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2201   Wela Wela Finance Finance Apps like Wela At Wela, we bridge the gap between virtual and personal. As a Digital Financial Advisor, we offer you access to smart investing and financial planning advice anytime, anywhere --- be it over the phone, via video, or in-person. Based in Atlanta, we'r... Gratuit 11/2015
2202   SwapFizz SwapFizz Réseaux sociaux Réseaux sociaux Apps like SwapFizz SwapFizz is a fun messaging application to trade photos. It creates a marketplace where photos are exchanged privately between friends. How does it work? 1) Snap a photo with SwapFizz and send a blurred preview with a caption to friends. 2) Teased by the... Gratuit 11/2015
2203   Bezeen Bezeen Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Bezeen GET DISCOVERED Be part of the first international voting contest, join castings and get scouted. VOTING CONTEST - Share your picture and climb the ranks in your country. - The best ranked profiles are qualified and represent their country in the final.... Gratuit 11/2015
2204   Productive - messenger for Product Hunt Productive - messenger for Product Hunt Réseaux sociaux Réseaux sociaux Apps like Productive - messenger for Product Hunt I love Product Hunt! I want to communicate with the PH community even more! To do this, I created a messenger for product hunters. Let's chat about new products! // Dmitriy... Gratuit 11/2015
2205   TequisApp TequisApp Voyages Voyages Apps like TequisApp ¿Estás en en el pueblo mágico de Tequisquiapan? ¿no sabes a donde ir o qué hacer? TequisApp es para tí. Encuentra los mejores lugares de esta bella ciudad desde la palma de tu mano. Es elegante, fácil de usar y funcional, lo mejor de todo es 100% gratu... Gratuit 11/2015
2206   快陶商城 快陶商城 Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like 快陶商城 快陶商城专为佛山打造一级陶瓷商城,让世界触点屏幕即可以了解中国陶瓷城佛山... Gratuit 11/2015
2207   北京精雕 北京精雕 Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like 北京精雕 北京精雕科技集团有限公司是研制和生产小刀具高速雕刻机的专业厂家,自1994年公司成立以来,北京精雕专注于小刀具精加工领域,在世界各地拥有10000余家客户。 经过二十多年的不懈努力,北京精雕已具备了自主研发和制造CNC雕刻机、CAD/CAM软件、数控系统和高速电主轴的综合能力,已发展成为一个拥有3000多名员工、年产10000台精雕CNC雕刻机,集研发、生产、销售为一体的高新技术企业。 北京精雕目前在全国各地已建立了五十多家分支机构,为上万家客户提供方便、快捷、周到的服务,并与客户交流工艺方法,共同制定解... Gratuit 11/2015
2208   Tripleteo Tripleteo Jeux Jeux Apps like Tripleteo WARNING: This game's primary language is Spanish. No options to change language are available. You can still play the game without knowing Spanish, but it will be more difficult. Prepare for the memory challenge of Tripleteo! Based on the popular sandwi... 0.99€ 11/2015
2209   去保养 去保养 Style de vie Style de vie Apps like 去保养 去保养,致力于打造成为汽车后服务市场的用车、养车的专业化服务型平台,依托公司在汽车后服务市场上、下游的产品优势、网络优势、技术优势,向广大车主提供放心、省心、舒心的“三心”化产品。 放心:100%原厂正品,配件可追溯 省心:标准化服务包,减少适配的麻烦 舒心:全国落地安装,产品服务一体化... Gratuit 11/2015
2210   What's My Way 3D Navigation - GPS Outdoor Wandern,  Klettern,  Joggen,  Fahrrad,  Reiten What's My Way 3D Navigation - GPS Outdoor Wandern, Klettern, Joggen, Fahrrad, Reiten Navigation Navigation Apps like What's My Way 3D Navigation - GPS Outdoor Wandern, Klettern, Joggen, Fahrrad, Reiten Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie sehen wie mit einem Röntgenblick den Verlauf von Wegen und Straßen durch Bäume und Häuser hindurch die eigentlich den Blick versperren. Sie können beim Joggen, Wandern, Fahrradfahren oder Reiten direkt sehen wo sich die nächs... Gratuit 11/2015
2211   AHMSA Movil AHMSA Movil Productivité Productivité Apps like AHMSA Movil Una herramienta ideal para los vendedores y compradores de Acero, además de distribuidores, ferreteros, maquiladores, perfileros y compradores industriales en general, incluye: 1. Tabla de calibres 2. Factores de conversión 3. Calculadora de pesos 4... Gratuit 11/2015
2212   Blocks Miner Blocks Miner Jeux Jeux Apps like Blocks Miner Welcome to Blocks Miner game, a game is extremely unique and interesting. In the game your task is to pull the blocks and collect all the 5 colors they need. These blocks will disappear when you collect all 5 types. There are 2 categories play the classi... Gratuit 11/2015
2213   Timester Timester Réseaux sociaux Réseaux sociaux Apps like Timester Timester - новый способ поделиться вашими мыслями с интересными людьми. Timester позволяет легко общаться с любым заинтересовавшим тебя человеком или просто найти новых единомышленников. Превратите свои душевные интересы, знания, опыт и хобби, в обще... Gratuit 11/2015
2214   Video Tube - Live Media Player for YouTube Video Tube - Live Media Player for YouTube Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Video Tube - Live Media Player for YouTube Enjoy Watching tv shows, news, movies, comedy clips or YouTube channels as well as listen to radio and HOT music of your choice. • Main features - Thousands of video clips well organized into topics: TV, Kids, News, Comedy, Entertainment, Gamin... Gratuit 11/2015
2215   领调 领调 Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like 领调 法智金信息有限公司于2014年在北京成立。注册资本1亿元人民币,是一家国际国内领先的第三方尽职调查数据服务商, 通过提供灵光操作系统、尽职调查云协同平台服务,运用密码数学技术为尽职调查工作提供真实、有序、可追溯的第三 方数据管理和服务。 公司推出的产品“领调APP”,是可实现第三方见证的大众服务软件。用户通过在自己的电脑、智能手机、Pad等 设备上下载安装“领调APP”软件,随时随地通过简单操作即可将与自身相关的事件或者行为的发生时间、位置、内容、 过程完整记录下来,实现法智金信息技术有限责任公司提供... Gratuit 11/2015
2216   OurWedding OurWedding Style de vie Style de vie Apps like OurWedding A lovely memory to the nicest day of Life! Make a nice Photoalbum in Realtime! Add a Wedding, here you need only some Names and Data! Take the first Photo from the Newlyweds and add up to 80 Photos! You can print the Album or send it to Friends. Realy e... Gratuit 11/2015
2217   AUST AUST Éducation Éducation Apps like AUST AUST Mobile Application is now in the palm of your hand. View new announcements, find university events, track your university calendar throughout the whole academic year, follow news using university weekly magazine, get secure access to your online ... Gratuit 11/2015
2218   西塘老酒 西塘老酒 Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like 西塘老酒 西塘老酒嘉兴市久益信息技术有限公司是为广大手机用户提供的客户端,其中包括,新闻资讯,企业会员,供求商机,产品中心,图片中心,在线预约,西塘茗酒坊等实用功能。... Gratuit 11/2015
2219   Onia Onia Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Onia ONIA 앱은 ONIA 조명을 제어하는 어플리케이션 입니다. 블루투스 통신을 통하여 ONIA 조명을 여러개 등록하고 제어할 수 있습니다. ONIA 조명은 컬러힐링 분야의 연구에 근간을 두고, 의식과 무의식을 나타내는 투톤으로 된 조명입니다. 각 조명은 14개의 색상으로 변화될 수 있으며, 각각 마음에게 다른 힐링을 줄 수 있는 컬러의 의미를 가지고 있습니다. 기본적인 기능은 다음과 같습니다. - 조명 켜기/끄기 - 조명의 색상 변경 - 조명 검... Gratuit 11/2015
2220   数字医生 数字医生 Référence Référence Apps like 数字医生 数字医生app提供如下功能: 1.医师圈子, 分享求助。支撑医师界学术交流,学术分享与疑难求助,以医会友,打造医生间专业社交圈。 2.医药资讯 , 深度解析。支撑医师自主订阅医学领域最新资讯, 提供独家医疗新闻、政策的解析观点, 实时推送给医生。 3.知识百科 , 关联阅读。提供医学百科智能检索, 医学知识关联阅读。提供医学海量数据,做医师执业好帮手。... Gratuit 11/2015
2221   免费小说-全本书城追书旗舰连载阅读下载神器 免费小说-全本书城追书旗舰连载阅读下载神器 Référence Référence Apps like 免费小说-全本书城追书旗舰连载阅读下载神器 免费小说用先进的技术,敏锐的嗅觉,飞快的速度为您搜出各大网站最新,最热,最全的小说,拥有最及时的连载更新提示,拥有海量的书源,拥有完美的用户体验,是一款让您爱不释手的小说下载阅读器。 产品主要特点: 1.强大引擎:全球最大华文电子书搜索引擎,技术先进,搜索快速精准。 2.实时监测:智能监测引擎,为您实时监测关注小说动态,让您第一时间得到最新小说更新章节提醒。 2.简单易用: 改进了传统小说阅读器中多种细节,对于每一个细节,我们都力求最易用,给您完美的用户体验。 4.丰富书源:支持国内各大热门网络小说网... Gratuit 11/2015
2222   IshaShoppeUSA IshaShoppeUSA Livres Livres Apps like IshaShoppeUSA Isha Shoppe online shopping. Made possible by Isha Foundation Inc volunteers... Gratuit 11/2015
2223   Lottery Box - Florida Edition Lottery Box - Florida Edition Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Lottery Box - Florida Edition Lottery Box - Florida Edition, will help you manage your Florida lotto combinations. It will help you generate random combinations and save them to your history. You can save your own combinations to your favorites or bet bucket data. You can move com... 5.99€ 11/2015
2224   Cronycle : collaboration tool for business intelligence Cronycle : collaboration tool for business intelligence Productivité Productivité Apps like Cronycle : collaboration tool for business intelligence Collaborate with your teams to discover relevant digital content for business and create actionable intelligence. Cronycle helps teams discover, collaborate on and publish great content. Content Collaboration Work in teams to create relevant business i... Gratuit 11/2015
2225   RockabyBoo RockabyBoo Style de vie Style de vie Apps like RockabyBoo ROCKABYBOO RockabyBoo is a Personalized Lullaby App featuring beautiful, original lullabies, instrumentals and stories. In this first edition there is a song and story in your child's name, with many more personalized songs and stories to come! Rock... Gratuit 11/2015
2226   !D Hand 2 !D Hand 2 Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like !D Hand 2 Nedap’s !D Hand is a fashionable, lightweight RFID handheld reader, especially designed for in-store RFID applications. Its high reading performance in combination with its intuitive design make it the ideal device for your store staff to work with. Th... Gratuit 11/2015
