 2: Madness Action Action Apps like Gangster Granny 2: Madness Feel the rush of battle and non-stop action as Gangster Granny resumes in her hectic warfare against endless hordes of heavily armed soldiers! Gangster Granny returns to and takes take fans of the 3D shooter genre to the next level of entertainment. Jump ... 1.13€ 12/2015
9178   Fantasy Mosaics 12 Fantasy Mosaics 12 Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Fantasy Mosaics 12 Help the penguin find a key to solving the mystery of the parallel world and discover its inhabitants! Enjoy the challenge and complete custom built mosaic images based on the logic of numbers! This new installment of fantasy mosaics brings you a vivid ... 3.32€ 12/2015
9179   Dipp G - Icon Pack Dipp G - Icon Pack Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Dipp G - Icon Pack Dipp G - Icon Pack a square backed icon set that looks great on any background.Dipp G - Icon Pack Features: * 2600+ custom icons* 30+ HD cloud-based wallpapers * XXXHDPI Icon 192x192 px* See all icons by using "Icons" option in app* Icon Request* Image p... 1.08€ 12/2015
9180   GO Keyboard Snowman Sticker GO Keyboard Snowman Sticker Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like GO Keyboard Snowman Sticker Do you want fancy and cute stickers? Snowman is the best app for you! Snowman Sticker is customed for GO Keyboard(with 10000+ colorful themes and 800+ emoji, emoticons and smiley faces)! ★New Emoji Features-It contain a variety of beautiful&funny sticker... 3.40€ 12/2015
9181   Theme XPERIEN™-Christmas Night Theme XPERIEN™-Christmas Night Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Theme XPERIEN™-Christmas Night Theme XPERIEN™ - Christmas Night is a combination of excellent quality with elegant design specifically for your smartphone Sony Xperia ™, the best just for you! Great theme for XperiaThis theme of personalization for the whole range from Sony Xperia Z t... 1.60€ 12/2015
9182   GO Keyboard Peanuts Sticker GO Keyboard Peanuts Sticker Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like GO Keyboard Peanuts Sticker Do you want fancy and cute stickers? Peanuts is the best app for you! Peanuts Sticker is customed for GO Keyboard(with 10000+ colorful themes and 800+ emoji, emoticons and smiley faces)! ★New Emoji Features-It contain a variety of beautiful&funny sticker... 3.40€ 12/2015
9183   GO Keyboard Penguins Sticker GO Keyboard Penguins Sticker Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like GO Keyboard Penguins Sticker Do you want fancy and cute stickers? Penguins is the best app for you! Penguins Sticker is customed for GO Keyboard(with 10000+ colorful themes and 800+ emoji, emoticons and smiley faces)! ★New Emoji Features-It contain a variety of beautiful&funny stick... 3.40€ 12/2015
9184   Xmas Snowy Cottage Theme Xmas Snowy Cottage Theme Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Xmas Snowy Cottage Theme You can light up different window in cottage by swiping the homescreen! (see movie on top)Tested on Xperia Z3, Lollipop 5.1.1 (resolution 1080x1920). Please send me screenshots to patroid373@gmail.com, if you have another Sony Xperia™ configuration (diffe... 3.51€ 12/2015
9185   Herbes médicinales Herbes médicinales Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Herbes médicinales The annex contains a description of medicinal plants. As implemented in the application easy search.... Gratuit 12/2015
9186   Easy Card Magic Tricks Easy Card Magic Tricks Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Easy Card Magic Tricks Provide dozen of card magic tricks with detail explanation and some suggestions.Easy to follow, grab your cards and learn the tricks!Fournir douzaine de cartes tours de magie avec une explication détaillée et quelques suggestions.Facile à suivre, prenez v... Gratuit 12/2015
9187   voiture télécommande univers voiture télécommande univers Outils Outils Apps like voiture télécommande univers Hi and welcome to car remote universal, for any car remoteUniversal remote lock car key will allow you to remotely control your car a totally free application, and universal remote control for your car, we give you ten skins of car keys simulators for you... Gratuit 12/2015
9188   RTT Alarm Service RTT Alarm Service Outils Outils Apps like RTT Alarm Service RTT Alarm Service is an optional plugin for Real-Time GPS Tracker. This plugin fixes location update delays when running Real Time GPS Tracker.RTT Alarme Service est un plugin optionnel pour Real-Time GPS Tracker. Ce plugin fixe localisation mise à jour d... Gratuit 12/2015
