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9601   Skin Analog Clock-7 PRO Skin Analog Clock-7 PRO Outils Outils Apps like Skin Analog Clock-7 PRO Skinable analog clock as live wallpaper.Settings: * Size of clock; * Background color; * Secondary color; * Show second hand; * Show date, month and day of the week; * Logo text; * Three kinds of clock dial.... 1.06€ 12/2015
9602   Semiconductor Device & circuit Semiconductor Device & circuit Enseignement Enseignement Apps like Semiconductor Device & circuit It is swipe based design for electrical & electronics engineering student to learn Semiconductor Device & circuit. It almost cover important topic with graphic illustration chapter wise .Chapter 1. Semiconductor device 1. Theory of P-N junction 2. Tem... Gratuit 12/2015
9603   Spider Solitaire FreeCell Spider Solitaire FreeCell Cartes Cartes Apps like Spider Solitaire FreeCell Spider Solitaire Freecell sind 3 in 1 Kartenspielen klassische Art Geduld und Solitaire: Spider Solitaire, Free cell, SolitaireSpider Solitaire:Spider ist eine Patience, die mit 104 Karten (zwei Kartenspiele mit je 52 Karten) gespielt wird. Die Auslage be... Gratuit 12/2015
9604   三国战姬 三国战姬 Cartes Cartes Apps like 三国战姬 反串的美女武将——《三国战姬》为您献上超乎想象的美艳感官刺激!颠覆的穿越剧情——《三国战姬》给您带来异乎寻常的全新三国体验!千娇百媚的真人美女,酣畅淋漓的游戏体验,爽快炫爆的卡牌对战,气势恢宏的万人国战。 【疯狂福利】登录即送紫色武将左慈,连续登录连送紫将!【真人美女】百位名模倾情出演,三国美女武将任君囊括,伴您尽情驰骋沙场!【美女语音】轻触武将就会说话,每位武将都可以在你耳边细语。【抢夺官职】真实还原三国制度,夺取皇位领取每日俸禄。【跨服国战】即将上线跨服国战玩法,联盟还是敌对,你说了算!【武神系统】定... Gratuit 12/2015
9605   SOLITAIRE! SOLITAIRE! Cartes Cartes Apps like SOLITAIRE! Play the #1 FREE SOLITAIRE (or Klondike Solitaire / Patience) card game on Android!Classic Solitaire, also known as Patience Solitaire, is the most popular solitaire card game in the world. Try our BEST FREE SOLITAIRE card app, which is beautiful and fun ... Gratuit 12/2015
9606   Solitaire Multiplayer Solitaire Multiplayer Cartes Cartes Apps like Solitaire Multiplayer Play Classic Solitaire game in Multiplayer mode with your Friends!Try Most Popular & Traditional Klondlike Solitaire in Multiplayer Mode and compete with your friends and real players from all around the Worlds! Attraction: 1. Realtime Multiplayer2. Tourn... Gratuit 12/2015
9607   Call Break Call Break Cartes Cartes Apps like Call Break ★★★★★★★★★★DOWNLOAD now and receive $50,000 in chips for FREE!★★★★★★★★★★Call Break is a strategic trick-based card game played by four players with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. The game is widely popular in Nepal and some places in India. The game... Gratuit 12/2015
9608   Golf(Solitaire) Golf(Solitaire) Cartes Cartes Apps like Golf(Solitaire) Golf (Solitaire) is a simple card game to play using the ordered card.In one of the card Peshensu, you play with 52 cards.35 sheets out of 52 cards, arranged to five by seven columns in the field.The extra card is placed in the lower right corner of the t... Gratuit 12/2015
9609   Appels illimités Enregistreur Appels illimités Enregistreur Communication Communication Apps like Appels illimités Enregistreur Call Recorder Ultimate 2016Record any incoming and outgoing phone call you want and choose which calls you want to save. You can set which calls are recorded and which are ignored. Listen to the recording. App Feature: ✔ Records both incoming and outgoin... Gratuit 12/2015
9610   Zombie Thèmes pour Claviers Zombie Thèmes pour Claviers Communication Communication Apps like Zombie Thèmes pour Claviers Prepare your mobile device for the oncoming zombie apocalypse! Make yourself a Zombie Keyboard Customizer and have the coolest keypad with emojis on the market. Awesome keyboard style with zombie pictures will convince your friends that they must have it ... Gratuit 12/2015
9611   Feu Âme Thèmes de Claviers Feu Âme Thèmes de Claviers Communication Communication Apps like Feu Âme Thèmes de Claviers Let inferno consume your mobile device! Fire Soul Keyboard Customizer will make your keyboard background burn like the brightest torch! If your soul is on fire then change your keyboard and let your feelings match the flame themed skins on your mobile gad... Gratuit 12/2015
9612   Bestie Photo Frame Bestie Photo Frame Communication Communication Apps like Bestie Photo Frame Bestie Photo Frame:This free photo editing software is the best solution for all your pics and selfies because you need only a couple of seconds to make each of them a real masterpiece. This is a real photo art so download these fantastic camera photo eff... Gratuit 12/2015
9613   Smart Ear Smart Ear Communication Communication Apps like Smart Ear Application mobile pour la base « Smart Ear » nécessaire pour le fonctionnement ... Gratuit 12/2015
9614   MeineKamera MeineKamera Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like MeineKamera BeschreibungDie App „MeineKamera“ ermöglicht es Ihnen, überall auf der Welt per Smartphone oder Tablet auf Ihr Kamerasystem zuzugreifen. Wichtigste Merkmaleo Livebild-Betrachtung aller angemeldeten Kameras als Vollbildo Wechselsprechen über Mikrofon und ... Gratuit 12/2015
9615   Löwen Apotheke Zeuthen Löwen Apotheke Zeuthen Médecine Médecine Apps like Löwen Apotheke Zeuthen Sie schätzen die Kompetenz unserer Apotheke vor Ort und wollen zusätzlich auch auf digitalem Wege davon profitieren? Dann bieten wir Ihnen ab sofort die App unserer Apotheke an. Erleben Sie mit uns eine neue Form der Gesundheitsberatung.Als Besonderheit b... Gratuit 12/2015
9616   enregistreur d'écran enregistreur d'écran Outils Outils Apps like enregistreur d'écran enregistreur d'écran est un simple et facile à utiliser l'enregistreur d'écran pour les appareils fonctionnant sous Android 5.0+. Cette application utilise API officielles de Lollipop Android et au-dessus. Elle exige pas d'enracinement . Vidéos captu... Gratuit 12/2015
9617   Power Clean Master Power Clean Master Outils Outils Apps like Power Clean Master It is time to boost your Phone “Power Clean Master” Taking too much time on reboot or lags when you launch applications or play games? Don't worry, Power Clean Master will speed up your mobile phone with one simple click.Il est temps de booster votre tél... Gratuit 12/2015
9618   SVS 1912 eV SVS 1912 eV Sports Sports Apps like SVS 1912 eV Der SV Steinwenden 1912 e.V. ist ein traditionsreicher Verein mit den Abteilungen Fußball, Volleyball und Turnen. Das Ziel des Vereins ist es, Interessierten die Möglichkeit zu eröffnen, sich organisiert sportlich zu betätigen und im Verein zu engagieren.... Gratuit 12/2015
9619   Cocoon Time Cocoon Time Social Social Apps like Cocoon Time Cocoon Time is an application that allows you to send messages into the future to whoever you want (text, photos, videos, music and voice messages).The person you have sent it to will receive it immediately, but will only find out what it contains on the ... Gratuit 12/2015
9620   Alevitentum und Aleviten Alevitentum und Aleviten Social Social Apps like Alevitentum und Aleviten Wir sind stets dem Heiland Seyyid Abdal Musa dankbar.We are always the Savior Seyyid Abdal Musa grateful.... Gratuit 12/2015
9621   Christmas Gifts Keyboard Theme Christmas Gifts Keyboard Theme Social Social Apps like Christmas Gifts Keyboard Theme This free Christmas keyboard theme will be a perfect decoration for your phone during long winter evenings and Christmas !❄️★ Notice ★ ❄️To use the theme, you need to first install iKeyboard. Freely. Click here to install https://play.google.com/store/app... Gratuit 12/2015
9622   Followd for Instagram Followd for Instagram Social Social Apps like Followd for Instagram Life is Unpredictable, you never know who you will meet and prefer. we were so exciting with our life when we were young, but times passed by, we lost the passion of life! The reason is that we see the same type of pictures & videos everyday. But people l... Gratuit 12/2015
9623   FSVOberhavel FSVOberhavel Sports Sports Apps like FSVOberhavel Mit ca. 1000 Teilnehmern in verschiedenen Angeboten sind unsere Jüngsten derzeit ca. 2 Jahre und unsere Ältesten fast 90 Jahre jung.Menschen unterschiedlicher Herkunft miteinander im Sport zu verbinden ist unsere Philosophie und Herausforderung.Miteinande... Gratuit 12/2015
9624   Gothia Cup China Gothia Cup China Sports Sports Apps like Gothia Cup China This is the official app for Gothia Cup China. With this app you have the best tool to follow the tournament. You have the entire game schedule, all the team information and live results from every game. You can even see who scored. You will find the tour... Gratuit 12/2015