2227   LocalsGoDating - Local Dating LocalsGoDating - Local Dating Réseaux sociaux Réseaux sociaux Apps like LocalsGoDating - Local Dating Want to go out with someone new? Make new friends or find love? Or simply chat with people near you? Try out the easiest way to match up with like-minded singles in your area. The LocalsGoDating app is great for chatting, making friends, sharing interes... Gratuit 11/2015
2228   掌上钢管杆塔 掌上钢管杆塔 Style de vie Style de vie Apps like 掌上钢管杆塔 掌上钢管杆塔客户端是一款实用性商城信息平台,集行业资讯、移动商城、企业黄页、微博分享、转播到腾讯微博、地图定位、一键拨打联系人电话等功能于一体,掌上钢管杆塔客户端是以方便个人和企业为出发点;囊获了全国各地的杆塔企业和产品和信息,是杆塔行业人士上网找信息和产品的首选平台。该客户端面向全国招商各大企业可在该客户端上发布供求信息、发布广告、让各大杆塔企业以及广大客户更为便捷。掌上钢管杆塔客户端以其便捷的浏览方式、强大的应用功能,以及最新的资讯信息为广大客户展示一个丰富多样的信息平台。... Gratuit 11/2015
2229   Best App for Six Flags St. Louis Best App for Six Flags St. Louis Voyages Voyages Apps like Best App for Six Flags St. Louis The premier Six Flags St. Louis Guide app includes visitor info, rides, theme parks, water parks, kids rides, shows, hotels, shopping, dining, park hours, attractions, photo gallery, poi search, translator, world clock. Highlights : * GENE... 2.99€ 11/2015
2230   Great App for Six Flags Over Texas Great App for Six Flags Over Texas Voyages Voyages Apps like Great App for Six Flags Over Texas The premier Six Flags Over Texas Guide app includes visitor info, rides, theme parks, water parks, kids rides, shows, hotels, shopping, dining, park hours, attractions, photo gallery, poi search, translator, world clock. Highlights : * GEN... 2.99€ 11/2015
2231   Best App for Six Flags Over Georgia Best App for Six Flags Over Georgia Voyages Voyages Apps like Best App for Six Flags Over Georgia The premier Six Flags Over Georgia Guide app includes visitor info, rides, theme parks, water parks, kids rides, shows, hotels, shopping, dining, park hours, attractions, photo gallery, poi search, translator, world clock. Highlights : * G... 2.99€ 11/2015
2232   Gameshow Hidden Strategy Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games Gameshow Hidden Strategy Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games Jeux Jeux Apps like Gameshow Hidden Strategy Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games GAGNER NOMBREUX PRIX SUR VOTRE MOBILE! JOUER Gameshow Hidden Strategy Slots Machines AUJOURD'HUI! Gameshow Hidden Strategy Slots Machines TONNES a d'énormes jackpots et beaucoup de caractéristiques intéressantes, telles que les forêts, les déserts et b... Gratuit 11/2015
2233   Panamby Panamby Productivité Productivité Apps like Panamby Panamby Mobile Agora você já pode acessar o sistema do Condomínio Panamby pelo seu celular!!! Eh prático e fácil de usar!   PARA QUE POSSO USAR ESSE APLICATIVO?   1) Abrir pendencias encontradas no nosso condomínio(coisas quebradas, sujas, ocorrência... Gratuit 11/2015
2234   Airペイメント Airペイメント Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like Airペイメント Airペイメント(エアペイメント)は、カンタンでおトクなクレジットカード決済サービスです。 【Airペイメントとは】 ■誰でもカンタン、どこでも使える Airペイメントは、さまざまな業種の店舗さまに、あらゆる環境でご利用いただくことができます。 ご用意いただくのは、iPad/iPhoneとICカードも磁気カードも対応可能な専用カードリーダー1台のみ。 初期費用実質無料・業界最安水準の決済手数料で、おトクにご利用ください。 ■初期費用は実質無料 お申込み後にカードリーダーをお届けします。 今ならカードリ... Gratuit 11/2015
2235   Arduous Cop Mission Arduous Cop Mission Jeux Jeux Apps like Arduous Cop Mission Arduous Cop Mission is a truly awesome game with this amazing Police Car To drive and complete missions essentially means getting somewhere as quickly and efficiently as possible using your driving skills.Ok Champ, can you handle that? Good luck!... 0.99€ 11/2015
2236   Double Bus Car Chaw Double Bus Car Chaw Jeux Jeux Apps like Double Bus Car Chaw Ride and balance your Double Bus through the slippery offroads without crashing and without falling off. With this game you have to get all your gear out or brave the cold. Download and Enjoy.... 0.99€ 11/2015
2237   Kitapp Kitapp Livres Livres Apps like Kitapp Kitapp - мобильный букинист. Позволяет покупать подержанные книги, учебники, а также продавать свою старую литературу. И все это умещается на экране мобильного телефона. Вы можете с легкостью найти то, что давно искали, и так же легко выставить на п... Gratuit 11/2015
2238   CloudCart CloudCart Productivité Productivité Apps like CloudCart Share and edit lists with anybody for FREE. Add items to your lists and the changes you make will be instantly visible on everyone's iPhones. CloudCart is simple and easy to use. For suggestions, support, and comments, you can send an email to cloudca... Gratuit 11/2015
2239   Argent : 777 Pegasus Slots Jackpot Heaven PRO - Couronne de machines à sous Zeus Vegas Argent : 777 Pegasus Slots Jackpot Heaven PRO - Couronne de machines à sous Zeus Vegas Jeux Jeux Apps like Argent : 777 Pegasus Slots Jackpot Heaven PRO - Couronne de machines à sous Zeus Vegas Montez à bord de Pegasus Slots , jeu de slot le plus magique dans l'app store . ••• L'excitation des casinos réels maintenant sur votre téléphone à jouer quand vous le voulez . Il suffit de taper à tourner ! . ••• Si vous aimez la fantaisie , vous aim... 1.99€ 11/2015
2240   CareEvent Showcase CareEvent Showcase Médecine Médecine Apps like CareEvent Showcase This is a showcase version of the Philips CareEvent app without network functionality. The Philips CareEvent mobile application turns a smartphone into a valuable clinical notification tool to meet the workflow demands for nurses and caregivers who are c... Gratuit 11/2015
2241   VentureDeals VentureDeals Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like VentureDeals Updatemi VentureDeals is your source for the latest news about the start-up and venture industry around the world. Enjoy and consume the latest updates on deals and products summarized into 6 bullet points. Create your own feed by choosing topics that ... 3.99€ 11/2015
2242   展翅实习 展翅实习 Éducation Éducation Apps like 展翅实习 展翅实习是全国首款大学生职业成长型APP。 *海量岗位 展翅计划保驾护航,大型实习活动、优质职位全年放送 *实习指路 学科、性格大数据分析,帮你认清未来努力的方向 *圈子交流 行业“秘籍”大公开,与牛人一同成长;企业实况大揭秘,助你选择心仪的公司 *职业成长 从“小白”到“达人”,不断学习,不断成长... Gratuit 11/2015
2243   Highkara uutislukija Highkara uutislukija Actualités Actualités Apps like Highkara uutislukija Highkara uutislukija on sovellus uutisten seuraamiseen. Sovellus hakee uutiset High.fi -uutisportaalista ja sisältää mahdollisuuden aihealueittain järjestettyjen uutisotsikoiden ja kuvausten lukemiseen, avaamisen selaimessa, uutisten jakamiseen, uutisk... Gratuit 11/2015
2244   Prescrições Odontológicas Prescrições Odontológicas Médecine Médecine Apps like Prescrições Odontológicas O aplicativo Prescrições Odontológicas é lançado com o intuito de fornecer um guia rápido de prescrições de medicamentos mais usadas em odontologia de forma didática e voltada para a prática diária. É um aplicativo muito útil e prático, para que você po... 5.99€ 11/2015
2245   Super Heros Skin For Minecraft PE Super Heros Skin For Minecraft PE Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Super Heros Skin For Minecraft PE super hero skins minecraft edition! Feature list : 1) Large set of categories 2) Save to Photo Gallery 3) Share on Social media 4) Favourite pics you like the most Enjoy the app Today. Notice: Our app is not affiliated with the game 'Minecraft' or its... Gratuit 11/2015
2246   Ride FARE Ride FARE Voyages Voyages Apps like Ride FARE FARE service is currently available in metro Phoenix, AZ. We will be expanding to new cities in 2016! FARE is your personal ride alternative when you need to get where you’re going - without surge pricing. Unlike other transportation apps, FARE offers ... Gratuit 11/2015
2247   Français facile Français facile Éducation Éducation Apps like Français facile + Learn how to speak French with audio + Over 100 dialogues + Listen the texts + All situations + Learn French From Online Videos... Gratuit 11/2015
2248   长安米贷 长安米贷 Finance Finance Apps like 长安米贷 长安米袋是长安信托旗下,专业从事互联网金融的平台,资金全流程银行托管,专业风控团队,提供安全、透明、简单、高效的互联网金融服务。... Gratuit 11/2015
2249   奇智奇才育儿 奇智奇才育儿 Éducation Éducation Apps like 奇智奇才育儿 专业育儿。在线播放育儿动画、童话睡前故事、泥塑手工制作视频、育儿资讯推送、社区互动、在线专家解答;亲子互动类泥塑手工课程、科学探究课程、绘本阅读课程等。。。... Gratuit 11/2015
2250   Remember - The Game Remember - The Game Jeux Jeux Apps like Remember - The Game Remember is a game for everyone! Train your memory, your reaction time and your dexterity with 3 funny and minimal gesture based games. In this beautifully designed game you will not get distracted by Ads. Pay once and play forever. Recall Recall challe... 0.99€ 11/2015
2251   8戒理财 8戒理财 Finance Finance Apps like 8戒理财 8戒理财隶属于上海贞兴金融信息服务有限公司,注册在上海自贸区,注册资本1000万元。8戒理财是由从业于金融、互联网行业多年的精英团队倾力打造国内领先的移动互联网理财平台,与多家传统金融机构合作,专注于汽车金融行业,是国内首家上线即接入新浪资金托管的平台。... Gratuit 11/2015