9189   Wikia: Animal Crossing Wikia: Animal Crossing Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Wikia: Animal Crossing The superfan's guide to Animal Crossing - created by fans, for fans. Wikia apps are always up-to-date with highly accurate, real-time information from Wikia’s vast fan community. Animal Crossing app features hundreds of pages of content created by fans ju... Gratuit 12/2015
9190   Pullbutton Pullbutton Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Pullbutton Pullbutton – Free sourcing to find businesses, items, products, services, and more!Pullbutton is a cutting-edge community that seamlessly connects consumers to goods and services in the quickest way possible. Consumers are able to find what they need in a... Gratuit 12/2015
9191   INteam INteam Finance Finance Apps like INteam Somos una familia creciente de líderes comprometidos, ayudando a otros a cumplir sus sueños a través de capacitación, motivación y servicio.Aplicación disponible como parte del exclusivo sistema de educación continua de INteam para miembros del equipo.No... Gratuit 12/2015
9192   RUGGED Watch Face RUGGED Watch Face Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like RUGGED Watch Face Wzór zaprojektowany pierwotnie dla zegarków firmy Garmin, cieszący się ogromnym powodzeniem, teraz dostępny na zegarkach z Android Wear.Świetnie spisuje się na wszystkich rodzajach wyświetlaczy – także tych o małej rozdzielczości.Możliwość indywidualnego ... 1.40€ 12/2015
9193   easy! A deluxe brainteaser! easy! A deluxe brainteaser! Culture générale Culture générale Apps like easy! A deluxe brainteaser! Soooooo easy, yet so hard to master – this app will turn your brain to mush and drive you to despair.This is how “easy!” works! You get questions or statements made in logical contexts that are either true or false. Are tomatoes blue, does sand taste swee... 0.73€ 12/2015
9194   Memio-Mix - Gehirntraining Memio-Mix - Gehirntraining Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Memio-Mix - Gehirntraining MEMIO-MIX ist eine Übung zum therapeutischen Hirnleistungstraining. Das Prinzip kennen Sie schon von Memory: Finden Sie Paare von gleichen Karten. Der Unterschied: die eine Karte enthält ein Bild, die andere Karte den passenden Text (z.B. "Tiger", einmal ... 0.73€ 12/2015
9195   Forest Master Forest Master Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Forest Master Forêt Master, nouveau match-3 puzzle, en montrant votre magie dans la magnifique forêt! ... Gratuit 12/2015
9196   Generali PT - Serviços Online Generali PT - Serviços Online Finance Finance Apps like Generali PT - Serviços Online Generali PT – Serviços Online allows Generali Portugal’s intermediaries and clients the following functions in your Smartphone and Tablet:Search clients per code, name, othersShow clients in a map according to the distance with respect to the userTo consu... Gratuit 12/2015
9197   Commander Bean DEMO Commander Bean DEMO Grand public Grand public Apps like Commander Bean DEMO Commander Bean In Commander Bean you play a bean in a secret mission. Your assignment: you have to master rooms with traps. You have to demonstrate that you are the Bean #1.Commander Bean is a jump ‘n’ run platform game. The mission is to avoid the contac... Gratuit 12/2015
9198   Santa Games Santa Games Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Santa Games Santa Games is #1 match-3 puzzle game with fresh gameplay and Cool display with Christmas ornament!!!Clear three or more same santa icon to score points, try to use game props to make more combos!Play amazing and tasty Santa games!Santa Games features:- M... Gratuit 12/2015
9199   Slick Climb Slick Climb Grand public Grand public Apps like Slick Climb Wanna be on top?Swipe on the tree as fast as you can to climb as high as possible. Be careful, you need to avoid angry squirrels (collect acorns for it), beetles and birds! Climb higher, survive longer and never give up! You're stronger than timber!Challe... Gratuit 12/2015
9200   Radio Shekhinah FM Radio Shekhinah FM Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Radio Shekhinah FM Radio shekhinah Fm Deus no controleRadio FM Schechina Gottes in Steuer... Gratuit 12/2015

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