9625   RetailReports RetailReports Shopping Shopping Apps like RetailReports Kundenanalyse für den stationären Handel:Messen und optimieren Sie Passantenströme, Aufenthaltsdauer und wiederkehrende Besucher! RetailReports gibt Ihnen Antworten auf die Fragen, die Sie sonst nur aus dem Online-Handel kennen.- Wie hoch ist die Passante... Gratuit 12/2015
9626   Hansa-Portal.De Hansa-Portal.De Shopping Shopping Apps like Hansa-Portal.De Shop APP vom www.hansa-portal.deKompatible mit Webshop www.hansa-portal.deBoutique APP de www.hansa-portal.deWww.hansa-portal.de Compatible avec Webshop... Gratuit 12/2015
9627   RCOG World Congress 2016 RCOG World Congress 2016 Productivité Productivité Apps like RCOG World Congress 2016 The official mobile app for the RCOG World Congress 2016.The RCOG World Congress 2016 will be held at the ICC, Birmingham, UK from Monday 20 - Wednesday 22 June 2016. The Congress will be hosted by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (R... Gratuit 12/2015
9628   Gastro Mallorca Gastro Mallorca Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Gastro Mallorca Guide of Mallorca's native cuisine. Find the best places to go for a good Mallorcan wine in the 50 wineries on the island, in addition you will find the best restaurants and cellars where you can taste the best oils, cheeses, sobrasadas, etc ...Guide de l... Gratuit 12/2015
9629   Navfree GPS Navfree Navfree GPS Navfree Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Navfree GPS Navfree NAVFREE GPS + Streetview, Trafic et recherche de Parking livePlus de 15 millions d'utilisateurs à travers le monde - Navigation GPS de classe mondiale avec cartes hors ligne & Streetview.Navfree est une appli complètement gratuite de navigation guidée par... Gratuit 12/2015
9630   Boy cycle Boy cycle Arcade Arcade Apps like Boy cycle Sans fin jeu de coureur, recueillir les pièces, et de gagner score élevé pour battre vos amis. ... Gratuit 12/2015
9631   JumpMan JumpMan Arcade Arcade Apps like JumpMan The world has been taken over by birds and they have captured people, it's up to you to save them and restore peace in the world once again!Collect feathers and unlock all characters! ... Gratuit 12/2015
9632   Contrast Contrast Arcade Arcade Apps like Contrast Contrast is a 2D arcade styled game where the player alternates between the black and white sides to avoid the opposite coloured boxes.Tap the screen to switch between black and white and dodge as much boxes as you can. Good luck!Contraste est un style a... Gratuit 12/2015
9633   Shoot Bubble Christmas 2015 Shoot Bubble Christmas 2015 Arcade Arcade Apps like Shoot Bubble Christmas 2015 Shoot Bubble Christmas 2015 is an addictive, entertaining and fun Android game. get it on google playstore and Play it NOW for FREE! :)With physics effects and ambient music Shoot Bubble Christmas 2015 is the most original bubble shooter game for Android ... Gratuit 12/2015
9634   CAESAR2GO CAESAR2GO Communication Communication Apps like CAESAR2GO Mit der CAESAR2GO App kann sich der CAESAR Benutzer standortunabhängig über sein mobiles Endgerät an die vorhandene CAESAR Infrastruktur seines Unternehmens anbinden. Ihm stehen dann die Funktionen Präsenz, Chat, Zugriff auf Unternehmensadressbücher und F... Gratuit 12/2015
9635   Riedlingen Riedlingen Communication Communication Apps like Riedlingen Die cm city media betreibt im Auftrag der Stadt Riedlingen die „Riedlingen App“.Durch diese haben Nutzer nach kurzer Anmeldung exklusiven Zugriff auf das öffentliche WLAN-Netz der Stadt Riedlingen . ... Gratuit 12/2015
9636   Enregistreur téléphonique mp3 Enregistreur téléphonique mp3 Communication Communication Apps like Enregistreur téléphonique mp3 Réglez votre téléphone pour enregistrer automatiquement tout appel entrant ou sortant ainsi que des appels Skype, Viber,oovoo et Tango.Écouter l'enregistrement, supprimer, rediffusion ou partager aux médias sociaux disponibles. vous pouvez enregistrer la ... Gratuit 12/2015
9637   Wedding Makeover & Dress Up Wedding Makeover & Dress Up Grand public Grand public Apps like Wedding Makeover & Dress Up Give the princess a facial makeover and dress her up with wedding outfits. ... Gratuit 12/2015
9638   ねこのラーメン屋さん ねこのラーメン屋さん Grand public Grand public Apps like ねこのラーメン屋さん Nyanko faire les ramenJeu facile et amusant occasionnel est apparu!Ingrédients des nouilles de commandeFaisons le ramen a été rapidement robinet! ... Gratuit 12/2015
9639   공짜맞고 공짜맞고 Cartes Cartes Apps like 공짜맞고 저용량(4 Mb)의 스피드한 공짜맞고가 나왔어요^^지하철, 버스에서 하기 민망한 맞고에 질리셨죠? 남녀노소 누구나 부담없이 즐길 수 있는 공짜맞고가 나왔어요.100 퍼센트 공짜 맞고 게임입니다. 어떠한 결제나 유료 아이템이 없는 완전한 공짜 맞고 게임이에요공짜게임이라는게 신기할정도로 재밌어요~.지하철 출퇴근 길이 즐거워 집니다. ★ 공짜맞고는 이래서 좋아요- 보기에도 시원한 고화질 풀HD 맞고 게임! - 진짜 화투 아냐?... 실제 맞고를 치는 듯한 착... Gratuit 12/2015
9640   Ünye TV Ünye TV Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Ünye TV Ünye TV, Ünye ve çevresindeki gelişmeleri anlık takip edebileceğiniz bir uygulama. Ayrıca geniş yazar kadrosuna erişebilir ve dilediğiniz köşe yazısını okuyabilirsiniz.Ünye TV, Unye and around an application to keep track of developments in an instant. Yo... Gratuit 12/2015
9641   Biafra News + Radio + TV App Biafra News + Radio + TV App Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like Biafra News + Radio + TV App Get the latest Biafra News headlines and updates from Biafraland, Listen to Radio Biafra and watch Biafra TV. Stay up to date with the latest news on IPOB, MASSOB, Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo etc. Also includes Biafra map, Biafran War, Igbo History and information ... Gratuit 12/2015
9642   Christmas Snowman 4K Live Christmas Snowman 4K Live Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Christmas Snowman 4K Live A snowman is an anthropomorphic snow sculpture often builtby children in regions with sufficient snowfall. In NorthAmerica, typical snowmen consist of three large snowballsof different sizes with some additional accoutrements forfacial and other features.... Gratuit 12/2015
9643   HeadLYT - Bike Rides in B'lore HeadLYT - Bike Rides in B'lore Transports Transports Apps like HeadLYT - Bike Rides in B'lore Commute Faster in Bangalore - Book a HeadLYT, Get picked up from your location and get dropped anywhere in Bangalore.Grab the Introductory Offer - Download the Free HeadLYT android app to book your ride from Koramangala to anywhere in Bangalore at Flat R... Gratuit 12/2015
9644   Direkt Express GPS Direkt Express GPS Transports Transports Apps like Direkt Express GPS Direkt Express Paycan GmbH ist Ihr Spezialist wenn es um Direkt-, Kurier-, Express- und Sonderfahrten geht. Sie rufen an, wir fahren los. Direkt Express ist in folgenden Städten anzutreffen. Vilnius, Paris, London, Warschau, Madrid, Amsterdam, Brussel, Be... Gratuit 12/2015
9645   Fahrschule Fahrwerk Fahrschule Fahrwerk Transports Transports Apps like Fahrschule Fahrwerk Fahren. Lernen. Erleben. Deine Fahrschule Fahrwerk in Crailsheim und Umgebung. ... Gratuit 12/2015
9646   One Historical Map One Historical Map Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like One Historical Map One Historical Map is an SG50 project created by the Singapore Land Authority in partnership with the National Heritage Board.Discover Singapore of yesteryears through our collection of georeferenced street maps (since 1966) and hundreds of photos! You ca... Gratuit 12/2015
9647   Highway Rider Smash Highway Rider Smash Action Action Apps like Highway Rider Smash Voulez-vous jouer le jeu de course de moto qui est plus proche de la vraie physique vélo? Ensuite, télécharger et jouer de la route Smash Rider à partir de Google Play Store à votre appareil Android gratuitement. Race et cascadeur avec vos nouveaux vélos ... Gratuit 12/2015
9648   Santa Claus (It's Christmas) Santa Claus (It's Christmas) Action Action Apps like Santa Claus (It's Christmas) Santa Claus is here to tell you how many days left until the Christmas.By downloading this little game you will receive:- Christmas timer- Small Christmas game (fallen presents will fall from the sky). Invite and share your score with your friends- Christ... Gratuit 12/2015
9649   mauvaise prison sniper garde mauvaise prison sniper garde Action Action Apps like mauvaise prison sniper garde Préparez-vous à effectuer en tant qu'officier de police à la prison de la ville. Jouer en tant que chef d'équipe SWAT de gérer différentes situations hostiles à la prison moderne. Se présenter comme tireur d'élite dans la situation de crise. Affrontez les... Gratuit 12/2015
9650   Onet Luxury Onet Luxury Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Onet Luxury Onet Luxury is a free simple match 2 puzzle game but in a new style.You will never feel boring like other game with many level and game style.++++FEATURE++++- Over 70 kinds in 4 category: pets, fishes, fruits, farm and items. - Over 400 level to explore.-... Gratuit 12/2015