2252   Star Witch Saga-Poping Star 2016 Star Witch Saga-Poping Star 2016 Jeux Jeux Apps like Star Witch Saga-Poping Star 2016 Just tap two or more blocks of the same color. There is no time limit, but each stage has target points to proceed to next stage. Once you pop, you can't stop!... Gratuit 11/2015
2253   Cubicubs Cubicubs Éducation Éducation Apps like Cubicubs Ábaco de bloques interactivo diseñado para aprender de manera heurística los algoritmos básicos del cálculos aritméticos. Para experimentar diferentes estrategias para resolver un cálculo, que se plantea como problema. Consta de tres apps: Ábaco Cero: un... 2.99€ 11/2015
2254   MIXJAM MIXJAM Jeux Jeux Apps like MIXJAM MIXJAM! Complete cute and unique characters! With mixed humor of the different characters! The fun reaction and sound when each character is completed! And even the educational effect! When children meet mixjam, , they will enjoy the diverse and fun ... Gratuit 11/2015
2255   Antyz Antyz Jeux Jeux Apps like Antyz « ANTYZ, l’odyssée du temps » est un jeu d’aventure et de réflexion. Aidez les fourmis à survivre une ère glaciaire et remontez l’Histoire en vous frayant un chemin vers le centre de la terre. Vous contrôlez une fourmi éclaireuse qui doit creuser un chem... Gratuit 11/2015
2256   知见 知见 Éducation Éducation Apps like 知见 「知见」是浙江橙果企业咨询有限公司打造的电商经验分享平台。当您在电商行业中碰到了问题、当您想要吸取更多养份时、当您想提高员工能力、当您需要找一位专业的电商讲师时……,那就快来「知见」吧!我们提供的是专业电商讲师平台,讲师经过严格审核认证,并且监督从预约到授课的全过程,让每一次知识分享都具有一定的保障。 「知见」致力于打造一个电商圈的经验分享库,如果您有丰富的电商从业经验或者在电商行业的某方面出类拔萃……,欢迎到「知见」来分享您宝贵的知识、展示您的人生价值。 「知见」用共享经济的... Gratuit 11/2015
2257   Awesome Jumping Boy on Space Awesome Jumping Boy on Space Jeux Jeux Apps like Awesome Jumping Boy on Space Awesome Jumping Boy on Space is an extremely addictive hardcore game! -Quick reflexes and steady hands are necessary to succeed! -A new, fast, original gameplay! -If you like hard challenges this is the game for you! -Your goal is to survive as long as... Gratuit 11/2015
2258   Infinity Friends Infinity Friends Réseaux sociaux Réseaux sociaux Apps like Infinity Friends Você tem muitos amigos? Aqui você vai querer ter mais amigos ainda. O Infinity Friends é assim. Você convida quantos amigos quiser e seus amigos também. Com isso, quanto mais amigos você e seus amigos convidarem, mais bônus vocês ganharão. Você poderá... Gratuit 11/2015
2259   Villbassen Villbassen Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like Villbassen Klara & Villbassen fører klær av flott skandinavisk design, samt sko, interiør, treleker, puslespill, duppedingser, hårpynt og mye annet av det den lille (eller dens foreldrene) måtte ønske seg. Nå lanseres en egen app for våre kunder som vil gi ti... Gratuit 11/2015
2260   Machines à sous Princess Bride – Casino de Las Vegas – Machines à sous gratuites – Le meilleur,  lance et gagne Machines à sous Princess Bride – Casino de Las Vegas – Machines à sous gratuites – Le meilleur, lance et gagne Jeux Jeux Apps like Machines à sous Princess Bride – Casino de Las Vegas – Machines à sous gratuites – Le meilleur, lance et gagne Joue aux machines à sous Princess Bride, le seul jeu de casino gratuit reprenant la troupe de personnages emblématiques du film ! Rejoins Bouton d'or, Westley, Miracle Max et Fezzik dans leur voyage à travers ce conte de fées d'amour et d'aventure. ... Gratuit 11/2015
2261   Parrainage Parrainage Utilitaires Utilitaires Apps like Parrainage « Votre vin à portée de main » Cette application permet aux membres de la cave privée de parrainer leurs amis, collègues, famille afin qu’ils puissent profiter tout comme eux des multiples avantages du site privé www.lacaveprivee.com.... Gratuit 11/2015
2262   Billiards Shoot Master Billiards Shoot Master Jeux Jeux Apps like Billiards Shoot Master Billiards trick shots like you’ve never seen before! Play billiards like a pro – Forget traditional pool, this is an addictive billiards tricks game that challenges you show your pro skills in 60 levels of pure fun. Master control over your cue and ba... Gratuit 11/2015
2263   ステトーク - 完全匿名その場限りのトークアプリ - ステトーク - 完全匿名その場限りのトークアプリ - Utilitaires Utilitaires Apps like ステトーク - 完全匿名その場限りのトークアプリ - ステトークは、匿名制の1対1トークアプリです。 IDはアプリ上で無制限に増やせます。 また、電話番号やSNSとの連携も一切ないので、 捨てアカウント・捨てIDとして使えるように作られています。 日本語でIDを作成できますし、他人が使用している名前も使用 できますが、友達検索で判別つくように、写真や名前に特徴を もたせた方がよいです。 このアプリは出会いを目的としていないので、ひとこと以外の プロフィールは一切ありません。 このアプリはネット上の知り合いと安全にトークするためのアプリです。... Gratuit 11/2015
2264   TSB Bank Ltd Mobile Banking TSB Bank Ltd Mobile Banking Finance Finance Apps like TSB Bank Ltd Mobile Banking Mobile Banking by TSB Bank is brand new, and simple and easy-to-use, wherever you are in New Zealand. Check balances, pay someone, move money between accounts and more. ABOUT NEW ZEALAND’S TSB BANK We’ve been independent and New Zealand owned ever s... Gratuit 11/2015
2265   装饰建材 装饰建材 Style de vie Style de vie Apps like 装饰建材 集室内室外硬装饰和软装材料一体。用于自身品牌以及全国装饰建材行业各知名品牌的推广和宣传,可组成品牌联盟,整合推广。...... Gratuit 11/2015
2266   A-Calc9 - Cette application de calcul inclut une liste. A-Calc9 - Cette application de calcul inclut une liste. Utilitaires Utilitaires Apps like A-Calc9 - Cette application de calcul inclut une liste. - Cette application de calcul inclut une liste. - Les nombres mal saisis peuvent être corrigés individuellement par la suite. - Une brève remarque peut être ajoutée en haut à gauche de chaque nombre. - Trois listes sont disponibles ; et peuvent être co... Gratuit 11/2015
2267   GPS Track It Forms GPS Track It Forms Utilitaires Utilitaires Apps like GPS Track It Forms GPSTrackIt Forms makes converting from paper to mobile forms simple. In a few steps users can create new forms or turn business forms into smart, easy-to-use electronic forms that work on any iOS device. Your form data is stored on our secure cloud serve... Gratuit 11/2015
2268   9513秀场 9513秀场 Divertissement Divertissement Apps like 9513秀场 9513是一个免费在线视频K歌的社交网络平台!众多美女/帅哥才艺草根达人携粉丝全天在线,为您打造一个集KTV和聊天室于一体的在线视频互动新社区。 9513拥有上千位美女现场K歌,盛宴狂欢,娱乐互动。 我们的画面高清直播 我们的礼物绚丽多彩 我们的演唱多样风情 9513一个让你感动的视频直播平台。 新浪微博:http://weibo.com/5seeyx 官方微信:mm5see... Gratuit 11/2015
2269   蛋星人大逃亡 - 弹弹弹, 完全停不下来的太空奇幻冒险游戏 蛋星人大逃亡 - 弹弹弹, 完全停不下来的太空奇幻冒险游戏 Jeux Jeux Apps like 蛋星人大逃亡 - 弹弹弹, 完全停不下来的太空奇幻冒险游戏 Iger who loves adventure from Eristal Star, driving a spaceship landed on a strange planet, inadvertently broke into a magnificent palace in the depths of the jungle. After careful exploration he found in horror that there is full of eggshell specimens ... Gratuit 11/2015
2270   Metamatics - a math puzzle game Metamatics - a math puzzle game Jeux Jeux Apps like Metamatics - a math puzzle game Metamatics is a minimalistic mathematical puzzle game. The rules are simple, land on cells with stars while moving across the board to earn points. Earn bonus points when landing on multiple stars in a row. Challenge your math skills across three diffi... Gratuit 11/2015
2271   Piggy Fun Puzzle Piggy Fun Puzzle Jeux Jeux Apps like Piggy Fun Puzzle The little piggy wants to take a nice dirty bath in the puddle. Use the "mouse" and click on the pig to change it's shape. Collect the acorns on the way for full score. Click on other elements in the level to interact with them and progress.... Gratuit 11/2015
2272   Ichibar Japanese Restaurant Ichibar Japanese Restaurant Alimentation et boissons Alimentation et boissons Apps like Ichibar Japanese Restaurant Introducing our Mobile Ordering; the quickest way to place an order from any of our locations and menus!... Gratuit 11/2015
2273   Coin Op Heroes 2 Coin Op Heroes 2 Jeux Jeux Apps like Coin Op Heroes 2 Coin-Op Heroes 2 est un nouveau jeu de rôle épique dans un univers fantastique, jouable à un doigt. Coincé dans une borne d'arcade, envahi par des ennemis rétro, vous devez former une armée pour repousser les hordes de la Tourmente Funeste et ramener l... Gratuit 11/2015
2274   PromikBook PromikBook Finance Finance Apps like PromikBook PromikBook - Gratis fakturering, bokföring och mycket mer! PromikBook är en gratis fakturering och bokföringstjänst i molnet. PromikBook-appen ger dig möjlighet att enklare styra dina kunder/artiklar och fakturor direkt var du än befinner dig. Appen k... Gratuit 11/2015
2275   GWifi Hong Kong GWifi Hong Kong Utilitaires Utilitaires Apps like GWifi Hong Kong GWiFi is a personal global WiFi hotspot service that is a hybrid of hardware and 3G services that provides fast, secure and cost-effective internet service around the world. GWiFi covers over 100+ countries worldwide. Wherever you are just turn on your ... Gratuit 11/2015
2276   FitBud - Find a Buddy FitBud - Find a Buddy Réseaux sociaux Réseaux sociaux Apps like FitBud - Find a Buddy Find a fitness buddy around you with FitBud! - See what activities people around you are doing - Find activities you might be interested in trying - Meet buddies in your area - Try a new activity... with a FitBud! v1.0... Gratuit 11/2015