9651   Tortuga Tortuga Jeux de courses Jeux de courses Apps like Tortuga DISCLAIMER: This game is currently in a beta stage. If you find issues or problems, please contact us at feedback.tortuga@gmail.com Meet the Tortuga, a new breed of high speed race addicted turtles. Everything you knew about turtles is wrong. They enjoy ... Gratuit 12/2015
9652   4x4 hors route Jeep Rally Pilo 4x4 hors route Jeep Rally Pilo Jeux de courses Jeux de courses Apps like 4x4 hors route Jeep Rally Pilo Jouer en tant que 4x4 descente conducteur de la voiture sur un terrain accidenté le long des collines escarpées et profiter de heurter des objets interactifs. Télécharger 4x4 hors route Jeep Rally Pilote, le plus récent colline 3D jeu de course montée pou... Gratuit 12/2015
9653   Hotline Click Hotline Click Grand public Grand public Apps like Hotline Click Dance like nobody is watching! Tap your screen at the right moment to see greatest moves of Drake.Features:*Endless Fun*Simple Gameplay*Unique Art*Amazing Soundtrack*Compete with Friends and Family! TIP: Play it while on the toilet. Drake, Hotline Click, ... Gratuit 12/2015
9654   Reckless 2 Reckless 2 Grand public Grand public Apps like Reckless 2 See how fast you can go while dodging slower dudes and roadblocks!• rag doll physics• randomized enemies• infinite road• never ending funVoyez avec quelle rapidité vous pouvez aller tout en esquivant les mecs et les barrages routiers plus lents!• poupée d... Gratuit 12/2015
9655   Candy Craft Mania - 3 Match Candy Craft Mania - 3 Match Grand public Grand public Apps like Candy Craft Mania - 3 Match Candy Craft Mania was created to be simple as Candy Blast Mania!In each level: Match 3 Same Color Sweets to Form a Row of fudges. It becomes more difficult with each level! Highlighted Features: ★★★★★ Different Maps★★★★★Exquisite Graphics★★★★★Various Le... Gratuit 12/2015
9656   Sugar Blast -Match Smash Candy Sugar Blast -Match Smash Candy Grand public Grand public Apps like Sugar Blast -Match Smash Candy Explosion de bonbons et gelée à la confiture et de résoudre 250+ puzzles.Combine nouvelles augmente cookies de jouets! ... Gratuit 12/2015
9657   Blossom Crush Mania Blossom Crush Mania Grand public Grand public Apps like Blossom Crush Mania Blossom Crush Mania is a very addictive match 3 game! Blast the blossom by your finger, and enjoy blossom splash! Colorful flowers, more divine combinations and challenging game modes brimming with One million games.Blossom Crush Legend completely free to... Gratuit 12/2015
9658   VR Concert - Unity Chan VR Concert - Unity Chan Musique Musique Apps like VR Concert - Unity Chan Know what it's like to have front row seats at a concert with your mobile virtual reality headset for Gear VR, Cardboard, View-Master or any virtual reality headset.Experience beautiful and fluid animations, unique character art, and precise Vocaloid faci... Gratuit 12/2015
9659   O Shopping O Shopping Shopping Shopping Apps like O Shopping O SHOPPING OFFERS YOU QUALITY HOME TV SHOPPING AND ONLINE SHOPPING EXPERIENCEProvide hot deal information on each category.Management of the "wishlists"Finding out for the best price all over the world With this easy & fast app Now, customers are also abl... Gratuit 12/2015
9660   Spreadshirt Seller Spreadshirt Seller Shopping Shopping Apps like Spreadshirt Seller L’application gratuite pour connaître à tout moment l’état de vos ventes. ... Gratuit 12/2015
9661   Christmas Fake Call Christmas Fake Call Productivité Productivité Apps like Christmas Fake Call Let's plan some prank in this festival of Christmas with some fake calls and make your friends fool. Use this latest app specially built for fun at the Christmas to play some funny with your friends. Enter any name , number and set the timer after which y... Gratuit 12/2015
9662   Xmas Photo Frames Xmas Photo Frames Photographie Photographie Apps like Xmas Photo Frames Xmas Photo Frames is an Android photo application that designed for everyone. With Xmas Photo Frames you can converts any image in your smartphone into an unforgetable memory. Turn those images into even more beautiful memorable photos. These frames were ... Gratuit 12/2015
9663   قطيفة قطيفة Photographie Photographie Apps like قطيفة تطبيق قطيفة : يتوفر على آخر موديلات قنادر قطيفة وحميع أنواع الفصالات لأبرز الخياطات الجزائريات سهولة التصفح في القنادير وحفظها عندك أوإرسالها لأصدقائك وكذلك يمكنك مشاركتها عبر المواقع الإجتماعية..يشمل قطيفة على كنادر كتان و قندورات الصيف والشتاء وأتواب بي... Gratuit 12/2015
9664   FRONT CAMERA FLASH Ⓡ FRONT CAMERA FLASH Ⓡ Photographie Photographie Apps like FRONT CAMERA FLASH Ⓡ The best way to take pictures in low light using the front-facing camera.Pre-flash simple but innovative idea - even those in low light, front-facing camera gives you the ability to take a photo light. App grain and visible even in pitch black. Keeping yo... Gratuit 12/2015
9665   NEON™ -  Free Pro Photo Editor NEON™ - Free Pro Photo Editor Photographie Photographie Apps like NEON™ - Free Pro Photo Editor FREE for a limited time!Light up your photos with cool Neon and beautiful Light Painting! Stunning HD quality effects will make your pics jump off the page!Create works of art and share on IG, Facebook and Pinterest.Choose from a huge collection of profes... Gratuit 12/2015
9666   Long Exposure Photos Long Exposure Photos Photographie Photographie Apps like Long Exposure Photos Disons que nous essayons de créer de belles photos avec une longue exposition photos. ... Gratuit 12/2015
9667   Who stalks Who stalks Productivité Productivité Apps like Who stalks Suiveur de profil est la façon la plus fiable de savoir qui a consulté votre profil sur Instagram !Suiveur de profil calcule toute votre activité Instagram et reçoit des données pour chaque utilisateur ayant interagi récemment avec vous. Comme Instagram n... Gratuit 12/2015
9668   Tozlu Giyim, Abiye elbise tunik Tozlu Giyim, Abiye elbise tunik Shopping Shopping Apps like Tozlu Giyim, Abiye elbise tunik Dusty Vêtements, Robe Soirée, Mariage, Engagement, Suits ... Gratuit 12/2015
9669   Candy Mania 2016 Candy Mania 2016 Grand public Grand public Apps like Candy Mania 2016 Candy Mania 2016 is the best match three (match3) casual puzzle game.Addictive and attractive, you will be crazy when playing it. With excellent graphics and a lot of challenging, you may never get bored in candy paradise.No time limitation, you just need... Gratuit 12/2015
9670   Bonbon World - Jelly Crusher Bonbon World - Jelly Crusher Grand public Grand public Apps like Bonbon World - Jelly Crusher Sweets and Candies everywhere. Delicious combinations and challenging game modes with plenty of chocolate – that is Bonbon World.One of the most entertaining Candy games for Android devices. A delicious and addictive puzzle game with a lot of Candie, base... Gratuit 12/2015
9671   Candy Love : Maquillage Candy Love : Maquillage Grand public Grand public Apps like Candy Love : Maquillage Candy lovers party is about to begin! So dress up a beautiful princess with stylish clothes! Become a supermodel wearing nice exclusive clothes! Create your own style and join the colourful festival. Get a fancy outlook - become sweet like candy. Be sweet... Gratuit 12/2015
9672   Car Logos Car Logos Culture générale Culture générale Apps like Car Logos Car Logos - Guess the Car LogosDownload Car Logos - Guess the Car Logos - Word Quiz Game for FREE now. This App has no in-app purchases. Car Logos Quiz is full of fun that consists on guessing the names of everyday car logos you may see during your day. ... Gratuit 12/2015
9673   Quick trivia - français Quick trivia - français Culture générale Culture générale Apps like Quick trivia - français Testez votre culture générale tout en vous amusant avec 'Quick Trivia -français' ... Gratuit 12/2015
9674   True or False True or False Culture générale Culture générale Apps like True or False Dans ce jeu, vous devez décider si les déclarations sont vraies ou fausses. ... Gratuit 12/2015
9675   Quitbit - Stop & Quit Smoking Quitbit - Stop & Quit Smoking Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Quitbit - Stop & Quit Smoking The Quitbit app tracks your smoking, allows you to visualize your trends, provides a community for support and empowers you to cut back and quit smoking. This program built by smokers and ex-smokers motivates you and lets you take the proper steps to cut ... Gratuit 12/2015
9676   régime d'alimentation crue régime d'alimentation crue Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like régime d'alimentation crue Vous voulez commencer un régime d'alimentation crue? ... Gratuit 12/2015
9677   Mistrz słów - Znajdź słowo Mistrz słów - Znajdź słowo Jeux littéraires Jeux littéraires Apps like Mistrz słów - Znajdź słowo Mistrz słów - ułóż słowa.Zasady gry:Zgadnij ukryte słowo. Z podanych liter ułóż wyrazy. Jedno z nich jest przepustką do następnego poziomu. Słowo klucz zaznaczono innym kolorem. Pamiętaj, że im więcej odgadniętych wyrazów - tym wyższa pozycja w rankingu. ... Gratuit 12/2015
9678   Soccer Pro 2016 Soccer Pro 2016 Sports Sports Apps like Soccer Pro 2016 There are various modes for you to select, such as Instant Play, League Match, Player Creation and Team Select. Smooth actions and playback function let you feel like you actually in the field. Soccer Pro 2016 is a great game for soccer fans for amateur o... Gratuit 12/2015
9679   LA OLA FDJ® LA OLA FDJ® Sports Sports Apps like LA OLA FDJ® LA OLA FDJ® Jouez et tentez de gagner des places, cadeaux pour l’UEFA EURO 2016™ ... Gratuit 12/2015
9680   Stickman Volleyball Stickman Volleyball Sports Sports Apps like Stickman Volleyball Stickman Volleyball, the most played fun sports game comes right to your device. Experience pure beach volleyball fun with fast paced gameplay, an astonishing atmosphere, stunning smooth animations, simple controls, insane action and tons of replay value... Gratuit 12/2015
9681   Speed Golf Speed Golf Sports Sports Apps like Speed Golf Vous avez 5 secondes pour ajuster votre swing et placer la balle dans le trou. Collectez au passage des pièces afin de débloquer de nouveaux niveaux. Découvrez des terrains de golf ayant des propriétés physiques différentes, pouvant modifier de manière in... Gratuit 12/2015
9682   Coiffure pour homme Coiffure pour homme Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Coiffure pour homme Si vous aimez comprendre cheveux différents faire tous les jours, si pas attention à cette application, Hair Style Pour homme . Il se compose de plusieurs étapes super facile par des conseils de coiffure étape que vous avez à tester au moins une fois. Il... Gratuit 12/2015
9683   Mijnwoordenboek Mijnwoordenboek Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Mijnwoordenboek La traduction Mon application Dictionnaire traduit les mots de / vers l'NL, DE, EN, FR et ES. ... Gratuit 12/2015
9684   Node.js Tutorial Node.js Tutorial Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Node.js Tutorial This tutorial is designed for software programmers who want to learn the basics of Node.js and its architectural concepts. This tutorial will give you enough understanding on all the necessary components of Node.js with suitable examples.Node.js is a very... Gratuit 12/2015
9685   Légendes Légendes Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Légendes The appendix contains a description of legends. As implemented in the application easy search.... Gratuit 12/2015
9686   Attaque sur le Roi (1200-1600) Attaque sur le Roi (1200-1600) Jeux de société Jeux de société Apps like Attaque sur le Roi (1200-1600) La meilleure façon de progresser est de s’entraîner soi-même sur son ordinateur à la résolution de problèmes depuis des exemples pratiques. Si vous êtes débutant et que vous voyez les mats en 1 coup, persistez et apprenez comment attaquer le Roi et le mat... Gratuit 12/2015
9687   Attaque sur le Roi (1600-1900) Attaque sur le Roi (1600-1900) Jeux de société Jeux de société Apps like Attaque sur le Roi (1600-1900) Ce cours contient plus de 2 500 exercices de mat en 3 ou 4 coups. Vous devrez utiliser votre imagination ainsi que votre capacité de calcul pour trouver la meilleure façon d’attaquer le Roi. Une fois le cours terminé, vous serez assuré de l’amélioration c... Gratuit 12/2015
9688   AR Coloring Book AR Coloring Book Jeux de société Jeux de société Apps like AR Coloring Book Coloring books were never that exciting before. Colorize your favorite characters in this coloring book and bring them to life using our application.For a proper use follow the instructions in the application.Livres à colorier ont jamais été si passionnan... Gratuit 12/2015
9689   Fashion Designer DDUNG Fashion Designer DDUNG Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Fashion Designer DDUNG Appréciez le jeu avec le génie créateur de mode "Ddung", en ce moment !! ... Gratuit 12/2015
9690   TapTapDisco by O2Jam TapTapDisco by O2Jam Musique Musique Apps like TapTapDisco by O2Jam Fête disco amusante pour tous !Plus de 100 chansons dans TapTap Disco !Tous au disco ! ■■ Fonctionnalités ■■ ▶ Chefs d'œuvre classiques d'O2JAM et chansons récentes !. Plus de 1 000 chefs d'œuvre d'O2JAM !. Touchez et profitez des chansons d'artistes conn... Gratuit 12/2015
9691   Shade of Grey Keyboard Theme Shade of Grey Keyboard Theme Professionnel Professionnel Apps like Shade of Grey Keyboard Theme TouchPal Shade of Grey Keyboard Theme will bring your keyboard & text input a real new look & feel. Check this FREE personalized design for your TouchPal Keyboard right now!★ Notice ★-To activate the Shade of Grey TouchPal Keyboard theme, you need TouchPa... Gratuit 12/2015
9692   TechnoCof TechnoCof Professionnel Professionnel Apps like TechnoCof La TechnoCof est la bibliothèque technique de COFRISET développée pour ses clients professionnels de la thermodynamique. En quelques clics, vous pourrez trouver la documentation qui vous permettra de dépanner sur site ou de compléter votre dossier DOE. V... Gratuit 12/2015
9693   AirPlus Card Control App AirPlus Card Control App Professionnel Professionnel Apps like AirPlus Card Control App *** Noch mehr Kontrolle mit der AirPlus Card Control App ***Mit der AirPlus Card Control App werden Sie jederzeit und überall über aktuelle Transaktionen mit Ihrer AirPlus Corporate Card informiert. Auf Basis der von Ihnen im AirPlus Geschäftsreise-Portal... Gratuit 12/2015
9694   Who watching my profile daily? Who watching my profile daily? Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Who watching my profile daily? Hello All :)Have you ever imagine who watching on my profile of all your social media ?Minarc Design Comming with the amzing application called Who seen your instagram profile ? It is best application for the see, who is spying on you ? it is very easy to... Gratuit 12/2015
9695   Dzień Dobry TVN Dzień Dobry TVN Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Dzień Dobry TVN Pobierz aplikację DDTVN i codziennie bierz udział w dyskusji na żywo! Zabierz głos podczas trwania audycji i skomentuj poruszane tematy. Może właśnie Twoja opinia pojawi się na ekranie telewizora podczas programu?Oceniaj na gorąco wydarzenia w „Dzień Do... Gratuit 12/2015
9696   ChemistryNotesInfo ChemistryNotesInfo Enseignement Enseignement Apps like ChemistryNotesInfo "Chemistry Notes Info" is an innovative education leader in Chemistry Learning.ChemistryNotesInfo.com: Chemistry Notes for 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, BSc, MSc, Spectroscopywww.ChemistryNotesInfo.com 9th Class1. Atomic Structure2. Periodic Table of Elements3. ... Gratuit 12/2015
9697   Père Noël perd du poids Père Noël perd du poids Jeux de société Jeux de société Apps like Père Noël perd du poids Le Père Noël a pris du poids cette année et il ne rentre pas par la cheminée ce Noël. Aidez-le à perdre ventre avec ce jeu pour perdre du poids.Le jeu dispose d'un plan de formation avec des combinaisons d'exercices pour perdre du poids.- Saut- Fonctionne... Gratuit 12/2015
9698   Arms Race - Risk it all! Arms Race - Risk it all! Jeux de société Jeux de société Apps like Arms Race - Risk it all! Arms Race is a Risk-like strategy game where you battle your friends to conquer the world! The goal is to conquer territories by attacking your opponents until only one winner remains!You can play solo or in team, against your friends or other players fro... Gratuit 12/2015
9699   Nouvelle Page Nouvelle Page Bande dessinée Bande dessinée Apps like Nouvelle Page Découvrez la BD de demain, avec des contenus supplémentaires sur smartphone ... Gratuit 12/2015
9700   Kill Zone: Ghost Town Survival Kill Zone: Ghost Town Survival Action Action Apps like Kill Zone: Ghost Town Survival No one lives in this dead town anymore, because enemy soldiers invaded this city. You’re the only hero who’re ready to resist the enemy, take your gun and fight! Kill Zone: Ghost Town Survival – this city is full of dangers, full of enemies, you can liter... Gratuit 12/2015
9701   Block Implosion Hunter Games Block Implosion Hunter Games Action Action Apps like Block Implosion Hunter Games Créer votre stratégie gagnante dans cette épopée, FPS pixélisé monde! ... Gratuit 12/2015