2277   梅州时空网 梅州时空网 Actualités Actualités Apps like 梅州时空网 梅州时空_最火热的梅州门户和论坛, 是众多梅州网友的线上话题广场,有趣的梅州生活话题,温馨的情感故事,热情友善的网友气氛,包括街头巷尾,灌水八卦,梅州美食, 汽车,房产,装修等频道... Gratuit 11/2015
2278   PlakaMesaj PlakaMesaj Réseaux sociaux Réseaux sociaux Apps like PlakaMesaj Plaka Mesaj, ulaşamadığınız ama ulaşmak istediğiniz araç sahiplerine mesaj göndermenin tek ve en kolay yolu. Acaba sizin aracınıza mesaj geldi mi? Araç plakanızı Plaka Mesaj’a kaydedin, size iletilen mesajları görüntüleyin.... Gratuit 11/2015
2279   Jelly Puzzle Expedition Jelly Puzzle Expedition Jeux Jeux Apps like Jelly Puzzle Expedition Very difficult puzzle game. Unique Puzzle Game. No candy match 3 type! Jelly Match 5 type! Clear various mission with cute jelly A lots of quests are ready!... Gratuit 11/2015
2280   Bookselves Bookselves Réseaux sociaux Réseaux sociaux Apps like Bookselves Bookselves is a unique way to read adventurously. Share your personal library with the world and meet with local book enthusiasts to exchange books in-person for the ultimate social reading experience. From pages to people! - Instantly add book titles t... Gratuit 11/2015
2281   Io Interrogo Io Interrogo Éducation Éducation Apps like Io Interrogo Tieni sempre sotto controllo le tue interrogazioni e non farti trovare impreparato!! Con "Io Interrogo" saprai quando studiare e quando riposarti in base allo storico delle interrogazioni precedenti. In ogni momento, per ogni materia, saprai sempre quan... 0.99€ 11/2015
2282   De Jong Koster De Jong Koster Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like De Jong Koster Wij kijken verder De dienstverlening van De Jong Koster accountants en belastingadviseurs te Ridderkerk kenmerkt zich door specifieke aandacht voor de individuele cliënt. Wij zien onszelf als adviseurs. De cliënt krijgt te maken met een aanspreekpunt die... Gratuit 11/2015
2283   2048 Game SD 2048 Game SD Jeux Jeux Apps like 2048 Game SD Join numbers and get to the 2048 tile! Sounds easy, but in this challenging puzzle hit game you will need all your skills and brain cells to achieve a high score. Based on popular apps like 1024 and Threes, your task is to slide tiles on a grid to combi... Gratuit 11/2015
2284   睿趣送——最有趣的抽奖平台,缤纷壕礼,一周七天睿趣送不停 睿趣送——最有趣的抽奖平台,缤纷壕礼,一周七天睿趣送不停 Style de vie Style de vie Apps like 睿趣送——最有趣的抽奖平台,缤纷壕礼,一周七天睿趣送不停 睿趣送是两个为了分享简单快乐的人做的APP。 我们两个平时喜欢搜索购买并体验一些稀奇古怪,有趣新奇的东西,而我们也一直沉浸在这种小小的 快乐中。 所以,我们希望通过免费抽奖这种方式,将全世界好玩有趣的东西推荐并赠送给大家。 希望大家能在这个快节奏且沉闷的社会中获得一份简单的快乐。 这个APP是我们分享快乐理念的产物,也会是我们今后的坚持所在。 【主要特色】 1.每日送,每周送——以不同的时间单位(小时,天或者周),睿趣送会推荐全世界有趣的东西,并通过睿趣送的小伙伴亲身体验后的感受展示... Gratuit 11/2015
2285   Simply Salad Simply Salad Alimentation et boissons Alimentation et boissons Apps like Simply Salad Simply Salad gives you a way to eat healthy, fresh, delicious food at an affordable price. Now with our Simply Salad Level Up App, enjoy rewards for being a loyal customer too! Spend $100, get $10 free- the more you spend, the more you earn. Just b... Gratuit 11/2015
2286   WordSearch Yo WordSearch Yo Jeux Jeux Apps like WordSearch Yo It’s word search on crack! WordSearch Yo is a fast paced word search game in which you have ten seconds to find three words. Keep levelling up and see how long you can last. Earn achievements and climb the leaderboards. Compare your score with your frie... Gratuit 11/2015
2287   Agora.md Agora.md Actualités Actualités Apps like Agora.md Agora.md este aplicația mobilă a portalului de știri AGORA ( www.Agora.md ). AGORA este cea mai credibilă sursă de știri din Moldova. Aici găsești noutăți verificate, infografice, galerii foto, analize economice și politice, știri și interviuri video,... Gratuit 11/2015
2288   Professional Beauty Show Professional Beauty Show Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like Professional Beauty Show The Professional Beauty Show app allows users to keep up to date with they key information they need for upcoming shows. Users can effectively plan their day by favouring exhibitors, products and show offers to compile a ‘to-do’ list, which can be viewe... Gratuit 11/2015
2289   Matcha 3 - Notes,  Photos and Documents Matcha 3 - Notes, Photos and Documents Productivité Productivité Apps like Matcha 3 - Notes, Photos and Documents Matcha is your new workspace for everything you love, from taking notes, planning a holiday, creating photo stories to writing lengthy documents, you'll get it done faster and more enjoyable. It is made of the following healthy ingredients that don't... 9.99€ 11/2015
2290   WSK Users WSK Users Réseaux sociaux Réseaux sociaux Apps like WSK Users Meet People from top chatting apps and make new friends.... Gratuit 11/2015
2291   Benefit Kitchen Benefit Kitchen Productivité Productivité Apps like Benefit Kitchen Benefit Kitchen is the first web and mobile app designed to connect working families nationwide to available federal, state, and local assistance programs (like health insurance, childcare, tax credits, food assistance, affordable housing, and more... Gratuit 11/2015
2292   Elbot Elbot Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Elbot Elbot is the cheeky chatbot who uses sarcasm and wit, along with a healthy dose of irony at his own artificial intelligence to entertain humans. He likes to learn new things and to improve his language skills, and can even tell you about his favourite ... Gratuit 11/2015
2293   À Vous À Vous Photo et vidéo Photo et vidéo Apps like À Vous À Vous was created to let you start or join selfie challenges. With À Vous you have a place dedicated to fun and entertaining selfies, wether they are videos or photos. Want to share your selfies to your facebook or twitter profile? simply activate it. I... Gratuit 11/2015
2294   Opensight Opensight Référence Référence Apps like Opensight Opensight is crowd sourced social marketing platform, giving brands and influencers the tools to co-ordinate content and engagements to maximise there reach on social media. By joining Opensight platform as a brand or merchant you will be able to recrui... Gratuit 11/2015
2295   Lemon App Lemon App Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Lemon App LEMON IS THE ULTIMATE MOTIVATIONAL APP FOR THOSE LOOKING TO CHALLENGE THEMSELVES AND OTHERS. It uniquely connects you and your friends, giving you the power to challenge each other to become better, more accomplished human beings. From sports goals t... Gratuit 11/2015
2296   MyCustodyCalendar MyCustodyCalendar Style de vie Style de vie Apps like MyCustodyCalendar This simple app lets you quickly create your child custody calendar, then import it to your phone and other synced calendars. That way when your friend asks you if you’re free to go to a concert next month, you’ll know. Likewise if your mom wants to co... 3.99€ 11/2015
2297   净在服务端 净在服务端 Style de vie Style de vie Apps like 净在服务端 这是一个改变世界的APP,净在掌握,再做前人从未做过的事,我们颠覆,只为提供给每位用户最好的服务;我们打通讯息的不对等,作为沟通最直接的桥梁。 企业往往遇到以下几个问题 找不到好的清洁供货商? 质量服务不能保证? 成本高没效率? 别担心! 净在掌握是目前全国唯一整合清洁O2O资源的APP,提供企业更专业、更高效、低成本的专业清洁服务,帮助企业环境建设与提升品牌形象。清洁人员不再担心被中介剥削,找不到好的工作。所有服务项目价格清楚名目,菜单式选择、客制化订制,操作简单、一键下单,让清洁变得更简单、更轻松... Gratuit 11/2015
2298   我是车主 我是车主 Style de vie Style de vie Apps like 我是车主 我是车主APP由我是车主(北京)科技有限公司全新打造,搭建车主与经销商之间的沟通平台,为车主提供一站式体验服务。... Gratuit 11/2015
2299   Toca Flooring Toca Flooring Productivité Productivité Apps like Toca Flooring Work order planning tool to keep track of worker assignments each day of the week. Features to set work order start/end date, set active/inactive status, enter notes about work order.... Gratuit 11/2015
2300   疝学院 疝学院 Médecine Médecine Apps like 疝学院 疝学院 手术视频 -在线播放精彩手术视频 -下载手术视频, 离线观看 -删除所下载的视频 专业阅读 -在线阅读精彩课件文献 -下载课件文献, 离线阅读 -删除所下载的文献... Gratuit 11/2015
2301   云南茶叶APP 云南茶叶APP Style de vie Style de vie Apps like 云南茶叶APP 云南茶叶是一个详细介绍茶叶情况的平台,涵盖了新闻资讯、招商代理、茶叶展会、供求商机、茶叶图库等,阅读简便,信息丰富,能更优质的为广大访客提供丰富的茶叶资讯服务。..... Gratuit 11/2015
2302   Pet ID Pet ID Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Pet ID PetID THE App for domestic animal owner. From now on ALL Data of your Animals are stored in PetID – no more searching in different places or folders. The most important Data in case of Emergency: Date of birth, size, weight, sex or else characterist... Gratuit 11/2015
2303   La Cienega Kabob House La Cienega Kabob House Alimentation et boissons Alimentation et boissons Apps like La Cienega Kabob House Introducing our Mobile Ordering; the quickest way to place an order from any of our locations and menus!... Gratuit 11/2015