9702   Cut Fingers : Slayer Cut Fingers : Slayer Action Action Apps like Cut Fingers : Slayer Ah ~~, je perdu 2 doigts! !Il est le jeu le plus effrayant que sera fait de vous criez. ... Gratuit 12/2015
9703   Police Sniper 3D Police Sniper 3D Action Action Apps like Police Sniper 3D Aim and Shoot! Police Sniper 3D takes you on a short-lived trip of the criminal gangland. You are a modern police sniper 3D is ready to play and you will be a part in hazardous attacks and hushed assassin missions. Your target is to kill bad guys and pro... Gratuit 12/2015
9704   SWAT Sniper Crime SWAT Sniper Crime Action Action Apps like SWAT Sniper Crime SWAT Sniper Crime is an incredible and awesome first person shooting game that snipers are shooting down all terrorists in Rome! Terrorist group is armed with armor, AK-47, shotguns and new destructive weapons noticed on Rome. Your mission is to rescue al... Gratuit 12/2015
9705   Zombies Shooter 3D Zombies Shooter 3D Action Action Apps like Zombies Shooter 3D Zombies Shooter 3D is a zombie shooting game with a mixture of shooter, sniper and gore zombie aesthetics like you have never experienced before. Shooting all the zombies is now your single goal and with some of the most deadly weapons, your likelihood is... Gratuit 12/2015
9706   Cube Prise de vue: SWAT Cube Prise de vue: SWAT Action Action Apps like Cube Prise de vue: SWAT Dans l'action Game Cube Prise de vue: SWAT vs TERRORISTE vous serez soldat anti-terroriste.Prenez vos armes et de tuer tous les terroristes vous pouvez voir!Carte du style Cube ressemble analogique légendaire et célèbreCaractéristiques:- Style cube d'orig... Gratuit 12/2015
9707   Polis Sokak Savaşları Polis Sokak Savaşları Action Action Apps like Polis Sokak Savaşları Şehirleri ele geçirmeye çalışan teröristleri yok etme görevi Özel Harekat Polislerine verildi, sende Polis Özel Harekat ekibinin keskin nişancısı olarak, teröristleri yok etmen gerekecek.Zırhlı Polis arabanız ile teröristlerin arasına dalıp onları yok etm... Gratuit 12/2015
9708   Fifty Shades of Grey Songs Fifty Shades of Grey Songs Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Fifty Shades of Grey Songs Enjoy your favorit movie soundtrack free on your device! All Fifty Shades of Grey songs FREE!!Profitez de votre musique de film favorit libre sur votre appareil!Tous Fifty Shades de chansons Gris GRATUIT !!... Gratuit 12/2015
9709   14Actu 14Actu Actualités et magazines Actualités et magazines Apps like 14Actu Toute l'actualité du Calvados et de ces agglomérations, l'information locale, des reportages, bons plans sorties à proximité, le sport, la culture, la politique, le patrimoine locale, les acteurs et les sujets qui font débats à proximité.- Un fil d'inform... Gratuit 12/2015
9710   Pink Key-DIY Locker Pink Key-DIY Locker Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Pink Key-DIY Locker Lock your phone using unique style with DIY Locker! The best thing is that you can DIY lock pattern with your favorite photos. Just FREE DOWNLOAD to design your stylish lock screen and share it on Facebook.■ ContactsAny issues or suggestions, please feel ... Gratuit 12/2015
9711   GO SMS Merry Christmas GO SMS Merry Christmas Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like GO SMS Merry Christmas Il est la saison des réjouissances! L'hiver est là et Noël est proche! Tout le monde aime cette période de l'année et nous sommes tous en attente de flocons de neige et présente sous l'arbre. Les beaux moments de la journée où vous décorer l'arbre de Noë... Gratuit 12/2015
9712   Emoji Keyboard-Santa Clauss Emoji Keyboard-Santa Clauss Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Emoji Keyboard-Santa Clauss Santa Clauss Theme for Emoji Keyboard - CrazyCorn, designed by CrazyCorn, Getting this cool theme to make your CrazyCorn more lovely and colorful.☆ This is not a standalone app, you need to download the LATEST version of Emoji Keyboard - CrazyCorn app in ... Gratuit 12/2015
9713   Love Heart-DIY Locker Love Heart-DIY Locker Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Love Heart-DIY Locker Lock your phone using unique style with DIY Locker! The best thing is that you can DIY lock pattern with your favorite photos. Just FREE DOWNLOAD to design your stylish lock screen and share it on Facebook.■ ContactsAny issues or suggestions, please feel ... Gratuit 12/2015
9714   Christmas Eve Christmas Eve Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Christmas Eve Christmas eve Live WallpaperThis 3D live wallpaper with sound create Christmas mood.This free desktop wallpaper will be a perfect decoration for your android phone or tablet home screen during long winter evenings and winter holidaysAnd also you can enjoy... Gratuit 12/2015
9715   Spheres Blue Emoji Keyboard Spheres Blue Emoji Keyboard Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Spheres Blue Emoji Keyboard Il s'agit d'un thème avec touches sphériques de cercle bleu sur une application d'arrière-plan brillant bleu foncé pour le clavier Emoji - mignon (ou version Premium ou KK). Chaque clé est une boule de cristal admirablement façonnée avec des effets brilla... Gratuit 12/2015
9716   WeMesh WeMesh Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like WeMesh WeMesh lets you watch videos in perfect sync with your friends while texting and talking over real-time VoIP. Pick a video and invite friends to watch it with you. If you're together, WeMesh turns your group of phones into a single speaker system!... Gratuit 12/2015
9717   ASH Pocket Guides ASH Pocket Guides Médecine Médecine Apps like ASH Pocket Guides The ASH Pocket Guides app brings together all of ASH's pocket guides to provide guidelines for the diagnosis and management of a variety of hematologic conditions. Key features include:A newly updated interface designed for quick navigation to the informa... Gratuit 12/2015
9718   vocamed vocamed Médecine Médecine Apps like vocamed 300 QCM 600 définitions sous forme de QCM maîtriser l'indispensable du vocabulaire médical... Gratuit 12/2015
9719   elearning concours paramédical elearning concours paramédical Médecine Médecine Apps like elearning concours paramédical Formation Aide soignant(es)Qroc et Qcm du DEAS module 1,2 et 6Aides soignantes exercices avec correction module 1 à 8 Formation Infirmier(es) Valider le Semestre 1Valider le Semestre 2Valider le Semestre 3 Concours Infirmier(es) pour AS/APConcours Aides S... Gratuit 12/2015
9720   Lampe de poche LED Brillante Lampe de poche LED Brillante Outils Outils Apps like Lampe de poche LED Brillante Il existe de nombreuses applications de lampe de poche, alors pourquoi obtenir celui-ci?Lampe de poche LED Brillante transforme instantanément votre appareil dans une lampe de poche. L'outil d'éclairage ultime tire pleinement parti de la lumière LED. Lamp... Gratuit 12/2015
9721   e-SATPACK e-SATPACK Transports Transports Apps like e-SATPACK e-SATPACK le colis certifié... Gratuit 12/2015
9722   Bus In Time Bus In Time Transports Transports Apps like Bus In Time Bus In Time adalah aplikasi untuk melakukan tracking bus sehingga calon pengguna bus dapat memperkirakan waktu kedatangan bus yang ingin dinaiki tanpa perlu menunggu terlalu lama di halte. Saat ini Bus In Time masih hanya tersedia di kota Bandung, kami be... Gratuit 12/2015
9723   Instafret Instafret Transports Transports Apps like Instafret Instafret met en relation des expéditeurs locaux avec des transporteurs. Cette application est destinée aux expéditeurs professionnels.... Gratuit 12/2015
9724   Mapa Barcelona metro bus tren Mapa Barcelona metro bus tren Transports Transports Apps like Mapa Barcelona metro bus tren Mapa de Barcelona y de los transportes públicos, online y offline.Mapas offline del Metro, líneas de bus y bus nocturno nitbus, Renfe Rodalies, tranvías y más...Funciona para tablet y para móvil.La instalación es prefer external.Plan de Barcelone et le pu... Gratuit 12/2015
9725   Transreserv - Trajets VTC Transreserv - Trajets VTC Transports Transports Apps like Transreserv - Trajets VTC Avec l'application Transreserv, vous pouvez réserver vos trajets avec un chauffeur privé - VTC en France et en Europe.Pour vos déplacements, nous utilisons un minibus de 8 à 9 places avec desserte permettant de vous transporter vers l'Aéroport, à une gare... Gratuit 12/2015
9726   WiFi Finder - passwords WiFi Finder - passwords Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like WiFi Finder - passwords Download WiFi Finder Free for your travel. Hotspots and passwords for free internet access!You need only WiFi connection, no roaming, 3G or additional costs!More than 2 millions of hotspots in each continent, country and city, USA, Europe, South America a... Gratuit 12/2015