2304   Poseidon’s Rule : Simulator Imagine Poseidon’s Rule : Simulator Imagine Jeux Jeux Apps like Poseidon’s Rule : Simulator Imagine Enjoy the crazy running game with new fantasy theme and environments. Download Poseidon’s Rule : Simulator Imagine and play your new "FREE" game on iOS! Unlock new challenges and unlock new surfers! Features: + True feeling, high entertainment + Highl... Gratuit 11/2015
2305   安徽水产养殖 安徽水产养殖 Style de vie Style de vie Apps like 安徽水产养殖 安徽水产养殖是一个详细介绍水产养殖情况的平台,涵盖了新闻资讯、招商代理、展会、行情价格、供求商机等,阅读简便,信息丰富,能更优质的为广大访客提供丰富的水产养殖资讯服务。... Gratuit 11/2015
2306   CIMA Access Astranti CIMA Access Astranti Éducation Éducation Apps like CIMA Access Astranti CIMA Access Astranti - Your portal to access hundreds of tuition and revision materials for CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) Objective Test and Case Study Exams. Get instant, free access to the Astranti CIMA Study Texts and 30+ chapt... Gratuit 11/2015
2307   Momoji Keyboard from Luvs Momoji Keyboard from Luvs Utilitaires Utilitaires Apps like Momoji Keyboard from Luvs Luvs presents The Official Keyboard of Experienced Parents. Because when it comes to parenting, sometimes words just aren’t enough. Choose from our selection of Momojis (emojis for moms! Get it?!) and gifs. Now get out there and text like a parent.... Gratuit 11/2015
2308   10 Minutes With 10 Minutes With Éducation Éducation Apps like 10 Minutes With 10 Minutes With is a career learning and matchmaking app designed specifically with undergrads, graduates and MBA students in mind. Learn about different sectors, hear directly from business leaders and get connected to companies offering what could b... Gratuit 11/2015
2309   昆山智慧体育 昆山智慧体育 Style de vie Style de vie Apps like 昆山智慧体育 “昆山智慧体育”是一款提供昆山场馆预订、查询、订票等便民功能的官方APP。“昆山智慧体育”面向广大市民,旨在提高场馆利用率和昆山体育馆资源的公开度,助力昆山政府打造“智慧昆山”的城市品牌形象。 主要功能: 1、场馆查找: 实现基于位置查找附近场馆、关键词搜索场馆等功能,支持通过手机号进行场馆预订。 2、票务预订: 展示各场馆的票息,用户可直接在线预订 3、活动查找: 分类展现各场馆的活动信息,同时用户可根据关键词查找相关活动;... Gratuit 11/2015
2310   iLabsDDx iLabsDDx Médecine Médecine Apps like iLabsDDx An Evidence-Based iPhone App to Guide the Management of Lab Abnormalities. iLabsDDx provides comprehensive explanations and tutorials for all acid/base and electrolyte abnormalities, DKA, and acute kidney injury. The app includes comprehensive diffe... Gratuit 11/2015
2311   Cepeda 2015 Cepeda 2015 Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like Cepeda 2015 Nassau County is a uniquely wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. However, we are not immune to the economic pressures affecting our State and Country. As a strong fiscal conservative I will fight to reduce taxes while being responsive to th... Gratuit 11/2015
2312   GMRT Voice Recorder GMRT Voice Recorder Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like GMRT Voice Recorder The GMRT Voice Recorder is a user-friendly audio recording and transcription app. It is the perfect solution for individuals in academia, legal, and business who are seeking an on-the-go transcription option. We offer 98% accuracy and multiple turnaroun... Gratuit 11/2015
2313   Sibnet - Браузер Sibnet - Браузер Utilitaires Utilitaires Apps like Sibnet - Браузер Sibnet-Браузер - идеальное решение для просмотра веб-страниц любой сложности без каких-либо ограничений. Sibnet-Браузер - это браузер для всей семьи, потому что мы знаем, что главное это безопасность. Sibnet-Браузер - весь спектр интернет-сервисов от ... Gratuit 11/2015
2314   777 Party Girl SlotMachine 777 Party Girl SlotMachine Jeux Jeux Apps like 777 Party Girl SlotMachine Try your lucky, play the BEST slot machine game, 777 Party Girl SlotMachine! Play the only Vegas-style slot machines free with bonus available for iOS in this slot city casino free games. Enjoy great slot machines free, each with their own bonus miniga... Gratuit 11/2015
2315   ZenNut ZenNut Forme et santé Forme et santé Apps like ZenNut The ZenNut app is a full featured companion to the popular web-based ZenNut wellness program management platform. Available as a FREE download, the app allows users to register themselves with ZenNut and access all the wellness programs available to them... Gratuit 11/2015
2316   Prelo Prelo Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Prelo Prelo merupakan marketplace yang menyediakan barang-barang preloved (barang bekas) autentik / berkualitas. ::: APA KEUNTUNGANNYA BERGABUNG DENGAN PRELO? ::: Kamu bisa membeli ataupun menjual barang bekas berkualitas dengan jaminan aman dan berkualitas. ... Gratuit 11/2015
2317   Pirates Vs The Deep Pirates Vs The Deep Jeux Jeux Apps like Pirates Vs The Deep Leave the tower defence to the landlubbers and set sail for a brand new adventure on the high seas! In Pirates Vs The Deep, you’re the captain and it’s your duty to get your plunder back to port in one piece! Will you command your crew to shoot and swa... Gratuit 11/2015
2318   Office 2016 Templates in German Language Office 2016 Templates in German Language Productivité Productivité Apps like Office 2016 Templates in German Language The ultimate collection of German templates for private and professional use! The award-winning Original product now finally available for iPad and iPhone in the brand new version 2016 with many new templates for easy, time-saving and contemporary workin... 7.99€ 11/2015
2319   Fantastic Plastic Squad Fantastic Plastic Squad Jeux Jeux Apps like Fantastic Plastic Squad "L'Âge d'or des figurines est de retour. Retourne en 1984 et rejoins une équipe de figurines de 12 cm de haut appelée Fantastic Plastic Squad ! Choisis parmi l'héroïque CyberSquad, les nobles HéroBots ou les ravissantes Glamazones pour vivre des aventure... Gratuit 11/2015
2320   クックビズ採用 クックビズ採用 Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like クックビズ採用 飲食・フード関連業特化の求人サイト クックビズの採用担当者様用アプリです。アプリで新しい採用活動、いつでもどこでも採用!すぐ気づく、すぐ見れる、すぐ返信できるアプリです。 主な機能 ■Webサイトと同じメールアカウント / パスワードで利用可能 ■Push通知で「すぐ気付く」 応募エントリーやスカウト受諾、メッセージの返信などがあった時は、Push通知で端末にお知らせ表示します。 ■求職者情報が「すぐ見える」 Push通知のお知らせ表示をタッチすれば、すぐに求職者の情報を見ることができます。ステータ... Gratuit 11/2015
2321   走丢了怎么办 走丢了怎么办 Éducation Éducation Apps like 走丢了怎么办 What a terrible problem! Mom is missing! Mom is missing! Mom is missing!!! What can I do if I get lost? Stand where you are and wait for Mom! Pay attention to the security in summer vocation. Tell you how to prevent human trafficking and deception: Stan... 2.99€ 11/2015
2322   Instamaniac - the most surprising stats for Instagram Instamaniac - the most surprising stats for Instagram Photo et vidéo Photo et vidéo Apps like Instamaniac - the most surprising stats for Instagram Find out how early you joined the Instagram community and get a look at the most unconventional stats of your account. With Instamaniac, you can: • Learn your percentile rank on Instagram • Compare you rank to the users you follow • Find out the trend f... Gratuit 11/2015
2323   The York Dispatch The York Dispatch Actualités Actualités Apps like The York Dispatch Welcome to the new York Dispatch iPhone app! Get the latest national and local news for York, PA with the York Dispatch iPhone app. • Up-to-the-minute local news • Captivating full-screen video and photo galleries • Breaking news alerts on the go • Cur... Gratuit 11/2015
2324   Can I Cook It? Can I Cook It? Alimentation et boissons Alimentation et boissons Apps like Can I Cook It? Can I Cook It? Cooking competition and recipe ideas – prizes, easy recipe ideas, and a recipe book. ------------------------------------------------------------ Win great prizes taking part in regular COOKING COMPETITIONS. Plus get constant inspirat... Gratuit 11/2015
2325   By ZooMe By ZooMe Réseaux sociaux Réseaux sociaux Apps like By ZooMe אפליקציית zoome מאפשרת לכם לחפש או לפרסם בסלולר/בטלפון הנייד מודעות נדל"ן למכירה, השכרה, יד שניה או מקבלן בקלות ובמהירות! zoome הינה אפליקציית חיפוש בתים מבוססת מיקום המאפשרת לכם, בקלות ובמהירות, ללפרסם, לראות וליצור קשר עם כל הנכסים סביבכם. -פרסמו ... Gratuit 11/2015
2326   天天好食材 天天好食材 Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like 天天好食材 "亲!我们主要为酒店大厨和家庭消费者提供安全美味丰富的食材! 产品分类涵盖:腌制品、调理品、点心、海产品、果蔬类、常温产品、冷菜、禽肉等8大类产品,欢迎您的选购!"... Gratuit 11/2015
2327   FingerTapper FingerTapper Jeux Jeux Apps like FingerTapper Simply tap on your screen to create the joy from your fingers! The only thing you need to do is to destroy the upcoming rings at the center of your screen and get gold out of them! If you have any questions, please contact havingzillionfantasy@gmail.co... Gratuit 11/2015
2328   E7 Lightup E7 Lightup Jeux Jeux Apps like E7 Lightup Can you light up these puzzles? Lightup, also known as Akari, is a logic puzzle game played on a grid of cells. You must use numbered cells as clues and try to light up all the cells by placing light bulbs in their correct positions. The numbers on cel... Gratuit 11/2015