9727   Les Aiglons Les Aiglons Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Les Aiglons Prepare and plan your stay before your arrival.Discover all of our hotel services available via the app. Enjoy local cultural, family, or romantic activities at all time of the day.Explore Chamonix's best areas with the application’s tailor made local gui... Gratuit 12/2015
9728   Hôtel Champerret-Elysées Hôtel Champerret-Elysées Voyages et infos locales Voyages et infos locales Apps like Hôtel Champerret-Elysées With this mobile application, discover our amazing hotel, conveniently located for transport and the top tourist attractions in Paris, including the Arc de Triomphe, just a 15-minute walk away.Enjoy the quiet and friendly atmosphere of our classic Parisia... Gratuit 12/2015
9729   Meteo WebCam Live Meteo WebCam Live Météo Météo Apps like Meteo WebCam Live Grazie a questa app, puoi visualizzare la maggior parte dei luoghi italiani, e vedere le condizioni meteo in tempo reale. Con Meteo WebCam Live, puoi visitare montagne, laghi, mari, pianure, e città semplicemente con un tocco!Nella maggior parte delle web... Gratuit 12/2015
9730   Kids Book- Draw,  Color & Learn Kids Book- Draw, Color & Learn Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Kids Book- Draw, Color & Learn Make your child’s first color book experience a memorable one. With 90+ amazing drawings in 7 categories and 70+ vibrant colors for your child to choose from Kids Coloring Book offers hours of excitement and fun. Your children will be able to develop thei... Gratuit 12/2015
9731   Noël d'enfants Coloring Book Noël d'enfants Coloring Book Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Noël d'enfants Coloring Book Pages gratuites à colorier de Noël vous pouvez trouver dans Playstore. Ils sont offerts pour tous les personnages préférés de l'enfant, y compris trop père noël et Mery arbres thèmes de Noël de vacances rennes cadeaux ou peut-être plus d'elfes. Ceci est u... Gratuit 12/2015
9732   Pet House Story Pet House Story Éducatif Éducatif Apps like Pet House Story Play Pet House Story - an Interactive Story Game made for kids!! While listening to the story of 3 little pets, help them to Build, Design and Decorate a perfect house for Pets using all amazing tools and material. Pets' house was damaged by a strong torn... Gratuit 12/2015
9733   Annexe Chirurgie Simulator Annexe Chirurgie Simulator Jeux de rôles Jeux de rôles Apps like Annexe Chirurgie Simulator Le médecin de l' annexe pour effectuer le simulateur de chirurgie de l'annexe à l'opération Theater . Annexe Chirurgie Simulator avec véritables outils de médecin pour ajouter plus de plaisir à les jeux impressionnants médecin .Commencez avec l'anesthésie... Gratuit 12/2015
9734   maternité Docteur maternité Docteur Jeux de rôles Jeux de rôles Apps like maternité Docteur It’s really an exciting and happy thing for a girl becoming a mother. Maternity Doctor knows what steps to take for the maternity mom. Patients regular checkups,medicines, diet and many more. Give birth to the baby. cut the umbilical cord. clean the newb... Gratuit 12/2015
9735   Community College Hero Community College Hero Jeux de rôles Jeux de rôles Apps like Community College Hero 25% off until December 11!Outwit your professors at superpower school! Ace your exams, date your classmates, and bring down the nation’s most wanted villains to earn your degree. "Community College Hero: Trial by Fire" is a thrilling 168,000-word interact... Gratuit 12/2015
9736   Bubble Christmas Bubble Christmas Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Bubble Christmas Welcome Chirstmas season with cute bubble game ... Gratuit 12/2015
9737   Bubble Shooter Bubble Shooter Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Bubble Shooter Bubbble jeu classique drôle. ... Gratuit 12/2015
9738   Point and Click Escape jeu 4 Point and Click Escape jeu 4 Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Point and Click Escape jeu 4 Point and Click Escape Game 4House Escape Game Welcome to the House Room escape game. Try to Escape from the house. Welcome to the House Escape game. You have been trapped in the locked house. You have to get the exit door passcode in the house. Go ... Gratuit 12/2015
9739   Evan Ice World Evan Ice World Arcade Arcade Apps like Evan Ice World Evan Ice World is adventure fun and amazing game ,Evan looking for his sister Emma There are many enemies And difficulties and cold weather. Try it out and enjoy!Evan Ice World est l'aventure jeu amusant et étonnant, Evan à la recherche de sa sœur Emma Il... Gratuit 12/2015
9740   Octagon Ball Labyrinth 3D Octagon Ball Labyrinth 3D Arcade Arcade Apps like Octagon Ball Labyrinth 3D ROLL the BALL through the 8-sided TUNNEL, overcome OBSTACLES, conqure all tracks!The obstacle course ball rolling game Octagon Ball Labyrinth 3D is a real challenge to your reaction and agility. Overcome obstacles, roll through the tube, collect bonuses a... Gratuit 12/2015
9741   Santa Saving Christmas Santa Saving Christmas Arcade Arcade Apps like Santa Saving Christmas Aidez le Père Noël sauver Noël en attrapant tous les dons. ... Gratuit 12/2015
9742   Transporter Plane - Police Car Transporter Plane - Police Car Simulation Simulation Apps like Transporter Plane - Police Car Do you want to play something new? Cargo Plane Police Car Transporter 3D is one of the newest 3D cargo plane games. Play with transporter cargo plane 3D simulator and forget other cargo plane games having standard transporter plane 3D as a professional ai... Gratuit 12/2015
9743   Fingerboard 3D Hologram Joke Fingerboard 3D Hologram Joke Simulation Simulation Apps like Fingerboard 3D Hologram Joke Fingerboard 3D Hologram Joke ... Gratuit 12/2015
9744   Crazy Racing Mania Crazy Racing Mania Jeux de courses Jeux de courses Apps like Crazy Racing Mania Série Crazy Racing Mania présente compétition sur circuit de la rue pour le public de la fièvre de la course. Soyez rapide pour être le premier pour débloquer les niveaux suivants. Défiez vos compétences de conduite pour vaincre vos rivaux.Choisissez votr... Gratuit 12/2015
9745   Road Drivers 2 Road Drivers 2 Jeux de courses Jeux de courses Apps like Road Drivers 2 L'échappée a frappé Road Drivers 2 de retour avec plus de dynamique de coursearcade action. Hop dans le sport d'élite de la voiture de vos rêves et de lacourse de la légendaire grande vitesse, autoroutes en Road Drivers 2! Road Drivers 2 est une étape im... Gratuit 12/2015
9746   BLE Rain BLE Rain Communication Communication Apps like BLE Rain BLE Rain is an utility application to drizzle you with various useful information like Quote of the Day, Food Menu…etc. and various other useful drops as well.... Gratuit 12/2015
9747   New Year 2016 Wallpaper HD New Year 2016 Wallpaper HD Photographie Photographie Apps like New Year 2016 Wallpaper HD New Years 2016 wallpaper app is an complete wallpaper app.this app support with any different of category and include with thousand of wallpaper in HD quality features - easy to use- small app size- complete button (share wallpaper,set as wallpaper,make a... Gratuit 12/2015
9748   Words and expressions Words and expressions Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Words and expressions The appendix contains a description of words and expressions. As implemented in the application easy search.... Gratuit 12/2015
9749   Glaciers Glaciers Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Glaciers The appendix contains a description of the glaciers. As implemented in the application easy search.... Gratuit 12/2015
9750   Radio_CSF_Brasil_9298 Radio_CSF_Brasil_9298 Communication Communication Apps like Radio_CSF_Brasil_9298 Radio CSF BrasilCom o propósito de trazer o melhor da noticia internacional com o apoio de grandes agencias de noticias, oferecendo entretenimento. e tambem capacitação para atuar em radiosTodas as noticias estão fixadas em nosso site de noticias escritas... Gratuit 12/2015
9751   Jornalismo Gospel On LIne Jornalismo Gospel On LIne Communication Communication Apps like Jornalismo Gospel On LIne O Portal Jornalismo Gospel atua republicando noticias desde 1999, iniciado com outros nomes e sites e desde 2002 como Jornalismo Gospel.Desejamos informar a todos nossos visitantes e leitores que nosso propósito ? republicar noticiase informes que influen... Gratuit 12/2015
9752   Info TV Channel Namibia HD Info TV Channel Namibia HD Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like Info TV Channel Namibia HD Info TV Channel Namibia HDAll the info you need to set up your satellite receiver to watch free TV channels from Namibia HD.This App you can find the article and this topic below.1. NBC 12. TBN NamibiaImportant NotificationThis app contains neccesarry tec... Gratuit 12/2015