2329   Deutsche Zeitungen Deutsche Zeitungen Actualités Actualités Apps like Deutsche Zeitungen Deutsche Zeitungen is the application you need to keep you always up-to-date. Features : - Category filter. - Share your news with your friends. - Save it to favourites. - Quick search of any newspaper. Remember that this app is FREE.... Gratuit 11/2015
2330   The Must : L’appli qui vous connecte aux commerces de proximité ! The Must : L’appli qui vous connecte aux commerces de proximité ! Style de vie Style de vie Apps like The Must : L’appli qui vous connecte aux commerces de proximité ! L’application démarre en gironde avant de se déployer sur toute la France, si vous téléchargez l’appli mais que nous ne sommes pas encore dans votre ville, soyez patients nous arrivons, ou contactez-nous pour nous suggérer des commerçants en nous indiq... Gratuit 11/2015
2331   Slove Slove Réseaux sociaux Réseaux sociaux Apps like Slove Slove is an app to send a good thought to your friends, family or loved ones. Slove is an easy way to share love with people you care about. How it works: 1. Download Slove and create an account in a few seconds. 2. Check which friends are already on ... Gratuit 11/2015
2332   SubitoCity - Cassino SubitoCity - Cassino Actualités Actualités Apps like SubitoCity - Cassino SubitoCity è l’app che permette di inviare offerte, promozioni, news e informazioni direttamente ai propri Clienti, senza intermediari, tramite tablet e smartphone. L’Utente può scegliere le categorie merceologiche di cui desidera ricevere le notizie... Gratuit 11/2015
2333   Cafe App Cafe App Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like Cafe App By using our app, you don't need to remember our address nor our phone number. You have them in your hand phone. Just open the app, tap Call Us button, reserve a table, then tap Direction button and drive to our Cafe. Very convenient.... Gratuit 11/2015
2334   Car Games for Little Kids - Play Puzzles and Sounds Car Games for Little Kids - Play Puzzles and Sounds Jeux Jeux Apps like Car Games for Little Kids - Play Puzzles and Sounds Best New Kids Car Game Free! a Car game for kids is the perfect educational app for your toddlers and includes fun match games, car siren soundboards, race car jigsaw puzzles and a cool car slingshot ! Perfect for kids aged two and up. When you downlo... Gratuit 11/2015
2335   Slide Tackle - Endless Arcade Runner Slide Tackle - Endless Arcade Runner Jeux Jeux Apps like Slide Tackle - Endless Arcade Runner Run for the GLORY! Run for the GREATNESS!! Run to avoid the SLIDE TACKLE!!! ENGAGING ENDLESS RUNNING ACTION! Run for glory as you deftly dodge a barrage of defenders in this fast paced arcade action endless football/futbol/soccer runner. With over 50 of ... Gratuit 11/2015
2336   Hot Date Hot Date Productivité Productivité Apps like Hot Date Hot Date is a very colorful view of your existing iPhone Calendar. Simply open the app and all of your Calendar Events are displayed in color. • Enjoy a colorful view of your events. Pick from 24 different colors. • Customize how your events are displ... Gratuit 11/2015
2337   物流群英传 物流群英传 Jeux Jeux Apps like 物流群英传 《物流群英传》是全球首款物流行业游戏,如果你是物流精英,千万不要错过! 游戏玩法特色: 【物流行业元素,带给你一个崭新的物流世界】 游戏中包含大量物流行业元素:运输,报关,船东,仓库,贯穿整个物流体系 【丰富的模拟经营策略玩法,经营自己的物流帝国】 玩家可以建设自己的基地,游戏中包含50多种风格迥异的物流建筑,带给玩家无限的体验 【特色武将养成,打造无敌战队】 三国武将穿越而来,武将技能互相搭配,相生相克,没有最强武将,只有最强玩家... Gratuit 11/2015
2338   Tuscan Oven Tuscan Oven Alimentation et boissons Alimentation et boissons Apps like Tuscan Oven Introducing our Mobile Ordering; the quickest way to place an order from any of our locations and menus!... Gratuit 11/2015
2339   Spider Solitaire ▻ Spider Solitaire ▻ Jeux Jeux Apps like Spider Solitaire ▻ Vous souvenez-vous du jeu de cartes Spider Solitaire auquel vous jouiez sur Windows™ ? Vous pouvez maintenant y jouer sur votre appareil Apple. Spider Solitaire vous offre l’excellente qualité et la jouabilité parfaite auxquelles vous êtes habitué. Téléch... Gratuit 11/2015
2340   Solitaire ▻ Solitaire ▻ Jeux Jeux Apps like Solitaire ▻ Si vous aimez le jeu Solitaire sur Windows™, vous allez adorer cette app ! Ce Solitaire est en fait le jeu du solitaire familier auquel vous aviez l’habitude de jouer sur votre ordinateur Windows™. Il s’agit du plus original de tous les jeux de cartes c... Gratuit 11/2015
2341   Best Paint Style Wallpapers HD Best Paint Style Wallpapers HD Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Best Paint Style Wallpapers HD This App selected critically Paint theme inspired patterns, pictures and designs, all of which are of HD gallery-standard artworks with highest quality. This application also carefully selected inspirational quotes about Beauty and life, to let you u... 2.99€ 11/2015
2342   Get Back Here Get Back Here Navigation Navigation Apps like Get Back Here Get Back Here is perfect for hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts to record their starting point before heading out and then be guided back to it later should they get lost. This is done without the need for any Internet or cell phone connection. Get Ba... 1.99€ 11/2015
2343   Klear Klear Réseaux sociaux Réseaux sociaux Apps like Klear Build Your Social Life. On Twitter. Klear is for social media users which would like to build their influence and become known for things they are enthusiastic about. Our smart insight engine presents you with daily progress reports and an action plan t... Gratuit 11/2015
2344   Let's Chill Let's Chill Réseaux sociaux Réseaux sociaux Apps like Let's Chill New Friends New Experiences Let's Chill is completely FREE. We are a unique community where you can see if the guy or girl next door is looking to chill. Download Let's Chill and make new connections that will change your life. NEW FRIENDS: Find new fri... Gratuit 11/2015
2345   Glancify Glancify Utilitaires Utilitaires Apps like Glancify Apple Watch is fantastic for keeping you up to date with key pieces of information, and alerting you when things change. With Glancify you can now display ANY open and available fact or statistic from the Internet right on your Apple Watch. Using the G... 3.99€ 11/2015
2346   SwifOnePark - Se garer rapidement SwifOnePark - Se garer rapidement Navigation Navigation Apps like SwifOnePark - Se garer rapidement Garez-vous en deux clics ! Vous perdez du temps chaque jour à chercher une place ? Rejoignez le nouveau réseau communautaire d'automobilistes basé sur un partage de stationnement en temps réel et géolocalisé. Toutes les fonctionnalités : 1/ Vous cherc... Gratuit 11/2015
2347   ScreenJunkies – The Ultimate App for Movie and TV fans ScreenJunkies – The Ultimate App for Movie and TV fans Divertissement Divertissement Apps like ScreenJunkies – The Ultimate App for Movie and TV fans Celebrate your love of TV and movies with the greatest app ever built for fans – ScreenJunkies! Watch new episodes of your favorite shows like Honest Trailers and Movie Fights for FREE - anytime, anywhere! GO PLUS and access our new streaming service to ... Gratuit 11/2015
2348   BookShelf - Manage Your Books BookShelf - Manage Your Books Livres Livres Apps like BookShelf - Manage Your Books Use BookShelf to manage your books. Add the books you wish to read. Track the progress of reading books. Find a book you have read in the past. Make notes in markdown format. Sync your book data with Dropbox. BookShelf Features: - Add books into To Rea... Gratuit 11/2015
2349   ClearViewCRM Mobile ClearViewCRM Mobile Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like ClearViewCRM Mobile Love the power and ease of use of ClearView CRM? Now you can take it on the road with ClearView CRM Mobile. Simply download the app to make your fundraising life on the go more efficient and effective. --Prepare for meetings and stay connected with donor... Gratuit 11/2015
2350   Smartwares Cameras Smartwares Cameras Photo et vidéo Photo et vidéo Apps like Smartwares Cameras The cameras app is all you need to get the most out of your Smartwares camera*! Whether you want to see what's happening at home, or at the office - viewing and recording your camera feed never was this easy. The cameras app guides you through the enti... Gratuit 11/2015
2351   Beer Guide NYC Beer Guide NYC Alimentation et boissons Alimentation et boissons Apps like Beer Guide NYC A curated guide to over 250 of the best beer pubs in New York City. Search by area, subway station, bus line, points of interest or the pubs nearest to your current location. Includes regular news updates of pub openings/changes in NYC and a bang up to... 2.99€ 11/2015
2352   Port Moody Public Library Port Moody Public Library Référence Référence Apps like Port Moody Public Library The Port Moody Public Library app makes it easy to manage your account and find titles at the library, anytime, anywhere. Features: • See what you have borrowed and when it is due • Renew items • Check if your holds are ready for pick up • Search the l... Gratuit 11/2015
2353   ASTRO QuickSend ASTRO QuickSend Productivité Productivité Apps like ASTRO QuickSend With ASTRO QuickSend, Powered by Intel Software, you can send any file to any nearby device - your own or others. No sign up, no log in. Just download and share any file - photos, videos, PowerPoint, PDF. ASTRO QuickSend can send multiple files to ... Gratuit 11/2015
2354   스몰 디펜스 (Small) : 히어로 코믹스 디펜스 (Hero Comics Defense) 스몰 디펜스 (Small) : 히어로 코믹스 디펜스 (Hero Comics Defense) Jeux Jeux Apps like 스몰 디펜스 (Small) : 히어로 코믹스 디펜스 (Hero Comics Defense) 네이버 웹툰 "마스코마스코"로 유명한 남정훈 작가의 대표작인 SF 웹툰 "스몰"의 세계관을 바탕으로 개발된 디펜스 게임입니다. 한권의 코믹북 같은 그래픽, 개성 넘치는 영웅을 컨트롤하고 다양한 공격 타워로 몰려오는 돌연변이 적들을 막는 전략의 재미를 느껴보세요. ◆ 게임 특징 ◇한 컷! 한 컷! 모든 장면을 손수 그린 "장인정신 애니메이션"! 깨알같이 움직이는 섬세한 애니메이션을 감상하세요. ◇한 손으로 플레이 가능하게 세로형 ... 0.99€ 11/2015
2355   Wow Rewards Wow Rewards Alimentation et boissons Alimentation et boissons Apps like Wow Rewards ¡La manera más sencilla de acumular y disfrutar! Visítanos en cualquiera de nuestros más de 1, 000 ubicaciones. Y se parte de WOW Rewards, disfruta increíbles promociones, eventos especiales, beneficios exclusivos y muchas sorpresas. Por cada 10 peso... Gratuit 11/2015
2356   花東縱谷 花東縱谷 Voyages Voyages Apps like 花東縱谷 【花東縱谷】是一款真人實地大地尋寶的遊戲,花東熱心又可愛的店家們化身為一個個珍珠,期待您的到來。每蒐集到一個珍珠,即可得到店家限量精心準備的神祕小禮物或是折扣優惠;當完成蒐集任務中所有的珍珠,還可獲得限量任務獎勵喔! 不知道珍珠在哪裡嗎?沒關係,【花東縱谷】提供了「尋找珍珠」的功能,可分別以列表、地圖、AR(擴增實境)三種模式,找到您想蒐集的珍珠,並進行路線規劃,指引您前往採集珍珠。其中AR擴增實境模式,除了讓您有身歷其境的感覺外,還提供了類似龍珠雷達的雷達圖,讓您如同尋找龍珠一般尋找附近的珍珠! 每個店... Gratuit 11/2015
2357   Yipper! Yipper! Productivité Productivité Apps like Yipper! Group texts are terrible- Yip instead. Yipper! lets you send a text with multiple response options. All your friends need to do is tap one and Yipper! will notifiy you. And because Yips are regular texts, you're the only one who needs the app. Use Yipp... Gratuit 11/2015
2358   The Next Text The Next Text Style de vie Style de vie Apps like The Next Text The Next Text was founded in 2011 by two friends who probably should’ve created it half a decade ago and saved the text obsessed masses from 5 years of accidental social suicide, unintentional relationship mishaps, over use of winking punctuation and ge... Gratuit 11/2015
2359   Property Pro Property Pro Finance Finance Apps like Property Pro The main purpose of this app is to provide quick calculations for the assessment of property ventures in Australia. There are 8 different types of calculators available. Therefore, this calculator would like to be also seen as an educational tool that as... Gratuit 11/2015
2360   Agio - Compare Currency Rates & Book Cheap Travel Money Agio - Compare Currency Rates & Book Cheap Travel Money Voyages Voyages Apps like Agio - Compare Currency Rates & Book Cheap Travel Money Find the best exchange rates for your currency using Agio. In just moments, you can compare rates across various different currency suppliers and book currency collections free of charge. No more losing money from bad exchange rates! The Agio app l... Gratuit 11/2015
2361   Dashin'MAX Dashin'MAX Jeux Jeux Apps like Dashin'MAX Dash with MAX, Changi Airport’s celebrity mascot, across Changi Airport Singapore as he collects CR$ while escaping from mobbing fans. Sprint through the gorgeous airport environment, based on the actual scenes of Changi Airport Singapore, and avoid o... Gratuit 11/2015
2362   毛記電視 毛記電視 Divertissement Divertissement Apps like 毛記電視 【全力以赴 毛牌仲好】24小時緊貼「全球最冇良心電視台」、「亞太區我最喜愛廢青電視台」毛記電視,隨時隨地收看《六點半左右新聞報道》、《勁曲金曲》等高級劣質節目及其他精彩毛聊內容,定時定量服食新鮮花生,以助調節本港相對濕度以及降低全球海洋水位。請即Download毛記電視App,冇咩事我出返去做嘢先。... Gratuit 11/2015
2363   得到-多学习少废话-听知识涨见识学本事阅读干货图书 得到-多学习少废话-听知识涨见识学本事阅读干货图书 Livres Livres Apps like 得到-多学习少废话-听知识涨见识学本事阅读干货图书 你有知识焦虑症吗? 每天面对信息爆炸,却永远觉得吸收得还不够;列了详细的学习/阅读计划,却无法狠下心来;早就想看那几本书,却永远没有时间没有时间;总觉得自己懂得不够多,面对未知世界却不知第一步如何走。 得到是一款知识服务应用,帮助用户更快捷高效的获取有用知识。 【今天值得花时间】 每天为你精选7条最值得你花时间了解的知识,用语音的方式送到面前,公车上/地铁中/马桶上……随时随地涨知识。 20分钟已足够,无需再刷朋友圈。 【电子书干货版】 动辄几十万字的图书,你最近看过几本? 是不是翻开书就... Gratuit 11/2015
2364   Drop Drop Voyages Voyages Apps like Drop Avec l’application Drop, vous aurez toujours un voiturier dans votre poche ! Un rendez-vous professionnel, un restaurant ou un bar entre amis dans Paris, commandez simplement, depuis votre mobile, un voiturier à l’adresse où vous vous rendez. Avec D... Gratuit 11/2015
2365   众钱汇 众钱汇 Référence Référence Apps like 众钱汇 众钱APP是一款特点为“简单、省心”的股票社交理财APP。用户可以通过关注股票高手牛人,查看股票高手牛人的最新观点、历史交易信息、当前持仓信息、正在进行的买卖操作信息,寻找股票的买卖机会,从而获得盈利机会。... Gratuit 11/2015
2366   WhereAbout - построй свою карту мира! WhereAbout - построй свою карту мира! Réseaux sociaux Réseaux sociaux Apps like WhereAbout - построй свою карту мира! WhereAbout lets you store in your memory best trips of your life and share them with your friends. Share your favorite places and routes with friends and family without loosing any details! Build your map of the world! Subscribe to your friends as well ... Gratuit 11/2015
2367   品材汇 品材汇 Style de vie Style de vie Apps like 品材汇 品材汇手机客户端版,等你发现精彩汇集装饰与建材行业优秀制造商、供应商、采购商,整合行业上下游供求资源,致力于引领产业升级,打造专业化的、具有行业纵深、区域纵深、服务纵深的价值链条以及极致的客户体验,旨在构建未来的商务生态系统。 品材汇APP,洞悉市场行情股掌之间,解读建材发展专业精准,推送服务信息及时高效,完成采购流程省时省力。与品材汇官网数据同步,买家版、卖家版一键切换,使用快捷、功能全面;商机、资讯、展会、招标四大版块一手掌握,让您随时随地享受建材云服务。 【买家功能】 1)建材商城 品类丰富 在线... Gratuit 11/2015
2368   一起沃 一起沃 Utilitaires Utilitaires Apps like 一起沃 一起沃是中国联通推出的的智能上网平台,具有流量管家、发现精彩、账户中心等产品模块,围绕“智能上网,在你身边”的核心理念,提供智能、贴心的一站式上网服务。用户可以使用一起沃精准查询实时流量,免流量上网查看最新资讯,并享受一站式互联网账户入口。 一起沃功能包括 1、流量管家—关心您的每一M流量。 1) 查询流量:精准、实时流量查询,流量包使用明细一目了然;流量使用智能预警,权威统计明白消费; 2) 流量商店:联通流量包个性化智能推荐,简单方便轻松办理; 3) 玩转流量:流量... Gratuit 11/2015
2369   Autism Village Autism Village Voyages Voyages Apps like Autism Village Imagine for a moment that you deal with the never ending problem that people with autism and their families face - where’s a good place to go which is safe and won’t over stimulate me or my autistic loved one. Places where people feel comfortable and can ... Gratuit 11/2015
2370   Rohit Sharma's Cricket News Rohit Sharma's Cricket News Sports Sports Apps like Rohit Sharma's Cricket News India's brilliant test batsman Rohit Sharma brings you the most comprehensive Cricket News app just yet!* Download this app for 24x7 access to news, videos and social media updates from everyone who matters in Indian cricket - including every internatio... Gratuit 11/2015
2371   西麦网 西麦网 Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like 西麦网 中国家装行业的领头羊!... Gratuit 11/2015
2372   Standard Chartered Global Research for iPhone Standard Chartered Global Research for iPhone Finance Finance Apps like Standard Chartered Global Research for iPhone The Standard Chartered Global Research app is for Standard Chartered clients who have an account on the Global Research portal. The app offers mobile access to our award winning proprietary research analysis and views. We offer insightful and incisive cro... Gratuit 11/2015
2373   ItemKeeper ItemKeeper Style de vie Style de vie Apps like ItemKeeper This is most useful expiration manage app! Freshness date, expiration date of coupons, scheduled return date of rental items, and out of stock, the app check those, and notice to you. This app has very functionary, cick and rich interface and simp... Gratuit 11/2015
2374   中国医疗器械网. 中国医疗器械网. Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like 中国医疗器械网. 中国医疗器械网是一家医疗器械行业门户移动平台,汇集了医疗理疗仪、器械助行、日常护理、血压仪器、保健理疗、医疗制氧机等各种类型的产品信息,提供丰富的医疗器械资讯包括行业动态、市场分析、器械保健、信息纵览、医械资讯等全方位的医疗器械资讯信息;整合医疗器械的行业资源,提供一站式服务。现中国医疗器械网面向全国招商,欢迎各界人士的加入!... Gratuit 11/2015
2375   Rotam Isparta Eko Turizm Parkurları Rotam Isparta Eko Turizm Parkurları Divertissement Divertissement Apps like Rotam Isparta Eko Turizm Parkurları Rotam Isparta Eko Turizm Parkurları Isparta'nın tanıtılması göller bölgesinin doğal güzellikleri ve gezilecek yerlerine ilişkin detaylı bilgi içerir... Gratuit 11/2015
2376   Furniturebox Furniturebox key 'translation:categories.itunes. (fr)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (fr)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like Furniturebox Med Furniturebox app får du följande spännande funktioner: - Söka bland tusentals prisvärda möbler och handla direkt genom appen - Inspireras av våra nyheter och de senaste heminredningstrenderna - Ta del av de senaste kampanjerna och erbjudandena från Fu... Gratuit 11/2015
2377   Intuitive Superbill Lite Intuitive Superbill Lite Médecine Médecine Apps like Intuitive Superbill Lite Intuitive Solutions Superbill App has been carefully designed to help eliminate the use of paper superbills in the office and hospital settings. With the electronic superbill app the physician will be able to complete all the information that is currently... Gratuit 11/2015