9753   Info TV Channel Cambodia HD Info TV Channel Cambodia HD Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like Info TV Channel Cambodia HD Info TV Channel Cambodia HDAll the info you need to set up your satellite receiver to watch free TV channels from Cambodia HD.This App you can see the article and this topic below.1. CNC2. CTN3. MY TV4. SEA TV General5. TV 36. TVKImportant NotificationThi... Gratuit 12/2015
9754   Skylark Admin Skylark Admin Shopping Shopping Apps like Skylark Admin Skylark Restaurant app lets you order your Indian food online in no time. You can edit your order anytime before placing the final order. The order will be available for both-pickup as well as delivery. Users can experience amazing food including various ... Gratuit 12/2015
9755   Sleep Well Sleep Well Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Sleep Well A Good sleep is crucial for adequate production of GH and testosterone, hormones that give us more strength, vitality, and muscle. It helps us stay lean and ripped due to maintaining good insulin sensitivity. This cuts risks of common colds and increases ... Gratuit 12/2015
9756   Grab The Auto 5 Grab The Auto 5 Jeux de courses Jeux de courses Apps like Grab The Auto 5 Grab The Auto 5 is the best City Driving Game where you can Grab Car and Drive but there is a slight twist in this game, you have lot of enemies in the city who wants to kill you.. Do you have what it takes to survive in the City? Hit the download button ... Gratuit 12/2015
9757   Afrostream Afrostream Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like Afrostream Afrostream est le service de vidéo à la demande par abonnement consacré aux films et sériesafro-américains et africains en illimité. Déjà plus de 1000 heures de séries, vidéos, documentaires et spectacles d'humour !Découvrez toutes les saisons de la série... Gratuit 12/2015
9758   Eclectic Styles Hola Theme Eclectic Styles Hola Theme Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Eclectic Styles Hola Theme Interactive icons creates a visual treat to augment authentic experience.The preview image showcases the overall style, the actual effect is based on installation. ★Notice:This is not a stand alone app - Must have Hola Launcher to use! ★How to Apply the T... Gratuit 12/2015
9759   Green Six String Hola Launcher Green Six String Hola Launcher Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Green Six String Hola Launcher A fascinating green environment for the light feel of the strings.The preview image showcases the overall style, the actual effect is based on installation. ★Notice:This is not a stand alone app - Must have Hola Launcher to use! ★How to Apply the Theme:1.... Gratuit 12/2015
9760   Pink Dreams Hola Theme Pink Dreams Hola Theme Personnalisation Personnalisation Apps like Pink Dreams Hola Theme A cute girl in pink with refreshing icons spreading happiness for holidays.The preview image showcases the overall style, the actual effect is based on installation. ★Notice:This is not a stand alone app - Must have Hola Launcher to use! ★How to Apply the... Gratuit 12/2015
9761   ZapBook - Never Lose Memories! ZapBook - Never Lose Memories! Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like ZapBook - Never Lose Memories! ZapBook is your personal and private videos social network!★ Secure memories - capture interesting videos in a click. Works even if no internet is present. Save previous moments on free cloud storage. ★ Access anytime anywhere - replay or download videos... Gratuit 12/2015
9762   Enjoy Photos—Archive the time Enjoy Photos—Archive the time Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like Enjoy Photos—Archive the time Recording is an exquisite digital album maker, which enable you to turn your photos into unique videos.With Recording, λ you can make an attractive album about your perfect itinerary and note down your footprint of where you've been;λ You can memorize tho... Gratuit 12/2015
9763   Image Corp (Picture Crop) Image Corp (Picture Crop) Photographie Photographie Apps like Image Corp (Picture Crop) The app is a very simple image cropping app.* order 1. open image button2. chose gallery mode3. select a image (picture)4. save image button5. end ^^ ... Gratuit 12/2015
9764   Free Video Call Software Free Video Call Software Multimédia et vidéo Multimédia et vidéo Apps like Free Video Call Software Video calling lets you see and hear the person you are talking to on your mobile device and lets them see and hear you can make video calls, video calls and receive calls from other members. I will use video call, you must call - video capable. See a vide... Gratuit 12/2015
9765   RadekalEHR - Partners RadekalEHR - Partners Productivité Productivité Apps like RadekalEHR - Partners Get Radekal – Nation’s Leading Productivity Tool for Physicians. A radically different approach, its unprecedented combination of medical sophistication and ease of use is like writing on a patient chart. It saves you up to 30% by increasing productivity.... Gratuit 12/2015
9766   Recarga VIVO OI TIM CLARO CTBC Recarga VIVO OI TIM CLARO CTBC Shopping Shopping Apps like Recarga VIVO OI TIM CLARO CTBC Com o Super Recarga você pode inserir créditos para Celular Pré Pago das operadoras:- Claro- Oi- Vivo- Tim - Ctbc- Nextel Tudo isso sem sair de casa, pagando em até 40 dias sem taxa extra através do seu cartão de crédito das bandeiras: - Visa- MasterCard-... Gratuit 12/2015
9767   Big Rig World Big Rig World Shopping Shopping Apps like Big Rig World Big Rig mondiale, lourds Pièces et Accessoires camions ... Gratuit 12/2015
9768   Impacto 93.3 Impacto 93.3 Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like Impacto 93.3 Impacto 93.3. Radio On Line. Chaco.Auswirkungen 93.3. Radio On Line. Chaco.... Gratuit 12/2015
9769   w49wdf: IAB V3 app w49wdf: IAB V3 app Style de vie Style de vie Apps like w49wdf: IAB V3 app testtester... Gratuit 12/2015
9770   thème avion de chasse thème avion de chasse Divertissement Divertissement Apps like thème avion de chasse thème avion de chasse est un thème gratuit spécialement conçu pour les utilisateurs de CM Launcher, dont des dizaines d'icônes unifiées et des fonds d'écran artistiques, ce qui peuvent personnaliser votre appareil facilement.Ce que vous pouvez apprécier ... Gratuit 12/2015
9771   Pepsi Telefon Thema (populär) Pepsi Telefon Thema (populär) Outils Outils Apps like Pepsi Telefon Thema (populär) Theme for Pepsi is a free theme specially designed for CM Launcher users, including dozens of unified icons and artistic wallpapers, which can personalize your device easily.What you can enjoy in Themes for CM Launcher: -Here we have the most fabulous the... Gratuit 12/2015
9772   Autumn Theme Autumn Theme Photographie Photographie Apps like Autumn Theme Autumn is a free theme specially designed for CM Launcher users, including dozens of unified icons and artistic wallpapers, which can personalize your device easily.What you can enjoy in CM Launcher Themes:-Here we have the most fabulous themes and wallpa... Gratuit 12/2015
9773   malayalam calendar 2016 malayalam calendar 2016 Divertissement Divertissement Apps like malayalam calendar 2016 malayalam calendar for 2016പഞ്ചാംഗം, ദിവസം രാശി ഫലം, കലണ്ടറ , കാലം* With rashi, tithi, kaalam, panchangam and important information * Public holidays, marathi festivals, jatras, pujas* Wiget can be added to home screen* share, sms or mms details* You can ... Gratuit 12/2015
9774   malayalam panchangam 2016 malayalam panchangam 2016 Divertissement Divertissement Apps like malayalam panchangam 2016 malayalam panchangam for 2016പഞ്ചാംഗം, ദിവസം രാശി ഫലം, കലണ്ടറ , കാലം* With rashi, tithi, kaalam, calendar and important information * Public holidays, marathi festivals, jatras, pujas* Wiget can be added to home screen* share, sms or mms details* You can ... Gratuit 12/2015
9775   Amazing Christmas Wallpaper Amazing Christmas Wallpaper Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Amazing Christmas Wallpaper "Amazing Christmas Wallpaper" For all fans of Beautiful Santa Claus! Whether you are a fan of Cartoon Christmas Pictures or Snowman, you will love this wonderful collection of Merry Christmas Background Images 2015.Christmas is both a sacred religious hol... Gratuit 12/2015
9776   RIPDialer PRO RIPDialer PRO Communication Communication Apps like RIPDialer PRO IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to be a registered user / customer of a RIPDialer distributor to be able to use this app - Please select Mivmo for our consumer version.RIPDialer (Rapid Internet Protocol Dialler) is available as a branded white label product an... Gratuit 12/2015