2378   Buttons - A connecting game for divas Buttons - A connecting game for divas Jeux Jeux Apps like Buttons - A connecting game for divas Buttons is an addictive puzzle game. What to do? Match and connect Buttons by color, collect them and buy power ups, play in Paris with our unique Diva mode game play. Featuring the Skillz multiplayer where you can compete for real cash in different to... Gratuit 11/2015
2379   Scattergories Scattergories Jeux Jeux Apps like Scattergories Download the official Scattergories™ fast-paced party game & play with friends. Think Fast! Name a fruit that starts with the letter "B". What about an animal that starts with the letter "R"? The more creative your answers, the more points you score! Ch... Gratuit 11/2015
2380   掌上药宝网 掌上药宝网 Style de vie Style de vie Apps like 掌上药宝网 掌上药宝网客户端是一款实用性商城信息平台,集行业资讯、移动商城、企业黄页、微博分享、转播到腾讯微博、地图定位、一键拨打联系人电话等功能于一体,掌上药宝网客户端是以方便个人和企业为出发点;囊获了全国各地的药材企业和产品和信息,用户注册登陆就可以免费在线发布一定数量的供求信息,是药材行业人士上网找信息和产品的首选平台。该客户端面向全国招商各大企业可在该客户端上发布供求信息、发布广告、让各大药材企业以及广大客户更为便捷。掌上药宝网客户端以其便捷的浏览方式、强大的应用功能,以及最新的资讯信息为广大客户展示一个丰富... Gratuit 11/2015
2381   EnVision Lite - Éditeur de photos pour superposer,  ajouter une double exposition ou des effets de couleur à une photo. EnVision Lite - Éditeur de photos pour superposer, ajouter une double exposition ou des effets de couleur à une photo. Photo et vidéo Photo et vidéo Apps like EnVision Lite - Éditeur de photos pour superposer, ajouter une double exposition ou des effets de couleur à une photo. EnVision est un logiciel unique en son genre qui combine les capacités de plusieurs applications dans un éditeur de photos très simple à utiliser qui vous permettra d'éditer vos photos comme un pro en un instant. Combinaison • Combinez deux photos pour ... Gratuit 11/2015
2382   Web Optic Web Optic Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like Web Optic Within this app you'll find useful resources, our terms of business and details of our partners.... Gratuit 11/2015
2383   Word List Manager Word List Manager Éducation Éducation Apps like Word List Manager Create your own Word-Lists! With this App you can create your own Word-Lists that can be imported into the App "Sums and Words". From the App you can buy an extra option to upload your own Word-Lists to the global Sums-and-Words server. After approval of... 4.99€ 11/2015
2384   Spiegel Social Sewing App Spiegel Social Sewing App Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Spiegel Social Sewing App Spiegel is proud to announce the creation and introduction of the Spiegel Social Sewing Application. This application has been custom developed to work hand-in-hand with you and our Limited Edition 60609 computerized home sewing machine. The Spiegel Socia... Gratuit 11/2015
2385   Sportly Sportly Sports Sports Apps like Sportly Sportly empowers organizers of group classes to set up and promote their classes online, handle bookings easily, manage slots and receive money upfront with one simple tool. When using Sportly you dont have to worry about misentries, getting paid by yo... Gratuit 11/2015
2386   Dogly Dating Dogly Dating Réseaux sociaux Réseaux sociaux Apps like Dogly Dating Dogly Dating connects dog owners. Search for doggie friends for your dog in your area. Grow your woof pack! Scroll through doggie profiles, and press the blue paw to add them to your woof pack. Fine tune your search filter by selecting your preferred b... Gratuit 11/2015
2387   Clash of Battleships - Deutsch Clash of Battleships - Deutsch Jeux Jeux Apps like Clash of Battleships - Deutsch Befehligen Sie eine unbesiegbare Flotte und herrschen Sie über die Weltmeere. "Clash of Battleships" ist ein interaktives Seeschlacht Spiel mit komfortabler Bedienung und reich an Strategien, das die verschiedensten Schlachtschiffe wieder auf die Bildfl... Gratuit 11/2015
2388   Love Alchemy: A Heart in Winter Love Alchemy: A Heart in Winter Jeux Jeux Apps like Love Alchemy: A Heart in Winter When a new romance blossoms, the door to mystery opens in Love Alchemy: A Heart in Winter. Follow a young woman as she's drawn helplessly to a man she barely knows, and is then caught in the tightening web of intrigue surrounding her charming but myster... 1.99€ 11/2015
2389   US Football 3D Playbook US Football 3D Playbook Sports Sports Apps like US Football 3D Playbook US Football 3D Playbook est le visualisateur de systèmes de jeu en 3D, qui permet de lire les animations créées avec notre logiciel pour entraîneurs. Simple à utiliser, il vous permettra d'avoir le projet de jeu partout, pendant les voyages et sur le ... 0.99€ 11/2015
2390   gatherer - Termine finden,  Freunde treffen gatherer - Termine finden, Freunde treffen Productivité Productivité Apps like gatherer - Termine finden, Freunde treffen Termine finden - Freunde treffen gatherer ist die einfachste Art sich mit Freunden zu verabreden. Features: - Erstelle ein Event indem du Titel, Ort, Kategorie & eine Beschreibung angibst - Schlage deinen Freunden und Kollegen mögliche Termine vor. ... Gratuit 11/2015
2391   Zen Horoscope Zen Horoscope Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Zen Horoscope "Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment." - Buddha Zen Horoscope is the newest and easiest way to focus on the present. Get your daily horoscope in a simplistic approach with this app. Customiz... Gratuit 11/2015
2392   Infusión Fría Pro Infusión Fría Pro Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Infusión Fría Pro Infusion Fria es una herramienta para almacenar y tener o recordar, tipo agenda, el nombre en latín correctamente escrito de lor remedios homeopáticos y sus diluciones.... 1.99€ 11/2015
2393   Nichols Nichols Style de vie Style de vie Apps like Nichols Your Shopping Companion, built to save you Time & Money! - Shopping List - Add items from Store Specials - Add items from your past purchases - Search the Store Catalog - Scan barcode and add items quickly from Home - Sort your list by the aisle in your ... Gratuit 11/2015
2394   ville de sniper tireur ville de sniper tireur Jeux Jeux Apps like ville de sniper tireur fois à rembourser la société par éliminant tous les criminels. Les mauvaises personnes ne méritent pas de vivre dans la société pacifique comme ils ne sont rien, mais un danger pour la société. Comme un tueur à gages travaillant pour l'agence, accepter... Gratuit 11/2015
2395   掌上校外教育 掌上校外教育 Style de vie Style de vie Apps like 掌上校外教育 掌上校外教育客户端是一款实用性信息平台,集行业资讯企业黄页、微博分享、转播到腾讯微博、地图定位、一键拨打联系人电话等功能于一体,掌上校外教育客户端是以方便个人和企业为出发点;囊获了全国各地的教育信息,用户注册登陆就可以免费在线发布一定数量的供求信息,是校外教育人士上网找信息的首选平台。该客户端面向全国招商各大企业可在该客户端上发布供求信息、发布广告、让各大教育事业的企业以及广大客户更为便捷。掌上校外教育客户端以其便捷的浏览方式、强大的应用功能,以及最新的资讯信息为广大客户展示一个丰富多样的信息平台。... Gratuit 11/2015
2396   Woodland Hills Home Search Woodland Hills Home Search Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like Woodland Hills Home Search Enjoy your stroll through my app for all your real estate needs. Find your dream home in Southern California with my Search for Homes feature. Please use this service as often as you desire as I pride myself in being available 24/7 on your mobile device.... Gratuit 11/2015
2397   Fruit Jelly Slots - Sugar Blast Fever in Real Vegas Casino Game! Fruit Jelly Slots - Sugar Blast Fever in Real Vegas Casino Game! Jeux Jeux Apps like Fruit Jelly Slots - Sugar Blast Fever in Real Vegas Casino Game! If you love Las Vegas Casinos, you will Fruit Jelly Slots with Sugar Blast & Win Big Crazy Casino in Vegas Pro!!! Enjoy awesome Bonus Games and FREE COINS!! Invite your Facebook friends to join you. ***TOP MOBILE SLOTS GAME*** Top Features • TONS of FR... Gratuit 11/2015
2398   Общее дело Общее дело Réseaux sociaux Réseaux sociaux Apps like Общее дело Это приложение для оперативных опросов по социальным проблемам. Участвуя в опросе, пользователь может повлиять на социально-экономическую ситуацию в своем регионе и в целом по стране. Отвечая на вопрос, пользователь подает сигнал о том, сталкивался он... Gratuit 11/2015
2399   GTS Dispatcher GTS Dispatcher Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like GTS Dispatcher GTS Dispatcher a product of EA3 Solutions, will enable technicians and clients to manage their processes and work orders more efficiently to achieve a higher productivity rate. - Clock in and Clock out - Manage Assigned Work Orders - Manage Clients' Ass... Gratuit 11/2015
2400   Seebrite Mobile Seebrite Mobile Économie et entreprise Économie et entreprise Apps like Seebrite Mobile Seebrite Business Intelligence enables safe access to your in-house data.... Gratuit 11/2015

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