9777   HSK Magic HSK Magic Enseignement Enseignement Apps like HSK Magic Learn/revise Chinese Mandarin as if by magic, with a focus on the syllabus of the internationally recognized HSK exams.*Native audio provided to accompany all words/sentences.*Use offline without any internet connection at all.*Levels 1& 2 fully supported... Gratuit 12/2015
9778   CO-nnect CO-nnect Divertissement Divertissement Apps like CO-nnect Participate in real life action game by CO and win breathtaking prizes. ... Gratuit 12/2015
9779   School CCA Sample App School CCA Sample App Bibliothèques et démos Bibliothèques et démos Apps like School CCA Sample App Ceci est un exemple d'application pour une journée d'activité parascolaire tenue par une école. ... Gratuit 12/2015
9780   Wiki guide Terraria Wiki guide Terraria Livres et références Livres et références Apps like Wiki guide Terraria The most complete Terraria Wiki,contians a full strategy guide giving you tips and tricks on crafting, items, enemies and more! All terraria wiki entries you need to know is here.Created by fans,for fans. Features include:>Available on the Terraria Mobile... Gratuit 12/2015
9781   cleverTIME - Zeiterfassung cleverTIME - Zeiterfassung Professionnel Professionnel Apps like cleverTIME - Zeiterfassung Mit der cleverTIME App erfassen Sie Arbeitszeiten Ihrer Mitarbeiter im Handumdrehen - auf die Minute genau und jederzeit sicher und zuverlässig. Vom Büro aus verfolgen Sie, wer gerade an welchem Ort aktiv ist und erstellen Abrechnungen und Nachkalkulation... Gratuit 12/2015
9782   My Summit My Summit Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like My Summit The My Summit App makes achieving your wellness goals even easier!• Check in without your card• View class schedules and event calendars • Register for programs and classes • Update your account • View statements • Make paymentsLe Sommet Mon App permet d'... Gratuit 12/2015
9783   Fitbit Band Finder Fitbit Band Finder Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Fitbit Band Finder Fitbit Band Finder, the popular iOS app, is now available on Android!! Fitbit Band Finder will find your lost Fitbit One, Flex, Charge, Charge HR, or Surge in minutes. The app uses your Android phone or tablet like a metal detector to search your house, ... Gratuit 12/2015
9784   Sandata MVV Sandata MVV Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Sandata MVV Sandata MVV is a utility app for providers to verify their visits and complete the care plan. Using this app, providers can see their daily schedules, get directions and verify visits. They can also complete the plan of care, fill out the health assessm... Gratuit 12/2015
9785   Lose Weight In 3 Weeks Lose Weight In 3 Weeks Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Lose Weight In 3 Weeks Are you looking to lose weight quickly? Are you sick of all the scams out there like diet pills and infomercial products that promise the world but don’t deliver? Then I have the solution for you! Everybody says that weight loss is an extremely difficult ... Gratuit 12/2015
9786   BabyChakra - Child Care App BabyChakra - Child Care App Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like BabyChakra - Child Care App Are you expecting a baby or a young parent? You need to be on BabyChakra Child Care app. BabyChakra is the fastest growing, best parenting app for all mom & childcare needs. We are trusted by lakhs of mothers and doctors in India. We are one of the Hottes... Gratuit 12/2015
9787   How To Gain Weight Fast How To Gain Weight Fast Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like How To Gain Weight Fast Looking to bulk up?You can now add muscle and put on some weight easily with the help of these grand simple tips. Maybe you’re scrawny. Maybe you just want to be a little bigger. Either way, you decided it’s time to gain weight… But you’ve realized it’s n... Gratuit 12/2015
9788   Eye Deals Eye Deals Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Eye Deals Our new mobile app is here to help our customers to stay connected with us. Thereby having access to all sorts of helpful features and specials and promo's to help save time and most importantly money. GPS coupons, rewards for loyalty are just a few thing... Gratuit 12/2015
9789   Guía de embarazo Little One Guía de embarazo Little One Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Guía de embarazo Little One Si se dedica al cuidado de mujeres embarazadas, puede utilizar esta aplicación para mostrarle a cada una de ellas qué está sucediendo con su bebé en segundos. Si está embarazada, ¡puede utilizarla para observar a su bebé!La Guía de embarazo Little One™ ha... Gratuit 12/2015
9790   Hampton Hampton Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Hampton Hampton provides health care services to Veterans in eastern Virginia, and northeastern North Carolina.Hampton fournit des services de soins de santé aux anciens combattants dans l'est de la Virginie, et dans le nord de Caroline du Nord.... Gratuit 12/2015
9791   Jabs Gym Jabs Gym Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Jabs Gym Download the Jabs Gym App today to plan and schedule your classes! From this mobile App you can view class schedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as view the studio’s location and contact information. You can also click through t... Gratuit 12/2015
9792   OXOww Latino OXOww Latino Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like OXOww Latino OXOworldwide is no ordinary company. We are not seeking to be defined by our products, as amazing as they are, or by the business opportunity, as equally powerful as it is. Our true passion, and what gets us up in the morning, is the drive to create a com... Gratuit 12/2015
9793   BodyInfo BodyInfo Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like BodyInfo BodyInfo is a simple application that calculates your BMI, target heart rate, and among others so you can be a healthier you. Features:Body Mass Index-BMI chart includedTarget Heart Rate-Option for standard and advanced target heart ranges.Max Heart RateL... Gratuit 12/2015
9794   Weavers Way Employee Benefits Weavers Way Employee Benefits Santé et remise en forme Santé et remise en forme Apps like Weavers Way Employee Benefits You can use our app to contact us for help with your employee benefits, find out more information about your insurance, find forms, search for RX's, look for doctors, access the Vivana wellness program, and more.If you aren't sure where to look, just clic... Gratuit 12/2015
9795   music car radio music car radio Bibliothèques et démos Bibliothèques et démos Apps like music car radio Most of us enjoy music car while we’re driving, but often radio doesn’t play the right tunes. At one time the obvious choice would have been a CD, but of course these scratch easily. Fortunately mobile phones with storage space for MP3s is a very good alt... Gratuit 12/2015
9796   Usine de feux d'artifice Usine de feux d'artifice Grand public Grand public Apps like Usine de feux d'artifice Fun Kids Studio est de vous présenter la nouvelle et passionnante expérience amusante avec le lancement de FIREWORK jeu FACTORY. Espérons que vous avez également joué Ice Cream Factory et jeu de voiture d'usine. Maintenant télécharger ce jeu et profiter... Gratuit 12/2015
9797   Tennis Wales Leaders Tennis Wales Leaders Sports Sports Apps like Tennis Wales Leaders The Tennis Wales Leaders App helps young volunteers record the sessions they have supported at their Welsh Place to Play. All hours can be validated by their Head Coach in order to claim lot of rewards from Tennis Wales as a thank you for supporting tenni... Gratuit 12/2015
9798   Jungle Adventure for Barbie Jungle Adventure for Barbie Arcade Arcade Apps like Jungle Adventure for Barbie Miss Barbie would like to collect more cherries. But there are many hindrances; lock, toadstool, etc. Please help the cute miss barbie by running and jumping.... Gratuit 12/2015
9799   RADIO THAILAND RADIO THAILAND Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like RADIO THAILAND RADIO THAILAND - Continuous listening is a free application . - All you can access live radio stations. - Thailand Free Radio stations. ... Gratuit 12/2015
9800   RADIO UKRAINE RADIO UKRAINE Musique et audio Musique et audio Apps like RADIO UKRAINE RADIO UKRAINE - Continuous listening is a free application . - All you can access live radio stations. - Free Ukraine Listen to the radio stations . ... Gratuit 12/2015

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